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2007 Camry LE 6 Cyl Piston Slap

\015 I have taken my car into the dealer at 30,000 Km and 60.000 km with concerns about the knocking in the engine. Both times they said it was a normal noise. Finally I took it in at just under 100,000 Kms and they said yes there is a problem and it is piston slap. They want to replace the short block but now Toyota will not honour their standard warranty and they want me to pay for 40% of the repair.\015\012\015\012Has there been any recalls or other people with the same problem and what do you suggest should be my next action with Toyota. Everything was documented.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

There are no recalls, but there are TSB's out on the problem. A TSB is a Technical Service Bulletin. It's a specific repair procedure that addresses a specific issue. Better talk to a lawyer and think about sueing the dealer.
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2007 Camry LE 6 Cyl Piston Slap

There are no recalls, but there are TSB's out on the problem. A TSB is a Technical Service Bulletin. It's a specific repair procedure that addresses a specific issue. Better talk to a lawyer and think about sueing the dealer. ... 2007 Toyota Camry

Experiencing a "ticking" "knocking" type noise when 1st starting the car in colder weather that goes away once the blazer warms up , any help ?? I was told it could be the exhaust manifold , or piston slap, or blown engine. This question is in RE: 2002 Chevrolet Blazer LS 6 Cyl 4.3L Im leaning to the exhaust manifold. A engine KNOCK does not go away when the car warms up. I was told piston slap is real qiuet and my noise is rather loud for a few minutes till car warms up , then it completely goe

It may need a lifter or valve adjustment when cold they will tick or knock depending on how loose or worn out then when it warms up they swell with heast and noise stops. after adjusting or replacing it will stop making noise ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

Which is number one piston on 4 cyl 1995 camry

Left (see diagram)\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa - a FixYa rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question. ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Piston slap I think I have piston slap. Started in cold weather. Only when engine warmed up. Now is as soon as it starts and does not stop. Is this piston slap and how do I fix it?

I think my friend, you should look towards getting your engine replaced. If you hear like a clicking or clunk noise while you drive, the internals of your engine are worn out and hitting against each other. Your options are:1. Scrap car or se ... 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche

Car came in no start-doa. replaced distributor pick up assembly. car ran but hesitated between 50-60 mph. replaced wires plugs,cap,rotor button, air filter. car runs, after about 4-5 min. driving car shuts down no throttle. let sit a few seconds, car starts and repeats problem. before tune-up pcm threw a mis-fire cyl#1,cleared code. no mis-fire code no hesitation just shut down problem with no engine lite. datastream shows cyl#1 0 misfire,cyl#2 0, cyl#4,5 &6 show high misfire rate. not famil

Have you replaced the fuel filter? what is the fuel pressure?, this sounds like a loss of fuel pressure issue, that would account for the miss fire codes, to check fuel pressure look at the top of the engine, in the fuel supply pipe that plugs to the ... Chrysler Cirrus

I have had a 120,000 service on my 2005 Yaris. Piston checked revealed cycl 1 175 PSI cyl 2 150 PSI cyl 3 120 PSI and cyl 4 110 PSI -supect fault to piston rings - recommend taking out the engine etc quoted $2,200 - I am shocked at the cost - I dont have any problems with the car - is that a common fault - can I let it go as the car seems to run well?

The 175 and 150 readings accpetible the 120 and 110 are low. Are you burning oil .All of these readings should be with in 15%of each other .And 120,000 is not a lot of miles for for this vehicle the rings would not be the first thing i would think of ... Toyota Yaris

Piston slap Can piston slap become a future problem with the engine

With regular maintenance you should never have this problem\015\012\015\012Hope this tip helps.\015\012\015\012r/\015\012David ... 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid

Toyota 2kd had piston slap cylinder number 1 ,rebored block to 020 assembled using genuine toyota parts moved for only 200km piston number slap whats the problem

Right try again as programme keeps crashing on me ,look on the crank and make sure that the big end shell with the hole in it is fitted to the con rod and not the end cap as this stop oil being sprayed up the bore ,but i would need to strip the engin ... 2007 Toyota Hilux 2.7

Is the engine cradle in a 05 camry 4 cyl interchangeable with a 94 camry 6 cyl?

... 1994 Toyota Camry

Let it set 2 long an the rings stuct to the piston an 1 exaust valve stuck open in every cyllindar it has 107 hrs total i disasymbeld the motor fixed an lapped all the valves put head back on with new headgaskit still no compression so tore it down to pistons all pistons had all rings stuck let pistons soak in gas over night then tapped pistons till all ringa came free with piece of wood on last ring now sanded tings with 1000 grit an ready to reinstall evertyhing the cyl. walls are lightly buff

I would try it. you have nothing to lose. you are probably really good at taking it apart by now anyway. good luck...matt ... Honda CRX

I pulled the #1 spark plug and put my finger over it and had someone turn the motor over until the pressure moved my finger. I then used a socket and moved it the rest of the way by hand until the mark on the pulley was lined up with tho 0. I put a straw inside the #1 cylinder to make sure the piston was at TDC and the piston was not near the top. I had someone hold the straw and turned the motor by hand and got the piston to the top and was pushing the straw out but now the mark on the pulley i

Yes it can be wrong is the crank in right it could be 180 degrees backwards i have seen it happen. but i dont know how much work was done before this problem email me some more info and i can help you further ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

2001 f-250 4x4 v-10 engine front brake caliper duel piston one piston wont retract when clasping to install new brake pads question one piston claspes the other doesnt do you rebuild (do they make a kit or just buy new one or rebuilt one from like autozone ect or is the problem deeper like the master cyl thanks

No, sounds like just one of your pistons is frozen. Incase you haven't done this yet, also fyi, you have to collapse both pistons at the same time. Try placing a strip of wood across both pistons and squeeze them both at the same time with your C-cla ... Ford F-250

Engine vibration 2000 Ford Escort 4 cyl Automatic 120k miles I own a 4 cilinders 2000 Ford Escort. The car vibrates noticeably at idle when its stopped and sitting at a red light with the car in gear.. Vibration can be felt on the steering wheel, side mirrors , and the hood rattles. Last week the car Engine was repaired (pistons were changed because the very low compresi?n ,60 PSI on two of the four pistons) but vibration remains .The check engine Light is Off. I've found that shifting into neut

... 1993 Dodge Caravan

Propercrankpositionfor correctbelttiming is there a timing mark onthe crank pulley for refrence to line up with a notch on the engine ,besides the flyweel mark? i am puzzled because i have already bent some valves & dont want to repeat my mistake. i have put the #1 piston at TDC, flat with deck ''0'' deck is this right or should it be slightly below ''0'' deck hight and or should the key way be at 12:00 position. please help me P.S, this a 89 honda accord 2.0 carb.3V A20A1 engine

Send me your email address and I will send you the proper timing positions. I can copy them from mitchel and email it.... ... 1989 Honda Accord 4 Door

I have conflicting info regarding tire size for my Camry. 1992 Camry LE w/ small 4 cyl. engine (Iron pony), auto trans. What is correct tire size please?

There should be a door sticker that says this, or call your toyota dealer and give vin # if needed ... Toyota Camry

Engine vibrates 2000 Ford Escort 4 cyl Automatic 120k miles I own a 4 cilinders 2000 Ford Escort. The car vibrates noticeably at idle when its stopped and sitting at a red light with the car in gear.. Vibration can be felt on the steering wheel, side mirrors , and the hood rattles. Last week the car Engine was repaired (pistons were changed because the very low compresi?n ,60 PSI on two of the four pistons) but vibration remains .The check engine Light is Off. I've found that shifting into neutr

I had same problem check all vacume hoses front and rear of engine whene u find leak u will notice a large difference just by putting finger over it and then replace or repair hose. good luck hope it works for ya. ... 2000 Ford Escort

2000 Camry 4 cyl 2.2L. CEL on 2 codes P0300 and P0303, random misfire and cyl 3 misfire respectively. It runs rough and misfires at idle and during driving is very sluggish and rough running, during acceleration the check engine light blinks (running lean air/fuel ratio?). I have replaced the fuel filter, checked all the vacuum lines for leaks, removed and inspected the EGR valve: no problems, Cleaned the EGR vacuum modulator filter. My next task is to remove and inspect the plugs and wires. The

I have exactly the same problem and codes you listed on my 2000 Camry 4 cyl. I replaced the plugs which had no effect. My friend mechanic said the problem is deffinitely the wires and I could also need to replace the coil pack. ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Just replaced the cyl head on my s-10 PU. All specs followed to the T on installation, but now have alot of slop on the rockers.( Seems as tho the pushrods suddenly became too short) Alot of rattle and poor performance. This is a 2.5L 4 cyl. 2 whl dr automatic. New head and old one are exactly the same in all aspects and measurements, so I cant figure why the sudden slop in rockers. *when old head was off motor, I turned the crank by hand to raise and clean top of pistons- could this have distur

Hello, my name is Ben. Sorry to inform you, but when you turned the crank it turned the camshaft which is why the lifters are in the wrong place now. You will need to set the camshaft timing and re-install your rockers and push rods. You should also ... 1988 Chevrolet S-10

Timing marks 98 toyota camry 4 cyl - Camry Toyota Cars & Trucks

On the crank pulley there is a "V" cut out on the pulley, on the top pulley there should be a hole in the pulley spokes, behind the pulley you should see a notch, not a weld it will look different, line that up with the hole, and put timing belt on c ... Toyota Camry

Water pump I am going to replace the water pump and the manual calls for top dead center cyl 1. Why? I know I am going to be removing the timing belt but as long as it is marked - why does it matter where the pistons are. Also I #1 plug seems to be behind the gen. mount. Spark plug hard to get any trick? Also how in the world am I going to tell TDC with this set up. I am assuming that piston 1 is top left - how I'm going to determine TDC I don't know at least the way the book explains it - look

Once you remove the timing belt covers,rotate engine,by hand via cranckshaft bolt (only in direction of normal engine rotation,i believe clockwise on that) and aligne all timing marks. At this time your engine is at #1 tdc..Follow manual and change b ... 1993 Dodge Spirit

2007 camry check engine light came on this morning. I'ts a 4 cyl 2007 camry se, which seems to be running fine. Are there simple issues I can check to see if that is the cause? i.e. air filter, gas cap, anything to re-set?

There is nothing to reset, u need to have the OBD 2 electronic control module (called a PCM) tested for fault/trouble codes, whenever this light is turned on by this module then a fault has occured in the engine, emission or transmission controls, th ... 2007 Toyota Camry

Engine knocking,1998 safari awd It's the only way to fix bottom end removing the engine or it can be done just taking the oil pan down- Any suggestions thanks Top end was strip and inspected by machin shop, also timing chain and sprokets were replaced- still knocking, it seems from the bottom end. Would it be feasible to do the repair from the bottom without taking the engine out and cyl. head, How to pin point wich cyl is the one knocking the cause.It's understandable if piston has to be remove

Sorry to say knocking usually a rod knock--wrist pin-bearings-which means removing engine-also the engine cradle and front end dont let u drop the oil pan to get to the lower end of the crank shaft ... 1998 GMC Safari

02 toyota camry le 4cyl. i get code P0775 from the engine control module and the transmission is slipping into third gear at time. i believe the codes is for the sl2 solenoid. put a used valvebody in the vehicle 1 1/2 weeks ago due to a broken spring on one of the pistons in the valvebody. maybe the c3 piston but not sure, it was the center one though. the trans fluid was burnt smelling. vehicle will drive good at times with little or no slippage into 3rd. any info or guidance will help alot th

... 2002 Toyota Camry

Toyota camry rt or lt threads on harmonic balancer toyota camry 98 4 cyl

It should be right hand threads.\015\012fh ... 1998 Toyota Camry

Speedo bounces 1994 Toyota Scepter (Camry). Speedo sits on 0, when I drive over a bump or ease off the gas it bounces up to correct speed. Re-accellerate and it goes back to 0. Is it electrical or other?

Yes is elctrical . a small part on the side of the transmision caled speed sensor sending unit replace it ... 1994 Toyota Camry
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