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Chirping noise from tire

\015 There is a chirping noise coming from the drivers side tire. Brakes have recently changed and tires have recently been rotated.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2001 PT Cruiser with 111000 miles. I have a noise that sounds like crickets chirping when I accelerate; this noise continues until I reach 25-30 mph. When I step in the brake the noise goes away. I also have a small leak on the passenger side; about 6-8" to the left of the tire towards the middle of the engine. This substance does not aeem to have a color on my finger and is not really an oily feel. I put new rotors and pads on at 67000 miles. If anyone has any ideas; I would be so grateful. Tha

Probably engine coolant, check its level. If you are brave enough - check the taste of the fluid.. coolant has sweet taste. ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chirping noise from tire

... 2007 Suzuki Reno Hatchback

When turning left (from dead stop or while driving very slow as in parking), horrible grating, grinding noise and the left front tire will "chirp". Very loud metallic popping sound occasionally. New left axel and differential 6 months ago. What could it be? SUV is all wheel drive.

Change hub bearing assembly recommend to do both sides. ... 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

2004 f150 intermittent high pitch noise when cold, also this morning when leaving a stop light felt like something broke lose and the tires chirped.

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I have a 2006 cobalt with front end noise. It sounds loud when driving at all speeds. Winding noise simlar to big truck nobby tires going down the highway. I just put new ''best'' tires on thinking is was the tires. I was told at the tire shop it was suspension? Any ideas on how to get rid of the loud noise?

Hello fowlerfour.I suspect the noise you are describing is a bad wheel bearing.It consists of a hub assembly that is relatively easy to replace. It takes about an hour or less to do with proper tools in a good repair shop.I would al ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

I have a 2003 Toyota Sequoia Limited 2WD that has a lot of road noise. It makes a humming sound similar to mud tires when going at speeds above 20 mph. I have ruled out tires/Front bearings/hub because i changed all of them. I use Yokohama Geolander H/T-S if this info helps and the previous tire change was to the same brand and model as the stock tires which still made that noise. Just changed it about 150 miles ago to rule the tires being the cause of the noise. It gets progressively louder as

Rear bearings , Turn steering wheel side to side to side while driving that will load the bearing on that side see if the noise changes ... 2003 Toyota Sequoia

I am driving and my car makes a squealing noise and it comes from the drivers side by the rear tire. also when i drive it makes a noise like something is dragging and it is loud and makes my tire feel like it is coming off or i have a flat tire. the noise is everytime i drive. now when i brake it makes a loud keeeeeeeeeee noise. please help.

... Ford Taurus

Grumbling Noise Recently changed tires on my 2000 Ford Expedition. put 2 new Uniroyals tires on rear and (2) 80% tread goodyears on front. The vehicle started make grumbling noise on drivers side like its trying to catch up. . Later learned the 80% tires had flat spots. Could this be causing the noise . took to mechanic not the transfer case. Any help Appreciated

Yes it could cause the noise also having 80% tread is not good on the transfer case as it will constantly be putting stress on it. replace your fronts with matching tires and the noise should go away ... 2000 Ford Expedition

2002 ford focus has howling noise coming from rear end under 55 mph? Rotated tires still making noise, tire shop said it would stop after few hundred miles(sd it was coupling from overwear for not getting tires rotated as scheduled) just drove 700 miles at various speeds no noise then!

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Road Noise I have a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid that I bought used, with 19,000 miles, 1 year ago. It now has 32,000 miles and the road noise is absolutely horrible. I believe it is the tires. I think the previous owner switched them before trading it because I don't think Ford would have sold it with Continental tires on it, because it is trimmed out top of the line. I have read that road noise is already a problem with this model. Question - what tire would you recommend for the best ride and the

If your looking for a really good inexpensive tire that will last you a while i will suggest the Hankook tires. i have owned them in sizes running from 38 12.50 15 to 225/75r15 they are a great tire and virtually no road noise at all. and they ... 2006 Ford Escape

2008 Honda Pilot EXL extreme road noise from rough pavement. It has Goodyear Integrity tires that have about 6000 miles on them. Used car dealer put the tires on new when I bought the car. A smooth interstate causes very little noise. When I come to a section that has been resurfaced, the noise is intolerable. I can't even hear the radio. Will a different tire solve this or is it a defect in the car?

... 2008 Honda Pilot

Annoying chirping squeaking sound coming from the rear of the vehicle. Appears to be an external noise, as I can hear it when the windows are open. Noise begins after about 20 minutes of driving, and is present while in motion from about 20 mph up. The chirping increases and decreases with speed. The chirping is not present when the car is not moving. Ruled out any belts or pulleys in the engine compartment, as the noise is not present when the car is not moving and the engine is reved. I hav

I'm chasing down a very similar noise. Any luck finding the source of yours? ... Saturn Vue

Well ,2004 tribute there is a noise, all the time and I was told that may be from tires,that is from tire shop, but tires are still about 80% left, and if I change tires and the noise is still there what should we do. So we don't see any bumps on tires. It is hard to describe where is coming from.

If you have large tire tread then it is probably tire to road noise, this is nothing to worry about. The best way to tell is driving on different road surfaces. the noise will change as the road changes. ... 2004 Mazda Tribute

Bearing noise I have a roaring noise that sounds like a bearing noise at low speed and increases with speed. The dealer said it was a tire making the noise and rotated the tires. The noise is still in the front.

... 2007 Volvo S40 2.4i Sedan

2010 Honda Civic Hybrid...Tire Low light came on...I continued to drive and the tire lost more air. Then a horrible sound came along. It sounds like something hitting the wheel well. I thought for sure the tread was stripped off the tire and slapping around and hitting the body or the car...The tire was in good shape. Aired it up and noise disappeared.....What's up? Have the tire manufacturers built in noise makers to really get your attention when you need air?

Try to do your inflations when the tires are as close to cold as \015\012possible, ie: at the closest practical gas station. The further you've \015\012driven the more they will warm up. The tire pressure spec. on the \015\012sticker in door well is ... Honda Civic

I have 2005 grand Cherokee making noise from front! Sounds like tire noise but it did not change when I rotated tires. Noise is there when ever car is rolling, I tried letting it roll in neutral and the noise does not change. I do notice a difference ificurve to the left. I jacked the car in neutral and turned the wheel and did not hear anything from the bearing. Wheel is tight. Any ideas

If the tires aren't cupped, feathered or chopped then most likely it is the wheel bearing. Though it may be tight it could be dry inside and not yet at the point where you will feel pay. ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2005 chev. equinox-load noise when driving loader when driving between 60km-80km noise gets quiet when driving over 80km. Sounds like coming from tires change tires to new ones 2 months ago with no results still have the noise problem. Did not make this noise untill 5 months ago.

What type of sound is it Humming , Howling,buzzing ,growling etc. ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

OK, let me be more specific on the front noise on my 2006 Honda Accord, EX, 4cyl. I have 80000 miles and about 3000 miles ago, I started to hear a noise , which I believed was coming from the driver side front area. I had the tire replaced for the tire agent said it was cupped. The noise still is there. The noise increases with speed. Many have said a CV joint or a wheel bearing. How do you tell for sure?

... 2006 Honda Accord 2.4

There is an increasing loud noise from the right front passenger tire, the tire is worn uneven and the noise only appears when you excelerate it sounds like the tire is out of round but it only happen when you excelerate could it be the tire or a breaing

Does the noise get louder or change tones when you change lanes (swerve back and forth on the road)? If so it is a hub bearing. If you suspect it being a tire rotating it from the front to ther rear should answer your question aswell. ... 1996 Audi A6

I have a noise coming from around the right rear tire area. At first it sounded like something rattling around in the trunk when I hit a bump but I took everything out of the trunk and it still does it. Could there be something wrong with the tire or something in the shocks that could make that noise? I was told the 2008 has a history of strut problems and an alignment problem also so I am just really concerned as to what is really going on with my car. I just had new tires put on the front

Yes it could be a faulty strut, but it sounds more like a wheel bearing.i would probably get it checked by a professional. ... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

Hi have a chirping noise coming somewhere from the driverside of car not sure if it is from top or bottom of motor.IT is an intermited noise as of right now due to it just started last night.the sound is steady while u r increasing rpms or driving.can hear inside and out of car.ihave read alot of ur answers to others and have seen something pertaining to a camshaft synk.If this is what u believe it to be is it expensive to fix and how long to fix.The noise actually to me sounds like a bird chirp

Well most of the tiem the cherping noise that you talk about is the serpetine belt, the tenssioner pully/assembly, and from time to time an altinator or water pump. as you explane the noise it sounds to me like the altinator is more of a good fit to ... 2002 Ford Taurus

My 2005 CTS is making a clunking noise when I drive over bumps. It only makes the noise when one of the other tire hits a bump by itself, never makes this noise when both tires hit a bump at the same time?

... 2005 Cadillac CTS

1995 Dodge neon, i recently replaced the drums on my car and this noise is very different then the noise of worn drums, the clicking noise is like a card in between bicycle tire, removed tires and saw no sign of loose pieces or broken hardware.Not sure what to do next..

Check the tin backing plates to make sure they aren't hitting the drums, sometimes they get bent doing a brake job. ... 1995 Dodge Neon

Tire Noise 2005 Mariner Continental Contitrac tire noise is bad, real bad. the tires are only waranted for 12 months and neither Ford on Cont. will talk about it. Is this a regular complaint or is it just me. Bill

Just had dealer suggest turnng tires inside out on rims. I experienced at least 60% immediate noise reduction. Unfortunately, wasn't aware of this trick with the first set. This was second set of tires with only 30,000 miles and intolerable noise. D ... 2005 Mercury Mariner


Sounds to me like its a cv joint. if the rubber boot gets damaged in any way, dirt gets in there and really does some damage. check the boot really good. if you dont see any holes or anything it might just be the wheel bearing. id take it to a mechan ... 2004 Toyota Camry
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