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Mazda5 check engine light fault code is 2610 - 2007 Mazda MAZDA5

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The check engine light came on yesterday on my 2002 Mazda Miata LS with about 140k miles on her. I checked the car using a OBD scanner, and it found 3 codes for the car: P0012- Camshaft position timing over retarded bank 1 P0301- Cylinder 1 misfire detected P0327 - Knock sensor 1 circuit low bank 1 or single sensor. After I checked the codes, (I did not erase any code) the check engine light went off . I do not notice any problem in the performance or running of the car and am general

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Hi I have a 2004 Mazda 3 it has over 151K miles on it. I got a check engine light on for P2177 System too lean off idle bank 1. After a couple of days, went off. When I went to a mechanic, he said it could be O2 sensors, so I changed O2 sensor. After 3 days I got the same check engine light for same P2177 System too lean off idle bank 1 code. Interestingly this check engine light come ON/OFF. ON for a couple of days, again OFF for 1 day or two. Mechanic is saying that it could be your fuel filte

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Mazda5 check engine light fault code is 2610 - 2007 Mazda MAZDA5

... 2007 Mazda MAZDA5

Honda Crv 2003 check engine light is on. Engine cuts back at 2 to 3 thousand rpm, when accelerating. Scanner says code 1259 which says 1. open or short circuit cond. 2. Vtec solenoid valve fault 3. vtec pressure switch fault 4. blocked oil passage Don't know which one it could be without going to shop. Anyone had this problem? Just started today and I erased the codes and after 25 min. drive the engine stuttered again and light came on again. When accelerating fast it does it but not slowl

Tell me what kind of motor oil r you using.regular or synthetic. ... 2003 Honda CR-V

Have tried 3 methods of checking fault codes via flashing check engine light (1. turn key on-off-on-off-on-off-on...hold trip reset button then on-off-on-off-on release trip reset... then trip reet, on-offx5 and release... still no flashing engine light. I am under the impression that i should at least get a code 55 that everything is ok?? Dec build 1997 turbo diesel XJ cherokee...thanks:)

1996 and above it's obd 2 this mean no flashing codes you need a scanner in order to pull the codes. ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a Toyota NOAH 2003 model with a 1 AZ engine with an engine check light that comes on and off intermitently. When the engine check light is on the accelerator does not respond. The fault code di

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Have ford focus 2004 zts with 118000 miles. check engine light comes on. fault code po-420 (bank 1 efficiancy below limit) shows up. Took it to the ford dealer for repair- they replaced top o2 sensor- said that should fix problem. It didn't, chk engine light back on. Now they want me to replace a $1600.00 exaust part (not including labor) an there is no guarantee that it will make my check engine light stay off. Need this car to pass emissions test but am running out of money. What should I do!

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I have a KIA Optima 2006, V6, 2.7L, that just this past weekend I got a check engine light. The codes stated misfiring on cylinder 1 and 2 and random misfiring. Replaced all plugs and wires but the issue was not resolved. Now the codes (P0305 and P0274) are now just on cylinder 5. Codes Reads as follows: P0305 ? Cylinder 5 misfire detected probable cause - Rich or lean Air/Fuel mixture - Ignition system fault - Fuel injector fault - Engine mechanical fault P0274 ? Cylinder 5 in

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I have a 1990 Dodge Ram B250 conversion van the problem is the check engine light is on ran computer code to find out the problem. the engine is a 318 have a problem with the charging system have replaced the computer had the battery,alternator checked out o.k. getting fault code:1-2-40-1-5-5 what does this mean since there are no scanners available to read the computer code on this model year the van dies will not start until jumped, and it repeats the problem all over again HELP!!!!!

The numbers are 12, 41, 55\015\01212- direct batttery inut to controller disconnected within last 50 ingnition key-on cycles\015\01241- alternator field circuit- an open or shrted condition detected in the alternator control circuit. ... Dodge B Series Cargo

I have a 1996 Mazda 626, the check engine light came on and the car has been redlining the the temp gauge. I got the engine codes which are: p0117 and p0421. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Code p0117 comes up as "Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Low Input" and p0421 comes up as "Warm Up Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)." I checked my relay for the cooling fan and it's not reading anything, could this be the solution?

The cooling fan must run or the car must be running into the wind to keep from cooking the engine. Physically turn the fan to see if it turns freely (cold engine). The computer reads coolant temperature and trips the fan relay on when normal temperat ... 2000 Mazda 626

Jeep Liberty 2003 3.7 starts good. After 10 minutes the engine stalls, stops. Com P0320 code? Changed everything. Jeep p0320 code is Crankshaft to ECU fault, the sensor in new Mopar case, buy in dealer. The trouble is the same. Cold start OK after 10-15 minutes engine stalls, check light comes on, tachometer after motor stops go to 4,000 and 1,000 rpm, gas odor, no start after 2 or 3 hours. The light is on, code p0320 and start normal about 10, 15 minutes and another stall, stop, tach fluct

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Check engine light on. took the car to auto zone to put it on a scanner. trouble code p0420. catalyst system efficiency below threshold. probable cause; large vaccum leak, fuel system fault, ignition system fault, or failed bank 1 catalytic converter. i put a new catalytic converter with the front flex pipe on. i put a new engine knock sensor on. i put a new oxygen sensor on. i put a new distributor cap and rotor on. light still on. dont know what the problem is

Diagnostic code produces P0420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold-Bank 1. Probable causes are listed as follows: 1-air leak in exhaust before rear 02 sensor, 3-Fuel system fault,4-faulty catalytic converter. ... 2001 Nissan Altima

I have a 1995 Mazda Millenia and I got a check engine light on. I had it check with a code reader and it give me the code P0154 Oxygen circuit bank 2 sensor 1. can you tell me where is that located and is it easy to fix. Can i fix it myself? Also it gave me another code P1195 No DTIC and it said check the manuel I do not have a manuel.

I have the same problem,have changed sensor and turned of engine managment light. dpf still flashing. at a loss.going to drive over the weekend and see if goes of. ... 1995 Mazda Millenia

But the check engine light came on yesterday. I checked the car using a OBD scanner, and it found 3 codes for the car: P0012- Camshaft position timing over retarded bank 1 P0301- Cylinder 1 misfire detected P0327 - Knock sensor 1 circuit low bank 1 or single sensor. After I checked the codes, (I did not erase any code) the check engine light went off . I do not notice any problem in the performance or running of the car and am generally not seeing any differences like fuel smells, lea

I think your idea is wrong. A fault code indicates a problem, though, cars can be used normally, but the problem is there, need to be addressed.or you can ask the 24 hrs live technical support http://www.diyobd2.fr/service/ , they will like to help y ... 2002 Mazda Miata

Hi,My engine light came on this afternoon while driving, Im not sure what is the problem, I've check over the internet and managed to get the fault code P1685... then done. Im using both original grey set of key from Voyager. Since I do not see other fault and it only shows one code,do I need to get it to Chrysler Main dealer and have it diagnose for 120? I experiencing 2 unrelated fault while driving: 1) One month ago, when I started the car, and Push to D,the automatic gear will not rev

Code PO1685 means invalid SKIM key (Sentry Key Immobilizer Module), and refers to a problem with the ignition key or the module itself. Take your vehicle to your local Chrysler dealer for repair. ... Chrysler Voyager

My 98 villager have check engine light on with code PO135. I replaced bank 1 senor 1. after driving little bit same code came back again. then I replaced thermostat (the metar was always low, now it is ok) But still my check engine light on with code PO135. I use Actron scanner. What could be problem? what can I do next to get check engine to fix?

Go to this website where there are files that will help you diagnose your issue.\015\012\015\012http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest ... 1998 Mercury Villager

My 1995 subaru legacy lsi cuts out when I rev the engine around 1 rpm. Plus the check engine light is on. I took it to the dealership and they couldn't fix it, but they got a code from the check engine light. The code is p0441, it says it is an evap system leak but where could it leak causing the engine to cut out at 1 rpm? Basically when I rev the engine around 1 rpm it will want to cut out and then it dosent, as if you pushed on the gas and then took your foot off the pedal repeatedly.Please h

... 1995 Subaru Legacy

Can anyone tell me where to find the glowplug relay, it's a 7 prong relay, on a 2002 vw beetle 1.9 diesel no turbo ? allready been under the dash and checked all the relays, none of which are 7 prong, check engine light is on, codes come out...PO671, which is glow plug circuit #1 cylinder, or short circuit condition, or poor electrical connection, or failed glow plug, or glow plug control system fault....Next code is PO118..ECT circuit high, short circuit poor electrical connection, faulty ECT s

Above the Relay Panel is the Auxiliary Relay Panel. Has thirteen positions in it.6 across the top, 7 across the bottom.Across the bottom the Glow Plug Relay is the fourth one over from the left. It is Number 10.(180) ... 2002 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S

I have an 02 accord that has the check engine light on. Its got 145000 miles on it. I got it scanned. The codes were p1259 vtec system circuit fault bank 1, p0420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1, and p1457 evap control system leak detected(canister). I cleared the codes and will see if/when they come back on, but if you have any ideas on what they might be I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

... 2002 Honda Accord

2011 freightliner cascadia fault code eng 1 with check engine light and mil light on what's this code mean?

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Honda Accord V6 1995 auto trans. 1 - engine light on all the time and no change on car operation. No fault code (checked at Honda dealer) 2 - two months after, car stopped at a gas station for refuel, engine no more start. Checked fuel pump, OK. Can be the ECM ? Thanks

Could be gas cap ... Honda Accord

My ford focus 1.6 titanium 56 plate misfires in 2nd gear engine warning light came on rac diagnostic check showed code po133 02 sensor 1 bank1 slow response checked operation of sensor via liv data all ok cleared fault warning light no longer on but misfires in 2nd gear

I would try to change the O2 sensor. It's a matter of time before the fault warning light goes on again.\015\012\015\012A bad O2 sensor can cause a random misfire across cylinders.\015\012\015\012Could also be a coil pack or c ... 2004 Ford Focus

Car will start if using a jumper cable.. but acts like theres no power to the bater when i shut it off and try to restart it... fault code flashed 12 and then 55 on the check engine light...the haynes manual says that means this Code 12.................Problem with the battery connection. Direct battery input to PCM disconnected within the last 50 ignition key-on cycles. and this Code 55.................Completion of fault code display on CHECK ENGINE light. This is the end of stored codes s

If the battery goes dead, or is disconnected, you will get the code 12. Pull out the battery, bring it to a parts store to be checked to see if its low charge or a bad battery This is a free service. Clean up the battery connections with a nifty ch ... 1995 Dodge Stratus

1994 Grand Cherokee, 5.2 V8 shuts off when hot. Cool for an hour or 2, starts up ok for a half hour or so, then dies again. No trouble codes except 12 and 55; I pulled fuses to check them, hence the code 12. When it dies, check engine light dies with it- turn key on, no check engine light. Car won't start untill the check engine light works again; after cooling off for 1-3 hours. Also, tachometer goes to zero immediately, as though it's losing the TD signal- coasting, engine still turning, but n

Your engine computer is bad. It's a good thing that you mentioned about the check engine light dying also, as this is a classic sign of a bad ecm. I have repaired more than one of these Jeep computers, replacing the three power capacitors located ins ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2002 SAAB 9-3 SE. Check engine light came on. Car was laggin,loosing power,and hard to stay started.Had codes read. 1)crank position. Replaced. car ran good for about a month,then check engine light again.Codes this time was for O2sensor, cat-converter,mass airflow sensor. Replaced both sensors first and check engine light went off but no power,feels like its misfiring now. Bought the cat-converter,but now mechanic says code is not coming up for cat-c anymore. code is for mass air flow again!.go

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