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2007 Lincoln MKX what is wrong when i press the brakes and get an on and off grab to stop

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2007 Lincoln MKX what is wrong when i press the brakes and get an on and off grab to stop

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Have a 1979 international dump/ scissor lift truck with regular brakes not air brakes, the problem is that when I get on and press the brake the pedal goes all the way down but only one the first pump the second time it grabs and the pedal stays up and if you stop pressing it it'll do it all over again we've changed the brake booster, master cylinder and bleed it lots of times but still has the same problem! Can anyone give me some other ideas as to what ells to do? Thanks

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I had my wheel bearings replaced 2 days ago. After getting the car back, the brake pedal seemed too easy to press. Then the following day, I could hardly press it in at all. It felt as though the brakes were constantly grabbing. Then it stopped. Today, it happened again. I called my father, he asked if I could drive in reverse, and I couldn't. Then, again, the brakes seemed to release after a while. I have an SL1.

It sounds like the brake calipers are not releasing properly, no matter what that is a safety concern and you should have the car taken back to whomever worked on the bearings-the way to check it is to jack the car up and turn the wheels by hand (car ... 2002 Saturn S-Series

I have a 2000 Dodge Durango and after bleeding the brakes (after doing some brake work) we can't seem to get the peddle to stay hard. When taking it out for a drive the first time you press on the brakes the peddle goes way down (will stop but peddle moves farther then it should) and fist time putting pressure on the brakes the peddle will be harder... until your next stop.. first time applying pressure peddle goes way down... release and press again and it is much better. Is there someth

Bleed them again, and don't leave the bleeder open, every time the person lets up on the pedal. close on the way down and open and close next time etc. Your letting air back into the system. Don't let the master run dry. ... Dodge Durango

Pulling up to a stop light the brakes start to grab really bad. Just before stopping they seem to lock up. Have to give the van extra gas to get the van moving again. The right brake seems to be the worst with some grinding noise after getting started again. The brake pads were replaced three months ago. 1998 Plymouth Voyager

Sounds to me like you might have a bad proportioning valve.I would try front first then back. Jack the front tire up off the ground. pump your breaks a few times and get out and see if your wheel spin free. If it dont spin loosen your bleeder screw ... Plymouth Voyager

I cant get my car outta park. When i press down the brake and press the knob i feel a clicking in the brake pedal. i cant get my car out of the park positon and need to get work any ideas whats wrong and how to replace it?

There is a button right beside your shifter that will release the lock underneith the plastic arouns the shifter. remove the plastic rubber around the shifter and lift the plastic up. there will be a button you can press to release the shifter lock i ... 1998 Mazda 626

Steering/brake chatter when i stop fast for a yellow light, after that i get pulsating in the brakes and steering, baking up and going forward even if i am at a stop with brake pedal on and tunring wheel from left to right, did brakes 2 years a go they look really good.sorta feels like the brake pedal wants to come back when i press it in and the wheel wants to turn the opposite way that i want to turn it,could this be a power steeting pump or a hydro boost? dont want to spend money guessing. li

What you describe could be warped brake rotors or bad wheel bearings. Doesn't sound like the power steering pump. ... Hummer Cars & Trucks

ABS PROBLEM? It happens maybe once in a 12 month spam, it lasts inconsistently, (at the longest), for about a day and 1/2?. My ABS brake light appears and I get a less than full performance from the brakes. It feels just slightly less than 100% when I first apply the brakes and when I get just about stopped, it feels, (in the peddle), like it slips into a groove, slows more and then a slight feeling of?,,? grabbing,? or jumping,?,.. like the pads are down to nothin? and the attachment rivets, (o

If this bothers you enough to spend money trying to fix it. and there are no abs codes a tech can find. i would replace the rear wheel speed sensor. located on top of the rear axle.if it irraticly reads a different speed than the front wheels. your a ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

My car is making an awful groaning grinding noise noise when it starts. The noise stops after it starts. Put my foot on the brake it starts again. put thr car in reverse no problem put it in,drive it starts back up constantly. I have noticed that the noise is worst when not not moving in,drive. Like when stopped at a light...get up to speed around town bout 30 it stops but as soon as I hit the gas or the brake it starts again. But if im at a light and put in park as long as im not pressing the b

It's your exhaust mounts or broken exhaust bolts. It does it in drive st idle n under load because the motor is sitting in rubber mounts made to dampen vibration. Therefore the motor tilts to the left in reverse pulling the exhaust away from your und ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 Mazda 6. If I take my car on the freeway for more than 15-20 miles with out stopping it will start to **** and feel like its going to die.i have to press the gas a little harder to make it feel like it wants to go again. Now when I get off the freeway and have to stop, my car won't stop. I'll slow down and my breaks feel really stiff but last time I had to pull the E-brake so I wouldn't hit anyone. Once I put it into park the brake pedal will become soft and go all the way down. Bu

It sounds like a vac problem with the engine or the brake booster. The brakes should be vac assist and that vacuum comes from the engine.If it were something with the ABS system you should have a warning light on the dash. Nothing in the transm ... Cars & Trucks

My brakes are not stopping and they sound like air when pressing on them. I got new front brakes pads 4 months ago. The scary thing is that the brakes would not stop when I was driving down a hill. What could be wrong? my car is a 1995 Dodge Intrepid with a 3.5 engine

Check your brake booster vacuum hose and check valve for leaks,if no leaks could be bad brake booster if pedal is hard when pressed with engine running. ... Dodge Intrepid

Brake pressure lost all pressure when press on brakes, have to tap the brakes to stop, nothing is leaking when I look, please help? I have the same problem but have checked the brake fluid and it seems to be holding in the system, but I still get no brake pressure. No evidence of it leaking anywhere either. The brakes need to be replaced, I know that...could worn brakes cause a loss of pressure somehow?

Yes, when your brakes are worn the extra heat can boil your brake fluid and put ait and moisture into the system, which will give you no or a soft pedal. you need to replace the worn brake pads and rotors, flush and bleed the brake system- you should ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 1997 Honda Accord makes a grinding noise when in motion. When I press on the brakes it stops, when I release the brakes it starts again. The grinding noise continues pretty consistantly when in motion, and only stops sometimes when I turn right. What could be wrong with my car. What could I do to fix it? How much do you think it will cost?

... 1997 Honda Accord

Brakes rubbing I am getting rubbing sounds while coming to complete stop...it usually happens after the vehicle is hot...new pads/rotors front and rear - but did not adjust the parking brake - it is hard to say where it is coming from but rubs from 10mph to 0 when coming to stop...what could this be? vheicle has 47k 2010 rwd

It sounds like your caliper is sticking you may have to take off your brake pads and rotor and grease up the caliper you can have the best rotors and brake pads on your vehicle but without the caliper working as it should it will wear down the brake ... Dodge Nitro

Cranking the car I have to press the gas for it to start. In addition, once it is cranked I have to keep the gas pedal pressed sightly to keep the engine running. To be able to drive it I have to use both feet, one for gas and one for brake. Once I am going down the road and make a stop (red light or stop sign), it gets suggish but does not die. Only when I put the car back in park and kill the engine and try to crank the engine, will it start the dying when cranked.

1. first change the air and fuel filter even if they appear or seem good. This will immediatly eliminate these.\015\012\015\0122. check and replace if necessary (if equipped) the distributor cap and rotor. If the rotor is cracked this wil ... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

I have a 1987 Buick Century. The hazards flash like they should except when the brake pedal is pressed, the hazards stop flashing. Is there a way to get the hazards to flash while the brake pedal is pressed.

Hello boni4jesus: My name is Roger and I will help you. The flashers on your car are operating properly. This is logic built into the turnsignal switch. This logoc allows the turn signals to flash one brake light. While the other burns solid as a br ... Buick Century

While driving my 1994 Honda Accord the brakes went out. I can only get the car to stop if I press the brake pedal all the way down to the floor. When the car is shut off and I pump the brake pedal, I can still push the brake pedal down to the floor with no build up in pressure. The brake fluid in the reservoir is below the minimum mark but I dont see any fluid leaking onto the pavement. I had new pads/rotors installed about 1000 miles ago and the brakes were working fine after that.

There may be air in the lines. Bleed all your brakes starting at the farthest wheel from the resevoir, and finishing at the closest one. Try the pedal after its bled. If the pedal still feels soft or travels to the floor there may be a pinhole lea ... 1994 Honda Accord

I have a problem with my brake light appearing above my speedometer. I recently got stuck in the snow and had to dig my way out. Ever since then my brake light has been showing with the (!)(P) symbols showing. I can still stop however when I press on the brake, I have to almost touch the floor. whereas it us to be so sensitive that I only had to go half way down with the brake pedal. I checked for leaks with my break fluid and seems to be ok. Anyone have an idea what might be wrong. Do I need to

... 1999 GMC Jimmy

The abs light came on about a week ago. nothing was going on utill i went to stop one day and it felt like it was trying to grab but couldnt. i just had new balljoints and tie rod ends put on both sides. and a roder on the passenger side. i had it looked at and a piston in the calaper on the front passenger side was sticking so i had it fixed and bleed the brakes but it is still doing it. when you go to stop it stops like nothing is wrong until the end of your stop and then it acts like it cant

You could possibly have a bad abs module. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

ORIGINAL PROBLEM I have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee 4x4 and when i start to hit the brakes or come to a stop the car shakes really bad up front, and sometimes it cuts off. then when i start to hit the gas it hesitates a bit, but once i am driving everything is fine. to give you more information. when i get in the jeep and press the brake it goes down a bit and i can hear an air sound when i push down so im not sure if that is normal. also i checked the brake fluid and it was low but i fill i

Make sure and check all your grounds very carefully and make sure they are clean and tight.If you haven`t done so clean the throttle body out real good.You did not mention what motor you have so I am looking up any service bulletins for both.Also che ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have an intermittent problem with my brakes and my mechanic can't find anything wrong (of course the problem won't happen for him, so he doesn't really know what I'm talking about). What happens is that sometimes when I brake, I get a crunchy kind of sound, and the pedal seems to depress a bit further than usual. On one outing, this may happen at every stop sign, or not at all. My brake system is new (a year) and everything appears to be in order. Any suggestions?

Ask your mechanic to check the brake booster! ... 1990 Volvo 240

When coming to a slow stop-2mph- brakes go into antilock mode. Lately when I press the pedal its like stepping on a brick-I have to slam them a couple times to get them to work. Is this the antilock brake sensor- and is it a difficult repair.

I have the same truck and it did what your describing, it's the front wheel speed sensor, one in each wheel bearing. What happens is rust gets under the speed sensor lifting it up enough to send a false volt reading which causes the ABS to come on an ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

1995 Audi A6 Avant 2.6 - Firstly, rear wiper had a mind of it's own and turned itself on when it felt like it and could not be turned off. I took out the fuse and that settled that. Now, the indicators will not work unless rear fog is on and when I press brake peddle I get warning light (even though the brake lights ae working) then indicators stop working or will flash intermittently with the rear lights if the heated screen is turned on. The fog and heated rear screen switch indicators usu

... Audi A6

Whenapplying my brakes just before i get stopped my brakes release and then grab again and relase

Replace the ABS relay and test the braking again. If the same results are found the ABS module is at fault ... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

Need to press on the gas more to get the speed i used to; engine noise, lower fuel average, need to press brake pedal further down to stop car; why?

Have fuel filter replace, it's a in-line type, could be some what clog, also check air filter, as far as your brake's sound like there a little worn, which is normal, have your rear brakes adjusted, that will bring the brake peddle up, there's no fro ... 2008 Toyota Camry
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