Having problems with your 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 2 Doors ?

2007 jeep wrangler sometimes vibrates like the wheels are going to come off i pull over and go and it stops and sometimes it does it sometimes it dont i checked frontend and some joints are loose but no place to grease

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Answers :

I have a 2003 wrangler with this condition known a "death wobble".usually caused by worn front end joints,and or worn steering damper.i solved mine with new damper,an end link and tie rod ends
If your ball joints or tie rod ends are loose in the front end, this is the most likely cause of "death wobble." Unfortunately, these joints are no serviceable, and there are no aftermarket options available at this time, though some manufacturers are close to offering serviceable replacements.\015\012
\015\012Your best bet is to source replacement parts from the dealer, or an online distributor such as moparpartsamerica.com to tighten up the front end.
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2007 jeep wrangler sometimes vibrates like the wheels are going to come off i pull over and go and it stops and sometimes it does it sometimes it dont i checked frontend and some joints are loose but no place to grease

I have a 2003 wrangler with this condition known a "death wobble".usually caused by worn front end joints,and or worn steering damper.i solved mine with new damper,an end link and tie rod ends ... 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 2 Doors

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I dont know much about cars, so I hope this isnt too vaugue; The starter makes a clicking noise sometimes, (and starters either stops or it doesnt), so to fire it up again, I have to place a screw driver on the engine where the starter connects to give it a charge and it will start up again. Are the wyres loose?

Maybe, but it sounds like you just need a new starter. ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

I am getting p0400 and p 0402 codes. checked the egr valve works fine. checked egr solenoid for resistance and it is fine. no lines are clogged. the code comes back. i am only getting 4 volts to the egr control solenoid instead of 12.6 or something? when i feel the diaphragm of the egr valve it moves a little bit when i rev the car. dont know what elese could be wrong. it idles rough sometimes and it jerks sometimes, like hesitates on high speed sometimes. it stalls out on idle sometimes too. it

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Check Main computer harness or computer itself 12vdc and ground\015\012check computer harness is far from exhaust manifold, sometime it loose, touch it and produce fails\015\012Check with an anlog VOM the +5vdc on one of the pins or TPS or MAP. it sw ... 1996 Chevrolet Caprice

No Flasher, No brake lites, 3rd brake lite works, as does wipers. checked all fuses, all good. after reading many forums, problem pointed to mfs. Disconnected battery ground, removed the sw, disassembled, cleaned all grease, buffed contact points so nice and clean, inspected for burnt spots, cracks, finding none, recoated with dia-electric grease, reassmbled, checked wire plugs, all contacts tight, none loose. reinstalled battery grounds... started vehicle.. problem still exists, all works on m

Multifunction switch or lighting control module. ... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

My 2000 kia sportage is having fuel pump problems sometimes the fuel pump doesnt pump at all. ive checked the ground on the fuel pump, the fuse is good, and i dont know if theres a fuel cut off switch. sometimes it starts and then at times it wont i dont know whats wrong with it

It sounds like the problem is the pump itself.you will probably have to have the pump replaced to correct the problem.this is how a bad pump acts when its worn out and needs replacing.replace the fuel filter at the same time ... 2000 Kia Sportage

My 93 chevy caprice classic keeps cutting off it seems it just loses power out of nowhere and cranks back up just fine sometimes after minutes sometimes after hours have elapsed ive replaced the distributor i was told to check the coil pack i was told to check the alternator i keep getting all these different suggestions i dont know what to do

As the car owner on the last page stated. my a.c. comes off times and will not get cold. I replaced things in the car already but I was wondering if the car had an fliter, an ac fliter that i am not aware of ? ... 1996 Chevrolet Caprice

All gauges work with ign switch on have check power to startes has power somtimes an cranks sometime wont crank went it dont crank no power to starter also check new safety switchin check fine also check key switch at back of ign switch where harness hooks in all check good showed fire on starter wire at switck ever time key was turned

Make sure battery cables are tight and posts of battery are not loose ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

Sometimes my 89 honda prelude wont start after i drive it for awhile and turn it off it will catch and run for 2 or 3 seconds then die and wont start again for 10 to 15 minutes. i've checked the fuel filter and its ok, i also checked the pgm-fi and it seemed ok. i dont have anyone to help check spark, is there a way i could do this by myself or is there something else i should check?

Try your fuel pump relay ... 1989 Honda Prelude

I have a 2004 chev trailblazer ext 4wd it idles up and down while stopped sometimes and it looses and gains power while driving sometimes and the check engine light comes on sometimes what it seems to get worse with the aircontioner on what could be the problem

... Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT

I own a 97 caviler. its been a great car so far untill now. For the past week my low collent light kept comeing on and off threw out the day and when that happens my check gagues light comes on and my tack stops working. Today the car started and ran fine untill it stoped dead on the road but got it started and i got to where i wanted to go. all my lights on the dash came on but the check engin light. After checking all the fuses none were gone nor was loose. Now my daytime lights dont work at

If you have located what sounds like the problem, only you can determine how bad it is-I have opened harnesses that had damage done to them, and spliced, one-by-one new wiring to repair damaged sections, you just have to take your time. If you like ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

The check engien light comes on once in ahwile and when that happenes the car looses power, i had it checked out and it was the knock sen....so i had it replaced, about two years ago ...yet the problem reserfaced about a month or so later??? and when i had it checked again it was still codeing as P0325 knock sen...so now i dont know what wrong...any help? and where is the knock sen on the car? how do i get to it?

It is most likely a bad knock sensor location. You can sometimes find repositioning kits for the sensors because they tend to be too senitive. It is usually on the back under or on intake manifold by fuel rails ... 2004 Kia Rio

I need a new support to old the exhaust pipe to the car the one that is currently there is rusted and eats a hole in the pipe the last time it broke loose they welded it in place but I can hear that its coming loose again,is there any other way to support the exhaust pipe? Also my radio quite working get some static on one station and a high pitched squeal on am stations something loose? how easy to check

Go get it welded on at a muffler shop. They will have the best fix ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2005 camry with a check engine light on, a dtc of PO328 for the knock sensor, sometimes runs rough at idle shortly after starting and wouldn't shift into overdrive going 55mph. I recently changed the spark plugs since the car just rolled over 100k, I check the plugs and found one of them loose, retorqued all of them, cleared the dtc, started the engine and the check engine light comes back on. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Car runs good for a few miles,then starts running rough and then quits running completely .sometimes i can let it sit for a few minutes and it will start back up but it starts to sputter and not take the gas right and then goes dead.i checked the plugs and they were really black,so i know the gas is not burning right,but dont know what to check any help

Oil My be leaking on crank sensor Located at the bottm and gasket Come from rhe top . ... 1991 Honda Accord

Sputtering I have a 96 Cavalier and some days the check engine light will go on and some days it won't. Sometimes, it will sputter like it is going to die on me at random times but i think it may have something to do with how much electricity i am using at the time and how warm it is. I have had the alternator and battery checked and they were running fine but i dont feel safe with it sputtering and feeling like its going to stall out. I've also had it stall a couple times when i put it into gea

If it is a 2.2 L engine check the fuel injecters see if they are leaking or if you smell gas behind the valve cover,,,if not your next bet would be the coil pack coil; packs act up more when they are warm ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hi, I have a 2000 TDI Beetle. We have taken it to many repair places to fix the air. Sometimes I can get cold air to blowout of my vents. Other times it will not be cold at all! I have checked the freon levels and they were fine. One place I took my bug to said that there was something wrong with the condenser? Another said there was a leak and the whole thing was freezing over? I have no clue and I was just wondering if anyone else was having these problems. Please let me know!

Check near the fire wall for two rubber hoses. That should be your supply and return lines for the heater core. This is prone to leakage and coolant will build up where it starts entering the car. Sometimes coolant build up (looks like melted cotton ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle


I have a 1999 Protege 1.6L with 93,000 miles. And a\015\0121996 1.5L with 170,000 miles.\015\012 When my light came on, I got the EGR code read out at Advance Auto ($0). I googled 'Mazda EGR' and found this is frequently due to car ... Mazda Protege

My Grand Marquis sometimes will not start after it has been driven for a while. During the drive all indications are normal. The engine will turn over, but it will not start like there is no fuel introduced into the injectors. I've checked the injectors when the car is running and they are getting fuel and the fuel pump is functioning properly. The dealership has run a diagnostic check and found nothing. Could the chip within the key be going bad or loosing a code and cause this problem causing

Yes the key could be a problem BUT your theft light would be flashing on the dash while you are trying to startsince you have fuel during the concern I am going to assume that you are missing spark?if no spark you could be dea ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

Brakes dont want to stop and make a loud popping noise about half way down sometimes i have to pump the brake to stop also sometimes when you turn the wheel you get the same loud noise. we checked brake pads ,rotors and there fine.please help

You need to check and probably replace one o either side hub assembly,because that problem may be related to the ABS system because a bad sensor included in the assembly ... 1999 Chevrolet K1500

2002 Chevy Venture - Wipers stopped in mid swipe and won't work. When placed in original position, they bounce slightly and won't wipe. The driver's blade had been loose several times and I tightened it a few times. Began when they were frozen once. wipers nolonger move, sometimes partially move.  Motor is working fine.  There is a pin in the contraption between the top of the motor and the arm that is connected to it.  The pin seems to have dropped or the bolt on top of the motor is just loose

If you cannot get the pin out, and get it to stay in place - or if there is a bolt that is supposed to help hold it together, if you have the bolt, try to put it back together - if not, take it to a parts store and see if there is a replacement pin a ... 2004 Chevrolet Venture Passanger

I have a 98 ram 1500 with 360. It only has 47,000 miles, but on the way home the other day, it began to shake badly as if a wheel were loose. I looked and the check engine light had came on. The truck will start, but not pull. it only turns about 400 rpm's. It is almost as it were out of gas, but it is not and I can hear the fuel pump cycle when the key is initially turned on. I cannot get it to a place to check the codes. Any suggestions?

Yes, and you are right, the quickest way to find you solution is to have the codes read. I suggest that you check with local national parts chains such as Auto Zone or Advance to use their code reader. A lot of them will let you take the reader to ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

I have a vibration at all speeds on a 95 lebaron convert. At slow speeds it seems like the front end is going side to side. Brand new tires, cv axles, rack, tierods, front motor mount. The tranny mount is rusted in place and doesnt move side to side like it should could this be causing it? Also the balljoint grease fitting is loose so this means the ball joints are loose, could that be causing this issue? I am at wits end PLEASE help

Hi,\015\012 You know, for the expense of tires being eaten left and right and for also your safety... especially if your front end linkage is on the verge of failure, I would recommend taking the car to a good front end shop and getting it fixe ... 1995 Chrysler LeBaron

I have a 1997 chevy k1500 silverado and lately when i turn it on the heater wont work and the antilock breaks dont work and it wont engage in four wheel drive. if i turn it off and turn it back on usually everything starts to work but then sometime when im driving the heater will just turn off and then the anti's and the 4X4 stop working. im thinking its a loose ground but i dont wanna tear into it just yet till i have a better idea of whats going on.

It sounds like a loose ground, I would check all the fuses or see if this may be a short in the fuse box itself. ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500
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