Having problems with your 2007 Jeep Commander 3.0 ?

The check engine light is on my 2007 jeep commander

\015 I have replace the cooling fan and the wiring\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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With the key turned to the on position and engine not running the check engine light flashes 11 times. this is for a 2006 jeep commander 3.7. the check engine light does not come on when the engine is running. do i have a problem or no?

A logged cod may have been stord on the system check service manual or dealer to id fault if any ... 2006 Jeep Commander

My 2006 jeep wrangler was making a noise like a belt squeeling drove about 5 miles noise stopped engine light appeared and oil pressure went to 0 (Jeep only has 38,000 miles)I imediatly turned engine off i checked oil was perfect checked water level perfect no oil under jeep really confused any suggestions

Have truck scanned for code can be anything oil pump timing chain etc also check warranty before doing any work most drive trains 5yrs- 100,000 miles ... 2006 Jeep Wrangler

2008 jeep commander check engine light on, electronic throttle control light flashing, overheating

... 2008 Jeep Commander

Have 1995 jeep cherokee v6 4,0 my jeep run sluggish loss of power cant get over 65 mph service engine light on took it to auto parts to get code read low fuel intake somebody told me also to start it 3 times then read the flashing light where can i get a list of information on the code names. what should i check for the low fuel intake? the fuel filter maybe the pressure tested please help

This sounds like you may have a problem with your oxygen(O2) sensors or a clogged component in your exhaust system. if you have a catalytic converter in your exhaust system, the filter element inside could break up and clog the exhaust pipe. you shou ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

We have a 2008 jeep commander, check engine light is on. ran a diagnostic because of engine noise, it said cylinder 4 misfire. so far we replaced the or, sparkplug, and coil for cylinder 4, it still h

Google jeep commander forums join one and post youre question there if no luck than google grand cherokee forums and try there it is basicially the same vehicle ... 2008 Jeep Commander

Jeep Liberty 2006 - Check engine light flashes when starting and then stays on solid after gaining some speed. When the engine is off for a period of time, like overnight, it starts normally and the check engine light does not flash. However, if the engine is off for a short period of time the check engine light flashes and then remains on. Also, it does not happen every time but about half the time. When this happens the engine hesitates and shakes until the check engine lights stops flashing.

... Plymouth Reliant

2006 jeep commander check engine light stays on after jeep sat for 5 days in ice storm and was not started

I don't think I would be concerned about the vehicle sitting for 5 days. Get it scanned and work on a fix,for why the light came on. ... 2006 Jeep Commander

I put gas in my 2006 Jeep commander and when i started it up it gave me trouble and all the gears were lite up and service park assist came on. I shut it off and tried to start again get lights and park assist went out but now check engine light on. I got out and took the gas cap off and pit back on didn't work. Also diconnected to battery and that didn't work. Now my trick was hit a few months ago and was fixed by a professional place, should I take it back to them???

Hi there from what I can see this seems to be a common problem. I found this link to how one guy dealt with the problem. I hope this helps. The thread shows a common problem with some jeeps of this vintage. http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/ ... 2007 Jeep Commander Rocky Mountain

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 8 cylinder, My "check engine" Light wont come on. Truck runs, then shuts down. I try to check the codes, Turn on, turn off, on, off, on. I get nothing. No check engine light at all. After I disconnect the battery for awhile, It starts' right up. When I check the codes again, all the comes up is code 12, (Battery disconnected from PCM within last 50 starts). Will a "Crank-Sensor" work, then not, then work again? Could that make the "check engine" light not come on? The

A failing crank sensor sometimes won't set a code, but it will not prevent the check engine light from coming on.I'd test it with an ohmeter both hot and cold just to make sure it's good, but think your problem is likely to be a connection betw ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 v8. Engine was lugging check engine light came on as engine quit. Pulled over turned off the key and it restarted and ran fine. Went to Auto ZOne they said speed sensor fault of speed greater than 15 mph and trans speed less than 60 rpm. Car ran fine for two days but resetting check engine light by disconnecting battery is no help as check engine light comes back on as soon as speed comes up to 15-20mph. Today it would not shift out of first but tur

Hello there, One of the problems Jeeps do have is Transmissions. It is very typical of the sensors and solonoid packs to go bad, Also Jeeps as well have well know problems with the computer causing transmission issues as well.\015\012\015 ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My jeep check engine light flickers for a while i have to keep on opening the switch on and off until the check engine light finally stays on than the jeep will start but it back fires until the engine is warm than it runs fine any ideas thanks.

Sounds like the ignition switch is going bad and you may need to have the codes read to figure out why the light is coming on to begin with, try Auto Zone , they'll read the codes for free and help you with the replacement parts needed. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A few weeks ago i installed a air intake and flowmaster muffler on my 99 jeep cherokee. after i took the stock muffler off i realized i needed some wire for my welder so i drove the jeep without a muffler during the trip my check engine light came on. i installed the muffler disconnected the battery and check engine light went off. the next day it came on again a few days later my speedometer, odometer, and gas gage quit working. had an obd2 scanner check for codes and found out rear o2 sensor

My first question would be, "did you disconnect the battery before welding the exhaust?" This could fry the ECU. What codes are you retrieving now? ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 2004 Jeep GC 6cyl 4WD. My check engine light is on, scanned and got P0203, P0300, P303. Changed the spark plugs, fuel injector #3. Started it up and ran rough, I left it in the garage all night started it up in the morning and ran fine for 3 days. This morning on the way to work it the check engine light came back on with the same codes. Got to the daycare, shut it off for a minute got back in and ran fine. Three miles down the road check engine light came back flashing and running roug

... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1994 Jeep Wrangler: Upon starting the Jeep, the check engine light has been coming on. Sometimes it is on upon starting the engine and sometimes it will not come on until a few miles or so down the road. On two occasions the Jeep went completely dead, i.e. no battery charge. Upon charging the battery the jeep ran, but it happened again so I had the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and ignition rotar replace. The jeep is running a bit smoother, but the engine light still came on

Try replacing Co2 sensor, most people don't realized that unit need replacing every 50-75k miles also. if that does not work, take it to the dealer and have them plug it into the computer, that will allow for them to narrow it down. with ... 1994 Jeep Wrangler

My 2005 Jeep Liberty v6 3.7L 4x2 (Basic base model) check engine light came on and my car mileage is 90,100 miles but I did not pay attention if it came on at 90k. My gas cap also was lost a few days ago but again did not pay attention if that caused the engine light. I went to autozone and bought a locking gas cap (stunt I think was the name). I replaced it and light still on. I was just wondering what else should I consider with this check engine light that just came on.

Give the computer a day or two to recognize the new gas cap and turn off the light. If it doesn't go off, your best bet is to visit a parts store and have them scan the computer for you to determine the cause of the light. Auto Zone and several oth ... 2005 Jeep Liberty

I have a 2000 jeep wrangler with a 6 cylinder engine. The check engine light came on so I went to AutoZone and they said the code indicated a #6 cylinder misfire. I changed all the plugs, restarted the engine and the light remained on. I don't have any of the symptoms (rough running, poor fuel, poor acceleration, etc.) that indicate other issues. So how do I clear the check engine light. Thanks John M

Disconnected the negative battery few minutes. THis reset the PCM, if the check turn on again, need scanned to know excatly what code you have there. ... Jeep Wrangler

My jeep keeps stalling on me and the check engine light never comes on, people tell me it may be the fuel pump. i have been told it cant be hooked to compuetr because of the check engine light not com

... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hello, i have a jeep grand cherokee limited 5,2 l 1995, one week ago i saw the check engine light. A month ago i saw the coolant leaks propbably from the water pump>. So how to know the reason of the the check engine light ? How to find the fault code on the such model of jeep and how to resolve the problem? Thanks Claude

Take the vehicle VIN # down - it is also on the registration - - take that to the local auto zone or Advance auto -- and they will 'code it ' - then - no matter what - call the local dealer for the real scoop on the code - - also ask about recalls on ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

89 jeep cherokee check engine light doesn't work? does my jeep have a check engine light or is it the emission lifgt?

It has one ... 1989 Jeep Cherokee

2006 jeep commander check engine light coming on went to autozone was told code # u1411 what does this mean

Implausible fuel signal i fould this at canobd2.com ... 2006 Jeep Commander

I have a 2006 Jeep Commander and the check engine light went on today and on the dashboard it said something about the parking assist?? A couple of months ago the same "parking assist" came across the dashboard and my battery completely died and needed to be replaced

... 2006 Jeep Commander

On my 98 jeep cherokee when driveing it pops and has loss of power you almost have to floor it to get up to speed. I had the check engine light on so i put my obd2 on there and the code that it is reading is p0138 i know what that code is. When i clear that code out the jeep runs just fine it has full power like it should, well it only stays that way for about a day then the damn check engine light comes back on and it starts runing like **** again. I have already replaced both of the o2 sensors

. (GO TO THIS LINK) READ LAST THREAD Ihttp://www.cherokeeforum.com/f2/check-engine-p0138-29935/ ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi there,my 2000 jeep cherokee 4.0l temp gauge keeps going up and down,goes up to normal when the car is at idle in drive and then will start to idle rough then miss and then want to stall,and then when i drive the temp gauge goes down to 0 and seems to run rich and get run-on in the revs can you please help me??????and there is no engine check light coming on, thank you

It sounds like a fualty sensor like camshaft sensor or bad 02 but the check engine light should be on if the problem is sensor or electrical related. I would change temp sensor and thermostat. Sounds more like faulty temp sensor if the car is running ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Check engine light is on and won't go off - 2006 Jeep Commander

You need to read the codes from the computer and then reset the light after you have repaired whatever caused the fault code. To get this done for free, take the vehicle to one of the chain auto parts stores and ask them to read the codes from the c ... 2006 Jeep Commander

Check engine light error code 508 - 2006 Jeep Commander

Google your code! ... 2006 Jeep Commander
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