Having problems with your 2007 Ford V6 Pony Coupe ?

Condenser keeps on popping

\015 After driving about 30 kilos I have ti replace the conderser\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Okay, you may have a blockage in the system or are overfilling the system. The dryer is suppose to be replaced when the system is exposed to the atmosphere. Do not overfill the oil lubricant.

Next, you have 2 Automatic shutoff valves. A low pressure shutoff and a high pressure shutoff. The threads of the high pressure shutoffs are much the same as each other. Their rating in PSI is different by the spring tension inside the switch. For instance, if your sytem should have a 300 PSI-350PSI range it is suppose to cut off the compressor clutch in those limits. But if a 400PSI switch were installed, it can certainly give you these problems and the wrong switch will probably twist into position unnoticed.

The Part# is stamped on the barrel of the switch but you will need a Parts book to see the PSI rating for that switch. The numbers will look similar to the stampings on a PCV valve casing.

A few other tips: There is a difference in the viscosity of the compressor oil from different makers, use the correct one(its like motor oil grades). When filling the Freon, there are 2 types and there are different sizes of containers. In the states, we go by ounces and you can easily end up with a partially discharged can.

I hope my solution was helpful and would be curious to find out how this repair ended.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2007 Ford V6 Pony Coupe

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Condenser keeps on popping

Okay, you may have a blockage in the system or are overfilling the system. The dryer is suppose to be replaced when the system is exposed to the atmosphere. Do not overfill the oil lubricant.Next, you have 2 Automatic shutoff valves. A low ... 2007 Ford V6 Pony Coupe

The fuse in my 1991 Chevy Caprice keeps popping when I put it in, so I can't keep it lite to pop the trunk to check on the connection of the tail-light, which keeps going out.

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One of the bearings of the four sides of the u joint keeps popping off. It's the same one. Can the grooves be worn out and that is why it keeps popping off or what? The clips that hold the other two on are fine. How do I fix that? What should I look for?

If u can push the bearing in by hand then the mounting hole is warn replace drive line or yoke which ever one the bearing falls out of good luck ... 1993 Chevrolet K1500

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Check to see if someone has installed a tow hitch on the rear,they would have spliced in the wiring in the rear of vehicle,thats where i find alot of corroded wire that were poorly taped. ... 2000 Jeep Wrangler

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1994 Toyota Celica ST will kill at idle when I've been driving for a few minutes. When I turn on the car it idles at 1200-1300, when I shift to drive/reverse it goes down to 800-900. After I've been driving it idles at 700-800. And when I come to a stop light, it'll drop down to 100 and pop back up a couple times and then die, unless I keep my foot on the gas. Sometime I need to keep it steady at 1100 to keep it from dying, and sometimes it's gets as bad as needing to keep it up at 2000. Recentl

This a problem with a vacuum hoses leak. Need to find the leaking hose due to cracking and joint rubbers degrading. Need to have  a Mitty vacuum gauge to check these plastic hoses one by one to replace bad ones or replace all ... 1994 Toyota Celica

My fuel pump fuse keeps popping and we just changed the fuel pumpand it still pops it what could that be {98 dodge neon)

Check your power wire to the pump. It must have a bare spot somewhere, and is grounding out. Probably on top of the gas tank. ... 1998 Dodge Neon

I have a 2004 silverado 1500...the air bag light "popped"on for no apparent reason the fuse keep's popping some times the fuse work's and most of the time the fuse pop's i checked under the seat and it all looks ok can some one help me?

There is a clock spring under the steering wheel that provides power to the drivers airbag when turning the wheel, those are known to go out or get a short in them. Take the vehicle to Autozone and have them pull the codes for you to see which bag or ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

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The automatic transmissions of today's cars are electonically controlled by the ECM, when a problem arises the transmission will send a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) to your ECM. You will need to take your car to a mechanic to test and replace the Re ... 1996 Dodge Stratus

My 1989 mustang keeps popping out of first gear. Could this be the gear its self or a synchronizer? If i hold it in first it stays but it pops out if i dont hold it. also this is the only gear that this happens in. sometimes when i pops out and i put it back in. if i push it slowly it feels like the gears are grinding and stuff. Thanks a ton, John

Probably a worn synchronizer or sliding hub. Another possibility I've seen a few times is a bent shift fork. This is usually the result of abuse or excessive force being applied during hard driving. Inspect the fork and linkages carefully. If no prob ... 1989 Ford Mustang

My 2007 nissan navara 5th gear keeps popping out randomly only since replacing the clutch

... Nissan Navara

Why does my efi fuse keeps popping 1999 chevy prizm

Pull the EFI relay, replace the fuse, and see if it blows when you turn the key on. If it does not turn the key off, reinstall the EFI relay and remove the circuit opening relay/fuel pump relay. Turn the key on. If the fuse blows than we know the pro ... 1999 Chevrolet Prizm

10amp fuse keeps popping

Check each of the terminals of those bulb you mentioned. wonder if there's a relay associated to this circuit, check for short if this is the case. remove all the light bulbs [of course - the dash may not be necessary (it's a PITA) & let's hope ... 1991 Dodge Ramcharger

PLEASE HELP I own a Hummer H2 and recently I had to put on new tires. The dealer changed all the tires but I think they forgot to reset the warning signals so that it does not keep on telling me "tire service requested". I just want to know if there is a way for me to reset it my self so that it does not keep on popping up. Thanks.

I'm sure anyone with an OBD reader can reset the warning for you you. Also you could search the Hummer forums to see if anyone has fix for this. ... 2005 Hummer H2

Air condition when i turn on the ac the blower has to be in hi speed in order to work if i turned low star blowing hot air and i notice a litle sound under the dashboard like a pop if i don't hear the pop keep working

Unfortunatelly this type of trucks has very comun problems with the blend door geting broken, make sure to have the bleen door inspected for posible broken part, be carrefull some mechanics will misdiagnose saying the blend door motor is bad, ask to ... 1999 Ford Expedition

I have a 1995 c280 and the air conditioner(we'll fan) just keeps popping on while I'm driving. My air is not working, meaning getting cold because I need to get it fixed so I never have it on. But it has started to just pop on while I'm driving and it blows hot air. Do you have any idea what the problem can be? Thanks.

If the fans are working that means the a/c system is operational. Try letting a little freon out while the a/c is on and see if the pump stays runnig. If so Shut the a/c off, drain the freon and replace with r134a and enjoy ... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

My ignition fuse in my 1994 chevy blazer s 10 keeps popping. It started about a month ago after hitting a pot hole in the road. When it pops, it causes my spedometer to stop working and my fuel gauge. It also drains my battery, not giving my truck the power it needs to drive. I'm at the point where I am changing the fuse about 7 times throughout the day. My dad notice that the starter was arcing and replaced it for me thinking it would help but it did not.


I have a 1987 Fiero 4 cillinder standard 5 speed I had to pop off the steering wheel and the turn singnal components. There is a bearing to hold the steering wheel in place. It keeps popping out causing the steering wheel to be loose in all directions

Replace the bearing, it is defective. ... 1987 Pontiac Fiero

My 1995 beemer won't start. Kay...I know my battery, alt are good had those replaced in last 6 months and all lights turn on when I try to engage. I also replaced my spark plugs within the last 2 weeks. I was able to pop my clutch to get it going and it ran like it wanted to die. Had to keep my rpm's around 2000 to keep it from sputtering. I also had been noticing when I was parked on an incline front facing up it gave me the most issues about starting, it kept stalling out; but when I was level

Wet ecu\015\012\015\012the ecu compartment is under the windshield on the passenger side on E36 \015\012\015\012you gain acess to it under the hood....\015\012this compartment gets wet, the ecu lays on a flat surface in ... BMW 318

My 1998 neon keeps blowing the engine ignition feed fuse and i disconnected the aftermarket radio and still keeps popping the fuse what other possiblities could it be

Find the fuse/relay box and release it. Lift it up and inspect the wire harness under side. You will likely find the clutch cable wore through the insulation creating a short to ground. Repair bare wires and zip tie a piece of hose around the cable. ... 1996 Dodge Neon

2001 merc coupe keeps displaying BRAKE LINING WEAR! Got it checked but keeps popping up.How can i reset it or clear it?

This usually comes up when one of the brake pad sensor wires grounds out against the brake rotor due to the pads being low. ... 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

1995 4runner automatic 2wheel drive 3vze 6 cylinder, can you help me? the number ten fuse keeps popping, fuse pops for all gauges, problem got worse over time, any help would be appriciated

This is a +12v short. Remove the fuses that blow. Install only the one(s) that will allow you still drive. If it blows then you may be on the right circuit thats the problem. If it does not blow add another fuse untill one blows. Start by making sure ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner
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