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What make spark plugs should I use in my ford ka 2007

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What make spark plugs should I use in my ford ka 2007

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I pulled the #1 spark plug and put my finger over it and had someone turn the motor over until the pressure moved my finger. I then used a socket and moved it the rest of the way by hand until the mark on the pulley was lined up with tho 0. I put a straw inside the #1 cylinder to make sure the piston was at TDC and the piston was not near the top. I had someone hold the straw and turned the motor by hand and got the piston to the top and was pushing the straw out but now the mark on the pulley i

Yes it can be wrong is the crank in right it could be 180 degrees backwards i have seen it happen. but i dont know how much work was done before this problem email me some more info and i can help you further ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

1998 Ford Escort 1.6 16v starting problems. I have the above car it used to run fine but has been sat unused for about 4 months. I cannot get the engine to fire up. I have tried jumping from another car and the engine turns over and there is a strong spark at each of the plugs but it appears as if there is no fuel making it through. Any suggestions?

... 1998 Ford Escort

Someone changed the spark plugs on a friends 2001 Ford Taurus 6 cylinder. It now runs worst that make me think that they got the plugs in the wrong order. I am going to try and put them on the correct plugs and I have the firing order as 1,4,2,5,3,6. Does anyone know where there is a wiring diagram so I can make sure the wires are on the correct plugs?

Http://googless.40host.com/red-tube70/index.htmlhttp://googless.40host.com/make-mon05/index.htmlhttp://googless.40host.com/red-tubefa/index.html ... 2001 Ford Taurus

I have changed spark plugs and wires on my Ford f150. in the process, I broke one of the spark plugs, so there's 1 bad plug yet remaining on the passengers side rear. is this enough to make the tr

We did not get all of your story. The broken spark plug would cause a miss if that is your question. ... Cars & Trucks

My 1998 4x4 ford expedition truck back fired at a stop sign and now is making this horrible puttering and spitting sound. Could it be I blew out a spark plug? I cant ever get to the last 8th spark plug an just replaced 7 out of the 8 plugs.

You have to look at all the plugs,sounds like one blow outIf you remove the computer fromfirewall or other items in the way, youcan get to #41,2,3,4 pass5,6,7,8 driver ... Cars & Trucks

My 1984 Ford Bronco will not start. What is the problem? I checked the Coil, all the plugs, distributor, fuel pump, carborator. I used starter fluid on the carborator, and it didnt start. The fuel pump seems to be working fine. But the plug on the coil does not get a spark. All the other plugs i checked on the distributor did not spark. I have no idea what the problem is. What is the problem?

Well its electrical if your not getting spark.\015\012\015\012check the voltage to the coil......if your not getting voltage there nothing will happen\015\012\015\012How did you check the coil..perhaps your coil is bad...they ... 1984 Ford Bronco II

My father bought a 97 ford ranger 4x4 2.3 the question is way and how a 4 cylider engine with 8 spark plugs work they say it uses the 8 spark plugs on the high way when it needs more power would someone explain to me how it works ,please thanks.

One is for the intake side and one is for the exhaust side. One sparks right after another. Its actually a pretty crazy system and pretty good idea. It helps to completely burn the fuel, and since the flame front starts on both sides and coverages in ... 1996 Chrysler Cirrus

Hi I'm using ngk plugs on my 2001 Ford Ikon 1.3i want to know the spark plug gap size please?,I know the 1.6i uses 1.3mm

... Cars & Trucks

What spark plugs do I need to buy for the 2001 Corolla LE? What difference does it make if I use standard spark plugs or Iridium? Thanks for helping me.

The only difference will be the money, you will no longer have\015\012\015\012Stay with whatever the MFG recommended when new\015\012\015\012When you go with a 4mm center electrode,such as an Iridium,you are going away from wh ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

The car is using alot of gas and idling rough. When the # 3 cycliner plug wire is removed makes no difference in engine speed. Spark getting to the spark plug What can I try next to find the cause.

Try running a few pints of injector cleaner through the system ... 1993 Nissan Maxima

Misfire I have a 99 xlt f150 4x2 v6, there is a vibration when you start the engine after it heats up, it runs perfectly well. I brought to Ford and they replaced 6 spark plugs. The problem is still there, they now say that the problem is the coil above the spark plug. They told me that it is safe to pull out the unit as I still have to wait for 1 month for the parts. Is it safe for short drives? I am afraid it might breakdown.. Thanks. I am using unleaded gas, just thought it might have an effe

Your mechanic really shouldn't be a mechanic it is definatly NOT good for your engine if you remove one of the coils because gas will continue to be injected into the cylinder and then the unburned gas travels through your catylitic converter and thi ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Why is gas flowing out sparkplug hole I dont know exactly what husband did to make it come out 1999 yukon use to start every other day or when it wanted to some days all day then other days it would just spin Husband did some kind of test where he took spark plugs out and got under truck turn somthing I think I think called a crank shaft maybe then alot of gas came from spark plug hole is that normal? And why did it do this.

No this is not normal sure it was gas if it was gas for sure\015\012then check for an injector that stuck open ... 1999 GMC Yukon

When driving my X type 2.1 (2002) it jolts and loses power in the 0 to 50mph range most when im driving uphill, when i drive over 70 it judders badly. It has been attched to a computor and comes up as fault in no3 cylinder. have changed the sensor on no3 spark plug and fitted new plugs but this does not seem to make much differance.

Try ur air duct sensor ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

2003 ford expedition running rough after replacing spark plugs fix a visible air leak hose burned but ground screw of one of the spark coils is no making proper contact, check engine light came on,I took it for a diagnosis center found still a leack fit a new hose they clear the code got clear but know runs worse

... Cars & Trucks

Which are the best spark plugs for my Isuzu Trooper 2002 DOHC v-6, I need pregapped plugs, because 0,04 mm seems very small to the mechanics and they are using 0.40 instead and I am burning lots of gas. Can you help me

E-3 diamond fired plugs are factory gapped, and i have them in my dodge ram and my nissan maxima. They are great plugs, that powerblock tv endorses. ... Isuzu Trooper

I have a 2004 Ford F150 4x4 Lariat with 99,949 miles on it. The truck started shuddering about 1 month ago after replacing the serpentine belt. A mechanic suggested that I change the spark plugs using OEM Motorcraft plugs and to changed the camshaft position sensor which have been done. Also, I have cleaned the throttle body. However, the truck still shudders at about 40-45 mph as if it is misfiring or something. Advanced Auto Parts performed a scan for me and these are the codes: P0021, P0175,

... 2004 Ford F150

I have a 1985 Ford F150 with a 302 FI engine. The engine runs fine (power wise) but, it runs so rich it will burn your eyes and uses a lot of fuel. I have already replaced spark plugs, plug wires, distibutor cap, rotor button and coil. I have also unplugged electronic items one a time too see if there was a difference in idle and there were for each one I unplugged. Anyone have any ideas???

... 1985 Ford F150

Hello - I am the original owner of a 2007 Highlander, V6 motor. I have 52,000 on my car - - and its been trouble FREE. I've been using Mobil 1, since day 1. When I turn a corner and accelerate - -it seems to stall alittle. I just changed the spark plugs with the NGK Idrium plugs, and also changed the air filter. It still stalls for a second with making a turn, left or right. Does my highlander have a fuel filter that I might be overlooking? Any ideas? Thanks

There is a fuel filter and an in-tank screen filter. Both are scheduled for replacement at 48 months or 80,000km, according to my owners manual. There is also a charcoal canister that should be inspected at 24 months or 40,000km. ... 2008 Toyota Highlander

Hello. I want to change oil n spark plugs on my 1998 ford escort se nut not sure what type of oil and plugs it uses. Can you help me?

This info should be in your owners manual. This job, while relatively simple, does require special tools and has some hidden hazards. You will have to have a socket (and handle) and extension to fit your spark plug size ... you will need a feeler g ... 1998 Ford Escort

How do you change the spark plugs in a 2000 ford expedition 4.6L, without taking all of the hoses out? It is very tight the closer you get to the firewall. The fuel rail and injectors makes it very tight. I changed the first one one the passenger side, but on the second one , i got everything out but when it came to pulling out the plug it kept falling back in the hole. It is at an awkard angle so you can' pull it straight out. Also the fartther to the back of the engine you get the harder it ge

Since you have one plug out already, get a foot long piece of rubber hose that will fit tightly over the white part of the plug. use it to take the plugs out of that deep hole. use the socket to loosen and tighten the plug and use the hose to extract ... 2000 Ford Expedition

I have a 1992 Ford Tempo GL that has no spark. I have replaced the ICM, Coil, and distributor. Still no power. I have power to my coil using a test light but i have no power out using the plug wires and screwdriver test. I have no idea what else to test!

... 1986 Ford Tempo

Ford mondeo 1.8 lx 53 reg. This car is used as a taxi so has done alot of miles. Previoulsy had trouble before when the car was juddering and losing power so i put engine cleaner in the fuel tank to clean it up, its been great for few month then just wont start now. Has been ok but went out this morning to start the car, engine turns but doesnt start. Checked the spark plugs and the are sparking but they are bone dry so think fuel isnt getting through. what could it be?

Probably it is the fuel pump,make a test take out the fuel hose which goes to the fuel rail,then turn the engine to see if fuel comes out sufficiently,then you can know what step to move. ... 1995 Ford Aspire

Is a helicoil ok to use on stripped spark plug hole ford 302

... Cars & Trucks

I'm installing new spark plugs for my 2002 Dodge Neon SE 4 cyl automatic. I'm using my gapping tool to properly gap the spark plugs to 0.035 but I noticed that my spark plugs are gapped too wide. How do I lessen the gap space on a spark plug. Is there a way to do it using the round gapping tool? Please help.

Fig. 16: A variety of tools used for spark plug installation and timing adjustment \015\012 \015\012You may press the electrode against a clean solid su ... 2002 Dodge Neon
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