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I have 2005 Ford F-350 Diesel with Intergrated Brake Controller, with no trailer hooked up a warning comes trailer disconnected, and TBC fault, this happens when i hit a bump, I hit the dash its does just trailer disconnected. It stops doing this after a bit of driving but after shut off the truck and start it, it starts doing it but only sometimes. No problems when hooked up to trailer any suggestions

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Answers :

It sounds like there are some wires exposed and bouncing or the module has issues. try looking in the rear where the wires are and follow them back to the best of your ability and see if anything jumps out at you. could be a simple oversight.
I seem to recall a TSB on this issue. I will check tomorrow at work and see if I can find it.
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I have 2005 Ford F-350 Diesel with Intergrated Brake Controller, with no trailer hooked up a warning comes trailer disconnected, and TBC fault, this happens when i hit a bump, I hit the dash its does just trailer disconnected. It stops doing this after a bit of driving but after shut off the truck and start it, it starts doing it but only sometimes. No problems when hooked up to trailer any suggestions

It sounds like there are some wires exposed and bouncing or the module has issues. try looking in the rear where the wires are and follow them back to the best of your ability and see if anything jumps out at you. could be a simple oversight. ... 2007 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson

I was driving and the cluster lights came on and my gauges failed. This happened several times. seems like I hit a bump they come back for a few seconds. I stopped at the only auto parts dtore open and we tried to hook it uop for a scan but got nothing, we changed the fuses but that didn't help. I was able to drive 45 miles home with out the car shutting down. How can I fix?

It definitely sounds like a loose electrical connection if it comes and goes when hitting bumps. There should be fault codes present, but here's the problem...please read this article:\012\012 ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have an 03 saturn vue, 2wd with auto trans. When driving, usually at less than 2 miles the engine shuts down at about 500 rpm like when stopping for a red light. Have to disconnect battery to reset computer, have found that turning key on to let fuel pump start before restarting seems to work. According to Saturn handbook it is equipped with a "passlock" system which shuts off the fuel pump if "it doesn't recognize the key being used?! Yesterday the car stopped while driving, but restarted

Sounds like a throttle sensor fault do to the fact that the saturn vue doesnt idle at 500 normally its uaually between 600-800. i suggest getting it hooked to a diagnostic machine to find wat the codes are cause im sure it will be several. ... 2003 Saturn VUE

My 2006 nissan altima spits n sputters while driving down the road. If im stopped it shuts off unless i put it in neutral and give it gas? but sometimes when i put it back in drive it shuts off also. ive taken it to a garage and had them hook it up to the code machine and no codes come up? ive also had my battery tested as well.

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I have a 2004 dodge ram 3500 cummins diesel. truck shuts down sometimes when I stop or loses power. The first time it shut off at a stoplight, wouldn't start for awhile. Once started it ran fine, I was not pulling a heavy trailer at the time. When I hook up and pulled it was good for about the first 20 miles, then lost power at times, but continued to run until I got home about 15 miles, it quit when I stopped and tried to back up. It would not start again I pulled the fuel filter and filled the

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My suv 2002 4x4 cadillac escalade when im in say bumber to bumber traffic everytime i hit the accelerator off an on off an on i here a clunk and when stopped if i switch gears back and fourth between reverse and drive to check it out i here the clunk and when i slow down to stop i also feel that clunk when truck gears down. in my garage i left it in park chalked the wheel and just slide underneath an disconnect the driveshaft from the rear end turned the rear end piece no movement. i left drive

Hi!! \015\012This seems to be a common problem on GM SUV's you usually get the *thump* somewhere between the time of releasing the brake pedal and hitting the gas pedal, so you could essentially be not in motion ... 2002 Cadillac Escalade

2008 grand caravan. every once in a while the horn would beep and the wipers would come on. the other day the horn started blaring, the wipers came on and the engine started. after disconnecting the battery it still wouldn't stop. ended up pulling the fuel pump fuse to get it to shut off. today driving home the horn started blaring and the wipers came on. once again it wouldn't shut off. did the same as before to get it stopped now it won't even crank, the doors won't lock or unlock with the key

This is probably a bad body control module.\015\012I had the same thing happen.\015\012\015\012The dealer replaced mine and now there are no problems. ... 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

2002 dodge ram 2500 quadcab, running problem, truck starts fine but when you start to drive it starts a popping noise in the throttle body. If you hit the gas pedal many times in a row you can stop it from popping. It almost seems like it is acting like something is sticking or hanging up and then releases and truck drives fine for awhile until you shut it off for a period of time and start it up and drive it happens again. parts i replaced are temp sensor, dist. cap,rotor,plugs and wires. clean

I would look at replacing the pick up coil in the distributor,the hall effect switch(pick up coil)in the dodge has been around a long time,but give some problems,not much,but some.It is used to start the vehicle of course,but it ,upon start up direct ... Dodge Ram Pickup 2500

2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD 8.1, Truck at times starts and drives fine. Once it stops, all electrical in the truck shuts down and there is no power. Needless to say, truck will not start. If you hook battery cables to battery, (no jump attempted or needed), the electrical system springs back to life and you can start the truck only to meet the same challenge when you next shut the truck off and leave it for a period of time.

Go to carhelpsite.com it is free as long as you click on 2 of the ads at the website then your questions will be answered by an ASE certified mechanic,you don't have to buy or fill ... 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD

2006 jeep liberty Alarm keeps going off only way to get it to stop is by disconnecting the battery... Once I hook it back up ... It goes off again not sure what's going on... All things lead me toward faulty alarm but not sure how the battery checks out. But if I leave it hooked up it just honks over and over I can start the car and drive and it still honks. I pull the fuse for the horn and I just hear it click over and over... Plz help it's basically not roadworthy right now

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Okay I got in my car and when I was driving my theft light came on, and when I stopped and went to get out of my car, the alarm went off, so I disconnected something and my dome light and cd player don't work now. But when I connect the thing again the alarm starts up. How do I shut the alarm off for good? and without disconnecting my dome light and cd player.

If it's after market, just disconnect the power source. If it's factory, good luck! You might verify when you lock with the key, you unlock with the key. Don't reach through the window and unlock. (if window is down!)A lot of cars are integrati ... 1999 Ford Escort

I have a Japanese Suzuki Alto works that sometimes idles too high, one time the RPM just climbed up to 5k...it didnt stop when I hit the gas either...I had to shut it down and then it stopped doing it. The other day, I was driving to work and going slowly in 2nd or 3rd gear, it kept idling at 2-3 k when in neutral and I put it back in gear and the check engine light was on and the car was barely moving with gas mashed to the floor. I turned it off and it went back to normal.

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2000 vw jetta vr 6..new battery and new alternator..drain battery over night. no obvious draw after jump start. yesterday the electrical system shut down for about one sec. all digital read outs turned off including radio and then on again and i continued driving. couldn't tell if engine stopped. i disconnect ground if i will not drive for more than one day.

Well VW has had a TSB on this subject for a while but it typically only applies to high temperature statesso I would start with normal diagnoses, follow this...disconnect the negative battery cable, make sure you have the radi ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

My 2008 ford fusion won't start it turns over but won't get any fire now before that i was driving it and it started making a nose and then my speed decreased tried to hit gas to accelerate but wouldn't go any faster stopped @ stop sign and car just shut off and wouldn't start back. Its only saying lure oil pressure added oil, gas and tried some starter fluid but no luck can anyone help please.

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Jerking motion with 210,000 miles i can drive this for a long time and not have any problems but when i travel far and then come to a stop and get ready to take off it has a like a jerking motion from the rear like im getting hit and i can shut my car off for a few minutes and it will stop it only does it during 0-10 and doesn't do it everyday .

... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Have a ford f250 superduty diesel 2005 When the trailer is hooked up the message center displays trailer disconnected. This message comes up frequently while driving

... Ford F-250

1989 300e. The anti theft alarm went off while driving the car now the engine won't start. We shut the car off and locked and unlucked the doors several times. The alarm reset and we began driving again. A few minutes later it went off again. We repeated the above steps. Now the engine won't crank and every now and then the door locks try to lock on its own and the marker lights will flash about twice and hour. We tried disconnecting the battery and alarm module and letting is set. We hooked eve

This is the problem due to your anti theft alarm system. You have not mentioned which brand of anti-theft alarm system you have? Anyhow, most of the systems have a reset switch inside the kit, open the kit and on the main board, u will find the reset ... 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

After starting or while driving, the engine has shut down on five different occasions. The dealership has hooked it up to their computer and have not been able to find anything wrong. A little over a week ago they said the battery was dead and the fan housing had to be replaced. We had these things fixed but the car stopped on me again today. After it sits a few days, it usually runs fine until it stops again.

Sounds like it might be a crank sensor. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

Ok i have a few problems ok #1 sorry bout the spelling and #2 i drive a 1999 saturn sl2 and last week it took a dump on me while i was driving it was some sort of power loss problem and when i pushed on the gas the car wasnt moving almost like i was stuck in the snow also the battery light flickers when i hit the gas i had this problem once but i shut the car on and off and it stopped acting up but when i tryed it this time it just died i tryed jumping it with no luck i had to get it towed home

Fix your wiring first. This can be a power drain on your battery and also cause your symptoms. Second have the voltage regulator tested even though your alternator is good this could effect the charging system. As far as the locks go almost every tim ... 1999 Saturn SL

Two weeks ago when i went to drive my 2004 Oldsmobile Alero..it was hesitating and started to shake if i went above 25. Then the service engine light came on and was blinking at me. I kept it under 20 and was able to go about a mile before it shut off. The light went off for like 30 seconds then came back on again just before it shut off. After sitting for a day it did start back up and was blowing a little bit of black smoke and ran long enough to get it on a car trailer. We hooked it up to a c

It could be ignition coil(coil pack). misfire and vacuum leaks gives you engine light's on. and if fuel pump or filter not good, engine wont start. ... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

My 2004 honda oddessy - i hit the panic button on key chain on accident. could not get it to shut off, had to drive away. it finally stopped beeping, but a flashing red light on the dashboard kept flashing - a button I ahve never seen flash or light. Got the car home and in park and it went nuts with panic alarm again. There is no alarm on van for security. the panic alarm has stopped, but flashing red light is still blinking. worried this will eat up my battery. please help.

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With no warning the car just stopped running. It was running fine then I hit the dip between the pavement and dirt drive and it just shut completely off.

Yes there is a serpentine belt that runs the alternator and accessories. That must be on the engine.Unless you damaged the crankshaft or the oil pan I doubt hitting a bump or dip would do anything to the timing belt. It is behind the cover behi ... 2004 Kia Rio

I have a 1993 chevy caprice that continues to shut off randomly while I am driving. The problem began when I slowed to a stop at a stop sign. When the car stopped it shut off. I put the car in park, turned her off, and she restarted after about 3 minutes. The problem got increasingly worse. The car began to shut off when I was reversing in the parking lot of the grocery store. Now the problem is creating dangerous and frustrating situations. It recently began shutting off when I drive and make u

... 1999 Dodge Durango

Wipers stopped working while driving in a snow storm at the time i had just hit the washer button and then the whole system shut down all relays and fuses appear to be good ,.and arms are secure. appers to be no power

Hello did you use a circut tester to test fuses sometimes they look okay with the eye but they are blowen.A circut tester is best way to check if you do not have one it is a good investment fo $10-$15 to pick one up. ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

Driving down the road the motor just stopped. No noises no warning lights it just shut off and wont start again. The engine turns over the serpentine belt is still in tact and you can see it move the car wines when you hit the key but its not firing and startiing... we think timing belt.. any other ideas?

... Suzuki Reno
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