Having problems with your 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider ?

Where is the battery shut off switch on ferrari 360

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Where is the battery shut off switch on ferrari 360

... 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider

Where is the battery shut off switch for the 2007 ferrari F430 coupe?

The battery shut off is in the back of the trunk passenger side, Black knob ... 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider

My 1990 Ford Taurus has a battery drain problem. I'm not sure what is draining it but I just bought a new alt. and new battery and the next day the new battery was dead and I had to jump it. Could it be the fuel pump? There is a label under the hood that says my car has a "fuel pump shut off switch," I just now realized that there was an on/off switch. I tried to turn the fuel pump off but there was no switch. I'm lost, I just need to know if a fuel pump could drain the battery?

I fixed the same problem in my 1990 Ford Taurus, it turned out to be the external voltage regulator.I\012 determine that my external voltage regulator had failed by testing the charging voltage across the battery while the car was idling. ... 1990 Ford Taurus

H2 Hummer when i turn the ignition switch on starter doesnt spin, repaced starter and starter selonoid, still does not spin when turning ignition key, replaced harness switch for ignition switch, engine started for a moment/starter did spin, but it died and would not spin when i tried to start engine with key. Battery is charged, battery cables clean/tight, every time i try to start it the blower fan, a/c all come i shut them off at their designated switches. But, every time i turn ignition swit

Today 11-12-08 my 2003 H2 Hummer would not start. Checked battery it ischarged. Cables tight. Tried to start with portable booster pak. No go. Tridto jump start with my wife's Suburban. Still no go.\015\012When I turn the switch I hear a singl ... 2003 Hummer H2

On an 03 Bravada, blower fan does not turn on. It does sometimes operate at a very low fan speed. It however cannot be controlled, or either turned on or off. When the car is shut off the fan will not shut off and eventually the battery will go dead. The battery has to be disconnected. The higher speed fan may occasionally come on when the car is started, but there is no switch control and turn on is at random and not at will of the operator. after the car is shut down, the fan continues to run,

... 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada

Bought car yesterday car was running great went to check oil when opening the hood looked at a piece of cardboard over battery anyway slamed hood shut and car at time was running after shuting hood car stopped running someone told me i messed up my ignation switch also that my battery was bad so i bought a battery and wondering if thats true do i need a ignation switch

The igntion switches in this year of T-bird are very prone to failure, the 2 halves of the switch seperate and you start getting all kinds of electrical problems, many Fords that used this design switch were recalled by Ford ... 1992 Ford Thunderbird

My 1999 explorer auto lock on back door keeps auto locking until it runs the battery down. also the locks will not open with switch, only with key. the back door has be slammed shut several times befor it will shut so could this be the problem? i have no idea what to do other than unhook the battery when not driving.

Take the fuse out if it is that much of a problem...more than likely a relay sticking ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Hi, I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cylinder, 2wd. I need to replace the A/C Fan relay switch but I don't know where the relay is. Can anyone help me to locate the relay switch? The issue my Cherokee is having is, when I shut off the engine the fan will not shut off. So the battery will die. Also I can no longer can control the fan-a/c on the console. It just runs loud and blows air out as though the fan is on high.

Under hood in high voltage fuse box ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee


... 1999 Ford Explorer

I can jump start my car, but it only runs when i have my foot on the gas. It will run as long as my foot is on the gas, but as soon as I release the gas, the RPM drops to 0 and the engine shuts off and the battery meter slowly goes from 14 V to 0 V. Im trying to figure out if it is the battery, the alternator, or the voltage regulator. (it could be something else but my limited knowledge of cars gets me thinking it is one of these) any help is appreciated, what is wrong?

First thing I'd do there is charge the battery using a battery charger, then have it load tested. Nothing else in the system can be properly tested if the battery will not pass that test. Once that has been done and if the battery is bad, you have r ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I had a audio system put in my 2003 nissan sentra se r 2 months ago. 2 days later my car died. i still had the stock battery so we replaced it but i still have to jump start my car every morning and even midday sometimes. he has since put in a switch to "shut off" all power from the audio to the battery but it still died..he also says that the battery that was put in my car is a little smaller than it should be. he now tried pulling the fuse to the amp but leaving the deck hooked up..but it st

There maybe another wire thats receiving power. A radio comes with 2 power wires, one that hooks directly to the battery/fuse panel, and the other to your ignition switch. Check and see if the wires are connected the right way, usaully the red is t ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

Fuel pump wont shut off. It sounds like it goes thru normal cycle and it is like it shuts half way off when turning car off. I pulled tank and pump did find a short, I fixed it, BUT, after hooked battery back up it seemed to work fine, turned car off was sitting in it, "ok i dosed off for about 10 minutes", then all of the sudden it just started running AGAIN! have a switch temporarily rigged to the fuel pump fuse so i can shut it off manually. Do you have any ideas?? Oh its a 1988 nissan 300zx

Check the fuel pump relay. Unplug it the next time you have this problem and check for power (12vdc +)at all of the four terminals--only one should have power when the key is off. If this is the case the trouble is probably the relay itself. If tw ... 1988 Nissan 300ZX

95 Linclon Mark VIII. No power to A/C compressor clutch. Also,Car alarm, radio and pwr windows do not lose power when key is shut off, key removed and door is opened. Replaced ignition switch. no change. checked door open switch; its good. Suspect a hung up relay but don't know where it might be. Only way to disengage is to disconnedt battery. Items do not power up again till switch is turned on.

... 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

My 1996 Jeep Grang Cherokee just started acting up, first the battery gauge kept dropping to 0 about a minute after starting, now it will not start without a boost and the second I unplug the battery it shuts off; I had the battery checked @ Autozone and it is good. Can anyone help please?

Check the alternator output, with engine running and a volt meter check voltage at battery that be alternator out put voltage for the alternator, should not have less then 13.5 volt's with engine running, if less bad alternator, replace it ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1998 sebring convertible jx V6 2.5ltr. auto / stick was broken into and the ignition lock cylinder and the PATS 2 Immobilizer modual and the starter switch had gotten damaged so i ordered a new immobilizer and bought a new transponder key plus i replaced the ignition and the starter switch.Then i got a new Battery and had the new key and immobilizer reprogramed to the car .i replaced the starter relay switch and the auto shut off relay switch and the starter solinoid tested to be ok ..have c

... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

No power to ignition switch. All fuses good. ASD power splice good. Battery good. Headlights, interior lights, horn, emergency flashers all work. No power to instrument cluster, multifunction switch, radio, ignition switch. Truck simply shut off while driving(found 40amp ignition fuse blown and 5 amp ASD fuse blown). Replaced and have no power and no start since.

I would say you have a mains problem?any car that blows a 40amp fuse has a big fault.you have a direct short in the alternator/starter/battery area.take a very close look, as this type of fault will show its face pretty quick, check all heavy wires t ... 1994 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

I have a Alpine car radio from a land rover discovery series 11 the model is a R990 as per the instruction booklet the partnumber is XQD000110LNF. This has a function that when the ignition is at 0 and you turn the radio on it will stay on a timer for 20 minutes and then switch off the complete radio. Mine however switches off the speakers but does not switch off the radio as a result the amplifier and cd shuttle stay on and drain the battery after about two days of the car standing. where can i

This site has both the wiring diagrams for your Land Rover and the Alpine. Good Luck!\015\012\015\012http://carstereohelp.net/wireharness_LandR ... 2002 Land Rover Discovery Series II

1997 pontiac bonneville will not turn over no lights or dash lights. battery is good. no radio. driving down the road, tapped brakes radio shut off. drivend down the road tapped brakes, car shut off. switched bright lights to dim and the entire car shut off. whats the deal?

Check your battery cable connections. If there are no signs of corrosion and none of them are loose, check the other end of the cables i.e. for the positive cable, the starter solenoid connection and the negative cable at the "ground" connection pr ... 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

With battery connected on my 92 Swift, all parking lights remain on. Light switch is off. In order to keep my battery charge up is to discnnect battery ground after shutting car off.

Change the light switch ... 1992 Suzuki Swift

I have a 1984 Nissan 300zx starts ok but shuts down after a couple minutes. starts again ok. you can hear the fuel pump shut off - its not a relay switch - we have checked them all. Unhooked the battery for about 15 min to re-set the CPU but it still shuts off. any ideas? thanks!

I have the same problem. did you find out what was wrong? ... 1986 Nissan 300ZX

I hava a 360 modena ferrari and i have pushed the master power switch to stop the battary going flat but i have shut the bonnet an cant turn it back on how do i open the bonnet with out the switch many thanks

Under the instrument panel just to the left of the steering wheel adjust lever there is a manual hood release cable. ... 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena

My 2002 ford taurus will not start. I just replaced the starter,and when I turn the switch over it makes a clicking noise,like the battery is dead,but I just bought a new one,also I thought that I could of hit a curb ,causing the kill switch to shut everything down,but that has been reset too.When I turn the key over it shows me a yellow light and a mechanic.

Could be the starter solenoid. Locate the starter in your car, and have someone turn the key for you while you take a hammer or screwdriver and lightly tap on the solenoid on the side of the starter. If that doesn't work, take the screwdriver and lay ... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have a 97 gmc jimmy 4wd. received dtc s 740 , 785 ,1860. just recently received 101. I rectified 101 code by replacing air filter and cleaning MAF sensor. I have traced the remaining codes to the ignition switch. I replaced the ignition switch today but upon install and hooking battery back up, the ding noise continues with the key out of cylinder,it does shut off when vehicle is running. what should I look at

... 1997 GMC Jimmy

Have 2005 chevy silverado the intrument cluster lights stay on also the radio stays on and the battery light in the cluster is on ,replaced the igntion switch, the dome light go out when u shut the door not fixed this will drain the battery down

I had the same problem. I had to check the fuses in the engine compartment, I then had to replace two 15 amp fuses, after I replaced the fuses the problem was gone. ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2WD

1993 lexus cs300 shuts off when headlights are on. All this after new battery, new alt, another new battery, new ignition coil. Today changed cap and rotor and fuses. Car would only start by switching ign key back and forth. took out security peace. Now car drives, but not when the headlights are on.

... 2001 Lexus IS 300
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