Having problems with your 2007 Dodge Ram Truck ?

I added lucas oil stabilizer and my oil pressure gage is now completly on the high mark is that ok

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I wouldn't recommend running your truck for very long in this condition. I wouldn't worry as much about blowing seals as much as running such a high viscosity lubricator through your engine. When the oil is so viscous, it wont reach and coat all the moving parts as well as an oil which is thinner and spreads throughout your engine more readily. You may especially want to address this sooner if you operate this truck in a colder environment.
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I added lucas oil stabilizer and my oil pressure gage is now completly on the high mark is that ok

I wouldn't recommend running your truck for very long in this condition. I wouldn't worry as much about blowing seals as much as running such a high viscosity lubricator through your engine. When the oil is so viscous, it wont reach and coat all the ... 2007 Dodge Ram Truck

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited that is making a rattling/ticking noise under the hood and I cannot figure out what it is! We did an oil change and added Rislone, it quieted it some but not completely so we did another oil change using synthetic blend oil and added Sea Foam and Lucas Oil Stabilizer and no change. It makes the noise upon starting it but stops after you hit second gear. Any ideas what this could be? It's not getting louder, not smoking, not burning oil or transmission fl

How many miles on it,sounds like lifter noise which is normal for high mileage jeeps,but if you have over 140k it is not a good idea to run synthetic oils as they are thinner than conv oil and it might start to consume oil. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Check gages light turns on and doesn't go off. Already had the oil changed, the oil pressure needle keeps marking 0. It had the same problem once but I changed the oil and kept working fine; then about 2 months after that oil change the oil pressure needle started to drop again, so I changed the oil once again, kept working ok, and since that oil change it only has been less than a month, and the oil pressure needle dropped to 0, and the check gages light is on

At this point I would strongly suggest that you have your mechanic hook a mechanical oil pressure guage to the engine and make absolutlely sure that the pressure is up to manufacturers standards. It may simply be a failing oil pressure sending unit, ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2000 Pontiac Firebird with 90,000 miles on it. I put in Gunk engine cleaner and ran it for 5 minutes as directed then drained the oil. I then did an oil change (Quaker State 10-30) and put in Lucas oil stabilzer (heavy duty). The oil pressure at idle is 90 psi and when driving it could go as high as 110 psi. I removed the oil pressure sensor and blew it out with compressed air and there was no change. If the sensor is faulty would it show high pressure? Do I have oil blockage or is the

The sensor can show high pressure when that is not the case, they fail high not low, take the sender out and plug in a mechanical guage to verify this, that is the only way to be 100% sure. ... Pontiac Firebird

I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer. The check gages light came on and the oil pressure gage went to low. I checked the oil and it looked fine. So I did an oil change and added luxoil. The light went off and the pressure was fine for about 5 days. the light came back on and I don't know what to check next. Someone said maybe the sending unit? Is there a way I can find out exactly what that light is trying to say. I also replaced my radiator a few weeks ago and that seems fine.

... Chevrolet Blazer

While driving my 91 dodge dynasty the oil pressure is fine, but when i am stopped at a light, the oil pressure goes to almost nothing and it starts burning oil, (oil needed changed after a week,) when the car is cold its fine, but once it warms up is when it starts. when idiling before shes completly warmed up youll hear a loud knock and the oil pressure drops. I havent had the car very long and have replaced : Battery, thicker oil, thermestat, and one of the sensors to work the temp gage.

If this is a loud knock from lower part of the engine then its the crank bearings, I personally think that the engine is done. ... 1991 Dodge Dynasty

I have a 2003 Bonneville. The oil pressure gage is spiked at 120. Over the past couple of years I have had to put a quart of oil in between oil changes only every once in a while. Since this problem with the gage appeared my light came on for low oil and I had just put a quart in about a month ago. I've never had to put another quart in this quickly before. At the same time my temp. gage would only go up about half as high as normal. It has since gone back up to around 200 which is about normal.

Chances are the oil pressure sending unit is not working or unplugged it is located by the oil filter. the low level oil sensor is in the oil pan and is not related to the gauge .make sure to tell the parts person weather oil sending unit is for a ga ... Pontiac Bonneville

I recently replaced head gaskets on a 4.7 engine. After completion we noticed that the oil pressure drops off to zero after running for approximately 15 minutes at normal engine temperature. The pressure stays up while engine is cold. We changed the oil to a different weight, since the same problem. We pulled the pan, no slug build up. Changed the oil sender, no changes. Removed valve covers and rechecked timing marks on cams...no problems. Any suggestions or advice would be helpful. T

Bill,\015\012 Generally when this condition occurs, there is a leak in the oiling system. The most likely cause is a bearing the has excessive clearence. Look up into the block with the pan off and see if one of the cam bearings are spun. Thi ... Dodge Ram 1500

I got a 85 GMC S15 jimmy 4x4 with 2.8 V6 700r4 tranie i have replaced the distributer, the coil, the battery, the TV cable, done a tranie service, and rebuilt the carburater. when i bought this truck it had no oil pressure and next to nuthing for power. now my oil pressure is way high over the 80 on the oil gage. and i now have some power on flat ground but nuthing when going up hill. i cant think of anything els to try to fix this problem.

Hello, Sounds like your OPRV (Oil Pressure Relief Valve) has jammed closed. This is an internal engine component and will necessitate sump removal to rectify!!!...Thank you...Regards!!!.. ... GMC Jimmy

Can someone please give some input on my 6.0 troubles. F Power stroke , 6.0 2005 truck had a misfire, replaced set of 8 injectors . after completing replacements of injectors., Injectors pulse rating but ringing will not start, Replaced high pressure oil pump seals, STC connector , and plugs and IP sensor seals. I checked the white 2 amp fuse located in left engine compartment . Everything seems to be fine but the truck will not start, Fuel pressure on crank, 44psi Oil pressure on crank abov

The 6.5 and 6.6 diesel engines has electronic control pump.more likely the need diagnostic equiopment to reset injection pump timing before engine will start. ... Cars & Trucks

My oil pressure gage goes all the way to high pressure and it pumps oil out the valve cover breather hose on my 1987 4.2 jeep wrangler

... 1987 Jeep Wrangler

Oil light flickers. Just changed my radiator, truck runs cooler and also changed my battery (check engine light used to turn on before I started to disconnect the battery cable and reconnect it; and I changed the battery, no more check engine light on). The oil light flicker started a day ago on Sunday. I added the Lucas Oil: Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer engine oil additive on Saturday. Could this additive be the culprit? The only time my oil light used to flicker was when overfilled it w

Check the oil pressure with a mechanical test gauge and it will likely be ok, if so replace the oil pressure sending unit. Do not use any oil thickener in this engine it can damage the bearings. ... 1991 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

The oil pressure guage on my 2006 nissan frontier is reading very high after recently changing the oil, however, the correct amount of oil was added during the change. Furthermore the oil dipstick indicates the correct oil level was obtained. I've changed the oil in this vehicle many times in the past, and this has never happened. The gauge generally sits right in the middle under normal operating conditions.

The guage may rise a little when you accelerate the vehicle...but if it is pegged high, and does not fluctuate, when you turn your ignition key on an off...Your oil pressure switch maybe going bad...Goodluck ... 2006 Nissan Frontier

When i come to a complete stop the oil gauge moves to L. The message center displays low oil pressure and warning signal say high temp low oil. When I start to drive everything goes back to normal. Took it to the ford dealer, they replaced the the oil sender unit. This did not help. What could be the problem?

This is not a good sign ,you have low oil pressure for a reason,have the oil pressure checked,but most likely it is too low,the mains,and rod bearings most likely are showing there wear,already.The oil pump,most likely is not the problem,for it is pu ... 2002 Ford Explorer

Passat start too noisy after 10 minutes at iddle if we accelerate it goes away. we replace block, replace head and oil pump, same problem change oil to castrol 20/50 and added a lucas oil stabilizer and now runs over 25 minutes before the same noise start again.

Please specify exactly the type of car's engine: petrol or diesel, fabrication year of the car, cylinder capacity (liters), power (HP), and engine code. Example: diesel, 2007, 2.0 TDI, 140 HP, BKP. ... Volkswagen New Passat

I have a 1993 chevy blazer 201000 miles. It is the 4.3l CPI Vortec engine. The car has been running great even though its a beater, I recently replaced the pcv valve, fixed the leaky oil cooler lines, put an aftermarket air filter in because the old one wouldn't fit with the new oil cooler lines to the radiator. I flushed the radiator, tranny fluid, gave it an oil change,changed the fuel filter (which had pressure), changed plugs, wires, cap rotor, ignition coil, S-Belt, added some lucas fuel

First remove the plugs and try to turn the engine by hand(slowly), if the engine locks stop, remove valve covers and check each valve keeper, i think you may have dropped one , if not a nut or washer may have found its way into the piston chamber ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

2002 Volkswagen Jetta Engine idles high when oil pressure is low. I have added oil and this has fixed the problem. Is this normal? Why doesn't my indicator oil light come on?

Welcome to Fixya\015\012\015\012Idle goes up high when oil pressure is low and that is NORMAL. Majority of cars ... Volkswagen Jetta

Today i found that the reason my car has been leaking oil is because my oil cap was gone!! the engine was dry this morning and clunking. I immediately parked it and added oil and a stabilizer. when i turned the car on it immediately stopped clunking but when moving from a completely stopped position it clunks some and then stops. Noticed it happens when I turn a corner too some. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst:0(

It sounds like you may have a spun main bearing. The only fix for this is generaly a new engine or long block. ... 1992 Mazda 626

I have a 94 chevy caprice...Oil pressure gage is reading everything high and good and i just had oil changed last week, now all of a sudden today "change oil" light popped on.. why!?!

... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

The oil pressure gage is on high

Oil pressure sensor is stuck or maybe oil pump is clogged. ... 2004 Nissan Armada

I have a Audi A4 2005 2.0 diesel. and a red warning sign came up reading oil pressure. It was low on oil, ive added a litre but it keeps coming on intermitantly. car drives sound but milage is high at 180 k ..any ideas?

... 2005 Audi A4 2.0

2001 dodge 5.2L r/r wtr pump & flushing ports, waterleaked to engine & now removing water from oil, approx 3 gal.isn't this a closed system? this in addition to the "oil pressure sludge" issue, which has not been resolved, was on second attempt to "desludge" after the initial work to correct this problem was completed approx 1mo ago (this posted by frustrated wife watching even more frustrated husband in hopes that he can finally fix his truck as opposed to adding to the never ending parts ru

Don't understand about the water- but do know how to cure the sludge issue- drain oil completely- replug pan- add 1 and half gallons of K1 KEROSENE-enough that it shows full on dipstick-DO NOT START! - let sit for 24 hours - drain and put OLD o ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

Help I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4. Recently, it started surging on me. While I am driving, the oil pressure gauge will go high then return to normal. While it is doing this, my RPM's go low and high. Any suggestions? I have had the spark plugs changed but, the guy told me it doesnt have spark plug wires. I have added injector cleaner, changed the air filter also. Maybe needs a fuel filter? Any suggestions?

Hey, I just had the same rpm surging problem... really bad all of a sudden over the last couple days. The check engine light came on today and it's idle changed from big time shaking to barely a pulse. Drove okay on the highway on our way to my favor ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Everything seems normal in my nephews 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee as we assembled the AC System until I had just about finished adding the second can of 134a Freon..At that time the high pressure gage started to lncrease at a mucn faster rate generally reaching 350 to 375 psi and once to 400psi. I heard the compresser make sound like it was receiving liquied thus I immediately pulled the jumper from the low side pressure pigtail to disengage the compresser. I checked the inside temperature at the v

If the high side got up to 375, your electric fan probably did not come on. Fan relays are always an issue. Underneath rt headlamp assembly. Make sure fan works with a jumper as these go too, and will take out the relay ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2006 Chevy Tahoe displayed the Reduced Engine power and stability control system turned off. Drove the vehicle home at reduced power never. Temp OK, Battery gage read lower than the normal +14V, Oil pressure at 40 OK. I read other posts about lose wiring on the trottle body, checked ground connections, checked gas cap all seemed OK. Upon checking, I turned ingnition on with out stating engine and the engine warning light is on, but no reduced power or stability system problem being displayed.

... Chevrolet Tahoe
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