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How do you turn off the engine warning light?

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I have a 1996 Saab 900 when I start the car and turn on the head lights the dash lights will turn on and then go out. Along with the dash lights, the radio lights and the lights along the shifter (PRND123) will also go out. The CID display lights and the warning lights (SRS, Check Engine and the hazard light [!] ) will stay on but my Speed, Tach, Engine Temp. and Fuel are all out. If I switch from my headlights to parking lights, or turn the lights off and then back on they will flicker and m

I would go around the block connectors with a wire brush but make sure you disconnect the battery ... Saab 900

2002 Jag x-type 3.0 automatic: When I turn the key to start all of the warning lights turn on but the engine doesn't start. There are no clicking noises just a light hum. The radio works and the lights turn on as well. The car will start after trying about 5-7 times or after a jump start. Once it is running no warning lights are on. The battery is fully charged and the mechanics can't figure out why this is happening.. Any suggestions?

... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

2001 Jaguar S Type, "Failsafe Engine Mode" message with amber warning light, no power, then warning off and I drive on, 90 degree day, turn of AC and radio. About three miles down road second warning, no power, pull off road limping, stop, shift to Neutral, turn off engine, restart, drive off. No codes set. Car towed to repair shop, can find no issues driving car 30+ miles. Pick up car, driving about 6 miles the "Failsafe Engine Mode" comes on again, then goes off, continue driving with no more

Hello jpbreece i could be diappointed if i can't solve ur problem cz dis is wat i have been doin whole of my life..repairing cars!! espicially Jaguar, Mercedes, etc.. let me tell you its acommon problem and has asimple solution...let me go slow....\ ... 2001 Jaguar S-Type

I have a 1996 Volvo 850, non-turbo. It has a traction control button near the gear shift (never worked). On the dash idiot lights, ASB, Trax Loc and Service Engine warning lights stay on constantly and have for a long time. I replaced the mass air flow sensor as was indicated when I had a service analysis performed. Is there anyway to turn off any of the warning lights? I tried pulling fuses for the abs and trax loc, but nothing. I know the service engine light is a dealer specialty, but sure

Hi! Its really annoying to see these warning lights specially when you yourself knows that everythings fine and even if there are few shortcomings it doesnt matter to you for you managed to live with it. If I we're to ask how to get rid of the check ... Volvo 850

Warning lights coming on, messages warning me that the brakes had failed, need serving. My airbag warning light and messages stating that they require urgent service. Losing read out on speedo and rev counter, fuel gauge turning off then coming back on, engine temperature gauga doing the same. After two minutes everything is fine. Only once has everything on the dash board turned it self off.


The service engine soon light for my (2005 Nissan xterrra) is on. I know the problem it is the fuel level sensor in the gas tank. I do not want to fix it. How can I turn the warning light off. I assume it is a fuse but any specifics on location of the fuse and/or the procedure to turn the warning light off would ber appreciated.

There is no fuse to remove, this is computer controlled, you can use a scan tool to reset check engine light or remove a battery terminal for 5 minutes, the only problem is the computer is always testing all sensors and systems so the light will com ... 2005 Nissan Xterra

I think I may have gotten some bad gasoline. The tank was empty when I put about a half a tank of gas in the car. After about 5 miles I stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, the car stalled (thought I did this - manual tranny, so I cranked the engine, but the engine warning lights came on and the car had no power and finally stopped. I turned the car off, and repeated this process a couple of times. Then it stopped as if nothing ever happened. That was a few days ago and sev

The reason is probably when it was run to empty, you may have picked up the crude from bottom of tank. check fuel filter, that may be the cause a plugged fuel filter!! ... Saturn Vue

I have a toyota spacio 98 model .the engine warning light came on some months back and i took to some mech and he said the thermostat was faulty and he removed it. Now the light comes on in the mornig when the engine is cold and the idling is not stable.when the engine warms up ,the light turns off only when you have switched off and re started the engine. what should i do

... 1998 Toyota Corolla

I have vw passat 2007 tdi se140. yestarday all of sudan car engine switched off and engine management system warning light flashed once and on combi instrument displayed engine fault take it to garage. When I re-insert the push key, all the light on dashboard was normal but engine do not fires up. later on I've check engine oil and noticed oil was on minimum. so i have topup about 1 liter of engine oil. again after a few ingnition engine did turned on. today I have try start the car, but not sta

... 2007 Volkswagen Passat Sedan

Peugeot 106 1.0 litre, temperature warning light on dash comes on one or two minutes after starting engine, sometimes stays on or intermittently goes off and on whilst driving. Also the radiator cooling fans stop on for a while when the engine is turned off and the ignition key taken out, i'm guessing this is linked to the warning light fault. Coolant level is ok.

Hi, if the collant level is ok and the car isnt over heating then check the heater works in the car and make sure it gives of heat when hot is selected if it dont then the chances are the thermostat has gone and needs replacing.\015\012\0 ... 1991 Peugeot 405

Engine warning light does not come on in town driving but on highway and under accelleration warning light comes on. Goes away when engine turned off but reappears in circumstances described above.

Check your gas cap for proper seal. ... 2001 Toyota Celica

I own a 1994 3.9 v8 landrover discovery,can you tell me what the 'check engine' warning light means? the vehicle wont start. i have checked all leads,fuses,battery,starter motor. it has plenty of power in battery it just wont turn over.when you turn ignition on the warning light flashes once then goes off.

... 1994 Land Rover Discovery

My 04 Durango's check engine light came on and the a/c stopped blowing cold air. Then when I hit the brakes, all the warning lights on the instrument panel lit up and the gauges went dead. Yesterday all that happened again and the wipers won't come on and the turn signals quit working. i had the alternator checked and they said it was fine. Now the ignition won't even turn the engine over

It is possible that the battery could have a shorted cell. Have the battery load tested. ... Dodge Durango

Today when my wife turned the engine on...warning lights including the check engine, stbilitrak and abs lights flashed and dinged and then the air conditioner would not come on. the air would cut off when you turned it to level 4, but today everything went haywire and the air will not come on.

WOW, That is a lot going on! Try having a GM reputable mechanoc scan your computer. Good luck. ... 2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS

When the ignition key is turned to MAR, the dial warning light comes on and go out after a few seconds normally.But when we start the engine the outside light failure ( amber) turns on and turns off only when we switched on the lights.We checked the all the lights and found no problem

... 2000 Alfa Romeo 156

When I start my 1995 VW Golf CL Diesel (Engine code AAZ) it blows the no 15 (engine electroniks) 10amp fuse. If you renew the fuse the glowplug warning light illuminates when you turn the key. But the engine doesn't start and the fuse blows again, and no glowplug light is visible. The glowplug relay was renewed, then the engine started normally. A test run of about 2 miles was made. A second run was made and as I drove slowly down a back street, (no bumps) the engine cut out. It was the same fus

Hello! Fuse #15 (10A) supplies power to the Montronic Engine Control Unit...The unit is located in the engine compartment on the fire wall...The connector plug has a Black/Yellow wire on pin #23...This is the power wire, It's shorting to ground eithe ... 1995 Volkswagen Golf

My subaru impreza 2.0 turbo AWD engine has cut out 3 time in the last couple of weeks! the engine just dies no warning lights come on and after a while it restarts as if nothing wrong! no unusual noises from the engine and when trying to restart turns over fine. electrics seem fine and egnition lights ok when restarting! the engine just loses power and dies!

Could be an air flow fault, check all your air pipes for holes or splits and also check the air flow meter and sensor. just clean them up before going any further.\015\012\015\012Also check the earth lead from the battery to the slam pane ... 2000 Subaru Impreza

Hello - I have a 2001 VW Jetta VR6 with 193,000kms. I noticed today when coming off the highway that the engine temperature was running hot @ 110 degrees (normal is 90 degrees), and when I parked the car and turned off the engine the fans that usually turn on didn't turn on. The coolant level is normal. No warning lights on the dashboard came on. Can someone please tell me what the problem could be? Thanks so much!

You have solved your problem yourself. The fan is not working, could be a faulty fan or the temperature sensor or the fan relay.If you do not know how to test these components I suggest you get a tech savy friend to help you or take your car to a ... Cars & Trucks

Hello. I have a '97 Chevy Lumina that a year ago began to immediately turn off after starting engine only when engine already warmed or previously driven that day. The car would drive well before and after this occuring. It happened once per 3 mos. then more freuent until now it happerns all the time and i have to give it gas or else it won't start. No warning light nor codes displayed. Until last month. Service engine soon light went on (P0133). I replaced the indicated O2 sensor and cleared th

That code p0300 means your haveing a random muticyclinder misfire when your car stumbled and died it may have threw that code but it may be something else as the problem cars not smart enough to relize this it can be a faulty injector or one bad coil ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

My car cuts off an my oil pressure and charge system warning light flashes on my dashboard. Every diagnostic I have had done(3 total) comes back good, but the car still cuts off after driving for about fifteen minutes but immediately turns right back on when I turn the key. Passes smog drives nicely just will turn off especially if I accelerate and have to decelerate after high speeds(like driving on a freeway) has a new voltage regulator, engine coil, engine control switch and control module. F

... 1983 Lincoln Mark VI

The check engine light keeps coming on in my 2004 Chevy Tahoe. At first when it came on, it would show a warning message that states Reduced Engine Speed and the Tahoe wouldn't have any power. Now, it's turning on, I still have power, but the check engine light remains on. Could there be a short circuit in the electrical?

Most auto parts stores have Scanners that can read the actual Codes causing the check engine light- usually for FREE. Google the Codes to determine what needs fixed.\015\012\015\012Do not continue to drive it, as it may cause permanent da ... 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

Car trouble Car not starting. ON dash board following lights are on: rear light faliure, low engine oil level, ABS, low washer fluid & Discharge (battery) Warning Light. All of the above (apart from ABS) have been checked, i.e. have topped up fluids for washer fluid and engine oil. Power steering turns on and off on sharp bends. Steering becomes difficult on bends. And finally right side speakers are not functioning. Please advise me of what I should do.

Check all of the fluids, check all sensors.\015\012get a hayes book on you car and change what ever need to be changed.\015\012too many problem, nothing too expensive and nothing is critical for now, if you don't fix them, they will be yo ... 1994 Lexus GS 300

Peugeot 206 Automatic registered in 1999 only 15,000 miles. 1965 cc petrol engine with fuel injection. Intermittent sudden engine failure when driving, particularly when up to running temp. Management light comes on and then engine cuts out. Most times will re-start after leaving it alone for 5 minutes, and could drive 6/8 miles with no warning light on until problem returns, failure also appears to be associated with slowing down to take a turn etc. No fault codes registered in ECU, no misfire,

I don't say this very often but it sounds like u might have a problem with the PCM, this is the computer that runs the engine and emission system, the ignition module is part of that PCM and if it fails it will not set a code, any other opart that fi ... Peugeot 405

I have a nissan sentra 93 and all of the sudden the car wont start. The engine does not crank or anything, my light will turn on, but the warning lights in the dash board usually turn on by turnning the key to on now they wont

Try placing car in nuetral and then try starting or push shifter forward while starting! this is a common problem for nissan also make sure your foot is on the brake when starting. for someof them this is a safety feature ... 1993 Nissan Sentra 4 Door

Headlight warning my 1st battery died because i forgot to switch my headlights off on a semi-dark rainy day. the display light on my car has a white background so it's hard to see if you've switched the light off unless you double check. i was curious why this 99 mirage had no warning/alarm whatsoever if these things happen. i now double check my lights before going out of the car but a few days ago, i heard a warning sound the moment i switched the engine off with the headlights still turned o

... 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage
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