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1997 Suburban 2500 Power Stearing and Brake problem

\015 Both have fluids in them but I do not have power stearing or power brakes. Is this one problem or two?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

This sounds like a vacuum, or fuse problem. Also check your ground and battery connections.
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1997 Suburban 2500 Power Stearing and Brake problem

This sounds like a vacuum, or fuse problem. Also check your ground and battery connections. ... 2007 Chevrolet Suburban Three-Quarter-Ton LS

1997 suburban brake light would go on but then off unless i let my foot loose on the paddle after pressing the brake. I also could not take the car out of park. I replaced Brake light on a 1997 suburban c1500 both problems were solved for about 1 minute then did the same thing. I unplugged the switch to make sure the harness cables are OK then I plugged connector back into the switch but now I have no brake lights. and cant take the car out of park. I realize I have a wiring problem. How do I go

... 1998 GMC Suburban

I have a 2002 Saturn L300 and recently (02/01/2010) had the following work done: 1. Pads, disc brake rear 2. Replaced Pressure control solenoid valve 3. Replaced Serpentine Belt 4. Replaced air cabin filter 5. Replaced water pump and timing belt 6. Power steering pump replacement and leaking O rings. I now am having problems with leaking gas - gas pump needs replacing and leaking power steering. Could these latest problems have been caused by the previous repairs? If so are they covered by 12 mo

None of the above have any bearing on the failure of said parts in any way or form.as they are not even connected to each other. ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

My 1996 bmw 740iL has a major problem. 1 it is german and the other problem is that when I drive it the speedometer stopped working the tachometer is erratic and the power steering and brake power assist do not work. I have checked all fluids and they are all at the right levels. How do I solve this? Should I buy a jaguar I've heard they are better cars.

You will find the Jaguar to be more problems, usually. MB will have less problems than the BMW. ... 1997 BMW 7 Series

I had a problem shifting out of park (auto transmission) I discovered there is an electrical lock (operated by brake pedal?) on shifter. I disconnect lock and it shifts fine now. New problem is it sounds like power stearing is going bad. It makes a noise when turning and has a little vibration. Is this problem linked to the lock shifter because the truck still thinks it is in park?

Hi, noise and vibration from car when turning could be caused by many things, ball joints usually make clunking noises (usually one when turning and one when turning the wheel from turning), cv joints usually make a clicking noise ... Chevrolet C1500

I have a F 350 ford diesel . Started it up ,no brakes, no power stearing. Fluid on the ground, both pneumatic lines to brakes blown off. leaking fluid out of the power stering line, blew connecting line out of power stearing pump. Relaced air lines to brakes, replaced "O" ring for connection out of power stering. Relaced connecting line out of power stering, replaced fluid. Started it up again...........Line blew out of power stearing, also now have brown fluid instead of clear power stearing fl

1. Does the Power Steering Pump Pulley feel loose? It is brown because that is the color it changes to as it gets used and it mixed with whats left. 2. The connecting line you replaced, was it the high or the low pressure side for the p ... Ford F-350

I have a 2001 F 350 ford diesel . Started it up ,no brakes, no power stearing. Fluid on the ground, both pneumatic lines to brakes blown off. leaking fluid out of the power stearing line, blew connecting line out of power stearing pump. Relaced air lines to brackes, replaced "O" ring for connection out of power stearing. Relaced connecting line out of power stearing, replaced fluid. Started it up again...........Line blew out of power stearing, also now have brown fluid instead of clear power st

Replace worn out fluid lines and clean power stearing because brown fluid are dirt . ... Ford F-350

I have a 2001 F 350 ford diesel . Started it up ,no brakes, no power stearing. Fluid on the ground, both pneumatic lines to brakes blown off. leaking fluid out of the power stearing line, blew connecting line out of power stearing pump. Relaced air lines to brackes, replaced "O" ring for connection out of power stearing. Relaced connecting line out of power stearing, replaced fluid. Started it up again...........Line blew out of power stearing, also now have brown fluid instead of clear power st

You are going to have to replace the brake hydrobooster, it is defective, the pressure relief ball is stuck and that is why the system builds so much pressure it blows the lines off. ... Ford F-350

Hi, I have an AUDI A8, 1998 model in beautiful condition. It has the 2.5 TDi engine. I have two problems. First of all at between 1,500 and 2,000 rpm the engine starts to "search" with power rising and dropping but the rev. counter seems to remain constant. The second problem is an intermittent one and has occurred both before and after having new front brake pads fitted. I get the ABS light and the one two below it (Triangle with an arrow circling it)both come on. This does not affect the braki

The circle with an arrow on it it telling you that brakepads are due(are they audi genuine,with wear sensors.or not)also the abs/traction control warning lights come on together.(2 lights)\015\012as for the engine, it is normal.the gearbox is c ... 1998 Audi A8

My power windows and locks only work whenever i hear a clicking sound coming from behind the brake release panel. my friend who installs aftermarket alarms for 10yrs+ tried to troubleshoot the problem and was lead to disconnecting the control assy smart entrance (part#28596 7b001) loacted behind the speedometer just to get he part#, but after reconnecting it i started getting additional problems. eg; 1) beeping sound occurs while door is open without key in the ignition. 2) when activating alarm

By using vasoline or even grease, apply around battery terminals to prevent corrosion. ... Nissan Quest

2000 Toyota Camry V6, tail light fuse burns when turn on engine(all parking lights not working, bust signal lights normal). also burn guage fuse(for power window and rmp and speed indication) when put in reverse gear. Have checked the remote car starter(after market, has been installed for 1 year, no such problems before), no abnormality found. The problems exist even after unpludge the remote car starter. Also quick check under the emergency brake and shift stick(don't see wire burn, plugs are

... 2000 Toyota Camry

I have a volvo 2.0T S80 from 2000 with GPL system. when the car is stopped with the engine running the rotations are always up and down like the car need some gasoline. also when i am driving sometime the car brakes down and it appers on the board computer the message" loose of power". after i disconnect the car for about 1 or 2 minutes the message goes away and remains another "motor managing problem". i have already change the sparkles and the ignition coils but the problem remains. is the pro

... Volvo S80

Electrical problems Hi - It's only 1 year that I bought my 2003 Grand Prix Gt and I've had this problem with the electrical system(s): HVAC, trip computer, front passenger power window, and automatic headlights all work only intermittently. If the AC is left on max with fan on 5 (when the HVAC is not working), it might suddenly come on while driving. If you try to turn the fan down, however, the whole HVAC goes completely out again and nothing will get it back. The emergency brake release no

It sounds like you have a loose ground wire somewhere. If you can't find it, tonight, when it's dark, have somebody turn all this stuff that's giving you problems, on and off, while you watch for sparks. ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have 3 problems with my 98 Ford ZX2... 1. it idles very roughly and settles down if I put it on Neutral. There's also a noticeable lost of power when I speed up. Seems like it lags then power kicks in and speeds up. 2. I heard a few times a loud ticking noise that seems to be coming from under the E-brake housing. It goes away after a while. 3. I've been having to use the override button for the auto shifter. It's been sticking and won't get out of Park. I'm not sure what could be causing all

Hifirstly the rough idel and poor power will be the air mass sensor or a air pipe sucking in too much air. however it could also relate to the sticking in park. being automatic it has a torque converter that basically transfers the power ... 1998 Ford Escort

Problem 1 - while driving yesterday, tapped brakes & rpm/speed/lights/radio went dead yet the engine kept running. tapped again, same. eventually, would not return (as if i'd turned off). drove home, coasted into driveway. what would be things to check? btw, heard a clicking in a part to the upper right of engine when hood is up. clicking gone w/ full powered battery. problem 2 - making whirring sound w/ rpm. mechanic tested by taking off serpentine, sound gone, replaced tension wheel & put belt

Make sure the alternator is getting charge to the battery,if it is not,look for a fuse blown,or bad connection.Run a new wire on the back of the alternator,to the battery positive terminal.It is the large wire on the alternator,leave the one that is ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

Ford f250 1985 brake lights will not work and i am getting power out of the switch but not to the back 4 pin plug or to the brake lights. could the problem be in the stearing column?

Wire is probably broke somewhere in the harness start form the pedal and sort through them there shouldnt be any issue between the steering column and the brake lights ... 1985 Ford F 250

I have a 2004 duramax, while driving the brakes seized up on all four, I have low fluid in power stearing and notice what I thought was a vacume hose for brake system, goes directly in the back of resavor for power stearing, once I filled up power stearing brakes went to normal??? what is this all about??

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

We are a one vehicle family so I hope that someone can provide some insight on my problem. Our 03 Windstar was running rough and diagnostics indicated plugs / wires were bad on cylinder 1 and 2. We changed out the plugs and wires on all of the cylinders with Motorcraft SP-486 plugs and Omni Spark OE wires. The van runs great down the road now but a new issue has come up now. It will stall out during idle. When in gear at a light I have to power brake it to keep it running. And the battery lig

Check the power output on ur alternator..sometimes they will go bad but not all the way..this means at low rpms it is not enough to keep power to ur van..if u have an alternator starter shop near u..it should only cost u about $10 for new brushes in ... 2003 Ford Windstar

I may have two actually - 1) when I turn on the defrost, the car loses a great deal of power 2) car is pulling to the right, always feels like I have a flat tire, brakes have an awful lot of give to them. I thought it might be an alignment problem initially and have scheduled installation of four new tires and an alignment for Tuesday. However, in the meantime it seems clear to me that it's much more than an alignment issue and I don't want to go into the mechanic and have him tell me its a $7

It sounds like when you turn on the defrost your putting strain on the alternator. Have the alternator tested for proper operation and amperage output under load. It can be a cheap fix if you have the alternator rebuilt opposed to just replacing it ... 1995 Honda Civic

Have 2007 Santa Fe which I love - problem: Drove thru puddle about 3 months ago - Battery light came on & lost power steering, but after 1 minute, batt light off & steering fine... Then, on very wet road 1 month later, same problem which cleared within seconds... Today, bad thunderstorm & very wet road - Same problem, battery light on & no power steering BUT no resolution - did not lose any other power except steering - had to drive 30 miles to service station - Guy pullls of "crank pulley" and

The crank pulleys (also called a harmonic dampener) on these vehicle are a fairly common failure. as they begin to break apart, the pulley will begin to have a wobble as the engine runs, causing the drive belts that power your alternator, power steer ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

Brake Problem My sons 1998 Mazda 626 has had new disc & brake pads fitted to the front of his car & rear disc machined & new pads. Still has Brake problems & is costing him a lot money and the problem is not being fixed. Problem : When the brake is applied he gets a shudder feeling all the time through the brake pedal. His hand brake is adjusted each time it is serviced but after 1 month it is at max position up when pulled on. I hope that you can answer my questions.

Hi im dave\015\012hope i can help \015\012when you had the rear pads applied and the discs turned was there noticeable damage to the disc surface it sounds like your e brake cable is not adjusted properly or perhaps the braided wires insi ... 1998 Mazda 626

Have a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 1500 with wiring problems. The original problem was a brake light out on the drivers side. I changed the tail light plugs. With head lights off I had brake lights with head lights on no brake lights. I noticed the trailer wiring was worn out broken wire etc. I cut the trailer wire off at the plug and removed the trailer wiring. There were 2 wires that ran from the plug to the engine area 1 was red and 1 was blue. The red was not hooked to anything the blue went int

Your truck may have had the factory trailer tow package, but that did \012not come with a wiring connector in that year. There should be a wire \012harness under the rear of the truck near the center of the bumper with 7\012 wires of the following c ... 1994 Dodge Ram

My brakes and power-steering are not working. The brake pedal is hard, but the brakes will not engage. The power steering was not working at the same time. It has brake fluid, but when I took the power steering cap off, while truck was off, it popped fluid out the top, even-though the truck was cold. The brakes are now working better but I can still feel them not catching, like their is air in the system. This problem happened without warning. It sat overnight and when I went to leave in th

Yes, your brakes are boosted by the power steering pump rather than by vacuum. I don't think it's air in the system. More likely your pump has failed, but you can try bleeding the pump. Here is a procedure from autozone.com:\015\012\01 ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

1996 GMC Suburban Brake and Power Steering Failure

Daan,it sounds like you have hydraulic assisted brakes you should be able to trace the lines from the PS pump or steering gear box to the master cylinder,if the power steering is low on fluid refill it and have someone turn the steering wheel to one ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

1996 GMC Suburban Brake and Power Steering Failure

If you got the hydro brake boost system .check your power steering pump hoses for leaks .check master cylinder is leaking. fill power steering pump and master cylinder with fluid. the one that is the lowest that the one leaking. if your hydro boost ... 1996 GMC Suburban
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