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Whining noise from wheel stops when i press the brake

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Whining noise from wheel stops when i press the brake

... 2007 Chevrolet Suburban Three-Quarter-Ton LS

My back brakes are worn out and my 1999 nissan maxima is making a squeaking grinding sound like but when i press the brakes to slow down or stop the noise sometimes go away. can you tell me if the brakes is the cause for such noise or is it my wheel bearings

The noise is worn out brake pads. Wheel bearings make a roaring noise or growl. ... 1999 Nissan Quest

My 99 accord's wheel squeals while driving but stops as soon as i press the brakes. Sometimes the noise will stop after driving a few miles but other times it wont make the noise at all.

Have your brake pads checked out, often they are so close to finnished that they make a noise when not applied, as soon as you apply them they press on the last bit of padding left and the noise goes away. ... 1999 Honda Accord

I used my 4 wheel drive today on my 2001 Nissan Fronteir. After I took it out of 4 wheel drive I headed down the road. I heard a constant noise so I slowed and put it back in 4 hi. The noise stopped but when I put back in 2 wheel drive it continued. I then stopped and backed up and applied the brakes and when I went forward the noise stopped. What could that noise be? Thanks

That would be the lock for the front axle not disenguaging all the way. it used to be you should do like you did put in reverse, then move forward. look in owners manuel it may be a normal condition. ... 2001 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

My car is making an awful groaning grinding noise noise when it starts. The noise stops after it starts. Put my foot on the brake it starts again. put thr car in reverse no problem put it in,drive it starts back up constantly. I have noticed that the noise is worst when not not moving in,drive. Like when stopped at a light...get up to speed around town bout 30 it stops but as soon as I hit the gas or the brake it starts again. But if im at a light and put in park as long as im not pressing the b

It's your exhaust mounts or broken exhaust bolts. It does it in drive st idle n under load because the motor is sitting in rubber mounts made to dampen vibration. Therefore the motor tilts to the left in reverse pulling the exhaust away from your und ... Cars & Trucks

Steering/brake chatter when i stop fast for a yellow light, after that i get pulsating in the brakes and steering, baking up and going forward even if i am at a stop with brake pedal on and tunring wheel from left to right, did brakes 2 years a go they look really good.sorta feels like the brake pedal wants to come back when i press it in and the wheel wants to turn the opposite way that i want to turn it,could this be a power steeting pump or a hydro boost? dont want to spend money guessing. li

What you describe could be warped brake rotors or bad wheel bearings. Doesn't sound like the power steering pump. ... Hummer Cars & Trucks

Brake clicking Ihave a 1997 honda civic Ex and latley my brakes have been making a clicking noise. One of the noises is coming from the left front side of the car and it only happens when the wheel rotates to a certain point now this happenes without applying the brakes but its a low clicking noise. And my other problem is a loud noise similar clicking nouse coming from the right front brakes. It only happens when im coming to a slow stop and i have the brakes only half applied.

Hiya may i suggest you inspect the front brakes pads and discs for wear and discs for damage /scoures considering age of vehicle? when was last service inspection on brakes etc? if you do not feel competant to check brakes ? quite unde ... 1997 Honda Civic

Grinding noise before and after CV axle replacement on passanger side of a 1996 honda accord LX, 4 Door, 4 cylinder. So, the problems are: 1.) grinding noise when driving, sometimes goes away but comes back sooner or later. 2.) after CV axle replacement on passenger side, grinding noise persists. As the car is on jacks, the brakes hang up on the passenger side, even though the drivers side wheel is idling normally, the passenger wheel is stopping or not moving. could this be a brake problem

... 1996 Honda Accord

Brakes dont want to stop and make a loud popping noise about half way down sometimes i have to pump the brake to stop also sometimes when you turn the wheel you get the same loud noise. we checked brake pads ,rotors and there fine.please help

You need to check and probably replace one o either side hub assembly,because that problem may be related to the ABS system because a bad sensor included in the assembly ... 1999 Chevrolet K1500

Hi I have a Honda CRX 1995 model and im having some weird problems with a ticking noise in the brakes. I was told its the ABS. The brake pedal kicks back when i apply the brakes and going at slow speeds. This only seems to happen when im about to come to a complete stop. (it starts around when im going 20km/h) And it makes a funny noise. I have noticed it also makes a noise when im driving and not pressing the brake pedal from time to time. (again at the 20km/h mark). The ABS light came on once

Take it back to the dealer it should last forever not just two weeks ... Honda CRX

Brakes problem when I press my brakes there is an escape of air under the steering wheel, I can hear and feel the air escapeing. When I press the brakes it labors the vehicle bad almost to the point of it shutting off, I have to press the brakes to the floor to stop the car completely any suggestions?

Need to check your vaccume booster ... 1990 Nissan 240SX

Brakes Can anyone help with my 03 passat. Just got my brake pads repaired and brake disc's. Sine I got the brake pads repaired the ABS light and brake light is coming on more. There was also a new noise developed, a knocking noise when pressing the brake. I also noticed that when I go over bad area of road there is now a rattling at the rear passenger side wheel area. It feels like somthing is under the car and is rattling. So a couple of days later then I got the brake discs changed and it look

On the rattle buy a tube of RTV silicone take your pads off an\015\012coat the back of each pad with the silcone( where the cylinder pushes the pad against the rotor. this will hold the pads in place and the rattle will stop!! ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

Brakes Can anyone help with my 03 passat. Just got my brake pads repaired and brake disc's. Sine I got the brake pads repaired the ABS light and brake light is coming on more. There was also a new noise developed, a knocking noise when pressing the brake. I also noticed that when I go over bad area of road there is now a rattling at the rear passenger side wheel area. It feels like somthing is under the car and is rattling. So a couple of days later then I got the brake discs changed and it look

You need to go to an engineer and tell him your brakes are making that sound ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

Hi there...i got a 1997 mercury grand marquis in beautiful condition. the car is making a bit of a wrenching noise when wheels are turned...not real loud but definetly noticeable. what could that be? also, when wheel are turned sharp left it makes a thumping noise when coming from a dead stop and pulling away. tires are not oversized. brakes are squeaking a bit also. could it be brake related.

You need to have the cv shafts checked for wear. ... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 1997 Honda Accord makes a grinding noise when in motion. When I press on the brakes it stops, when I release the brakes it starts again. The grinding noise continues pretty consistantly when in motion, and only stops sometimes when I turn right. What could be wrong with my car. What could I do to fix it? How much do you think it will cost?

... 1997 Honda Accord

Power steering stopped, fluid level full, no visible leaks, after it failed heard loud whining noise, stopped engine, restarted several times then whining noise went away, power still not working but can manually turn wheels but very hard it is ram 1500, 2004, quad-cab v/8

Return line on rackanpinion needs aclamp ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

My wife came to a stop while driving the van. When she went to take off she pushed the gas and there was a loud boom followed by a severe whining noise. The reverse gear worked so she got the van out of the road and call a tow truck. The van has not been driven since. I jacked the van up and spun the wheels while in park one wheel goes foward one go reverse. I started the van and put it in reverse and now that is making a whining noise also. What could it be?

The wheels turning opposite is normal. It's how the differential works. You need to get the transmission checked out by a qualified tranny person. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Brakes When i press the breaks it makes a pretty loud noise that sounds like air releasing and i have to press extremely hard for my jeep to stop sometimes using two feet. Even when im just driving without applying the brakes i can hear a faint hissing noise...any ideas on what the problem is?

You have a leaking power brake vacuum (this is what you hear) operated power booster. Go to this link to read the procedure of removing and pacing ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Brake problem when pressing brake...brake makes an air leaking noise and brakes not working properly. have to press brake very hard for vehicle to stop.

The brake power booster diaphram is leaking or the attached hose to it ... 1995 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a rexton 290 turbo diesel. year 2005, automatic transmission. It has had a noise coming from the left side front wheel. The noise sounds like a metal to metal scratching noise. Light noise like a spring subbing against the rim when the wheel turns. However the noise is intermittent. It comes on at random. Nothing to do with pressing the brake petal or with accellerating. It seems independent of these. however it seems to come on when the steering is turned to the right. It is a very inter

... 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

96 dodge caravan-when i go to stop the brakes make a noise like the abs is kicking in and the brake pedal does not want to go down(seems to be frozen in up position)have to pump the brakes in order to stop have replaced brake pads and calabers on both front wheels (abs light does not ever go on)

Check the tone rings on the axles sometimes they crack and cause the abs to in gauge. If you find one that is cracked the axle has to be replaced ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

2000 Nissan Maxima Noise My maxima is making a weird sound like a 1920's car horn, like a rubbing sound or a mechanical rubbing, robotic almost. I already changed the Brakes, and the wheel bearing and it wasn't that. *The noise starts happening after the fan in front of the radiator starts to Vibrate a lot. *Also pressing the brake repeatedly fast will generate the noise at times, but the noise will also occur when the car is in park. *Finally it just happeneds after driving on the street wi

Sounds like a ride controll compressor if your car has air ride controll it will have a compressor \015\012check the fan for bad blades and chips also check the fan housing for missing hold downs and screws also for clearences and if loose or o ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

Hy. I have bmw e46 318d 4/2003. My problem is, when i drive et about 40-50km/h, there is a strange noise from transmission ( someting like propeler with whining noise....grrrrrrrrrrrr). But, when the clutch pressed, the noise imediatly stop. That noise is present when the gas pedal is pressed and depressed. For a moment, but i am not shure, this sound is coming from the rear of the car, and sometimes from the front. And one more thing, when i jacking rear end of the car, stick in the gear and

The gear box needs inspection--hav an honest mechanic drive it or a trans specialist--may need some rebuildin--not a big deal since its a standard ... 2003 BMW 3 Series

1996 Buick Park Avenue Ultra making a hissing noise when I press Brake Pedal. Have to Press super hard to stop or slow down.

Sounds like a possible air pocket in the braking system. Do you know how the bleed the brakes? They may need to be bled. Also, if you've added brake fluid recently, and didn't put the cap back on, it could create a suction. Another note is to check t ... Cars & Trucks

Last night was driving my 2004 santa fa when i spun the frt tires taking off a stop light ,, it had rained and the roads were a litle wet ,, was drive and it didnt sound right pulled over and to find that right wheel and the left frt wheel brakes were locked up,,, and sounds like the TCS pump or what ever it id under the hood is making a noise.. you can release the calipters and the wheels spin free but you just touch the brakes and they lock up again?? can anyone help me with this???

Check wheel speed sensor for damage.by wheel doing tire spin could have damage the abs wheel speed sensor wires the abs wire could have a missing clip hold abs wheel sensor in place wires got close to tire got damaged. ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe
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