Having problems with your 2007 Chevrolet HHR Special Edition ?

2007 HHR AC stops working when it gets too hot outside.

\015 When the outside temperature gets too hot, my thermostat no longer works, I cannot get a digital coolant reading, and my A/C stops working. I have taken it in for servicing before, and they claimed to have fixed the 2007 HHR. Low and behold. The problem resurfaced in Portland on my drive back to B.C.! Thanks Chevy! Any ideas?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Warranty should be good at all chevy dealers
\015\012take it back
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2007 HHR AC stops working when it gets too hot outside.

Warranty should be good at all chevy dealers\015\012take it back ... 2007 Chevrolet HHR Special Edition

A local garage mechanic says the clutch has stopped working on ac that is why it blows hot air instead of cool says it will cost $900. to fix cause I have to buy the whole ac unit does this sound correct? when it is cool outside it does blow some cool air but once the day gets hot it gives nothing but hot air

Have you tried charging the ac system? most ac compressors have a pressure switch that will not allow the relay to engage the clutch if the coolant pressure is low. $15 can of r134a and maybe a $20 Haynes manual is well worth the price difference, ... 2004 Kia Sedona

1998 cadillac edlo elec windows, stops working when outside temp gets hot

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I got a 1995 s420 blower blows good then slows down almost to a stop , ive replaced the resistor it worked for like 2 min. blew hard then i think the blowermotor resistor burned out and completely stop working i put back the original one and it blow for like 30 seconds and then slows down almost to a stop i checked the resistor and it gets suppppper hot i cant even touch it i think the blower motor is bad what u think i jumped the blower motor direct and the wires get real hot i think the blowe

I would agree. If you wire it direct the wires should not get hot.The resistor will get hot under normal conditions because the resistance is how the motor speed is controlled.So you are probably right the motor is failing.You could get ... Mercedes-Benz S500

Overhead Console Mine only works when it gets hot outside and then stop again about 4 to 5 days

This is a very common problem with many of the mid 2000 Ford truck and SUV overhead consoles. The console is very prone to internal failure. I offer a reasonable repair service with a lifetime guarantee, check it out: www.autoclockrepair.com Th ... 2000 Ford Explorer

I have a 1992 Buick Century that stalls. It doesn't stall when I start it up or make it down the road but when it hits a hot point (Takes some Bay Area stop and go traffic or stopping and waiting at too many lights) It gives up on me. It will stall and it is hard to get back going again. If I let it sit for a couple mins I can get it working fine again. It doesn't appear hot. I have all my fluids in it the systems seem to working fine. There is no smoke no studdering just dies. I recently go

... 1992 Buick Century

Hi, I am a Sri Lankan and drive a 1995 Mercedes E300 Diesel. Since a few days ago the Air Condition stopped working when the car was idling in traffic. But as soon as the car starts to move the Aircon blows cold air and starts working. I checked the outside radiator/condenser Aircon fan to see whether it works and found that it normally works. However I couldn't get down in traffic to check whether it has stopped functioning when the problem came. The outside air temperature this ti

Low on freon the 1st place to check if you have a manifold gage check it other wise add a small can of freon you can get at auto parts store.. ... Mercedes-Benz E-Class

SAAB 9000 1995 ACC Stops Working When Car gets Hot

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2001 350 duramax will stop working when weather gets hot. starts working again after stopping to le cool

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1990 acura, when it gets hot outside, the check engine light comes on and wont let me start my car. Happens after about 12 hrs of sitting outside. Starts fine in the morning on my way to work, but then when i get off, the check engine light is on, and it wont let me start the car. At all other times the car runs just fine. Starter is working well with engine sounding like going to start but doesnt. At times if i let the key in ignition, the light will go off, and then i can start the car

Unfortunately anything could be causing your check engine light to come one. You'll actually need to have it towed to autozone or someplace like that to have the car scanned to determine what is causing the issue ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty. The radiator cooling fan stopped working and the car almost overheated. I replaced the relay with the new style with the cooling pins and the fan now comes on, though intermittently. When I drive it with the A/C on, it works initially. If I stop somewhere and get back in the car, the A/C will only blow hot, and the temp gauge will go up if I stop in traffic. I can hear the A/C clutch kicking on and off continuously at this point. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn

No but there are a couple of cooling fan switches that could be causing your problem both are mounted on the motor one near the thermostat housing the other will be in the block one near the thermostat usually controls the fans. ... 2003 Jeep Liberty

I have a Chrysler cirrus 2000 lx and around a certain time of day 12-7pm when it's really hot outside. None of my gauges work. The a/c doesn't get cold and my windshield wipers does not work. I related the problem with heat and time of day because whenever it's rainy/ gloomy outside everything works perfectly and also when the sun is down. Everything works perfectly

Sounds like a relay or wiring harness connector is loosing connection when it gets hot. You may need a shop manual to get the wiring diagrams needed to troubleshoot the problem. It could also be the key switch. ... Cars & Trucks

09 pontiac g6 added more freon and the air worked great for 20 mins then started blowing hot air and making a funny noise. Now the air only works in the am when it's not so hot but when it gets hot outside the ac blows hot air and makes a funny noise

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Re; 2000 Buick Park Ave. The door handle (driver's door) suddenly stopped working from the outside. It does not have the tension that it used to have when it was working. It will work from the inside, and will lock and unlock from the inside or outside using the key. I have removed the door panel and the 'actuators" (rods) seem to be in place. I am concerned about access to get the old one out and new one in and connected to actuators. How difficult is it to replace, any hints, special tools.

Hi. This is not actuator problem. This is door handle issue. If the car panel is still open, check the door handle. There should be a metal rod connecting to handle going to the door mechanism. Rod might not be in place or disconnected. Check also th ... 2000 Buick Park Avenue

A/c problems I have a 2000 Honda Civic LX. My a/c stopped working regularly. I've figured out that if I'm on the highway and I put it on cruise control it'll work fine, like it used to, but when I start slowing down it just starts blowing air the same temperature as outside. Recently I found that even on the highway it won't work at all if it's too hot outside. I've checked the coolant and it's fully charged. Any suggestions?

I also agree that you have a problem with the ac condenser fan. Easy way to check this is to have someone turn on the ac while you watch to see if the fan comes on. You can also disconnect the fan and with two wires connect the fan directly to your b ... 2000 Honda Civic

I have a 92 camry v6 overheating i put new thermostat, new radiator , fan is working properly you can run engine and fan speeds up to high speed when warm. you can see the guage flow hot to cooler when thermostat opens ,after 30 mins of start stop it gets hot. i pull over and open hood it cools really quick like 10 mins. then 10 mins of driveng it gets hot again.

Two things i can think of with sort of problem ,and the first one is the water pump ,these cars use a plastic impeller on a metal shaft and they come loose and spin on the drive shaft ,but when its in the engine it doesnt spin because of the resistan ... Toyota Camry

My e320 mercedes runs fine and starts every time until it gets hot and im idling it stalls and will not turnover until i let the car get cool . i have in the past been able to drive while its hot as long as i keep my foot on gas while im stopped i need a solid fix i know im asking alot but i have financial problems right now and need this car to get to work desperatly seeking a mircle

... Mercedes-Benz E320

Electric window doesn't work all the time when it gets hot outside,eventually it works when it cools off outside it doesn't happen all the time, 2002 chevrolet S-10.

Most likely its due to plastic parts in the window's motor assembly. Replace the window motor. ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

My 2005 chevy silverado 5.3 liter is overheating. it runs at about 250 from 0-45. once i get past 45 and get some airflow it cools right down. i though my thermostat was stuck but shouldnt it stay hot at all times if that was it? other than that the electric fans are working fine. also my heater would go from hot to cool. could it be anything other than my thermostat?

This sounds like low coolant level,or air in the system, you said the fans work they should cool it down just like the air flowing through it, this tells me the coolant flow is not good until higher rpms,try reving the motor and see if it cools down ... Chevrolet 1500

I live in Florida where it is very hot. Sometimes, after the car has been sitting outside all day at work, the A/C will blow very hot air for several minutes instead of cold air. The dealer says they can't fix the problem because by the time I get there it is working ok. It never happens in the morning where the car is in a garage. It seems to have an effect when I use my windshiel sun shield.

... 2006 Cadillac STS

My 1996 mercury villager stops running when it gets hot outside. It acts like it is not getting the right fuel, but when it sits for a while will start back up. If it is cool outside it does not happen. Please help!

It may be the distributor. It has an optical sensor that controls fuel timing and spark timing. They fail just like you describe. Reman is $200 on ebay. $400 at your local shop.\015\012\015\012Look for brown dust under slotted wheel un ... 1996 Mercury Villager

1995 Intrepid, 140,000miles, 3.3L engine, auto, A/C, ABS. When the outside temp gets hot some of the electrical system will not work. Power windows, A/C, interior fan. The Airbag and ABS idiot lights come on. All gauges work fine. When the outside temp cools off everything is back to normal. This happened last summer and its starting again this year. This has been a great car. Very few mechanical problems just a water pump and a few other small items. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Than

The age of your vehicle might suggest that wires in your interior fuse box have either come loose, corroded or shorted out.  The high current once like A/C and interior fan may have caused the wires at the back of the fuse box to become embrittl ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

Power windows and blower motor stopped working at exactly the same time. At the power window circuit breaker (Right Junction Box) I used a bypass hot wire using 25A circuit breaker and closed the circuit to check my power windows and they all work just fine. So I know that all my motors and switches are good. I am not getting power to the circuit breaker in the right junction box. According to the wiring diagram pwr windws circuit breaker 25A is a Hot in Run only. I checked my blower motor with

Check for inline fuses. wire that will melt if theres to many amps running through it usually under the hood. hope this helps ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

94 Toyota Tercell DX. 4 door Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter? I was putting air in a tire with a portable air compressor that runs off the cigarette lighter and the compressor stopped. The cigarette lighter no longer works it will not get hot. I checked all the fuses under the drivers side dash, next to the battery none of the fuses were broken. I even looked for a fuse on the passenger side but there was none. How can I get my cigarette lighter to work again. I dont smoke but I woul

Did you use a test light this would be the primary source for an accessory not to work unless the wires to the connector on the back side of the lighter itself has come undone or it may very well be the ground to it you need to visually inspect it a ... 1994 Toyota Tercel

My 92 excel stops on hot days. it is hard to restart & when it does only gets a short distance then stops again. Runs fine on cool days All instruments work ok. Can hear fuel pump working.

Hi, Had the exact same problem on my 92 excel. You will read lots of stuff on what people think it is. In my experience none of this info comes close to solving the problem. I have finally found the solution to the problem (cost me $0 ). If any ... 1999 Hyundai Accent
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