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My 2005 Chevy Equinox - the last few mornings, when I put in reverse it shakes and the lights start flickering and it acts like it wants to shut off. I turn it off and then back on and its fine. Also in the afternoons, even though I press the gas, it won't go. Until I restart - then is fine. Help?

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My 2005 Chevy Equinox - the last few mornings, when I put in reverse it shakes and the lights start flickering and it acts like it wants to shut off. I turn it off and then back on and its fine. Also in the afternoons, even though I press the gas, it won't go. Until I restart - then is fine. Help?

... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS New Cars

I have a 05 plate t280 transit, it has started to rev high and if i turn engine off it Will go back to revving normally for a while then do it again. Also, occasionally the van Will go into idle whilst driving and glow plug light Will come on, again if i turn van off, it Will be fine when turned back on, this problem is happening more often though! Any ideas anyone please?

U anew pedal ... Cars & Trucks

I have a Chevy Cobalt 06 LS with 79k miles. I just bought the car and everything was fine until this past two days I'm driving it normally and it has stopped on me 3 times, it won't let me accelerate and the last time it happened I saw that it said LOW FUEL, I turned it off and turned it back on and it worked and it went back to say it had fuel. It also makes a vibrating noise when im not stepping on the gas nor on the brakes when its moving by itself I'm not sure if its related though. Please h

Start from fuel filter.tune up.air filter.could be crankshaft sensor. ... Cars & Trucks

STARTING PROBLEM My 1998 Saturn SL starts fine in the morning, I park the car at work and in the afternoon I head to pick up my kids which is about 15 miles from my work. I turn the car off and when I try to start the car it does not turn over than I keep on doing it and it finally does it. This has happen three days in a row. Also, when I went home yesterday at 5pm; I parked the car in the garage and than try to restart it and it would not start. However two hours later it started with no probl

Maybe look at the crank position sensor it costs about $14 and takes 5-10 mins to change . ... 1998 Saturn SL

Won't Start The car ran fine until a recent cold snap. Now when i go to turn the key i get a strange alarm sounding noise from the inside of the car. Its an 89 VW Jetta GL and its an automatic. I banged on the door once and got the alarm to stop and the car started but since then i can't make the alarm stop. Car won't even attempt to turn over while the alarm is going. I've tried putting the seat belt on(even though that was never an issue before) and also shifting it out of and then back into p


Car went into limp home mode. but turned off engine then back on.car ran fine after that. It also has intermitent problems with pinking,(as if running out of fuel or fuel blockage) nothing on computer when examined even though engine fault light came on.

Classic clogged fuel filter or lack of gas tank venting.When you turn it off, the pressure is off, do the dirt can fall off the filter, or air can slowly leak in to reduce the vacuum in the gas tank.Change the filter anyway, since n ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

Hi, I have any Audi Allroad 2003 automatic. Its started to occasionally delay changing from 1st to 2nd gear when in drive. If I change to sport mode then back to drive it will change gear, Also when on dual carriage way was doing 60mph and it was staying at 3000 revs so not changing to 5th. When the engine was turned off it was fine when restarted! Any suggestions please?

Try putting the in in on position and depress accelerator pedal to floor for ree seconds three times. that should put it in learning mode however sounds more like TCM or tranny valve body. ... 2002 Audi allroad

I have a 97 saturn SC 1 automatic transmission. I will be driving and everything is fine and it will down shift on its owm back down to second gear it has also started now that it does not seem to recognize third gear it goes from second gear right to drive. The other new issue is that if I am in stop and go traffic it will not shift out of second into third or drive unless you stop turn off the car and restart it then it seems to work OK. any ideas I have checked the connectors and changed the

You need to take it to someone who can pull transmission codes or have a scan tool on it when it acts up.There is something wrong inside the trans that is causing it to default to second gear which is what it is suppose to do they call it "limp home ... 1997 Saturn SC

After I drive my wrangler for about an hour it shuts off. There are no noises or sounds to indicate when this is going to happen. Also, the engine temp is normal when this happens. When I try to restart it won't start even though the engine is trying to turn over. If I wait for 30 min it usually starts right back up. Thought?


Getting codes p0151, p0131, p0171, p0174 truck runs fine when first started in morning if I stop at store or anything and turn motor off when I restart the truck it tries to idle but usualy dies then I restart and if it keeps idleing i have to feather the throttle to get it to rev. after it revs smoothely it runs fine again till shut off and restarted. also if I am driving down the road and accelrate real fast and hars it will sputter and run bad till I turn it off and let it set for a little wh

... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Tail lights my truck has no tail,turn or back up on the rear.i do have everything up front though. i also have brake lights now but someone had put a new brake light switch in and didnt have it installed quite correct. I was wondering if the brake lt switch may have shorted or something. also in the truck the light for the heater control blinks with the right turn signal, only the rt one though. any help at all would be a start. Im scrathing my head. Is there ways to test the brake light switch

It sounds like a problem in the main harness. The brake lights are on the same circuit as the turn signals and hazards, but the parking lights and backup lights are on different ones. So the only thing connecting all three is the ground circuit ... 1988 GMC C1500

1990 Geo Metro. Driving down the road with the a/c on the car loses power and starts slowing down. Also hear a sound, like compressed air being released the wife says under the car behind the front seats, I think its coming from exhaust. I spoke with a couple of people who say vacuum leak or ignition module.The a/c is also not cooling properly. I can turn the a/c off and the motor picks back up. A few minutes later I turn the air back on and it runs fine for awhile. Thanks for your help.

It sounds like the ac compressor is building up to much head pressure.Check the cooling fans to see if they come on when the ac is turned on.The cooling fan should come on when the ac is turned on.This keeps the head pressure down so the freon keeps ... Geo Metro

Ignition problem when i start my car everything is fine, but when i shut it off it wont tturn all the way back to where it is supposed to. "you know that little notch its sposed to line up with". i jiggle it and it takes 15 mins of jiggling to accually get it into place. i can also take the key out while running, and since my key doesnt turn all the way back my car will start with anything you can stick in there. also my battery dies from it not turning off. what exactly is wrong with my ignitio

Did you buy this car used or new, if it was used somebody could have tried stealing the vehicle like you described by putting anything in it and possibly jammed the ignition switch which could be why it takes so long to get it into position.good luck ... 1999 Plymouth Breeze

I tried putting an aftermarket stereo in my 1996 toyota camry le, i ended up doing something wrong to where when it was hooked up it would work fine until i turned on my headlights, then the stereo would turn off, also the dome light would turn it off as well, i blew two fuses that i know of so i put back on the factory stereo and now when i turn on my headlights the stereo light turns off but the stereo is still on, also the clock dims and i cant get my guages to light up at all at any time whi

You have a wire crossed.....Use a little light tester to trace the power wires u used. Hope this helps u out. ... 1996 Toyota Camry

My 1999 Toyota Sienna won't start. The battery connections appear tight, but if I wiggle them a bit the battery works fine up until the "on" position of the ignition. Once I try to turn over the engine, though, everything goes dead. If I get a jump it starts immediately, but goes back to as mentioned before once I turn it off; no matter how long I drive to charge up the battery. I noticed a very soft clicking noise when I attempt to turn it over after I've turned off the car. I went back out to

... 1999 Toyota Sienna

My 1998 cadillac Deville will not start - when I start it in the morning it starts fine. if I stop the car and try to restart it will not turn over at all! The radio works and the lights work but the car will not start - if I wait for 2 hours and try to restart it will restart! I changed the battery this weekend and everything was fine until today when the car would not start once I stoped it at my sons school! Also the Speedometer does not show anything on the dash its blank. what could be caus

OK, I have this intermittent problem on my 1997 Cadillac Deville. Sometimes, when the engine is hot and sometimes when cold, the starter will click, (solenoid), but the starter will not turn over the engine at all. I have to toggle the ignition switc ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

My Voyager kicks and bucks when I am accelerating it feels like someone is turning the key off and then back on. It also stalls at times but starts right back up. It has also just started to like slip out of gear and then jumps back in. And sometimes it run just fine. I don't think it has anything to do with a cap, rotor or wires. Does anyone have any ideas?

The trans is due for a rebuild\015\012Very poor unit,not worth fixing\015\012\015\012Used to own a trans repair shop,just so you\015\012don't think I'am being unkind\015\01280% of my work was from caravan and ford taurus ... 1994 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 99 grand prix gt. This afternoon I took it out and ran fine, went back to start it and all I got was clicking from under the hood. Got it boosted fine, drove it home and let it run for half an hour, turned it off and then tried to start it again and got no crank just loud click again. Used a battery charger on it for half an hour and still no start, no crank just again loud clicking. Interior light works fine but as soon as I turn key to accessory and try to start it dash lights dim.. I

It would appear your Battery has reached its sell by date .Autozone . Checker Auto will test your Battery and Alternator FOC, and advise you.\015\012Regards, David ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

When we turn on our 2000 Toyota Sienna van everything sounds fine but the minute we put it into reverse to back out of our gararge it makes kind of a high pithced noise and it kind of sputters when we step on the gas. If we put it back in park the noise stops. Also the check engine light will come on and stay on and some times it will blink off and on. We can also hear the noise if we put the van in drive and you can feel the sputter in drive also. Any ideas before I take to the dealer and pa

Before you take it to the dealer, take it to an independent shop to diagnose it. they will charge you a lot less. A scanner can be hooked up to diagnose the problem. You do not have to take it to the dealer, for there are shops that are just as quali ... Toyota Sienna

Hi. i have a 2004 chrysler seabring convertible and tonight i was driving home from work and my turn signal doesnt work and my windshield wipers switch and mist doesnt work either. they both worked fine on my way to work this afternoon. the switch on the left of the sterring column is turn signal/headlamp control and the switch on the left side of the steering column is wiper function control. the headlamp control on the left switch works fine, but the turn signals do not work and they also do n

You may need a new multi function switch. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 1997 lincoln continental v8 4.6l. Car was working fine when i first bought it. about 3 months later it started to lunge forward. the car sounds like it is accelerating. after it does this it will usually stall out. the message center in the dash gives me check traction control, gear display err, fuel flow data err, rpm data err. also the tachometer will turn off and the fuel gage will also turn off. i used to be able to wait a minute and it will turn back on, but now it wont start up at

When all else fails thru professional diagnostics then the only other option is to replace the computer. not knowing what diagnostics have been performed I dont think anyone can give you the correct answer at this point. Also not all mechanics are ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

When i drive my chrysler cirrus 98' the RPM's race up and down and the motor revs up also. it mostly does it when the car is running for a while. when the rpms are racing up and down, and the car shuts off, it wont turn back on. If it does turn back on, then the rpms will continue to race when you try to drive it. Some days it acts completly normal and drives fine, other days you cant even drive a mile without it turning off 5 mins after you drive it. any answers? thanks

Is the check engine light on? If so it may be the idle air control motor that needs to be cleaned or replaced. ... 1998 Chrysler Cirrus

2006 Grand Prix, I had an issue about a year and a half ago ( July 2009 ), I started the car, it was dark out , in a lighted parking lock. High beams only would work , both flash pass mode and on high beams. Turned off ignition and restarted several times, same issue, drove home with high beams. Next day the lights operated fine. 2-3 weeks ago, driving in dark out after 25 minutes low beams shut off , I pulled over turned off the ignition and restarted. They turned back on and continued to op

... 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

My rpm gauge will turn off after a couple minutes of driving the car, also whenever that happens to the rpm gauge if i turn off the car and try and turn it back on its really hard to get it to start, but then it starts up fine if i leave it off for about an hour or two, and then it goes through the same problem again, but when the rpm is sitting at zero the car still runs fine

... 2003 Nissan Se R

My Mustang GT 2008 was working fine then I noticed that when I had the lights on they would blink when I hit the brakes. Took it to O'Reillys and the battery tested fine as did the alternator, putting out 99 amps. However, when the lights were turned on and I hit the brakes the amps dropped to 88 then went back up to 91. Took it to the dealership and they said they cannot re-create the issue (and me with an extended warranty). Also, the radio turned itself off just once the other day while drivi

This sounds like a lighting control module problem, but until thre dealer can confirm it u are stuck, we just won't fix what we can't confirm, sorry, we would not get paid for the work if we did replace parts that checked ok, suggest u let the dealer ... 2008 Ford Mustang
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