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Power decrease i turned on my truck and it said power decrease on my dash board. can you tell me why.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

This is a feature of the traction control system,When loss of traction is sensed,it lowers the power to the wheels to maintain a safe driving situation.
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Power decrease i turned on my truck and it said power decrease on my dash board. can you tell me why.

This is a feature of the traction control system,When loss of traction is sensed,it lowers the power to the wheels to maintain a safe driving situation.\015\012\015\012Please rate this solution. ... 2007 Chevrolet Colorado (Extended Cab) New Cars

I was driving an and then my truck backfired and turned off. the distributer is not getting power. i checked the fuses under the dash they are ok. Can someone tell me what i need to check next?

If you have a fuse box under the hood check the fuses there....hope this helps.....cheers ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

I just replaced my factory stereo in my 2002 honda accord. i have two red wires left over that appear to be my dash lights. i dont know where to connect these two wires to make the dash lights come on when the head lights are turned on. if i connect one of the wires to either of the power wires the dash lights stay on all the time. if i connect the other red wire to either of the power wires my lights that tell me what gear im in go out. WHAT DO I DO WITH THESE TWO WIRES? Thanks so much Kev

I have no idea about the wire that puts out gear position lights. But the one that makes dash be on constantly, is the memory wire for radio. You do need continuous power for radio to remember stored radio stations, audio adjustments and last source ... 2002 Honda Accord

2004 F250 Gas Truck - auto trans. Put key in turn ignition, nothing. No power anywhere, battery is good. Battery is charged. Turned the key backwards and all dash lights came on briefly then disappeared again. The overdrive light on the shifter is dimly lit when key is in and ignition on. NOthing else is on. last week while driving truck shut down when turning, then came back on. is this a bad ignition switch?

... 2004 Ford F250

I turn the truck off and then went to restart it about 2 min. later and the truck did nothing the lights in the dash were very faint and would flash on and off. but if you put the key and turn it to run the beeper goes off like the truck has power. what counld it be?

Turn the dome light on and then watch it wile thrying to start it if the light goes off than you have a dead battery. The beeper does not take much juice to run. ... 1984 Toyota Pickup Deluxe

I have a 96 ranger. I plugged it into a boat trailer oe tail light on the boat trailer was out I put in a new bulb and the lights flickered on trailer and went out. Now I have no power to the plug on the truck. Truck tail lights brake lights and turn signals work fine just no power to the plug. Have checked all fuses in fuse panel inside truck cab. Can anyone tell me if there is a fuse or a relay or any ideas?

Did you check all the fuse in the underhood fuse box? ... 1996 Ford Ranger SuperCab

94 gmc a/c compressor is not getting power to it. My fuses under the dash r good and still no power. A/c was working turned off truck went into store when i came out started up truck and a/c wouldnt work anymore. Not sure if there may be a relay somewhere im not seeing. Thank u

Check the pressure switch on the condensor ... 1994 GMC Sierra

2002 S10 4 cyl 5 speed manual trans. Truck will not start, no power to starter, or starter relay, when turning key odometer readout goes blank in run position, and fuel gage appears to not power up aswell. Battery is new, and fully charged, have tried a known good ignition switch, and clutch switch. Funny thing, this truck has failed to start randomly a few times in the last few years, but try again and it works, just not now, hasn't started in 2 weeks. Doesn't crank or click ....nothing, dash l

Could be the security system. this same thing happened to my grandmothers s-10. she took it to dealer and sure enough thats where the problem lay. i would start there ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

Hello, my airbags blew, have not replaced them yet, however I can not get the jeep to easily start or idle smooth. Once I do get it started by holding the pedal all the way to the floor(like when the fuel pressure regulator is shot) I put the jeep into drive and the engine stalls out and dies. When the truck was idling, I scanned it and it said the asd was on, after the truck stopped running, the scanner said the asd was off. Would replacing the airbags tell the computer on the jeep to not turn

Have you tried disconnect the battery for about 10 min, to see if it will reset asd ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I rolled my explorer on it side, had it towed and cant get the key to turn over the engine. have power to the truck and can turn over the engine when i jump start the starter from the battery if there a fuse or is the factory alarm sending a code through thats telling the truck not to start, and how do i fix this

Check chip in key ... 2004 Ford Explorer

My starter selenoid was buzzing when I turned the ignition on. Then I tried to repeat the proceedure and noticed I had no power the vehicle at all. The battery was fine so I replaced the selenoid and noticed that it now turned the starter, but still no power to the vehicle, to include the ignition and all lights. Looked in the fuse box under the dash, seems to be ok. Truck is a 1990 f150.

In this truck the problem you have is many times caused by a defective Ignition Stater Switch, this switch is what is operated by the key via a long rod, the switch is located at the bottom top of the steering column, it sits on two studs and is held ... Ford F-150

I am having several problems with my 2004 Ford F150 STX, it is a 4.6L V8. It is a 4wheel drive Problem one: when I applie the brakes the Lights drasticly dim(all the Lights, dash, head....etc) also the air coming for the vents decreases. When I accelerate the lights return to normal, as well as the fan. Problem two: As problem one is occuring Sometimes the truck will stahl. This is espeacially true when turning sharply or braking suddenly. Today the truck stahled and the dash read check gauge

... Cars & Trucks

2001 Yukon turn switch to start car and everything powers up but will not seem to be getting power to starter to turn engine over. The shop said it was just a contact that had corroded but it still is happening from time to time. Which contact would it be under the dash?

It could be a corroded or loose contact at the battery,or even a bad starter relay under the hood. ... 2007 GMC Yukon

It ran fine one time then wont crank the next. Engine light on dash. I have power, truck will not try to turn over. I can hear the fuel pump kick on when I turn on my key. I diagnosed my truck with my SuperChips programmer and got a communication with ECM error code and something about my fuel pump valve is open.

... 2008 Dodge Ram 3500

My 79 ford 9000 dump truck has no power after the key switch is turned on..history ...it has been running....I went to start it and the batteries were low...I tried to boost it and something went click and then nothing would happen...I charged the batteries fully and now when I turn on the key there is no power to anything and the stater will not crank...I cannot find any blown fuses in the passenger dash panel...where should I look next? Thanks, Ben

There is a solenoid mounted in the engine compartment, usually on the driver or passengers side on the inside of the fender that allows full battery current to reach the starter. Assuming the starter is good, you can test this terminal with a test li ... 1999 Ford Super Duty F 450

No power to fuel pump. Power up to open circuit relay. My 1996 tacoma 2.4 liter has this problem but there is power even getting to the top of the tank. I'm thinking the air dlow meter is bad since the last time it ran my friend said he was in the rain and drove through a huge puddle. Its been dead since like a month now. Engine turns over fine but theres no power to the pump. Checked the relays and the fuses and the pump and even the circuit opening relay under the dash. HELP please I'm a

... 1996 Toyota Tacoma

Help mplease ok it is a 2500hd truck chev and my driver shut it off in drive and then put it into park then when he went to start it it wont let you turn the key at all. the stearing wheel wont lock when you turn it so that tells me the transission is in drive but the shifter is in park and he said he cant move it. he cant turn the key back or forward

Ignition lock cylinder is bad. ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2WD

Went to start 2002 explorer xlt. it clicked & theft dash light started blinking. (no alarm went off) all functions stopped working. No power at all. messed with the ignition a few times, turned items on & off. Finally everything came on & the truck started up. Worked ok for a few days. Now while driving the theft light is blinking & the radio keeps turning on & off. Would not start again this morning. did same thing turning items on & off. Finally started. We have no remote. only 1 ke

I would start by checking your battery terminals. Sounds like you have a loose connection, most likely a ground. If all looks good at the battery work your way to the solenoid and the ground at your engine as well as the "hot" cable at the satarter. ... Ford Explorer

Dodge 2007 1500 Mega Cab 5.7Lt. I was charging the battery and left it fro over two hours (Dame emails) I went out and the truck started. The dash lit up like a Christmas tree (Every light was on) shut the truck down, started it, same thing. Took the truck for a drive, and no power. It like running on 4 cylinders?? Brought to shop, hook it up and now telling me that the TIPM ($711)and Trarsfer case ($446) needs to be replaced, because of corrosion??? What should I do. Rebuild the TC and reset t

... 2006 Dodge Ram 2500

2002 f350 Lariet truck. When you shut the door and leave the truck the radio keeps playing. The door locks are also affected with the same thing that is going on. If I try to unlock the truck with the key out it will not do it. If I turn the key forward one notch the power locks will work. One more thing. Some times the light tells me there is a door still open. They are all closed. Then after a while the light will go off. I think it is a relay. not sure which one. Oh ya. sometimes the outs

Its not a relay... it's a door ajar switch, most likely the drivers since its affecting the radio too. the switch is located in the latch and are usually a pain to change if u cant just reach your hand inside the door and pull it out... which you pro ... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab

My truck does not want to start when it is cold. If you turn the key before it starts to crank you can hear a click and then the lights on the dash come on and then it will turn over. I have had many mechanics check it out but they have no idea. The starter is ok, I think it is not getting electrical power when you turn the key sometimes. When it is warmed up I have no problem starting it in the am. PS I live in Phoenix, Az.

Your key svitcher is not good chenge it ... 1998 Isuzu Hombre

Kid tried to jump truck. connected to fuse box hot cable instead of battery cable. now dash light,radio,heat,power locks,power windows,power seats,tail lights etc. dont work.it starts head lights brake and turn signals do work.could it be a relay or computer board that has burnt out?

You probably have a lot of smoked components. You are going to have to to start with the basics ... replace the fuses and circuit breakers affected. If your car is still flakey, I suggest you see your dealer or mechanic.\015\012\015\012 ... 2002 GMC Envoy

I put the key in the ignition and turn it forward to just before it turns over you know when the dash lights come on. i do that then when i try to turn it over all that happens is it clicks then my lights go off and it acts like the battery is low and ive tried the ground and thats not it i was wondering if it might be the starting moduel under the distributer. its not the battery i just bought it the other day and it works fine. the truck acts like its not getting enough power. i really hope t

Suspect the positive battery terminal is either corroded, or the cable itself has corroded through. If you have a meter or test light, look for voltage at the starter solenoid where the positive battery cable connects to. Have someone try the starter ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Range 4.4 I think its electrical. Fist the stering wheel wouldnt move, the next it did then stereo made this loud pulsating noisy and then when i turned it off i couldnt start it again. The next day it started and everything worked but when i turned the truck off i couldnt start it again. all the power items came on dash didnt say anything was wrong, but everytime i turned key to last selection to start it would just pop and then nothing.checked all fuses all are good. I pluged batt and resinsta

This has two service actions for it... One to change the steering column and electrical... And the second item. Check to see if changed and you hear a whistle sound in the car after you turn the car off. Does the sound come from the fuse panel area ... 2003 Land Rover Range Rover

The truck started to loose power and regain it and loose and regain. I was able to turn on and of ,but when I would step on gas, it booged down as if it was going to turn off, and I can hear missfires coming from the intake manifold. I put my key in the ignition on ,off,on,off, and on and got the following codes from the dash. P1682- P0202- P0753- P0740- P1687-

Check for proper voltage at battery when running,\011\015\012check fuel injector circuit for malfunction, \015\012shift solenoid a electrical, torque convertor clutch circuit malfunction ... Jeep Grand Cherokee
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