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I have a 2007 1/2 ton GMC Sierra. I pull boats

\015 I have a 2007 1/2 ton GMC Sierra. I pull boats for a leaving. I pull a maximum weight of 3000 lbs. to be legal. For some reason, my front tires were cupped on the inside and outside. The local dealer said the reason was the weight of the boat would cause the front of the pickup to be raised a little higher and cause the cupping of the tires. I have talked with other dealers and many owners of GMC and Chevy trucks and not a single one agreed with the comment of the local dealer. Also, I have inspected tires on other GMC and Chevy pickups and have not seen any damage to tires like I have. The local dealer said I needed to carry some sand bags in the back of my pickup, in front of the rear axle. What is the problem and how do I take care of it? Thank You John\015
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Answers :

I've never seen this problem, but the guy who said you needed sandbags is probably correct. Other than that, the front suspension should be checked.
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I have a 2007 1/2 ton GMC Sierra. I pull boats

I've never seen this problem, but the guy who said you needed sandbags is probably correct. Other than that, the front suspension should be checked. ... 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ

I have a 94 gmc burb with a 454, it has one of those "fuel injected" carbs and i found that its a one ton 4x4. 1 can i just change the carb to an aftermarket one "like holley" with out messin up any computer stuff, 2 how much and what would be the best gears to install, i dont pull anything more than a jon boat but i like ths pwer and weight in the snow

So you have a 3500 hd 1994 suburban with a stompin 454 big block, with a TBI fuel injected carb ! SOUNDS GOOD DON;T IT? A TBI carb has the fuel nozzles in the housing of the carb where the butterfly flippers let air and fuel into the cylinders. y ... 1994 Chevrolet K2500

Vibration I am having a few issues with my 1992 GMC Sierra 3/4 ton. It is a 3/4 ton extended cab short box with a 350 engine and 2 piece drive shaft. Not sure what type of transmission but it is an automatic with overdrive. One problem I have is when I pull out onto the highway and "floor it", the transmission does not always shift correctly and will RPM's will redline. When this happens I need to backoff on the throttle as it will not shift on it's own. The other problem I have is a vibration i

Your highway acceleration problem could be a coil problem. Not sure if that year of chev has coil packs or not but experienced same thing with ford 5.4L. went through 3 coil packs and did the same thing each time before biting the dust. Transmission ... 1992 GMC Sierra

GMC pickups I have a '99 and a 2006 GMC with the same engine (5.3L ), transmission, and rear differential (373). The trucks pull my boat very differently. The 2006 does not have the power the 99 displays on the hills we travel. The 2006 has to shift down more often, scream up to 5,000 rpm to gain speed back, shift up, loose speed and go thru the process again. Local Chev dealer cannot find any problems with the ' 06. ??? What can I do within the warranty to improve the '06 ??

1-2 Shift @ +/- 250 RPM Output Shaft Speed\015\0122-3 Shift @ +/- 200 RPM Output Shaft Speed\015\0123-4 Shift @ +/- 150 RPM Output Shaft Speed\015\012\015\012% of TPS\015\01212\015\01225\015\01250\015\ ... 1998 GMC Sierra

I own a 99 GMC Sierra 3 door and a new 2006 4 door. Both have the 5.3, automatic, 373 rear end. The 99 out pulls the '06 noticable when hooked to my boat. What gives? What can I do to the '06 to wake it up? It is under extended warranty. I love both, but the power difference is baffling to me and the dealership.

This problem will be best dealt by the dealership ship. since you are under extended warranty you need not worry about that ... GMC Sierra

Looking at purchasing a used dodge 4x4. Mostl will haul lite loads but want the option of pulling RV and boat. My question is what is how much of a difference in fuel economy between a 1/2 and a 3/4 ton diesel?

They both get about the same mileage. But if you are going to pull an RV then if the RV is very big, I would suggest the 3/4 ton. They both get around 15 mpg. The 3/4 ton is not that much stiffer as far as ride goes. ... Dodge Ram 2500

Pulling boats what size boat would my car be able to pull, plus from the boat ramp

Nothing more than a 15' center console if you want to make it up the boat ramp on low tide ... 1994 Hyundai Excel

I have 2000 Ford Expedition. And July 4th I had to get my boat out of the water and you have to put ithe Expedition in 4lo to pull it out the water. Pulled it out and took it out of 4lo. Did what I had to do to the boat> Giot back into the Expedition and checked to see if it was out of $lo and took off. Went about 50 yards and all of a sudden I heard like a real loud noise. And now it makes a rattling sound every once in a while. And it kinda feels like there is a drag went letting off the brake

The noise you prob heard was the rear brakes. Sometimes when you get them wet they will rattle and or get stuck for a few moments. did you use your emerg brake when pulling the boat on? it could just be the e brake arm or cable rattling. ... Ford Expedition

03 gmc envoy with 5.3 140000 miles. Oil pressure reading fluxuates between 0 and 40. When problem first started pressure read 80. When vehicle was new it stayed at midpoint (40) vehicle has plenty of oil. if you rev engine or increase rpms it goes to 0 and stayes there. let off and it jumps around like it did when started (0 to 40). No engine pecks while running. Display indicates low oil pressure and stop engine. orange light (check gages) comes on when at 0. any ideas. Service engine has not c

There may be a loose wire or the gauge or sending unit may be going bad. The first thing I would do is to hook up a temporary oil pressure gauge, not using the old one at all. With this watch gauge while driving and see what readings you get. If the ... 2003 GMC Envoy Xl

Oil seal leaking on 1999 gmc half ton 4w/d on front of transfere case do i need special tools or can I drop drive line and replace seal

Billbohman: Unless GMC has had some change I am not aware of and that has not been published in service manuals for the repair of these units, the procedures are the same as any seal replacement and require no s ... GMC C1500

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... 1990 GMC Sierra

I have a 1993 GMC 1 ton 454 7.4 that jerks going down the road

Did you ever consider your catalytic converters? ... 1997 GMC Sierra K2500

97 gmc suburban, no start, has spark and fuel. no codes. scanner shows no problem, except cam ******=0 knock ******=0 and spark ******=0 doesnt show inj. pw. leaning towards pcm??any help would be great

... 1997 GMC Suburban

Hi I'm George in Colorado :-) My 1971 Chevy 3/4 ton workhorse was fine yesterday and I towed a 2.5 ton load of sand. When I tried to pull away from the house the yesterday I couldn't. I didn't have any forward gears. I When I shift into drive, L2 and L1 I don't have any drive power. I hear the linkage move but I can only feel a whisper of power when I depress the accellerator. My reverse will work. Upon inspecting the fluids it was dark and burnt but levels were recently topped off.

If reverse is working, it sounds like the transmissino needs to be replaced. ... Chevrolet Chevy

(95 Gmc Sierra idling problem- Rebuilt vortec block with Tbi heads.) I bought a truck witch latter died on me. I had a vortec block lying around pulled form a 96, So i pulled my Tbi motor out and put my Tbi heads and intake on my vortec block. I did a master gasket set, their are no vacume leaks, And it has proper compression. But when i start it, It idles around 400Rpms and when i put it under a load it dies, I tryed advancing the distributor 2-4 degrees nothing. I replaced the Egr,Plugs ,wires

Check the throttle pos sens ... 1990 Chevrolet K2500

1999 GMC half ton mirrors leaking in water - Sierra 1500 GMC Cars & Trucks

Seems like you sealed up the mirror very well so that is probably not the entry point for the water. Verify that the drain holes on the bottom of the door are not plugged and that the weatherstrip is installed correctly and is sealing along the body ... GMC Sierra 1500

My 2001 gmc sierra wont start. i pulled it in the garage shut it off, 10 minutes later i went to pull it out and it wont start. i have power but it wont turn over, cables are tight to the starter and the battery. any suggestions?

Try tapping on starter while someone truns key, sounds like bad starter if wires are clean and tight. good luck. ... 2001 GMC Sierra 1500HD

Improve towing i drive a 1993 f350 1 ton with a 7.3l non turbo its the international 445. but i pull a 4 horse and living quarters trailer. its a goose neck and i have two horses and when i put those horses in there the trailer easily weights over 10,000 lbs. im looking for a way to improve my towing ability without spending a ton of money or buying a new truck. anyone got any ideas

Are you looking at improving fuel econ or power ?\015\012\015\012fuel econ can be increased by 3-5 mpg by installing a torque converter lock up control gale banks makes a great one but there are others \015\012\015\012short ... 1993 Ford F350

1994 GMC Suburban 5.7L Stalls at light or going thru tolls then usually restarts afer a few tries. Once did not restart and had to tow it. Works fine for a week or 2 then pulls it again. Fuel full, fuel empty, ran a bottle of STP treatment runs like a champ any other time so can't really troubleshoot. 1994 GMC Surburban 5.7L

... 1994 GMC Suburban

Transmission Issue I own a 1992 GMC Sierra ext cab. My transmission seems to work as long as I am going up hill but when I pull onto flat land it does not catch and it leaves me to have to push it back down hill. The problem started when I was pulling my trailer and was backing it into the drive way. There was a cap located on the leftside of the tranny that popped off. I noticed that it had silicone all around the edges. I cleaned the old silicon off and put on some new silicone then put it bac

Is the fluid level ok, was the governer still in place when the gov cap popped off, have you dropped the trans pan to see if the filter popped out and is it possible that you only get enough fluid to the pump pickup when on a hill?? just a few ideas ... 1992 GMC Sierra

Front brakes on '98 GMC 1500 pulls to right as pressure is placed on brake pedal. Local mechanic states it is ABS issue? The harder you push the brake pedal the more to the right it pulls. System has new front brakes and brake lines. The rotors were said to be ok.

Its not the solutions but how would bleeding by he banks help with one wheel sticking ... 1998 GMC Sierra

I have a 2003 Chevy Express Van (l ton) that cannot pull my 31' travel trailer without over heating. It is not the thermistat. I put a new one in. It is not the water pump. My Chevy (1/2) ton can do it no problem. My radiator does not seem clogged one bit. What else could it be?

Try installing a transmission fluid cooler. ... 2002 Chevrolet Express

Electrical problem Recenly bought a 1977 ford F150, 400, C6. Towed boat to lake on bumpy road. When I started truck to pull away from boat launch the started hung and the truck would not turn off by the key and the battery ground wire got very hot and melted the solder that held it to the battery terminal. I was able to stop the fire by separating the negative cable were the solder melted. The next day I returned, replaced the started the solenoid to be safe and the negative batterey cable. It r

There is a short on the car electric circuits, or inside the ignition block. If I was in your shoes I would start by replacing the ignition block. This can probably fix it. If it doesn't, you should check the ignition circuit backward to find the sh ... 1981 Ford F 100

How does the engine come out in a 2000 GMC 3500 Savana Van. I have a friend that will replace it but he usually pulls engines out of cars with a pull system on a tree. will this work or does it come out another way - does the grill come off or from underneth or inside

It pulls out of the front. A tree will not be an easy method! ... 2000 GMC Savana

I have a 1990 4runner, the brake lights are not working,, i have pulled the tail light assembally out and found that if i pull the light bulb out i have 12 volts if the light bulbs are in there is 0 volts. what else can i check

Check the switch by the brake pedal.. i have the same problem and going to fix it soon but i have to figure out the shaking in the front end first... i was told about the brake problem is the brake switch that is above the pedal... ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner
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