Having problems with your 2007 Buick LaCrosse CXL Sedan ?

Shifter the car qont shift out of park. the car is on the brake is engaged and stil i can,t get the release button to engaed so the car will go into gear

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Shifter the car qont shift out of park. the car is on the brake is engaged and stil i can,t get the release button to engaed so the car will go into gear

... 2007 Buick LaCrosse CXL Sedan

I have a 1996 Honda Civic LX automatic. I put the car into park and the gear shift locked into park, tried to take the key out of the ignition but it is locked in place somehow and cant get it out. I can turn the car off but can't get the key out. At the same time, the Gear shifter is now stuck, seems to be locked into position and the button won't depress so i can take it out of park. So, both the gear is stuck and my ingnition key is stuck inside the ignition. Car can turn on and runs. I

... 1996 Honda Civic

I have a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII. The button that you have to push in on the gear shift lever is frozen and we can't get it out of park. Need ideas on what causes this. Hate to take it into a dealer and pay big bucks if it is something simple that we can fix ourselves. Also the one time that we were able to engage the gear shift into reverse it did not release the auto emergency brake release. Another problem we have is the automatic seat adjustment motor runs but the seat no longer mover forward

Make sure brake lights work, if they dont the switch may be bad, not allowing you to pull out of park. check fuses also. if the seat motor runs, check if the cable has come loose. ... 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII

I have a 1993 325 BMW and cant get the trunk open. The button on the trunk lid just moves in/out freely. There isnt a lever on the inside to release the trunk. Of course the battery is dead now. I can reach the lock through the scuttle hole in the back seat with a long screw driver but dont know how to release the lock mechanism. I have called many dealers in the area but of course get the brush off. I never heard of a car not having a release lever or button inside the car......But I cant find

If the doors and trunk are vacuumed operated, make sure all the doors are unlocked..this might make it easier to open the trunk..or get the car running and then try to open the trunk with the car running..turn key all the way to the left and push slo ... 1990 BMW 3 Series

I have a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix. I am having trouble getting the car out of park and into gear. There is a center console gear shift lever. Sometimes I can get it in gear. Sometimes I can't. There is a button that says gear shift lock, but I can't figure it out. I am pressing down on the brake when I try to get the car in gear.

Renew the brake light switch and try that ,because that switch stops you from moving the gearshift its your safety device ,if that doesnt then change the solonoid under the gearshift lever ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

Unable to engage my car into drive. 99vw beetle, brake light stays on (safety feature) Car runs great when in drive, just cant get it to shift into gear..........brake pedal light stays on as if I do not have my foot on the brake.

Replace the brake light switch above the brake pedal ... Volkswagen Beetle

Car starts fine just started this problem,can't depress button on floor shifter to get out of park. unless physically remove the park shift release cover on the side of the shifter and depress the white switch ,theb the shifter will go into any gear and the car drives fine

This car has a lock out device as all vehicles have. You need to depress the brake firmly to shift into gear as you may know. The solenoid that retracts the lock out for the shifting is at fault and needs to be replaced. You will see it if you remove ... 1999 Buick Regal

2007/2008 Winnabago - View Sprinter Mercedes Chassis and Drivetrain. Stuck on trip with the shift lever stuck in low gear and transmission not shifting. It sticks in park unless you release it by pressing a button below the shifter, then it is stuck only in low gear. It runs as if it is in some form of "lock out" and only runs in a "cripple mode".  Just stopped for a fill-up and couldn't get it out of park, then found the button but can't get it to shift.

Check and see if the brake lights are working.....and you need the key on for this....there is a shift interlock tied into the brake switch....if they are not working it will not release the shifter......it is also possible the shifter assembly itsel ... 2007 Dodge Sprinter

We have a 1989 toyota camry the key will not turn to start the car. It has a button on top of the stering column to release the key when you turn the car off and normally when you put the key in you have to push that button to get it back out. This time you can pull the key out without pushing that button, but it will not turn the ignition. The steering column is locked. We have used the override on the shift to put the car in neutral and still will not start. Would removing the release button f

... 1989 Toyota Camry

Shifting Gears Sometimes when I turn on my car and try to shift out of Park, it will not let me shift, at all. The shift button is locked. I relieve this problem, but using the "Shift Release" area - but I have another shift problem. I also am having the problem with the shifting and the gear lights not illuminating. I will try to shift from park to reverse, it totally skips reverse, clunks into neutral. I have noticed if i turn car off, then on again, it relieves the problem, but this may only

... 2011 Hyundai Sonata

My 2006 chevy monte carlo, the gear shift is getting stuck in park the car starts and everything and then about 20 mins later after io turn off and on the car and lock the doors and everything i can think of it will release. but i also hit the gear shift either down or sideways it seems to release after a few minutes but some times it locks again when i park it

... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I cannot shift my 98 Sable out of park into a gear after it starts, if I turn the engine off then turn the key to on (not engaging the starter) the gear shift can be moved to neutral then the engine starts and I can shift to any gear. If I choose park I need to turn the car off and go through this process to get the car in neutral again. It sounds like an eletrical connection but where?

Sounds like a problem with the brake light switch. Do the brake lights work? It is a problem with the shift interlock system. It is controlled by the brake light switch on the brake pedal bracket. ... 1998 Mercury Sable

My gear shift is stuck. The button won't push. I would use the gear shift release but it's either broken off or just fallen off. We've been trying to remove the center console so we can manually release the gear shift but we have been unable to get the console off.

How do i remove the front armrest console in 2007 cryler sebring? ... Cars & Trucks

I purchased a 2001 Kia sportage ex, automatic transmission, about 2 1/2 months ago, and after I started driving it home, realized that it wont shift gears. AT ALL. The only way my dad got it to shift from first to second was by pressing the overdrive button on the side of the gearshift.. Then he could get it to shift into overdrive by holding down said button once he got the car up to about 50-55 mph.. Now nothing gets it to shift.. Has anyone encountered this problem, or just have suggestions?

This is hard for me, because I would like to give you a lesson on vehicle purchasing.\015\012You somehow bought a vehicle with a bad trans.\015\012That could have been prevented\015\012Having own a trans shop ,I have nothing positiv ... 1999 Kia Sportage

I have 1995 c200 170,000km. I recently changed the automatic gearbox oil and filter. I still cant get the car to shift properly. At times it works but most of the time you must really attain very high revs for the car to shift to the next gear. However when you shift to neutral then back to D it quickly pick the right gear. I also notice the idling speed most times is above 1000rpm and when I turn the ignition off and floor the gas pedal when I start again it settles back to about 600rpm. Help

You will need a MB specific scanner to figure this out. Not many shops have the equipment to work on these. Without looking in the computer there is no way to guess whats going on. All you can do is make sure you have no vacuum leaks on the engine th ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

When I drive my honda the gears are not shifting right and sometimes wont shift over and the rpm run high please my car wont drive any more like the gears get stuck and when I start my car sometimes it stays stuck in park and have to use the release lock on the side of my gear shiftier

... 1994 Honda Accord

Clutch problem Hi there,Have replaced clutch slave and master cyclinder and i still cant shift into gear well the car is running but can get gears when car is turned off,Have bleed everything up and still have no joy getting gears,Is there a special way to bleed this clutch? I ended up putting a new clutch kit in and still no joy.Please help?

Have someone press down on the clutch pedal while you look at the release lever. There should be movement on the lever of about a 1/2 inch. If not the problem is on the hydraulic side. If there is sufficient movement the problem is on the mechanical ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

I have a 1999 Camry LE 2.2l Automatic. I attempted to drive the car yesterday, and found that the shift will not engage any gear. The shift is not stuck in park, it simply moves from park through RND21 with no resistance. I assume this means I need to replace or repair a shift cable. Is this a reasonable assumption? Can you ballpark the cost of a garage doing this work? Do you think I, a moderately able do-it-yourselfer could do it on my own? Can I get the car out of gear manually to atleast mov

Manually getting it out of gear is difficult to say the least as there is a degree of electronic lock here to some of the gearboxes that were fitted to this car some were contracted to WestinghouseThe only way to effectively move it is ... 1999 Toyota Camry Solara

Gear shifter i have a 2007 monte carlo and sometimes when i go to put the car in park to turn the car off the gear shifter sticks and will not lock into park not allowing me to get the key to the off position. It is really frustrating. It only seems to do it when its COLD outside. The gear shifter button sticks and the button will not release to put it in park. Is this a easy fix or should I sent it to the shop?

The shifter cable and linkage may be getting sticky. Locate the linkage and cable on the gear selector (transmission side under hood) and spray them with some PB Blaster or WD 40. ... 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 95 toyota camry, and the gear shift is on the floor. Theres this little button you push to switch the gear out of park. When i try to push the button to get out od park it doesnt move. The cars on but it wont get out of park. Its not making any noise like its the transmission. the button just doesnt push in at all.

Check the shift interlock solenoid that it is working. Try depressing the brake while shifting. ... 1995 Toyota Camry

My 2004 Honda accord. the gear shift knob the release button broke and I can't get it into gear

All you really need to do is take out the broken know, make sure their aren't any broken pieces inside the shifter handle and use you finger to push the lever down so it could shift, thats it. :-) ... 2004 Honda Accord

I can't get the shift lever release button to release so I can shift out of 'park' when the weather is cold until the car warms for about two minutes. The car is a 1997 Toyota Avalon.

... 1995 Toyota Avalon

Th mitsubishi magna manual, for some time it was very hard to change gear and the clutch was needed to be all the way in to shift and it was slipping also the was a distinct burning smell, coming to the end of the time it was driveable it would take more revs to get power out of the car and as id shift black smoke/dust would come out from under the car, now i put it in first release the clutch it doesnt move even whilst accelarating, while its running i can put i t in any gear without the cluch

Needs a new cluch ... Cars & Trucks

Trans problems 1994 chev lumina, when I shift the car into gear, it will not engage, I have to keep moving the shifter back and forth until it finnally starts to move, the fluid is full, the shifter linkage is moving properly, and there is not just a delay, it sometimes takes many trys to get in gear, and other times just goes rite in, transmision works great and shifts properly as long as it engages, is there something internally just under the pivot arm on top of the trans that has become worn

Possible internal shift linkage problems. ... 1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV

I cant shift into first at all and every other gear is a struggle. Its a 91 4 runner..I believe its something with my clutch...sometimes it doesnt start but then i give the clutch a lil extra press wirh ny foot and it starts up. When the car is off it shifts 100% fine. i have no clue what coukd be going on with it but its our family car and id hate for someone to get stranded. id just like to kno some background atleast so idont get ripped off

Check your slave sylinder ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner
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