Having problems with your 2007 BMW 335i Coupe ?

I have a 2007 335i convertible.. my low oil light went on.is there a dip stick or something. how do i tell how low iam

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Answers :

335's don't have dipsticks. They have oil level/condition sensors. You can check the level through the instrument cluster using the BC button and thumbwheel on the stalk or through the NAV using i-drive( if equipped).
If you lift the hood the dip stick is yellow,check the oil level with engine off.
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I have a 2007 335i convertible.. my low oil light went on.is there a dip stick or something. how do i tell how low iam

335's don't have dipsticks. They have oil level/condition sensors. You can check the level through the instrument cluster using the BC button and thumbwheel on the stalk or through the NAV using i-drive( if equipped). ... 2007 BMW 335i Coupe

I just bought a 96 dodge caravan 2 days ago ive drove 150 miles today and when i went to shut it off it had smoke i raised the hood its coming almost directly from the front of the van i went to leave later 20 minutes or so and it was smoking more when i started it..it had an oil chang ebut oil low on dip stick

How low was the oil? It could be something as simple as some oil is leaking out of the valve covers and once it hits the exhaust manifold then it starts smoking. Usually smoke coming from the engine compartment is a result of that. Look and see if ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

I just bought a '91 Honda Accord EX and I've driven it about 200 miles. I went out this morning & started it, went back in the house and 5 minutes later I go out and it's leaking (looks like) oil. It's coming from the right side (passenger), low, looks like right under the trans dip stick area. It was a pretty big puddle for no longer than it ran. It did stop when I shut the car off. Can anyone please help, give me advice, etc.? This is my only transportation. Thank you. TL

It may be the oil pressure switch,is it motor oil?Or transmission oil?I would check the oil sending unit,and the oil filter,these are simple,fixes,and it happens a lot,but it also could be a rear main oil seal.Add oil,and start the engine,try and loc ... 1991 Honda Accord

Security ovveride My volvo was low on power steering fluid. I added the fluid. (some did spill as I poured) The dip stick seemed to be at the correct level after I filled it up prior to that it was at add. When I went to start the car The hazard lights began to flash. And it sounded as though some type of alarm went off. I am unable to start the car or use the locks. I checked to see that The power steering cap was put back on tight it was. My mom just gave me this car and I dont have the remote

Ok Stephanie I just fixed the same prob on mine im not sure what caused it but try puling the #13 fuse it shoule be a 15amp pull that fuse start the car then stick the fuse back in you should be golden. ... 1998 Volvo S70

I am driving a friend's car and the check engine light came on. The car shakes a bit when idling and while driving. She made mention of a cracked oil pan or something to that affect. Could the car just be low on oil? I have no idea where the dip stick is? I may be blink but I swear I'm looking.

If it "lags" when you push in the gas, it is something the mechanics have to do. I hade the same problem with my Golf.. ... 2007 Volkswagen Golf

The shifter on my 1995 Sable, was loose when it came to going into Drive/Overdrive and I could often not tell which I was in, often times also not locking in park, and stopping in reverse, and yesterday I went to put it in park, and it would not engage. It seems like there is nothing there, and something came undone! It works fine when I can get it in a position (R, N, OD, D, etc), so the transmission is fine, it all seems to be the shifter stick. Any ideas to fix this?

FIX THIS PROBLEM ... 1995 Mercury Sable

I have a Pontiac G6 GT 2008. 74,000 miles on it. Works fine but one low beam headlight went out (driver side). I thought it would be a simple solution and attempted to swap it out. Well, it still doesn't work. The actual bulbs are working (trouble shooted with the working lamp) and so, we KNOW it's not the bulb. Have you heard of any similar problems with this car? I just want to be informed before I go to the dealership and have them tell me it's something that it is not. Thank you

Be sure to use the bulb lubricant...and do not let your finger body oil touch the bulb...Most times this is a clogged socket...try cleaning thoroughly...relubricate and try again...view the contact points to be sure of a good connection...worst case ... Pontiac G6

The service engine soon light is on. The check engine light had come on several times the day before. The check fluid light had come on & went off. Added 2 qts. of oil to the engine and it is fine. radiator fluid level is fine. Brake fluid level a little low. Not sure about transmission fluid level because it is all over the stick after wiping off and dipping it again. The car has jerked very hard a few times while excelerating but not actually shifting gears.

Have the computer scanned if you want a quick scan have Auto Zone or the like scan it for free , they also will give you a printout of the problem code, if any, that may be stored in the computer system.\015\012Trans. fluid is only checked on a ... 1999 GMC Yukon

I have a 1984 pontiac fiero that is burning oil. i have had to and oil every couple of weeks. 5 DAYS ago it started knonk really loud and the oil light came on then the smoke started rolling out of the valve pan cover. my first thought was the the oil pump went out. so i let it set for a couple of days, dip stick was a little low so i added oil started the car and drove off fine. well today i was driving and again the same issue.

... Pontiac Fiero

Transmisson question how do i read the dip stick on my transmission? It only reads "cold" and "hot". It doesnt tell me if im running low on fluid.

First of all the engine must be running when you check your automatic transmission. when the engine and trans is cold (you just started it for the first time of the day) the fluid should be up to the cold line when the the engine is hot(you have bee ... 2003 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1995 Saturn SL1. It was leaking oil out of the rocker gasket and a friend of mine sealed it. I thought problem solved. I had full oil in engine and I was set to go. A week later I suddenly heard a noise on the passanger side or so I thought, there was a pop sound and noise for 5 minutes and then it stopped. The next day the engine light went on and I found I had slightly less than low on the oil dip stick and filled it up. My friend and I changed the PCP valve and the grommit conn


I wrote you about my 1996 Honda Passport on how to check the automatic transmission fluid since my car is not a straight drive. You wrote me back and told me there was not a dip stick but two openings I had to check. I then wrote you back and asked how to put the transmission fluid in my car and someone wrote me back and told me to check the dip stick and put the fluid where the stick went. How can I do this when you told me there was not a dip stick, I don't think the person who wrote me last k

No dipstick. You have to pump it in from the bottom.A trans shop will be the best place to have it checked. ... 1996 Honda Passport

Does the rodeo have a automatic transmission dip stick? My son has a rodeo and he tells me he has to climb under the truck to check the trans fluid. I've only had to do this on a manual transmission. Can you tell me if it has a dip stick. He says it's slipping, jumping and surging.

No dipstick, no fill tube. There is a fill and drain plug on bottom of transmission, both face down, the fill is recessed higher. Not on the side as with manual trns you have seen. Take a short low speed drive to warm fluid as it should be "measured ... 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

My jeep grand cheorkee has no power steering at all when i went to get my serpentine belt replaced thats when my power steering went can you tell me how to check if my power steering pump went or i might think that they bumped something to make it go can you tell me how to check it i try to pour power steering fluid in the resvoir unit and it wasn't feeling up can you tell me what it is

Fill is on the left (drivers side) of the unit. Drain is usually on the bottom but some are on the passenger side near the bottom. Both are usually normal wrench size, though I've seen some that use a star wrench or some that have been replaced with ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I changed the oil but my dip stick is showing way too much oil, what is going on? At first I had a hell of a time getting the drain plug out, but finally did. Drained the oil, replaced the filter, replaced the plug (with a New one). Now dip stick shows too much oil. Tried to drain more oil out but dip stick still showing too much oil. Did I do something wrong?

Make sure you are not checking the oil with the car running first of all, second don't check the oil immediately after turning off the car let the engine stand for about ten minute allowing the oil to drain off the dip stick, ... 2001 Chevrolet Suburban

1996 honda accord, 6 cyl, EX Both low beam headlights went out last night. As far as I know, they were working. Went to Walmart and bought a 2 pack headlisghts and put only 1 in and the low beam (new bulb) did not come on. Bright lights, turn signals, parking / running lights all work. Fuses checked out ok what's next? How do you remove the steering wheel column cover? I dont know if there is a relay or something between the switch on the steering wheel and the low beam lamps? Thanks, Bob

... 1996 Honda Accord

Where to check transmission fluid on 93 Cadillac De Ville Northstar V8? We are getting a ''service transmission'' message, but we CAN NOT find the transmission dip stick. My daughter has the same car & the dipstick is plain to see. I called Cadi place & they said ''maybe, down low on drivers side''?? We have always worked on our own cars, but WE CAN NOT FIND THE DIP STICK TO CHECK TRANSMISSION FLUID?? All the other fluids receptacles are plain to see. This car was a gift, & had no manuals of any

It should be right under the air filter . or in the area. u will probly have to remove the air filter to see it its a black cap about 2inches in diamator. ... 1993 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2001 pontiac Grand Am SE and it is leaking transmission fluid, but when I went to check the fluid I couldn't find the dip stick for the trans fluid. The only thing I found was a cap that says TRANS way down on the right hand side of the engine. Is there a dip stick for the trans? How do I check the fluid level in the trans?

There is some models that does not have a dip stick, Might call your locial dealer to make sure. good luck ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Hi I've got 2door rav4 1995 model. Its got a dip stick at the bottom of the engine. I was wondering what is that for coz my rav4 is leaking oil and that dip stick is giving me low in oil. Hope you can help me. Thanks Malcolm

The dipstick shows your engine oil level. If it is low, add oil to the engine by locating the oil cap. Usually has the word oil on it or "Engine Oil for Gasoline Engines) on it. As for the oil leak, try and locate it as soon as possible. ... 1996 Toyota RAV4

I Can not read my ford festiva 2000 oil dip stick, It has small groves and a kink about half way up the dip stick... How can I tell when the oil is at full??

... Ford Festiva

Where is the dip stick located on a 2003 galant, I think I am low on fluid but can't find the dip stick to check the automatic transmission fluid

There isn't one it is checked through your computer and the check engine light should come on. Take to a tranny shop and ask them. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

I found the dip stick but don't know where to add additional transmission fluid....dip stick shows low level with 120000

Just pour the fluid down the dipstick tube. ... Cars & Trucks

My BMW (1996) e35 318i engine has excessive blow-by thus it blow fumes out of the brather pipe and out of the unit the dip stick goes in if I pull the dip stick out. I have ben told that the rings need to be replaced although the car does not smoke. This extra air is causing pressure in the oil chambers and thus the car is leaking oil out of one of the gaskets. I am also worried that it would cause too much pressure on a long trip and blow up the engine or something although the engine does n

First thing to do is replace the PCV valve. Next thing is have a compression test run on all cylinders. This will tell you just how much wear there is. If there is just normal wear and the engine is not using allot of oil and is running fine then you ... BMW 318

I have a 1984 ford f150, I starts a runs until I come to a stop then It just shuts off...Whats wrong? I also have low oil pressure, and my dip stick for my oil looks kinda milky.

... 1984 Ford F 150

96 previa was smoking but went away then after 40 miles the temp went up,so I had it towwed to shop. He told me the engine siezed. Went to pick it up and started it then drove home. when I checked oil it was cream colored and over filled, the oil thing in front went down about 3 inches. The radiator was also low. It starts and run but something has got to be wrong, any ideas

Sounds like you have a head gasket problem, you have water/coolant in the oil. Look for white smoke out the exhaust, or steam, A radiator shop will be able to tell you exactly what it is and give you a quote on repair. You will need to get the head ... 1996 Toyota Previa
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