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When I turn on the AC a moggy smell blows out of the vents. However, if I turn the AC off but leave the fan blowing air through the vents the smell go away a little. What could be causing this problem? Thank you

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Answers :

Mould in evaporator case?
\015\012some vehicles have a pollen filter(air conditioning air intake filter)not sure if your vehicle has but check if it has, may need replacing.
\015\012check plenum chamber(area under front windscreen)for leaves and debris.
\015\012then can try and spray mould killing pressure can(glen 20)air freshner in through intake air places under front windscreen with windows down air cond on full fan speed on fresh air while engine running or not depending on how long and how bad smell is.
\015\012may also pay to check for blocked air cond. drain tube, is it dripping water when running?
\015\012service centres or hire places have also got fragrance and mould killing machines you can use inside vehicle under similar conditions as above(ozoneator)
I had this problem on a Honda Accord a few years back. It is a mold that is growing on the airconditioner coil. It smelled like a dirty pair of socks. The wet surface on the coil gives it an excellent place to grow. My machanic told me to get a can of Lysol disinfectant and spray it into the ac air intake. Mine was up by the windshield by the wiper bases. When you turn on the air, you should be able to hear the air **** in. I sprayed about a 1/4 can on 4 consecutive days and it finally killed it and the smell went away.
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When I turn on the AC a moggy smell blows out of the vents. However, if I turn the AC off but leave the fan blowing air through the vents the smell go away a little. What could be causing this problem? Thank you

Mould in evaporator case?\015\012some vehicles have a pollen filter(air conditioning air intake filter)not sure if your vehicle has but check if it has, may need replacing.\015\012check plenum chamber(area under front windscreen)for leave ... 2007 Acura TL Sedan New Cars

I have a 2001 Chevy Cavalier and there is something wrong with the blower in the heater/AC. When I turn it on I can hear it working but there is very little to no air blowing out of the vents on all speeds. As I turn it from low to hi I can hear the fan getting louder but no air comes out. What could the problem be and can you offer a way for me to fix this on my own. Keep in mind I have very little skills when it comes to cars. What would this cost to bring to the shop to fix and what would par

From what information you have given hear, i would have to guess its the heater blower motor is going bad, but thats just a guess. my advise to you is to find a independent shop you can trust, NOT a DEALER. word of mouth from other people that have d ... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

While driving i had my ac on and running. I turned it off for a little bit because i was getting cold and then turned it back on after a little while longer because i was getting too warm. Well, after i turned the switch there wasnt any air comming out of the vents! What could be the problem and what do i need to do to fix it myself? Any answers please email me at [email protected] ... thank you very much!

I own 2 kia's ive had the same experience on both some times still have a long delay . dont know my self if its a problem or normal .when it stops blowing altogether i turn it threw all the settings slowly 1 by 1 and it seems to do the trick. i do no ... 2004 Kia Sorento

I have a 03 Ford F150. My A/C unit was only blowing air through the defrost and I found a guy on eBay to fix it. I mailed the unit to him and he fixed the problem but now it only works on high! I can't turn it down or off. It does turn off when I turn the truck off. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Do you think the man who fixed the vent problem could have caused this problem? (I didn't have this problem before.) Thanks.

What all did you mail him? if it won't turn off the problem either lies with the blower motor or the in dash switch. ... Ford F-150

2004 Jeep Liberty, used a/c the other day and it was not cold, just blowing air, then at a red light noticed smoke coming out of the hood and a burning smell. Turned off a/c and it seemed to go away. Now when I start it up it makes a louder than usual noise. Could this be a fan belt problem?

Sounds like the AC compressor has seized up, u have most likely burned the belt up, the belt slipping over the compressor pulley was what the smoke was, open the hood and turn on the AC, watch the compressor pulley, it should start dr ... Jeep Liberty

Smelly heater About 4 weeks ago we turned on the heater and drove about one mile and the air coming from the vent smelled like burning leaves or something to that affect.It does not do it all the time but it has done this several times since.We dont have a squirrel problem so i am not sure what it could be what do you suggest?

Remove the blower and check to see if it has suficient revolution.remember that the heater works with water from your radiator. ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

I have a 1998 Expedition Eddie Bauer 2wd 5.4L. I was driving down the road the other day w/o any air or heat turned on, and a foul smell started coming out of the vents where the ac and heater air come out from. It smelled kinda like when you let the air out of a tire. There was also some kind of smoke or steam coming out from the same vents. What could that be from.

You have a leak in your heate core, located behind the dash on the passenger side. Common problem, I have the same vehicle and had the same problem. Parts not that expensive, but many hours of labor. Dash has to be removed from vehicle! ... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have a 1998 Expedition Eddie Bauer 2wd 5.4L. I was driving down the road the other day w/o any air or heat turned on, and a foul smell started coming out of the vents where the ac and heater air come out from. It smelled kinda like when you let the air out of a tire. There was also some kind of smoke or steam coming out from the same vents. What could that be from.

Something near the a/c vent (under your hood) started to burn or burnt something stuck in there like leaves or plastic etc. check your lines and fuels, make sure nothing's leaking or dried up. ... Ford Expedition

A/C problem Hot air is coming out of the def and heater vents but a little air is coming out of the dashboard vents. what could be the problem and where should I check first?

Raise the hood and remove the right hand wiper assembley the remve the three or four plastic screews nad remve plastic cover . There is anothe cove to reme then pull out the cad filter do the carfull. The replace it with a new filter if this don`t wo ... 2001 Buick Century

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Most cooling fans will turn on when the car is cranked. The bucking could be from when the engine compensates for the added load thats when you feel the buck. If you think the bucking is excessive the engine maybe compensating too much and you may ne ... 1997 Audi A4

2004 trailblazer,with po410 code.replaced purge valve , gas cap , vent valve on gas tank . can here air pump come on start up , but seems to have a higher pitch than before problem with code started . I removed air pump and hooked to 12v and it runs fine , and really blows air . had thought maybe fan was broken . could I have a bad relay , that is not turning on pump as often as is supposed to cycle ? or could there be something causing backpressure , not letting air pump do its job ? code alway

P0410 secondary air injection valve malfunction..\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Just know that diagnosing this is time consuming since the "system" is only active for a few seconds on cold start.for ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 1999 BMW 323i, when I turn on air conditioning, the left vent located above the radio has cold air, but the right vent has warm air. What could be the problem?Thanks in advance.

... 1999 BMW 323 Series

Gas smell After I turn on the car, there is some gas smell inside the car. After turning off the engine, when I am outside the car, the gas smell is also strong. Is this a huge problem? Shall I have it fixed right away? Could I get some kind of solution or something to stop leaking (somewhere) myself? Many thanks. I truly appreciate all your help.

Well it sounds like a problem ....either there is a hole in gastank or a hole in the gas line somewhere ....if it smells after you start then it it is probly in the line coming from the tank....if you park on a clean driveway or somthing ...start the ... 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 96 volvo 970 sedan I turn the air on when i start the car. Cold air will blow out at first but after a little while (about 5-10 minutes) the air turns luke-warm.what could the possible problems and solutions be?

... 1996 Volvo 960

I have a 2004 GMC Yukon. Yesterday my battery went dead. After replacing with a new one, I turned on the air conditioner and now air only comes out of the dash window defroster vents and not the front,side or floor vents. It is very strange that it worked fine before replacing the battery and now the AC just seems to be stuck on that mode and the button to switch to other vents doesn't respond. What could be the problem?

Look to see if there's a broken vacuum line going to the front, side or floor vent. Listen if there's a hissing noise to indicate that there's a vacuum leak. This system should be using vacuum from the engine to open and close the air div ... 2004 GMC Yukon

I have an 02 trailblazer just had the cooling fan replaced in now i have an airconditioning ad heating problem when i go to turn on my ac or heater nothing comes out of the vents what could be wrong but before i got the fan clutch done it worked on level 3 not level 1 or level 2 but now it doesnt work at all wen i go to turn it on my car gives off this sound like it idling up then down alot but no air coming out the vents but when i donot turn i on my car runs just fine


My air conditioner isn't working. the refrigeriant level is fine. turn the ac on max cool i can hear the relay switch clicking barley. not seeing any water dripping out the condensate. when i turn the ac on the the air comes out scorching hot it cools a little bit but doesn't get cold. could the problem be something simple or is it gonna be a major repair?

... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 2009 chevy malibu, when I turn on the ac cold air blow out for about 3 min and then hot air starts to come out the vent, I also get a noise when I turn on the ac or heater. what u think could be the problem

... 2007 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx LTZ Hatchback

When I turn on the heater or defroster, the left side vents blow cool air while the right side vents blow hot air. what could the problem be?

There is 2 electronic damper controls for driver and passenger heat and cool controls directly in the middle of the car under the dash near the floor. They move the damper for temperature control up and down when you slide the switch. One of them pro ... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

The ac on my 1996 Impala freezes up regularly. The whole thing has to sit and melt for some time before it will blow cold again. Turning the temperature gauge warmer delays the problem but sometimes even at warmer settings it seems like something in the unit reduces air from blowing out the vents and warms up what air does come out the vents. It acts like the ac radiator under the dash gets totally frozen up. Sure could use a fix.rc

... 1996 Chevrolet Caprice

Problem with AC in a 2006 Jeep Commander. Bought the vehicle used in November of 2009. I have to turn the temperature way down to feel cold air, but when I turn it up a little......hot air blows out. I had the freon checked and that was fine. What could it be?

... 2006 Jeep Commander

I have a 2002 ford escape xlt. the a/c works perfect. but when u turn the a/c on it wont switch from the defroster vents to the vents that are by the steering wheel and radio. i turn the knob to every station it has but the air stays blowing from the defroster area. what could the problem be?

... 2002 Ford Escape

Carby icing On cold mornings I can drive the car for about 10 mins then motor looses all power. Turn the motor off then afetr a couple of minutes it returns to normal. Have been told that it could be due to carbuy icing up Motor has had extractors and pod filter fitted and am wondering if thsi could be part of teh problem. No hot air vents feeding into the air filter sytem.

Well cold start its first, and my best solution is wd40 inside the distributer its always help. ... 1996 Suzuki Swift

FUEL ODOR I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztec and when I turn the defrost on in the defrost and floor mode I get the strong smell of fuel. It goes away when I turn it back to the dash vents. I received a recall from GMC about a year or so ago about the possibility of the gas vent lines cracking. I was way over the mileage allowed, so I didn't take it in. Is it possible this is the problem and how do I repair it?

If you have a recall the dealer has to fix this problem reguardless of the mileage. So call them and mention the recall and have them make an appointment. You should not have to pay for this. I hope this helps. ... 2001 Pontiac Aztek

The blend door actuator on my 1996 Lincoln Town Car started clicking a few weeks ago and then quit working entirely. I assumed that the actuator had gone bad so I replaced it. I did it without removing the dash, (No fun). Nevertheless, the problem did not go away. There is no air contidioning mode. Turning on the Air conditioning, the vent, the heater, makes no difference, all I get is hot air. The Air conditioning control still seems to be working because the air is diverted to the corre

Before the actual work was done, what were the BCM trouble codes stored in memory? ... Lincoln Town Car
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