Having problems with your 2006 Volvo XC70 ?

How to replace the tensioner pulley on Volvo xc 70 2006?

\015 The tensioner starts to make some noise, and I need to replace it by myself!\015
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Why would a newly replaced timing belt "shred" within 3 months on a 2000 volvo s40 1.9 liter turbo? There were no problems up to the car just comming to a stop during a drive. The timing belt, tensioner pulley, water pump. and idler pulley was all changed.

I have a pulsating rattle on the engine of my 02 V40, rattle does not increase with engine revs.what could the problem be ... 2000 Volvo S40

How to replace the tensioner pulley on Volvo xc 70 2006?

... 2006 Volvo XC70

I have replaced the tension pulley and the other free spinning pulley "same size" pulley s and also replaced belt and the belt keeps falling off tension pulley and it is a very very strong tension but the checker I bought the belt from sold me a 99" belt and the paperwork calls for a 99 1/4" will this make it slip off while running or is the tension pulley not giving enough

The tensioner is most likely bad and not just the pulley. If the spring is weak look at the original marks on the original pulley. The belt should ride towards the engine side of the pulley and not the rounded outer edge. ... 1993 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 99 Volkswagen beetle the previous mechanic dropped a screw under my Hood after replacing my valve cover it blew my spark plugs my timing belt was torn and it damaged my tensioner pulley. My car would only crank now and not catch to the engine to fully start. The timing belt and spark plugs were replaced now we are waiting for The tensioner pulley to be delivered. Question is after the tensioner pulley is replaced will my car run?

It all depends on weather the inlet and exhaust valves were damaged when the timing belt snapped if they are you will have to remove the cylinder head and replace the valves and make sure there is no damage to the pistols, cylinders or the head it's ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 Chevy Venture. Three weeks ago i shattered the tension pulley after replacing the power sterring pump. Now the serpentine belt keeps slipping off the pulley (away from the engine) and after replacing the tension pulley again today, I noticed that the inside lip of the tension pulley is missing. What am i missing?

... 2000 Chevrolet Venture

Hey there. I am replacing Problem with the 1997 Taurus hey there. I am replacing the serpentine belt on my 1997 Ford Taurus. The idle pulley bearings were shot, so the old belt actually slipped off. I am about to replace the idle pulley. I have loosened off the tension pulley, but for the life of me cannot get the serpentine belt back on. I am about half an inch from getting in on ? the new belt is exactly the same length as the old one. Is the tension pulley supposed to spring forward or back?

Make sure the tensioner is tight,it has a spring in it to move clockwise,do not leave any bolt loose,make sure you are routing the belt where the tension holds the belt on,not other way.\015\012\015\012\015\012Tim ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I am preparing to replace the idler pulleys and tensioner on Volvo XC90 V8 2006

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Hey there. I am replacing the serpentine belt on my 1997 Ford Taurus. The idle pulley bearings were shot, so the old belt actually slipped off. I am about to replace the idle pulley. I have loosened off the tension pulley, but for the life of me cannot get the serpentine belt back on. I am about half an inch from getting in on – the new belt is exactly the same length as the old one. Is the tension pulley supposed to spring forward or back? It is loose, but I cannot make it move in either direct

This pulley should be spring loaded and you should have a diagram of the belt path on a label under the hood. There should be a square hole in the casting for a breaker bar or rachet to use as a lever to push or pull the pulley.\015\012\ ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 1995 cadillac concours deville with a northstar engine and I replaced my serpentine belt, after I replaced it, it was still loose and I tightened it as tight as I could. The belt was the right size, so I figured it was slipping because I didn't clean the pulleys. So I scrubbed the pulleys,bought a new belt, put the new belt on and it was still loose. Do u think I need to replace my tensioner? Or is there a way I can adjust my tensioner?

No adjustment, proper routing? if so tensioner need replacement. ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2008 dodge caliber SXT 2.0L I recently replaced my alternator (which was the main problem) the high and low idler pulleys and the tension pulley as well as a new serpentine belt. When I accelerate and note ONLY when I accelerate there's a small rattling noise. A mechanic that replaced my wheel bearing couple weeks ago check it out and said the belt is either a half inch to big for the engine and I was sold a wrong one, or my brand new tensioner pulley is bad cause the noise when acceler

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Replace pulley I need to replace the tension pulley on a 2004 GMC Canyon, I was driving home on the highway yesterday when I heard a lot of noise happening under the hood, I didn't know what the noise was so I kept driving, then I noticed my engine light come on and it was flashing the engine was hot, the AC was not on, the Power Steering was not working, and the battery light was flashing. When I did stop I notice that my belt was loose and the tension pulley was all broken up. That was the noi

... 2004 GMC Canyon

Tensioner Pulley I need to replace the serpentine belt on my 92 Caprice.  Can anyone tell me how to go about loosening the tensioner pulley on it?  Sorry...I'm not being lazy, but my wife has the car and the belt snapped so I need to go replace it and I'm looking for what tools I will need, etc.  Thanks!


I need to know if a tension pulley can be replaced or does the whole tension spring and pulley have to be replaced

Go to any auto parts store , and they should have the pulley itself. I know auto zone may have it. check to find out. ... 1988 GMC Safari

My belt tensioner pulley broke at the bolt that bolts to the bracket. I bought a new one and I was wondering if there was an easier way to replace the tensioner pulley other than removing both the upper alternator bracket and the belt tensioner pulley bracket which is also what holds the lower portion of the alternator. The problem is I don.t have any room able to tighten the assembly nut. Thanks. David. [email protected]

You should only remove the drive belt shield if you raise the car. Below are step-by-step instructions per the repair manual.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Drive Belt Tensioner\015\012\015\012Removal & Installation\01 ... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

2006 Toyota Corolla LE. Loud squeaking coming from serpentine belt area after I start the engine cold. Changed the belt recently but still noice persist. Loud squeaking goes away after driving for 3-5 mins. I'm thinking it's the belt tensioner pulley or the belt tensioner itself. If it's the pulley, how do it, or is it possible to, replace just the pulley from the belt tensioner. Also how would I be able to get to it as the space is really limited. Thanks!

It is probably the tensioner pulley that's gone bad. It can be replaced separately, if you can purchase the pulley separately. As to how to go about changing it in such a small space, it's definitely possible, with the right type of tools. That's why ... 2006 Toyota Corolla

We have a chripping/squeek sound under the hood of our 97 chev tahoe. We have replaced the belt tensioner, the center pulley and the alternator. The sound would go away for a day then come back. I think the power steering pulley is the problem, can we just replace the pulley or do we have to replace the whole power steering pump? Please help us my husband is going crazy w/this sound.

I can see why you replaced the tensioner. This is the most common cause of this problem and you might not believe how many questions I have been getting about this problem! This is a long shot but, it's worth a try. Spray some silicone lubricant into ... Chevrolet Tahoe

My truck had a vaccum belt burning smell, I replaced the fan belt and the idler pulley as recommended by parts store to fix problem. I tried to replace tension pulley also but could not get bolt loose to replace, will try again later. After belt replacement still had smell and truck did not restart. jumped truck and it started immediately, but when I tried to back out it died and would not restart again. I think the alternator is shot and that is the source of smell and starting problem, but

Sounds like your alternator. you can pull of and have tested for free at most parts stores. batteries should be ok. it is best to charge them and not just crank up and let vehicle charge them from completly dead this will cause an extreme pull on the ... 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

My 1996 ford windstar 3.8 liter engine tensioner pulley is making a vibrating noise . do I have to replace the whole arm or just the pulley or both? Also ,if I just have to replace the pulley is the bolt that holds it very long since the area around this pulley is limited.

It probably comes as a unit. tensioners create tension by way of spring and springs do wear out over time. so it may be beneficial to change the whole tensioner. there is a bolt in the center of the tensioner remove it and on reinstall remeber to l ... 1996 Ford Windstar

2004 alero chirping squeak coming from belt or pulley and its chewing up belts already replaced tension pulley

... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

I need to replace the tensioner pulley on my 1996 dodge caravan sport do i need to replace just the pulley or the whole unit. Also what is the torque setting for tightening the pulley

... 1996 Dodge Caravan

The hinge tensioners that hold the tailgate open/up have broken off on both rear hinge assemblies on my 2005 Volvo XC70 due to accidentally leaving the tailgate open then hooking it in the open overhead garage door while backing out of the garage. The hinges still function and appear to keep the tailgate aligned but the tailgate will no longer stay open with both hinge tension bars sheared off. Can I replace the tension bars or do I need to replace the two complete hinge assemblies?

... 2005 Volvo XC70

My 2000 montana has a belt problem it keeps coming off track and getting ate up. Replaced the tensioner already. There seems to be a wobble at the pulley area. Do you think both harmonic balancer and crank pulley need replaced or just the pulley?

Check all of the accessories that run off the belt. some may have loose or bent pulleys or the acessory itself may have come loose. Be careful to route the belt exactly as shown too. Tighten up or replace your wobbly pulleys. ... 2000 Pontiac Montana

I have a 2002 chevy 1500 z71 and the pulley when looking at the motor on the left top wheel broke off. Can i just replace the wheel by removing the bolt or do i have to replace the whole pulley. And is that a tension pulley that i am speaking of. It is prob. 3 inches.

It is an idler pulley. Just remove the bolt throw the old piece away and put a new one on. ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD

What is the easiest way to replace a tensioner pulley on a 2002 Dodge caravan. Do I need to replace the whole assembly? Or can I replace just the pulley. It has the 3.3 flex fuel, if that makes a difference.

You will have to replace the whole assembly, the spring that keeps the belt tight is in the middle and cannot be replaced without considerable pain and suffering. use a 1/2 inch ratched and release the tension on the belt, carefully slip it off the ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

The crankshaft pulley on my daughter's '98 Maxima is broken (outside rim is cracked and loose) and the inside belt is twisted and shredded. If I replace the pulley, should that fix the problem our should I look for some underlying cause? A mechanic worked on it about a week ago when a belt broke and there's been a clunking sound upon startup since. He replaced the belt and something in the tensioning pulley (the mounting shaft from her description) because it wasn't turning. Maybe he is the unde

Since the pulley has obviously failed, replace it. Before starting it up, check all other pulleys and items turned by the belt to make sure none are loose or binding. After startup, look from the side and check for proper alignment and any visible wo ... Nissan Maxima
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