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2004 polo classic 1.6 heater problem, when it is cold and the car is moving the heater also gets very cold

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2004 polo classic 1.6 heater problem, when it is cold and the car is moving the heater also gets very cold

... 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

Hello, I have a problem with a heat, mechanic replaced thermostate, water pump, radiator, also blowed air out heater core. But problem still there. It gives me cold air, water gauge moves a little from cold toward hot, then drops down ( several times) then it goes to middle and I get hot air and again can drop to cold. Seems mechanic changed everything. Does anyone knows what might be causing this... Thank you

Mightbe defective thermostat ... 2000 Ford Escort

Have a 95 Limina car with 280 000KMs. I changed both head and intake gaskets a few months ago. I've also changed the heater core (leaking). Both times the system was flushed and filled. Replaced the thermostat first with a Prestone one then an OEM one (thought my problem was the Prestone thermostat). I just can't seem to get enough heat out of the car. There's some, but as soon as you start driving it gets cooler. The gauge sits at about 1/4 unless you're idling for a long time. Then it moves to

Yes I can help! it seem that you have some air in your cooling system. first you will have to drain the system by removing the lower radiator hose. clamp the radiator hose in place refail the system with 70% cooleant and 20% water. remove the radiato ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Heating I recently had my cylinderhead gasket replaced and at the same time my waterpump. Now my temperature does not move. The is running so cold when I travel for more than 30km and stop I can open the radiator cap without feeling much pressure build up. Also the heater in the car is permanently cold. What could be the problem

Sounds like the repair shop failed to put the new thermostat in. ... Cars & Trucks

Heating problem my heater only works when the car is moving and works best on the highway. i have brought it to my mechanic 3 times or so now and he fixes it each time but then after about 2 weeks it fail again and goes back to the same problem; blowing out cool air when the car is on but idle, and when i move it warms up. even if i am moving a great deal say 20 min on highway it gets nice and warm but once i get off the highway and come to red light or stop somewhere it goes back to cool air. i

I've had that problem with a customers car before, but I changed the water pump, and it seemed to fix it. A lot of times the water pump, can't pump fast enough when it's at idle. Try it. ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

When I turn my heater on it only blows cold air and never gets warm, also my temp gauge shows temperature rising the longer that it runs. What could be the problem? My car is a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

I had same problem on 2001 Grand Am SE. It would not blow hot unless I would be reving engine up pretty high, and once I stopped i.e. at a light it would get cold again.My issue was solved when I noticed the coolant level was low, thus not havi ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

My 2005 nissan xterra heater blows cold at idle, but would get warm to hot when I rev-up or started moving the vehicle. Also, the A/C compressor turns on when I set it on defrost/floor or defrost. I've been trying to research this problem, nobody has got any solutions except for flushing or checking coolant level. The vehicle does not appear to be leaking coolant. Any suggestions?

... 2006 Nissan Xterra

I have a chrysler voyager 3.3 v6 reg 2000, there was immense water pressure then my heater started blowing cold, stopped the car and had it towed home, it sat outside for 3 months and has now been picked up by the garage, when moved found 2 core plugs, the garage has also phoned to say they need to put a new water pump on to pressure test as the old one has seized, could this be the original problem or am i looking at spending a lot of money? thanks

A siezed water pump would certainly create enough pressure in a hot engine to blow the core plugs... ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager


Check the coolant level, and be sure to bleed out any air. ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

Trans problem the car runs great when cold. Then after 20 min when you slow down for a red lite the car starts to studder and the moter will die. IF you try restart the car it will start with no problem as soon as you put the tranny in gear the moter will stall I need to get the car rolling be fore I put in gear to Keep it running after I get moving then evey thing is fine.

OK this is a very common problem. there is a 4 pin connector on the trans. (just below the air box area sometimes blue or grey)(in a shape of a box) that is your TCC soleniod switch connector. just dissconnect that and see what happens. if your probl ... 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier

Car shifter I can't move the shifter from park to drive after starting car and foot is on the brake. I also have no brake lights. On occasion I have had a problem with being unable to start my car and it seemed it was related to the shifter not being in the right spot to make contact. After moving the shifter back and forth between D and P, I was finally able to get the car to start. I am not sure if the above is related to the problem I am having now.

It is a fuse or a relay for your brake lights . it is a safety pin to protect kids from putting it in gear while it is running check all fuses and relays for your brake lights and the locations should be in your owners guide book if u need ... 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

My car continue to run hot. I had my raditor replace because it did have a leak. So my uncle said that it can also be the themostat that is causing the car to run hot. I had the themostat taken out this morning. He said that I can run the car without the themostat until I get another today but the heater would not get hot. While coming to work, the car was getting hot again. The gauge for the temperature was getting closer and closer to the Hot area. What else could be the problem? The car is a

BAD HEAD GASKET..... ... Nissan Altima

Temperature selector on heater does not move past cold! My '97 Saturn SW2 has a heater problem... it does not want to let me select "hot" on the temerature slide. It slides easily enough from very cold to the middle, and then stops right where the red begins. I have looked in with a penlight, and there is nothing obstructing the slider in the slot. I'm going to have to take out the middle part of the console/dash to get a better look, but once I get there, I'm sure I won't know what to do!!!

Well you can pull the cosmetic piece off which surrounds the climate and radio. Some screws will be evident which you can back out and the climate control then pulls out a few inches into your hands. You will see the lever has a little bud sticking u ... 1997 Saturn SW

2002 Chevy Impala, car will not get over 145 degrees while driving on cold nights. It will rise to about 160 while at idle. I don't know if it's the cold air or a stuck thermasat. Didn't have this problem last winter. Also would blocking the front grill help keep some cold air out? Air doesn't get very hot, hard to keep windshield defrosted. Could this be because the engine isn't getting hot enough?

As far as the last part of your question first : Air doesn\\'t get very hot, hard to keep windshield defrosted. Could this be because the engine isn\\'t getting hot enough? Yes that is why.I would definitely replace the thermostat as soon ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

I have Chrysler Grand voyager, Model 2000, I am having problem with the gear while driving locally at 20km-40km/hr, and after 20-30 minutes, the gear starts slipping and the car is moving with difficulty, but in the beginning when the engine is cold its fine, but slowly when it gets heated, when apply the brake and then move, the gear is not working and the car is not moving at first attempt and you have to accelerate and accelerate and then slowly it moves with difficulty. please advise the re

Engine is difficult to start when cold \015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012Check the battery condition, battery state of \015\012charge and starter motor current draw. Replace the battery if marginal\015\ ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

I have a 2005 C220 Auto with 112 000km on the clock. When the car is cold and I pull off gently, there are time when the car “hunts”. Not various badly , but it feels as if the car is surging and I get the “hun” “hun” “hun’ sensation. If I accelerate hard this does not happen. This problem has been on the go for about 9 months now. I do not use the car for daily commute and only use it on the weekends This problem is also prevalent when going up a slight incline at a steady speed and I acceler

Sounds like under a load. Could be transmission torque converter. ... 2005 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz E320 Cdi

I have a 1990 Porsche 944 S2 convertible. Many times the engine cranks and will not start. I replaced the DME relay twice but the problem still exists. When this occurrs, I slap the fuse box and then the car starts. Is there another relay causing the problem? Also, my heat is always on so I replaced the heater valve but it still stays on. I noticed there is no vacuum to the heater valve and the vacuum supply resevoir vacuum hose is snapped off. Is this my problem and if so, where can I get a

Possibly the signal to the fuel pump. It might be a bad connection where the wires connect to the fuses or the contacts the fuses or relays plug into themselves. Whether the hose is the problem with the starting or not you need to repair it so that t ... 1990 Porsche 944

Cold start problem on a 2000 Infiniti I30t For starters I had the oxygen sensor (downstream )changed also the temperature sensor. And it's still doing the same thing. In cold weather, the car does a cold start below the c mark. It puts out white smoke when i pressed down on the pedal. To actually get the car to warm up i have to drive it. When i do drive it to warm it up the engine shuts off and the steering wheel locks up which is very dangerous. I have to drive it kinda fast to warm it up and

... Cars & Trucks

Ok i have a few problems ok #1 sorry bout the spelling and #2 i drive a 1999 saturn sl2 and last week it took a dump on me while i was driving it was some sort of power loss problem and when i pushed on the gas the car wasnt moving almost like i was stuck in the snow also the battery light flickers when i hit the gas i had this problem once but i shut the car on and off and it stopped acting up but when i tryed it this time it just died i tryed jumping it with no luck i had to get it towed home

Fix your wiring first. This can be a power drain on your battery and also cause your symptoms. Second have the voltage regulator tested even though your alternator is good this could effect the charging system. As far as the locks go almost every tim ... 1999 Saturn SL

Car heat i got my radiator flushed and changed, got a new thermostat, and heater core flushed. but the heat comes on warm and when it gets hot (engine) it blows cold. if the theory of one hose is very warm (problem being under the dash) and both hoses are cold (problem being the engine) what are the possible answers for either engine or dash problems so i would know

Park your unit on a slight incline, start cold w/ radiator cap removed and interior heat on full bore. This will burp or release your air from your cooling system. Add 50/50 until radiator is full. When you replace any good amount of coolant in post ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Over Heating Hi all - for the 14years I've been doing mechanical work on cars this flipping BMW 1998 316i Auto is getting me frustrated. We purchased the car not long ago. It was obvious that the previous owner hadn't serviced it often. Anyway at first the heater wasn't working - only a minor issue I thought, so carried on with oil & filter change & new Bosch spark plugs. Them I thought I would sort the heater problem, so flushed radiator, engine & heater core also reverse flush. Replaced the th

Heater core and radiator are separate issues. But, both may have the same problem. The best non-commercial way I have found to remove internal obstructions from either is to use a household calcium and rust remover (like CLR)...On heater cores, remov ... 1998 BMW M3

The driver's side power seat in our Lincoln Town Car is in the full back position and will not move. The problem started as a ratching sound in the motor and the seat moving in jerks rather than the normal smooth operation. The switch was working because the seat was trying to move. The fuse is also good. After reading several of the previoius posts for this same problem it sounds like I need to remove the seat and power seat transmisssion. How can I get instructions on how to do this?

Year?\012\012sounds like gear or seat track is damaged. ... Lincoln Town Car

I have a subaru legacy L 1993 model car. The car wont start in hot weather. It doesn't make any sound. In cold weather or shade area, no problem. When the car also gets heated during motion (trave

... Cars & Trucks

Cold engine Engine is 325i, year 1988. When starting engine from cold it fires first time. Problem is that when driving it kicks as if it has no petrol in car. When driving hard it gets a lot more jerky. When engine worms up it drives smooth with no jerkiness at all. It also happens straight after a full service. Im wondering if it's injectors or other fuel problems. Thanks TAS.

And how do you check those two things? ... 2001 BMW 325

I have a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 with very little heat. The lines get hot going to the heater core, but I do not get enough heat out to keep the cab warm. I contacted heatertreater, but my hot cold control is a cable which does move the white plastice controls on the top of the plenum? or heat box right next to the heater core. I am at loss on what could actually be the problem.

I had the same exact problem and basically replaced the water pump, thermostat, radiator and all hoses, had the system flushed three differnt times with in 6 months and still barely any heat from the blowing air. I finally replaced the heater core a ... 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck
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