Having problems with your 2006 Volkswagen Jetta ?

How do IO change the regular bulbs in my vehicle to LED bulbs and not have the computer think I have a burned out bulb?

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Answers :

The safest way is to change your electronic flasher module (located near the steering column of most cars) The one in your car works on a load resistance basis and since LED's don't generate enough of a load, it will think they're burned out. The new unit you get will say LED right on the unit. They're about $20-30 dollars for the unit. Whatever you do, do not install resistors as those generate a lot of heat and are a potential fire hazard if not done absolutely correctly
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How do IO change the regular bulbs in my vehicle to LED bulbs and not have the computer think I have a burned out bulb?

The safest way is to change your electronic flasher module (located near the steering column of most cars) The one in your car works on a load resistance basis and since LED's don't generate enough of a load, it will think they're burned out. The n ... 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

Has been serviced regularly and on time. transmission problem. computer light came on suggesting service transmission urgently. no prior problems and vehicle never abused. engine would rev but no power through transmission. occassionally would 'think' then clunk into gear. finally died and had to be towed. volvo experts could only diagnose that it could cost up to $7k to fix. subsequently found out this is a common problem with this transmission. volvo 'experts' serviced transmission co

Hi,Unfortunately, the XC90 transmission has had a great deal of problems. I've seen them go bad with as few as 25,000 miles on them.As you have got a Message that there is a Transmission problem, the only way would be a Dealer. ... 2008 Volvo XC90

My vehicle stalls out after initial start up we think due to improper communications involving the vehicle's theft alarm in the computer system. Can we use a similar year of vehicles' (1991) computer as a replacement if it's out a different model of vehicle. We're having a hard time trying to locate a used one. Thank you..

Nope, body styles and system packages differ as well as engine accessories, however to confirm this get both car info goggle auto computers and pick a site that shows both car computers and see if they both have same part numbers ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

Trying to locate TCM. Jeep stalls sometimes when stopped with a clunk.And RPMs increase and fall back to normal and feels like transmission is slipping or going into neutral. thinking it may be TCM. computer went out and was replaced with a reman. unit that was flashed to my vehicle about a yr ago. Had vehicle scanned for codes at Autozone and scanner would not power up. was to;d that computer was not getting power and that might be ECM fuse but cant find that either. Help please.

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I just purchased a 2003 Buick Century (one owner car) and the right front turn signal lamp went out, so replaced the bulb and it went out again a few hours later. What could cause this? My mechanic friend that replaced the bulb for me said it was a #3457 bulb in there, but when the auto parts store looked on the computer, it said it takes a #4157 bulb. I bought a 2 pack and like I said, the new bulb lasted only a few hours and it burned out again. I haven't tried the last bulb in the pack as

Is the bulb really burned out,black or wire in bulb broken,If ok have the bulb socket contacts checked to see if they are the problem or posable bad ground for that bulb. ... 2003 Buick Rendezvous

Describe how to change fog lamp (just the bulb) on 2005 subaru forester. As far as I know the fog light assembly is fine, the bulb has just burned out. If you know which bulb to use please let me know, auto parts place in my town only can find the whole fog lamp assembly in their computer. They say if I take it apart we can order the bulb based on what is in their now.

2005 Forester - It is easiest to remove the fog assembly.1. From underneath the vehicle pry out one plastic fastener to be able to bend the light weight plastic mud protector downward. You will see the underside of the fog light ass ... 2005 Subaru Forester

The A/T temp controller in the middle of the dash is where you change temperature fan speed etc. Looks like on the right hand side the back light is dimmer than the left side. I think one of the bulbs is burned out.I believe if you are careful the bulb might be replaceable but I'm not sure. Can you find out if these bulbs can be soldered in the board.The dealer says,"the whole unit needs to be replaced"(498.00)I understand that but I'm taking a chance that someone has already done this repair a

It can be done, but it's better to take it to a electronic shop to do the repair rather then your self. I had the LED screen on the radio go bad and did not now what station or time it was, the screen was dead and the dealer said the sam ... 2005 GMC Sierra

At first my front right hand turn signal wasnt working. my husband thought that the bulb burned so we bought one..but when he went to change it he noticed it was the wrong one..and also when he lifted the hood he noticed the wires were disconnected from the bulb...when he put it back...the right hand side flashes alot faster then the left one...(only when the head lights are on) when we shut the head lights off...it goes back to normal...what do you think it is..and is it expensive?

Not expensive, Go back under the Hood and compare the wiring positions on the Left hand bulb to the RH. If this is all correct, then check the Ground connection of that lamp. When the Headlights are ON, the RH turn signal, is tacking a Ground from th ... 2001 Mazda MPV

My father-in-law checked and topped off all of our fluids. As my wife was leaving, an "exclamation point" popped up on the dash and now the vehicle is shifting rough. My father thinks that he may have put too much transmission fluid, which is causing the sensor to act up (which is causing the computer to think there's a problem, hence making it shift rough). Can you shed some light what might be going on??? Please help!!

If the transmission fluid was over filled, it will definitely cause the problem you are experiencing. You need to get the vehicle up to operating temperature and recheck the fluid. If it is over filled, drain some out. Then unhook the battery and let ... Mercury Sable

I have a 1990 Ford Ranger 2.3 very high miles. Vehicle runs, starts and idles well. Does not visibly burn oil. Check engine light comes on at around 65 miles an hour after vehicle is warm. If you slow down it goes off. If you maintain speed it comes and goes. It never comes on during around town driving. When you jump across the diagnostic connector system shows no codes. What do you think?

Best guess with the information provided is restricted flow of the catalytic convertors.At higher speed the rpm's stay consistant. If the cats are not allowing the exhuast to push thru unrestricted the engine will know its labored but not why. ... Ford Ranger

2007 Ford Expedition: The traction control light was continuing to flash on dry road conditions. The dealership replaced the module for the traction control and the vehicle seemed fine. After about 4 weeks, the traction control starting kicking in on at 40 mph on dry road conditions. Dealership seemed to think I was driving too fast. Then it kicked in at 30 mph. The dealership has no idea what problem could be as no codes are shown on computer and of course vehicle seems fine when the

Yes....yes.... and....yesin addition to tire size you could also be dealing with wheel speed sensor issuesare the tires a different size than original? ... Ford Expedition

We have used 1999 Jeep GCL. Key will not turn, nor can be removed. Purchased a used steering column @ salvage yard. Vehicle is at a repair shop. He replaced the steering column, started car, it runs for a few seconds and shuts down. Icon on dash - a circle with a slash through it lights up. Thinking it is a security issue having something to do with the computer?? They are researching this??? If is computer, can it be reset, etc. Help please. I don't want to be taken to the cleaners. Lorrie Harr

You know the fuel pressure regulator could cause your vehicle to shut off after a few sec but then you should be able to start it a few secs later then it will do the same thing..computers can be reset unless they are burnt out.. ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

2003 Corolla dash lights dont work. tail lights, dome light, head lights, turn signals, etc...all work. I think the bulb is burned. How doyou access &/or replace the bulb(s)?

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Alright so my idiot buddy hooked my battery up backwards when we were trying to boost it fried my altenator burned some wires cooked the computer great eh? so i was wondering how far the damage would be should i replace the whole harness? so far i have lost turn signals my heater fan some of my guages i got the spedo back when i switched the computer. also i replaced the first bit of the wires that come off the firewall just past what i assumed were some type of inline fuse and i think that help

Check all wires if there ok dont worrie check all fuses under hood and inside car.if your wireing and fuses are blown alt wont seem like its charging.take them to a local parts store they will test them for free.check all relays also. ... 1989 Chevrolet C1500

My headlights do not work on my 2002 Subaru Forester. Both headlights stopped working at the same time. I replaced the bulb on one light about a year ago. Now both lights went out so I don't think it's a burned out bulb

Do you have park,signal lights ,check fuses. ... 2002 Subaru Forester

I have been told that sludge buildup in this vehicle is significant and the rings and seals need to be replaced. Dealer is talking major bucks. I think it is a warranty issue, have had oil changed regularly on this vehicle.

If you are using an excessive amount of engine oil, you may have an internal problem. However if the "sludge" the dealer claims is there is actually present, you could change to a good quality synthetic oil. Synthetics resist sludge formation far bet ... 2004 Lexus ES 330

Had no spark. Replaced ignition mod, 2 coil packs, and computer. I now have fire; problem is engine will not run, the fuel injector sprays fuel (too much i think). When i unplug the injector the engine will start and burn off the fuel but will not run with the injector plugged up. After removing and inspecting the injector now the 10 amp computer fuse will blow if the injector is plugged up. 1990 Chevy Cavalier 4cyl 2.2 ltr

I need a diagram for a 1990 chevy cavilier distributer ... 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1991 Nissan Sentra. The instrument panel light is out. I bought a dimmer switch from Nissan parts one year ago. This dimmer switch is still installed in my car. The probability of the dimmer switch being faulty, in my estimation, is a low probability. I'm thinking the instrument panel light bulb may be burned out. My question is in a 1991 Nissan Sentra how would I replace the instrument panel light bulb?

First check the fuse for the instrument cluster lights. If the fuse is good, you are likely correct...as long as the dimmer connections are good, however, it is unusual for the dimmer to go out in the first place so it cannot be completely ruled out ... Nissan Sentra

Engine PROBLEM My 2003 SX wagon keeping burning out the ignition coils, what do you think can solve this problem and my Car doesn't want to start, my wife stated that she smelled smoke and i notice ignition coils burned out, i replace them should i also replace the sparks etc., this vehicle only has 27.000 miles. please give me some feed back

Some how you are getting a massive voltage surge that is frying the coils. Could be a bad ground, the coils get charged up then you lose ground and the coils can’t discharge their load so they burn out. You’re probably gonna need someone ... 2003 Suzuki Aerio

Burn on 2 resistors r347 and r34? upper left hand corner of computer if it was installed in vehicle. codes for idle control, throttle position, and evap stored in memory. never had check engine light on till this happened. driving home lost all power smelled burning elec and went into limp.

... 2002 Suzuki Aerio

Interior light I have Toyota Corolla 2006 My interior light is not working, was okay so far, do I need to pay for computer test before replacing the burned off light bulb can I check the light bulb myself Thanks Regina [email protected] .ca

No. If you see that the bulb was burned, you can replace it yourself, you dont need to take off the battery terminal since taking it off might cause more trouble to your car. dont worry you cant be electrocuted by a 12V dc by just replacing the bulb ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Back right blinker wont work. ive changed the bulbs, checked fuses, but the back right blinker will not work and when that doesnt work neither does the brake light.. i think it maybe electrical but not sure. it always burn the the right wire on the bulb. the lights work just fine, but the blinker and brake light on that side wont work..

Try running your own earth wire to your pigs tail---WOW AMERICAN ,iam getting their ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

The bulbs over my rear license plate keep burning out. What could be causing this? I thought about replacing the bulb assmebly but I cannot get to them. I think I need to remove the panel from inside my rear hatch. I cannot figure out how to remove the panel. Any suggestions?

The opening and closing of the rear hatch is alot for the small filament in those bulbs. Try a different brand of bulb you may have better luck. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have 2005 BMW X3 that needs driver side low beam replaced, when i remove the low beam cover, which is a 4" access opening, I see what appears to be part of the auto leveling or side to side light directional motor or ballast, I have turned the steering wheel to either side thinking that it may give me a better visual to the bulb but with no luck, I don't see the actual bulb like others on the web are stating, I am frustrated because I can rebuild and restore classic vehicles but am at a loss w

1-2With some help from a friend - These two pi ... BMW X3

My right rear turn signal lamp won't work. I thought it was just a bulb that had burned out and that replacing it would do the trick. However, when I replaced it, it still didn't work. the other two signals on the right work so I don't think it could be a fuse, is it a wiring problem or maybe just the bulb housing???

Possible ground problem, look very close and inspect the lamp holder for possible breaks in wiring ... Scion TC
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