Having problems with your 2006 Saturn Vue ?

Security light flashes after car locked and not running

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Security System 94 Grand Cherokee Laredo took a hit on the driver side door. Then the battery went dead because my son left his parking lights on. He got the battery charged, but can turn off the security system because the door, along with the lock is smashed. The vehicle will start, but the security system is on and won't along the car to stay running, along with the lights flashing and horn a goin'. How does one disable the security system with the driver's side door?

Any time the battery goes dead or is taken out ,when you put it back in ,or recharge it you must do this .rotate the key in the door 3 times ,then do the same in the ignition switch ,car should start. ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Just replaced lock cylinder with chip now car wont turn over security light flashes when I turn back to run position How do I get car to start

Dealer only ,think you have damaged the trransponder ... 1996 Buick Riviera

Security malfunction none of the gauges on dash work and the security light is on,battery light,and service engine soon,car runs but doors wont lock or trunk open,or lights wont go out after i shut car off,how do u reset factory security,i have tried unhooking battery,and reseting codes with my code reader,but when i hook it up it says it cant link up.also when i lock doors they just unlock their selves. this just happened while my wife was driving down the road,she drove it the rest of the way

A failing VATS module should only cause the car not to start. It shouldn't cause the doors to unlock and the radio not to work as well as the OBD2 port. The VATS also has nothing to do with your dash gauges so that can't be the only problem, if the ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I am experiencing an intermittent no start problem (no starter, radio doesn't work with key in the on position, doors locks get accuated) with a 2003 Jetta TDI. If I disconnect the battery and reconnect it the car will start without problem except the brake warning light and some others flash and the warning beeper sounds. The flashing lights and beeping sometimes also happens when I open the windows when the car is running. The car runs fine.

First check your parking brake is fully released. If the parking brake lever is slighty applied. It will give you the "BRAKE" or(!) warning light and the chime will sound.---- Get the brake system cleaned , might just be a wheel sensor. Mine ac ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

How do i get the security shut down to stop? The lock on the driver side door sticks and when i hit the electric lock button on the passenger side door it did not lock the door then when i went to open the door the horn started going off and the lights are flashing and there is a security light on the dash flashing and it won't run?

Try using the key on the passenger side. ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I recently entered my Jeep and the lights started to flash and the Security word came up on the dash. The car almost did not start. Could a weak battery have caused this? When I turned off the ignition and closed the door and locked it the lights stopped flashing and the Security light went out. I cannot start the car now but the symptoms re-occured when I tried.

Hi and welcome to Fixya!\015\012\015\012Yes this can be caused by a weak battery. I strongly suggest that you replace the battery sooner. \015\012\015\012Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! Have a good one! ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The security module was disconnected with car running, after a malfunction that would not let the car start. I reconnected the security module, which showed a lit alarm light and flashing parking lights. How does one reattach the security module and get the alarm light off and the parking lights to go off? this is a 1990 Chrysler Imperial, with all whistles and bells.

... 1990 Chrysler Imperial

Security light flashes after car locked and not running

Its suppose to flash ... 2006 Saturn Vue

Security light flashes after car locked and not running

... 2006 Saturn Vue

Battery, security and service vehicle lights flash also radio is locked. Car runs normally.

The radio will have to have a code entered to make it work. ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

Where are the gas filters located Would the security system keep the car from running ? We just bought the car used and the battery was dead and the security lights start blinking when we try to sstart the car. The key in the door lock turns off the blinking lights, but the car acts like it is fuel starved perhaps

Lock the doors and unlock the passenger door with the keys ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2003 Saturn Ion -just replace ignition key tumbler housing car will not start tried the procedure listed in Mitchell and does not seem to work the amber antitheft light "picture of car with lock" will not go out. Problem did not exist before we replaced the housing computer states must run procedure to start again. Procedure we used was: 1) turn key on position 10 minutes 2) security light goes off 3) turn ignition off the back to on position fro another 10 minutes and again security light wen

... 2005 Saturn ION

Everytime I cut off my 2001 Impala the security light starts flashing as soon as I cut the car off and open the door.I've tried to stop it with the clicker but the flashing light will not go away unless the car is running or after so long of flashing the battery goes dead.Oh yeah,before this started I would be driving and could hear the bell that reminds u the key is in the ignition.I'm clueless,hope someone can point me in the right direction

... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

2003 Saturn Ion -just replace ignition key tumbler HOUSING, car will not start tried the procedure listed in Mitchell and does not seem to work the amber antitheft light "picture of car with lock" will not go out. Problem did not exist before we replaced the housing, computer states must run procedure to start again. Procedure we used was: 1) turn key on position 10 minutes 2) security light goes off 3) turn ignition off the back to on position fro another 10 minutes and again security light

Greetings,\015\012Does the key have a chip in it? If it does, read the resistance accross both sides of the key chip on the 20k scale, buy a 96 cent pack of resistors from Radio Shack, and solder together a set of them that equals near 2% vari ... 2005 Saturn ION

Flashing light I recently bought a 2005 saturn ion. When I went to leave work tonight I turned the key and then I saw this flashing light it looked like a picture of a car with a lock threw it. It seemed like it was some kind of anti theft or security problem because the radio came on and all the dash lights came on but the car didn't even attempt to turn over when I turned the key. I left it for about 10 mins came back and it started right up. Do you know why this would happen. I have no owners

The anti theft thing will come on and prevent starting for a while if it believes it is attempting to be stolen. even something silly like someone bumping it could possibly cause that. now if it does it at your house in a locked garage or something.. ... 2005 Saturn ION


... 2009 Toyota Camry

I have a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero. It doesn't start all the time. At the times that it doesn't start the security light flashes. I have discovered that I can turn the key on for 10 mins, until the light stops flashing, and then turn it back off and then on and it will start. My question is can if I remove the security sensor will that fix the problem and will my car run just fine without the security sensor?

The Alero has a common problem with the Passlock security module.Usually during Cold or Humid weather conditions.The "10 minute ON" is a known bandaid for those not wanting to spend the $800-$1200 or so to have it replaced. ... Oldsmobile Alero

Greetings. 1998 Voyager Expresso, no security system, remote door locks, 219,000+ miles: Door locks cycle by themselves, interior lights flash, door ajar chimes and lights go off and on, windshield wipers turn themselves on and off. When the vehicle is off, the interior lights go on and off by themselves, and the wipers run a few seconds after the key is off. The battery runs down within hours at intermittent times. Thanks in advance. --Ray

... Plymouth Voyager

I shipped a 2006 infiniti M35 sport from the states to africa and when I got the car the battery was totally dead,I charged it and put it back in the car but the car just sits there lookin at me,ignition light won't turn on,radio,dvd even the screen won't turn on....the red security light just keeps flashing,the things working are the central lock,interio lights,and seat ajustments....I left the car overnight and to my surprise everything started working and car started....but then the battery d

You need a new battery, it is triggering the secuirty system lock out ... 2006 Infiniti M35

I own a Lexus LX 470 and now the flashing lights stay on when i lock the car so I have to unppluged the battery otherwise will run out of it/ I realize that when I open the passenger door the flashing ligths go off and also when I locked the SUv manually with out using the remote control wont start flashing

Could be a fault in your alarm ... 2005 Lexus RX330

2002 aztek security light comes on, the radio locks,the power windows quit working and sometimes the head lamps flash on and off for about 30 seconds. the security light radio and window problem can be fixed by removing the battery cable but the problem comes back. sometimes the problem clears if the car is started 3-4 times.

Same thing happened to me.\015\012You will have to take it to the shop and have a dealer fix it. \015\012It is what they call the "cluster" up by the firewall behind the engine that controls all the functions of the car. ... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

My 2005 freestyle is locked up by the security system. The door lock don't work, the car won't disengage from park and the security light on the dash is flashing and a clicking is going on behind the dash.

Have you recenlt done any work or allowed this vehicle to sit for an extended period of time?\015\012try jumping the battery or getting it charged this can sometimes happen with a battery whos voltage is below 10.6 V DC ... 2005 Ford Freestyle

My 2007 Equinox yellow security dash light,comes on when car is locked,but starts to flash after a few seconds,and continues to flash while car is locked.Is this normal. Thanks Al

... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox

04 grand am v6 security light would come on have to turn key on for ten minutes for light to go off. finally car died and fuel pump wont run , changed ign switch and lock cyl and the first time i tried to start it the fuel pump came on and it started but then died and fuel pump wont kick on again. was wondering if i need to reprogram computer and if so how to. and the car leaks in water on the passenger side floor could it be the bcm got wet.

It's when the security light starts flashing that the infamous "chip" in the key becomes a nightmare to many. Gradually the car begins not cranking anymore or if it cranks it would start and die in a second. Randomly it will do this more and more oft ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Ok i have a 99 deville im familiar with the V.A.T.S problem these cars are having, well my car is doing the same thing . security light flashing, anti teft system problem on my dash, and for some reason wen i open the door i can here a clicking sound in the hood as if my alarm is going off but no horn sound? ....anyway im having a lock smith switch out my ignition lock cylinder out hopefully it works, but my question is will he provide a chipped key with the new cylinder or do i have to buy one

Check out this site. Dont get a new ignition. You can bypass this yourself for much cheaper. As far as if he'll give you a new key or not, i dont know. There are 15 different possible vats keys. So the odds that yours will be compatable are 1 in 15. ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille
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