Having problems with your 2006 Saturn ION ?

Saturn ion radio wont turn on after battery ran down

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Saturn ion radio wont turn on after battery ran down

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2006 Ford focus zx4 St..replaces the alternator last night car ran fine all day I came home for lunch and then I went to leave to go back to work about 35 min later and the car would not start wouldn't even turn over dash lights work. windows radio door locks all works but it wont turn over at all I turn the key and its like the battery is dead and the odometer wont read Milagros just dashes like this ----- -------- I checked the fuses under the Hood and steer

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2001 Camaro Z28 5.7L V8 wont start. Battery is showing full charge, Have not had any starter noise or problems, Ran fine. When I turn the key, most of the dash lights go out, but some stay on, dome light stays on and radio stays on. It just does one click and wont even turn over as the dashlights go out. When I let off the key, the dash lights come back on.

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I need help with a saturn ion 06. We had a system installed after listening to it for 5 min the (original) radio cut out and will not turn back on. Now the windshied wipers wont turn off unless we pull the radio fuse or wiper fuse even with car off keys out. Plz help.

Not a problem with your car, i am a saturn tech and never had this cocern,who ever put the system in messed something up, they may have tapped into a fuse or wire they shouldnt have and thats causing you concern,the new cars are very sensitive to pro ... 2006 Saturn ION

I have a 1995 525I that wont turnover all I get is a clicking sound (NOT LIKE A DEAD BATTERY)I have 12 volts. the radio was changed some time ago and car ran fine. I changed the Transmission,Clutch and starter. The car started when I picked up the car when I went to start the car the next day it wont turn over. 5 speed standard tranny

Sounds like a loose connection to starter motor not allowing full power to solenoid which is where power lead connects. or if it is a second hand starter could be faulty solenoid ... BMW 525

I have a 2003 Saturn Ion 3 that wont turn over and has a new battery

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Check guages light came on , 9 volts on guage,radio died. charged batt. ran yesterday, today it wont start. battery has 12 v. turns over but no start.no guages work,when key is on. checked fuses,ok. no spark at plug wire.

The main problem is the alternator has went out,and the battery voltage dropped to low for it to run.Most likely the computer has lost memory sense the battery was dead,or close to it.I don`t know the year,but this is most likely what happened.The co ... Dodge Pickup

2002 saturn ion wont start or turn over,starter good,battery good

If when you turn it over..if you get a ticking sound it is a possibility that your battery terminals need to be loosened and cleaned then retightened this is the quickest and cheapest way to check this problem sometimes a loose or dirty terminal will ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

My 1996 Saturn would not start tonight when I went to leave work All of the inside & outside lights come on, radio plays, horn honks & we tried charging the battery for several munutes but nothing. When i turn the key to start my car all lights come on but it wont start and its not making any noise like it generally would when starter is going out??

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My 1999 Saturn sl2 wont start anymore, any ideas why? Battery is new, radio and lights all work, doesnt do anything when you turn the key.

Poss ur starter is bad its very common with this cars ... 1999 Saturn SL

2002 gmc 1500 sierra starter clicks but wont turn over. Have checked fuses, charged battery, tried jump starting all it does is you can here solinoid click but starter wont turn. I did turn heater fan on and when turned key fan motor ran way down. Is this a battery or starter problem?

Replace the starter, the solenoid cant engage the starter because it is locked up, hence the extreme voltage drop with the fan when you try to start it with the fan on. ... 2002 GMC Sierra 1500HD

My 1997 Honda Accord LX 4 door wont start. The car was running fine the night before.The next morning I tried to start it, and it wont even crank. The battery is good, I checked it out. All the lights and radio come on, but when I turn the key to try and start it, the radio turns out for a few seconds then turns back on. I checked fuses and they seem to be ok.Is there something I might be overlooking. Thanks

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I just replaced the battery on my 94 montero and it still wont hold a charge. everything will be fine for a while but then the radio goes out and the spedometer reads 0 mph as well as the RPM. The battery meter says it has no power. The car will then only go about 30 mph so I pulled over and turned it off and it wont start. Finally after turning all everything including the headlights off for 20 mins it started back up but keeps having the same problem. I am charging the battery right now b

Check all your grounds for a good connection and same with the positive terminal check for a loose connection clean the cable ends good . all it takes is a bad ground not making connection . ... 1994 Mitsubishi Montero

I recently bought a 2008 cadillac cts, i went to the movies and left one of the lights on. When i came back my car battery had died so i jump started it. The car worked fine after except for the radio it did not want to turn on any more. The lights on the dashboard and radio and ac still turn off but they wont turn off, causing my car battery to die over and over again. please help! i just got my car.

Check your fuses under dashboard.. ... 2008 Cadillac Cts

Ford ED falcon wagon. Car turns over can hear fuel pump but wont start. Also blows fuse beside battery that leads to radio and cigarette lighter. Pulled the main fuse out and the fuse beside battery doesnt blow and car turns over but still wont fire

... 1994 Ford Econoline

I got a new battery for my audi a-4...now my radio wont turn on. i hear i need a code, but my radio wont even turn on for me to enter it. pep boys checked my fuses and said they are all fine...?

Yours radio has a burnt fuse in back right side of it (10A). You must extract the radio box out from dash panel in order to replace this burnt fuse. You need two special radio keys extracting tools. For Chorus and Concert AUDI radios use T10057 radio ... 2004 Audi A4

I have not been able to get my 92 GMC Sierra radio to work although it appears to have power and will turn on and off. The radio station will appear but volume and tuning controls wont respond. Recently, I had to replace the battery in the truck and although the time and station changed when the battery was reconnected, it showed a different time (1:00) and the station that was programmed to the second button. However, it still wont work. I dont believe its a fuse since there is power to the uni


I have a fiat bravo, yr 2000, the light on the radio wont turn off even when the radio is off the light stays on and is now running down the battery, we have taken out the fuse for now so the battery wont be warn down when no in use.

... Fiat 500

My 91 buick park avenue has a problem with keeping battery power. the alternator is working. when i rev the engine the battery goes up. the battery prongs are in tight and the engine will turn over. my radio used to not work, but all of a sudden it works again. since it started working again the battery wont stay charged. all the fuses are working and when i take out the radio fuses the battery still will not stay charged

Have your battery tested. If the battery is good, I suspect there is something that is ON in your vehicle. You will have to find it and secure it. With the vehicle off, you can remove each fuse in turn and measure if there is any amp traveling int ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

I recently jump started my 2008 cadillac cts after that the radio wont turn back on, the lights of all my dashboard do turn on the problem is when i turn off my car and get out those lights stay on and they wont turn off. which causes to kill my battery over and over again, what can this be? help PLEASE i've just had my cadi for about a month barely. any smart comments are appreciated. thankyou.

... 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood

2000 lincoln navigator headlights wont turn on. the battery indicator went to h then l, the lights started flashing and turned off. i replaced the battery with a new one. now the headlights will not turn on but everything else works. i should add that when the indicator went to l my windows,heater,radio,interior incl., dash,headlamps all turned off but vehicle still worked.

... 2000 Lincoln Navigator

I have a acura integra 98 GS. with a brand new battery. i was messing around with the car this morning cleaning it out and stuff, i happend to be playing music in it during this time while the car was running and then i turned the car off and turned it back on so the radio was playing but the car wasnt running, so im trying to figure out what happend within that time until now when i went to run it the engine turned but wont start. all the lights in came on inside, headlights and radio turn on f

HI Honda's is very touchy about low battery make sure battery is fully charge . ... 1998 Acura Integra Type R

2007 Saturn Ion radio will not turn on. At first, no volume so I shut the vehicle off and back on and it appeared okay. The radio never turned on the next time I started the vehicle. I checked all three fuses but all are good. Removed harnesses from back of radio and plugged them back in and could here the CD player buzz a bit but the radio is still not functional.

I have a 2006 saturn ion and the radio wont turn on...there is a picture of a phone on my radio display and when you turn the vol up to 20 or so there is a buzzing sound any ideas ... 2007 Saturn ION-2 Quad Coupe

Check guages light comes on after short drive while engine is running, and the car died while driving on I-95 the lights started flickering getting dimmer. the radio would turn off when anything else electric was tammpered with like when the wipers would move, radio would turn off. pulled over to check alternator belt which was intact. tried to start car again and it wouldnt turn over. took a jump the car started ran for a few min. than turned back off. replaced the battery and it starts with no

It sounds like the Alternator is actually bad.One great way to determine this:Recharge the new battery with a trickle charge overnight. Make sure use remove the wires going to the Battery before recharging.Replace the Battery Wires. ... 1988 Chrysler LeBaron

WEIRD PROBLEM I have a 2000 Saturn Sl1 that was running fine and then it would not start. The lights in the car come on and so does the radio. The head lights do not come on. While I have the key turned to where the lights and radio come on, when I push my brake everything turns off, and when I release the brake everything turns back on. I have charged the battery and it still will not start. Is this an electrical problem, the starter, alternator?

My car did the same thing.... we cleaned the battery cables... makes no since ?? my lights and radio came on too but would not start.... i would could high beam lights, everything.... and when i took the key out my low beams would stay on??? we clea ... 2000 Saturn SL
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