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How much should it cost for an air conditioner charge-up? I have not had the freon replaced in 2 years

\015 How much should it cost for an air conditioner charge-up? My A/C is not working. I have not had a freon charge in 2 years\015
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Answers :

Shouldn't be more than $125.00 If you need freon,you have a leak.They do not ever need charged unless the system leaks.Good Luck!!
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How much should it cost for an air conditioner charge-up? I have not had the freon replaced in 2 years

Shouldn't be more than $125.00 If you need freon,you have a leak.They do not ever need charged unless the system leaks.Good Luck!! ... 2006 Saturn ION

My 94 Camry has had a leaky air conditioner for several years. I had it charged up six years ago, then again last year. Now, a year later, it seems to be dead in the water. How can you tell if the compressor is caput? And if it is, how much will it cost to have it replaced?

The hoses for the aircon unit last about 5 years before they start to crack/perish,poss need a change of pipes then recharge... ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Freon Leak I have a freon leak in my 03 Pilot. I took it to the dealer and they said the evaporator was leaking, they also said that Honda recommends replacing the rear air lines. They said the repair would cost over 700 dollars. I asked how much to replace just the evaporator and they said over 200. I told them to replace just the evaporator. They lady I talked to told me she would tell the tech. She got back on the phone and said the tech told her that the rear air lines were also leakin

The dealer does not want problems with somthing they just fixed so they tend to replace more than needed to be on the safe side ask around and find a good local mom & pop shop they should treat you right ... 2003 Honda Pilot

The air ride compressor has been making alot of noise and doesnt stop running right away, this sits under the crivers colr, what does it cost to replace, and are diff years interchangeable, its a 2005

... 2005 Buick Rendezvous

If i remove r12 with proper vacuum equipment and install r134 fittings to high and low pressure lines can i now simply add r134 freon? do i have to do anything else? Also, if i replace compressor do i have to vacuum any air that would have entered the system before charging with freon?

When the replacement is done, you can add r134 freon but be sure it is on normal gauge.There is no other thing to be done aside refilling the freon.Then for the compressor, you need no vacuum at all.I love that car ... Honda Prelude

Air conditioner condenser needs to be replaced on 1999 jag xk8. the new condenser requires new hoses which adds about 1400 to the cost. i was looking into buying the "old" condenser online so that hoses don't have to be replaced and repair shop said "all the condensers for that year were bad". your opinion?

... 1999 Jaguar XK8

When I turned on my Acura TSX A/C, it was blowing hot air, so I took it into the dealership. The customer service rep called me later and told me that I had a leak in my A/C hose that was causing freon to leak out. The cost to replace the hose including labor is $550. I was not given the option of having the leak repaired. I admit that I have a difficult time trusting car dealerships. How do I know if the car didn't just run out of freon and need to be filled?

Hi, I cannot dispute the price the dealership quoted. That said, a leaking A/C hose cannot be repaired. It needs to be replaced. These are vehicle specific parts so can get expensive. It also costs to vacuum the A/C system and refill wit ... Acura TSX

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima which has been well maintained. Today my a/c was blowing really cold as always and suddenly began blowing warm air. Within the hour I took it to a local mechanic who told me the coil and clutch "came apart". To replace the coil pully and clutch would cost me $545 but to replace the full compressor with these parts would be $745. I had not choice to pick up the car because I do not have this amount of money today to fix this. He charged me $43 for today's diagnosis bef

Get yourself a copy of a haynes manual,and if you feel competent enough,as this is not a difficult job,do it yourself.\015\012you could always ask an expert to help......and our info dont cost..... ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 Hyundai Sante Fe. I'm told that the compressor has a leak in it and needs to be replaced. When it first started happening after driving for about 30 minutes straight it would stop blowing cold air and the flow of air would decrease alot. We had more freon put in and the system charged and it worked for a while and the same thing happened again. What do you think?

... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

I had my O-2 sensor replaced about 2 yrs. ago on my 1998 Ford Mustang GT, 4.6 liter several years ago. My check engine light came on a month ago and the Dealer told me it was the O-2 sensor. Do I have more than one and shouldn't the Dealer replace it free of charge? Also will it hurt my car if I ignore the check engine light and drive it, they told me it would cost $500 and that I should get it fixed. Teri in TX

Hi,$500 is a bit high. The sensors are on the exhaust and basically they help your car exhale. If you continue driving on a bad one it will throw your exhaust, intake and finally engine off key...They cost about $90 buck a pie ... 1998 Ford Mustang

My 2004 Saturn Vue air conditioner no longer works well when the vehicle is at idle RPM (sitting or driving at low RPM). It doesn't get very cold or seem to pull any humidity out of the air. The freon charge is fine. Dealer tells me that compressor is leaking fluid, $1500 to replace compressor. Advice?

... 2001 Jaguar S-Type

Car sat up without being be driven or cranked for over 1 year. When we finally charged the battery and got it cranked, the air conditioner compressor would not come on. We put freon in and it started working, but only on one side of the car. But it appears after a day the freon leaked out and the compressor will not cut on again. I was told and O ring could be bad because it sat up for so long. Where is the O ring located?

There are several o - rings in the system .. You really need to give it a charge and put a sniffer to it to find the leak . It could be anywhere from the condenser to core. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

My car's air-con (Tuczon 2007) suddenly stopped thrice! First time (only after 1 year) brought it to a service center and told me its relay just needed cleaning. 2nd time same thing; 3rd time told me there was something wrong with the climate control switch and needed to be replaced. What exactly do you call that three knobs that control the air-con system? where can I buy at the cheapest price coz they told me it cost P13,000+++here in the Philippines

... 2007 Hyundai Tucson Limited

Air conditioning 2000 grand caravan 3.3 liter. last year i had the air conditioning servist with a chage with coolant. it was cold & i was happy. the following year, this year 2009 it stopped blowing cold air. i thought there might be a leak in the system i overlooked. i bought a recharge freeon kit & charged it, so there is no question, it's charged. i'm still not getting cold air. can anyone tell me what the problem is & can i fix it. thank you, scott

You probably have air in he system. You need to vaccum the system down and then put freon in. You can either rent the equimpent to do it from autozone and do it yourself, or take it to a shop. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

1998 GMC Sierra Pickup Air Condition will not hold Freon Charge. Noticed Seal missing on valve core...how to replace Or could it be something else . Thanks

Is the service port cap missing? ... 1998 GMC Sierra

Toyota Fj cruiser Air conditioner cold on passengers side hot or "regular outside temp" drivers side. Had freon emptied and new put in just last year. Any ideas? Cost way too much to do that again so soon. :(

... Cars & Trucks

My 08 saturn vue has an odd chemical smell and film on the windshield. Had a shop visually inspect for foreign matter in heater box, and used a boroscope to inspect ducts, nothing found. R&I the blower moter, nothing. Pressure tested the cooling system both at cold and operating temps, holds pressure. tested the a/c system charge, good. used freon sniffer to detect leaks, none found. Replaced the cabin air filter. Any suggestions as to what might be this problem?

There was a problem some years ago with sunlight liberating fumes from the plastic on the dash of certain cars and causing a film to form on the inside of the windshield. It could be what you are experiencing ... 2009 Saturn VUE

It took them most of the day, and the labor was $316, and the parts (6 m/craft spark plugs, 6 m/craft plug wire sets, air filter, fuel filter, ignition coil and intake plenum gaskets) were $302. They called me later in the day to let me know that the ignition coil was bad and needed replacement but were not charging me for labor on it. The labor costs don't seem out of proportion to what your $80/hr rate, and the plug/wire combo was about $21 each. You get into one of these scenarios, and you

Undoubtedly, you could have done it yourself for less. But (1) do you have the expertise? (2) do you mind getting your hands dirty? (3) what is your time really worth?Saving on the $80 labor rate is an attractive thought, but what are ... Ford Taurus

How much does it typically cost to replace a motor accutator for the air vents only? My local Chevy wants to charge me $621.00! Help!

The motor itself costs about $120 - as here http://compare.ebay.com/like/110616174057The door motor is under the drivers dash to the right of the gas pedal. You would have to remove the panel above the gas pedal to see it. Here's a direct li ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 2002 Lincoln LS air conditioner has a good freon charge and when it works, it is very cold. However the compressor does not come on like it should. I sometimes drive about 10 miles before the compressor kicks on. Is there a sensor or switch that needs to be replaced?

Hard to say for sure, but if you drive a 2002 lincoln, you should just take it to the dealer. ... 2002 Lincoln LS

Whats the average cost to re-charge the air conditioner freon in a 1995 Oldsmobile 88?

I charge about 85 dollars ... 1995 Oldsmobile 88

My 1999 Odyssey had the passenger window motor replaced in August of 2007. The window just dropped when no one was around it. Yesterday the same thing happened. The window is very rarely used and definitely not in the last year as the air was out so the van was driven only enough to keep the battery charged. Is this normal?

Try to pull it up with your hand when it drop \015\012if it comes up the the retractor assembly is bad ... 1999 Honda Odyssey

Grille has been peeling for a year now and no one as any suggestions other than just replacing it! WIth the same thing!! For the same problem to happen again???? Is there any way to get Nissan to help with this problem? I have the extended warrenty, but it is not part of the covered items. I had to research a recent repair after the dealer charged ME and I was sure it was under the extended warrenty. It was and they had to reimburse me + add the cost of the rental I had to use. They said they ca

Not much you can do for peeling chrome from a grill. (I assume it is plastic). If it is metal you can check with a chrome shop toi see what they'd charge you to rechrome it. Another option is to check with after-market auto accessories places and ... 2004 Nissan Murano

2001 blows 10 Amp fuse and hot air. First time I took it to the dealer and they replaced the fuse, added freon and did an "extensive diagnostic" which cost me several hundred bucks. The fuse blew again less than 2 weeks later. I went out of town for a month and when I came back I stuck a 15 Amp fuse in (not the best move, but it was all I had.) That fuse blew after a day and a half. There is a possible correlation between the fuse blowing and driving at higher speeds. There are no other obv

I will not go into basic electrical theory, the fuse is blowing because a component in the ac system or the ac system wiring harness shorts out as it heats up, it would have been helpful if u provided the fuse number and what box it came from, I a ... Lincoln LS

I have a 1991 Toyota camry and the a/c switch doesn't turn on. I replaced the switch tha fans work and the freon has been charged. I am wondering if a fuse may be causing the malfunction. Oh the switch has an indicator light and doesn't come on therefore no cold air is being dispersed in the car.

I replaced a/c compressor on 1991 toyota camry.I cross wires and compressor came on but would not stay running.Is there any fuses or relays that could keep compressor from coming on. ... 1991 Toyota Camry
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