Having problems with your 2006 Nissan Pathfinder ?

Engine/transmission surges My wifes 08 pathfinder does the same. When sitting at lights the truck gets a slight surge through it every once in a while. This is when at a complete stop, doesn't matter if it is hot or not. Has done it since new but of course the dealer doesn't notice it when they take if for a test drive.

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Answers :

It might be just the fan kicking in or the AC compressor just keeping charge
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Engine/transmission surges My wifes 08 pathfinder does the same. When sitting at lights the truck gets a slight surge through it every once in a while. This is when at a complete stop, doesn't matter if it is hot or not. Has done it since new but of course the dealer doesn't notice it when they take if for a test drive.

It might be just the fan kicking in or the AC compressor just keeping charge ... 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

Transmission wy does my transmission takes a long while before it shifts from 1st gear to 2 nd gear on my 1998 chevrolet tracker 1.6 lt automatic trans 4wheel drive 4 door after about 1/2 mile ok transmission shifts ok after that when hot and i check the oil in it cold or hot doesnt matter still same level on dip stick i changed the oil but not the filter does it matter

Yes it does matter. Remember your filter is a screen that the oil flows over. If it is clogged it will not allow clean oil past it and to some extent will be like you are low on oil or high if the oil can not flow.\015\012Change the filter and ... 1998 Chevrolet Tracker

My 300zx got smoke issue but im not sure.smoke come both sides when i start the car.it got little oil leak from turbos.but once engine got hot the smoke goes away.when driving it doesnt smoke.but it happens only starting.its starts pefeclty.its driven nearly 7000 thousand km since last service.if this ok if i get done a car service?i normaly doesnt drive that car.is this happening because of cold wether?its a mostly white litte gray smoke.that smoke doesnt come out soon after i start but after f

It sounds like you may need valve seals.\015\012The oil sits in the head after the engine is cut off and leaks around the seals into the cylinder.\015\012When you start the engine it burns the oil and sends the smoke out of the tailpipes. ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

My 2004 Chevy Tahoe LT (40,000 miles)aircon blows geart cold air out of the drivers side and rear blows geart cold air, but the passenger side only blow hot air. I have cycled the air on and off, tried it in auto mode, but no matter the setting for the temp on both controlers the passenger side still blow hot air. This just happen 2 days ago and has done ever since.

... Chevrolet Tahoe

I hava a 2002 cadillac deville thats being worked on right now i have posted this problem but I just want to make sure that I'm taking the right steps, and that its not the head gasket. My heat wasn't working and my car is over heating. Since I've gotten the radiator flushed and put back on, a new heater core, and a new thermostat, the has started blowing but the car is still over heating, and the heat blows real hot for about 20 minutes then it starts to get cool again. My mechanic feels now th

A head gasket does not always give those symptoms,if it did,it would be easy to diagnose,witch as you know,is not always easy.But,If there is air in the system,these symptoms will be there,also,are the cooling fans coming on,on there own?And,are they ... Cadillac DeVille

2004 sable My car has had a start up problem in hot weather since day one when I bought it new. Only every few days on a hot day in the afternoon. It hesitates, like it wants to stall out and then will go if I give it gas. Dealership wont fix it because they say it has only done it once or twice to them and they dont have any answers. I know have about 98000 miles. Is there a solution? Thanks

Try changing your fuel pump or fuel filter..but first check your spark plugs.. ... 2004 Mercury Sable

I had the car in for a tune up and oil change and they replaced the battery. Now when I drive the car, only sometimes, when I step on the gas the engine revs and doesnt want to go, goes to 4000 rpms, when I take my foot off the gas it seems to kick in, I have to be driving for a half hour or more, a short trip to the store and it doesnt happen. This happened the same day i picked it up after having the work done, it had never happened before. 2002 elantra. I have had this car since brand new.The

Was the transmission fluid replaced during the tune up. If so make sure that it is filled to the proper level. ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra

Owner of a 2004 Impala 3400 series.. bought car with 170k few months back now. Had maintenance work done as well as done by self. Changed old plugs with Bosch platinum 4 and have haf usues since first week. Installed a new fuel pressure regulator n pcv valve n hose...no issues put a performance chip onto the IAT and now it doesnt idol correct with or without hooked up.. please advise me the next step

Can you put AC Delco plugs in it and put the old chip back in ? ... Cars & Trucks

I've had this start problem since it was new,now it's getting worse. When it first started i had trouble starting if i made more than one stop. Now it does it all the time cold or hot. This is what has been done to try to solve-cleaned fuel delv. components & inside combustion chamber,fuel pressure & volume test,gas cap,fuel pressure regulator (twice),fuel filter,starter,under hood elect. center,ignition lock cylinder & keys,replaced ubec,internal pcm.I'm out of ideas and a lot of money and it's

Take car back to dealer, explane problems and show him your bills.Be nice but tell him you are going broke and need help. ... 2003 Buick Century

I have a 1990 chev 1500 5.7. And for about two years now iv been battling this starting issue. the truck would start usually when cold, but when hot it might take two or 25 tries. it doesnt turn over and I hear the starter clicking, eventually it would turnover and start. Now it wont start at all, and it has a new starter and batt.

... 1990 Chevrolet K1500

Overheating engine i had headgasket test done they say not gasket car is getting hot above 70 km p/h, if i dont free weel now and then i will boil. i just bought the car last week , it was a one owner car.he parked the car about 7 months ago but still just started car almost every day for a few minites. if i take new radiator cap of water is circulating, if i rev car it does try to push little bit water out. could you help please. thanks

It sounds more like a timing problem, if it only does it above a certain velocity. get your cars timing checked ... Cars & Trucks

1987 Jeep Commanche Laredo, long bed, 4wd, auto inline 6. Just had $1,500 worth of drive train work (front to rear) done on truck. On the 90 mile trip back home gas started coming down from top of tank only when engine turned on. Had our local station take a look to see what broke. Sending unit is leaking. Tank is ok, as is fuel pump. No parts stores have sending unit. Have tried on line but am coming up blank. Wish to replace everything since we are pulling tank anyway. Want new parts not used

I had no problem finding a sending using and gaskets for $40 on the Internet.http://www.ca ... 1987 Jeep Comanche

I have a 1992 honda accord LX and my blower motor doesnt work and hasn't since i got the car about 2 months ago. It came with the new blower motor but I dont know how to put it in or take the old one out. i really need to get this fixed quick it is starting to get cold I am going to need heat. Does any one know how to fix this problem? If so could you please help me!!!!! thank you~Joe

... 1992 Honda Accord

A/c problem a/c hot on start up if left in the heat all day. The a
Try to see if there is something stuck between the a/c condensor and the radiator ... 2005 Isuzu Ascender

Overheating datsun 1982 1600 I had headgasket test done they say not gasket fluid did not change colour. car is getting hot above 70 km p/h, it iddles and exelarates well,no pre-ignition or so.if i dont free weel now and then i will boil. i just bought the car last week , it was a one owner car.he parked the car about 7 months ago but still just started car almost every day for a few minites. if i take new radiator cap of the water is circulating, if i rev car it does try to push little bit wate

I had a similar problem i used this head gasket repair but try a supplier in america though :) ... Cars & Trucks

Opel chager To whom may concern, I do face a trouble with charger in my vectra A 1995 V6 2.5litr engine, within the moth i have changed two chargers complete generator and same problem again isn't working, works for some days and it get broken - malfunction. What i have done: I have replaced the connectors at battery since they were very hot i cut both plus and minus and place in new connector and tit them very good, then after using air con while driving it showed the light of battery on

... Cars & Trucks

When cold in morning starts and runs fine once hot takes bout 25 seconds turning over before starts then has like a diesal knock done non return valve new fuel pipes filter put lift valve

If its the 3.0 diesel you have a glowplug fault .\015\012May just be the 40 amp one under the hood or one or more glowplugs have burnt out they can be tested in place by using the ohms on a multimeter - O reading duff plug - 0.8 - 1.0 ok. ... 1999 Isuzu Trooper

I have a Lesabre 1994, I was facing a defected front Brakes discs, so I repaired them & returned the old brake pads to the system since they were semi New! In the same day, I noticed that the break pedal is going very low when using the brakes1 I returned to the garage, and I told him the matter, so he told me to wait more days in order the discs and the pads to take their normal position. I did so, but the same low pedal still exist, so I returned to him and he pushed the air out from the bra

First off you should have replaced the brake pads with new ones and had the rotors turned. If after all you have done you still do not have solid brakes it very well can be the brake booster is defective or it can be just a hole in the vacuum line go ... Buick LeSabre

I have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 running hot i have replaced water pump, radiator, thermostat, radiator cap, and checked all hoses and ran a block tester i am leaking no water why is it running hot water sounds like it is boiling around the new thermostat my dad seems to think i need the dealer ships radiator but i just put in a new one from a radiator shop and my brother in law says since we have ran it hot after putting the new thermostat in we mite need to replace it again if anyone can help plea

Sounds like u have an air bubble. Easiest way to get that out is jack the frt of the truck up as high as u can get it with the radiator cap off and run it ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

Toyota camry 1995. water pump new, radiador new, houses new, temperature sensor new, termost new. but after change the het radiador. this car have problems with the cooler sistem. the sistem working goood the fan work in the time but the hot water make to much presion to the radiador and broke the tap because the sistem take air but I don't not from were because don't see antifreezer going aut o in the floor. wen the sistem take air the fan not work and the temperature going up. my cuestion i

Was the cooling system purged after the new radiator was installed? Purging is the process of running the vehicle at idle with the radiator cap removed and topping off the coolant as necessary. Once the car is fully warmed up and the cooling fans tur ... 1995 Toyota Camry

VW EOS runs out of oil every 1300 miles .... which has done since new and now has broken down with Gear Box Oil Cooler??

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 Honda Civic coupe, i only have heat when accelerating and the car is running hot, I have replaced the thermostat, the car is still running hot, I had a test done on head gasket and the air bled out of the line at brakes plus the said the head gasket was fine, I don't see where the coolant is leaking but I can add coolant and the car doesn't run hot unless I drive take a long drive, when it runs hot I add coolant and it drives fine for several days unless I take at least a 100 mile

There are only three places for coolant to leak.external leak to the outside of the motor,internal leak like a head gasket causing the motor to burn coolant(white smoke out the tailpipe),internal leak(coolant leak into the motor oil.)you say that the ... 2003 Honda Civic

MY AC blows hot, it wont take a charge. a shop told me it needs a compressor so put on a new one and still won't take a charge and blows hot air

Hello again. is your heater tap actually operating? its not stuck on hot is it? just check the tap actually moves when the hot cold selector is switched. ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Got a 91 cavalier 3.1 liter auto it idles good but when you take it for a drive at around 2000 rpm it chugs and almost stalls the cooling fan doesnt kick on and the gauge doesnt work always says its overheating but its not.Got new plugs,wires,fuel filter,installed a new trans the old one was slipping,has a new engine with about 60000kms it was a gm bought motor.Any suggestions?

Sounds like either vacuum leak, faulty throttle position sensor or IAC Valve. Or another sensor which can be tested with an ohmmeter. You can go to autozone.com and register for full free online repair manual for your car. I had same car ... Chevrolet Cavalier


... 2003 Chevrolet Impala
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