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My car engine miss and I change every think, can be the canister?do not have a light on

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Answers :

I doubt the vapor canister would cause a miss, and if it did you would get a check engine light.
If the engine is running rough and the check engine light is not on, it may be something mechanical.
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My car engine miss and I change every think, can be the canister?do not have a light on

I doubt the vapor canister would cause a miss, and if it did you would get a check engine light.If the engine is running rough and the check engine light is not on, it may be something mechanical. ... 2006 Nissan Frontier

01 kia rio has bad rings in the # 3 cyl. i've been just changing the plugs and adding oil as needed but now the same old process happens missing, check engine light, changed all the plugs and wires still missing, still reads a code. plugs are firing (i'm thinking timing belt but the miss is'nt that bad)how can read the code? some cars can be read without a diagnostic pluged up

Rent a scanner, they present more information better that blinking lights. If the engine has a lot of miles, the timing belt is probably ready to fail. The better answer to your problems might be finding a good used engine in a wrecking yard rather t ... 2001 Kia Rio

95 ford thunderbird. engine light on. engine light came on 2 weeks ago and went off, though the outside temp gauge was reading 36 when it was 86. The engine seems to be running good, it doesnt miss and all the gauges oil preasure, temp gauge are reading normal. I get an oil change every 3000. the car has 83000 on it right now

... 1995 Ford Thunderbird

Missing oil I am not kidding - just had my 2002 Pathfinder in for service due to a failed inspection and service engine light ended up putting what was called valve assy-cont and valve assy-vacu on the vehicle milage was at 90,774 miles - and I should have had an oil change at that time but didn't even think about it - 1 week later the service light comes back on. Now just 3 months ago I took it in for service oil change, exhaust kit.. @86,317 miles. I have made an appt. to do oil change tommorr

Very common problem you are burning oil. the piston rings, that nissan used are the problem. We see quite a few of the 3.5 liter engines loosing oil due to piston ring problem. nissan sais that 1qt. per 3500 miles is exceptable, but who want a vehicl ... 2002 Nissan Pathfinder

I HAVE A 1991 OLDS bravada with a 4.3 v6. Service engine light comes on and reads code 42 {electronic spark timing or cicuit failure) I have changed dist cap wires, plugs and rotor button, but still is missing and engine light comes on code 42, what do you think problem is?

Hey, your right about code 42 being the Electronic Spark Timing. The Electric Spark Timing Bypass curcuit or EST circuit is either grounded or open. A malfunctioning HEI module can cause this code so I suggest maybe trying to replace the HEI module. ... 1992 Oldsmobile Bravada

Check engine light came on, ran codes and got miss fire on #6 hole. changed plugs and cleared code, light came on again. ran codes and came up with P0440 evap. checked lines and found no defect. cleared code again, light came on again after about 3 days. thinking it could be the gas cap but installed a new after market cap about 6 months ago. could it fail that quickly? also charcole canisters never been replaced...Dealer item? can you clean them? any help?

Would guess that canister would be dealer only but never hurts to check the local parts store.Could also check online parts store.They say this problem comes from topping of your tank.When fueling and the pump shuts off you are not to put any more in ... Buick Regal

Changed spark plugs on 2006 mustang with 4.0 v6 sohc and car runs rough like its missing. changed spark plug wires and still bogs down. cheaked cylender order and conections and every thing is right. yellow engine light came on at first but i disconected posative post on battery and reset.

Check to see if you put the right spark plugs in the engine (heat range ect) and make sure the spark plug wire boots are seated all the way ... 2006 Ford Mustang

Right when car warms up it has a lower slightly rough idle with a miss every once and awhile. When I drive it, unless I push the gas to the floor, it runs with a miss and shakes the car a bit. Sounds like a light knock in the engine to while running especially when cold. I've replaced the valve cover gasket, spark plug tube seals, spark plugs, spark plug and coil wires, cap, rotor, ignitor, coil, and fuel filter. Thinking it is the distributor or something else in the distributor, or the fuel pu

Could very well be the main relay, limiting power to all the electronics in your car, causing the problems you've mentioned. Have it repaired or replaced. ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a 1999 ford escort SE 2.0 4 cyl. Lately she has been idling rough like she is trying to stall out on me and now it also does it while i'm driving every once in a while. but if I put it in neutral it stops doing it. And it doesn't do it all the time, but is getting worse. the check engine light is not on and I changed the spark plugs,wires and put a fully charged battery in it and nothing changed. I also ran some 'gum-out Fuel injector cleaner' through it thinking that maybe I had a fuel

Your problem might not be engine related, it could be due to a bad torque converter or a bad solenoid in the transmission. The solenoids are around $35 and usually bolt to the outside of the transmission. Your transmission works on vacuum so if the ... 1999 Ford Escort

Car engine light comes on after driving 2 miles or so and cycles on every second (on and off) for about 7-8 minutes, engine when starts is rough, as if cylinder is missing, plugs have not been changed in a long time, acceleration is ok, new starter/battery, charging system is great

Try changing the plugs and wires first of all. If light is cycling on and off it is usually NOT an emission problem and can possibly be damaging if you continue to drive without finding the problem. If the light comes on and stays on, it usually si ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I have a 97 chevy tahoe. I changed the spark plugs, wires, distrubutor cap, rotor. About 300 miles later engine light came on. I thought maybe cheap distrubutor cap and rotor was cheap. I went to auto zone and got another one. Engine light came off on free way. Came back on later on that day. I checked compression test was good. Only miss fire on cylinder 6. So I changed plug and wires again. Still engine light is on. You can on tell the miss fire when your at a stop sign or going slow. Also I

The number 6 cylinder is located (if you are looking at it from the front of the car) it is on the left side third cylinder back from the front. you probally have a bad injector that is just dripping fuel into that cylinder. ... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

Car starts, runs, no engine light.Have changed plugs, coil, oxygen sensors, etc. At 3800 rpms, engine has a miss and if under a light load (going uphill) engine has intermentent miss. Engine miss is at the same rpm regardless of all the changes. Have had three different auto stores and one repair shop run the engine codes with no results. I am currently stumped, can find cause of engine miss. Any suggestions?

Now instead of wasting time with checking for codes,actually have a shop diagnose the issue ... 2001 Mercury Sable

Have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT change radiator, after that the vehicle check engine light came on and the engine has a missed, check with a had held code reader, gave a # 3 cylinder missed fire, change all of the plugs and the ignition coil, light still on car still missing what can I do?

... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

Engine check light comes on , have it diagnosed then changes oxygen sensor than 1 week later engine light light light comes on again. What is the problem ? maybe I should change every sensor in the engine ansmaybe solve the problem Or if there is a way to strip the negine down to a normal engine.

Have it checked again to see if a different code has appeared.Good Luck!!! ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

I have a 1994 gmc 1500 sierra 5.7 liter v8 truck. Ive change the egr valve spark plugs wires distributor cap. It runs good on the highway no studdering in the engine at all. But at times it may miss a lil when im sittg still at a red light. but in th morning when i crank it. Its no miss but when i drive it and stop at a red light it starts to miss a lil. Before I change the egr valve it kill dead mayb twice while I was a t a red light. but havent done that since i change the egr valve. It

Check the cts ... 1994 GMC Sierra

Code PO131 My '99 Honda Civic has 77,800 miles and I change the oil every 3,000 miles. I work at an auto deqlership so anything that goes wrong I can have repaired here., In December my check engine light came on and the computer noted to change the O2 sensor, so they did. All was well for about a week, then the check engine light came on again. Once again the computer noted to change the O2 sensor, so we did again. Everything was good until a week ago the check engine light came on again. This

Code PO131 is O2 sensor circuit low voltage , bank 1, sensor 1. That sensor I would say is the one in the exhaust manifold. I would check voltage to the sensor from the computer. If the voltage is not 5 volts, then it could be a computer problem or a ... 1999 Honda Civic

Hi there my service engine light came on we had it tested and it was cylinder 1 miss fire and we had that fixed she was running rough but not as bad till i went to town and now the service engine light is back on and she is running rough again and missing,i bought brand new spark plugs and spark plug wires and a used coil pack and still running rough and service engine light is back on.And it also takes a while at times to change gear.My car is a 1999 Saturn Sl1 1.9engine single overhead cam cou

Ck compression on cylinder could have burned valve if no could be injector or coil ... 1999 Saturn SC

Hyundai Accent 2000 check engine light on, i was late getting an oil change and it was really dirty. So I thought if I got it changed the oil changed the light would go off. But it hasnt. Its winter here and I gave a guy a boost yesterday in the morning but didnt think anything of it. The check engine light didnt come on till late last night. There is 120844 Km on the car. Its a standard as well. I have changed the air filer as well today. All fluids are topped up and good.

Hi i have only had this problem once after boost.I solved it by disconnection the battery over nite to reset the ECU give it a try,Hope this helps ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Engine missing Have to change sparkplugs every three months to stop problem.This is not normal what is the problem 2000 ford range 4.0 119,000 miles.When I accelerate the tranmission change the engine start to **** then smooth some until transmission change again.When i reach high gear the **** is every now an then. But the more i drive the worse it gets until I change sparkplugs The engine runs great for about three months

First replace oil and filter in the transmisson next replace the spark plug wires and coat both ends of the wire with dielectric greese this should eliminate your problems. Also do a top engine clan to get rid of carbon build up and clean te throtle ... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

2000 Neon started missing but when I drive it fast it runs better, and the check engine light is on. Also, I changed the spark plugs but 1 spark plug has oil on it. What do you think it is?

Here is how to look for an answer to the repair:\015\012-Remove coil wire from distibutor, it is the wire that runs to the coil.\015\012- Remove 1 spark plug at a time. Insert compression tester, and have someone turn engine over. Record ... 2000 Dodge Neon

I changed the spark plugs and the spark plug wires on my 03 monte carlo ss and now car is running rough and check engine light stays on. it feels like it's missing every time i accelerate but it only happen on speeds over 50 mph

Check your firing order, could have crossed a couple wires. ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Can missing motor mount cause oil pressure problems? My oil pressure light keeps flickering and I just got the oil changed, the spark plugs and wires changed and pcv changed. I found the engine mount sitting on the interior of the car (not where it was supposed to be). The engine shakes horribly when I stop at a light. Can it be the reason for the oil pressure light flickering?

If your engine is free to move around, your engine may be losing rotational force to engine twist. Technically, when there is a sudden loss of rotational power in the engine rotating assembly, this could cause the oil pump to stop rotating for a spli ... 1995 Ford Escort

2006 Ford F150 5.4Liter 3 valve 70,000 miles. Started running rough and whistling noise during acceleration or engine lugging, Missing and no power at shift points, engine would pop, NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. AutoZone scan showed bank one rich cylinder # 2 and #3 miss fire. Changed plugs (Thats Another Stroy) seems to be worse. Replaced #2 and #3 coil no change.Whistling noise or air pump noise form paasenger side exhaust sounds like cylinder #3. I'm lost. NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. PVC valve?? Hea

... Cars & Trucks

98 four runner 3.4/v6 --check engine light blinks after a short (2-4min) drive @ 70mph-slow down and the light will go out--I don't feel any difference in the engine when the light is blinking (such as missing, popping, etc--I have changed plugs, wires and one time we got a code for a misfire on 2 and 5, so I changed the coil pack on # 5 cyl which also fires #2--but the light still blinks after that--??

... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

How do I troubleshoot problems for a hemi car engine? Car has been back and forth to dealer six or seven times, do to check engine light. Car has been tuned up, wire harness changed and engine decarbonized. Still engine starts rough and check engine light comes back on,   but after 8 to 10 minutes warming up, engine seems to run fine, yet the engine light remains on. This happens every time the car sits more than six hours (rough starting and so on as stated above). It has been hooked up to Auto

Misfiring is often due to ignition system components. "Decarbonizing" is Chrysler's version of using "SeaFoam" in your engine. In fact, the product is basically the same, only more expensive. It has nothing to do with misfiring unless your spark plug ... 2006 Dodge Charger
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