Having problems with your 2006 Mitsubishi Galant ?

Th engine turns over and will not start. I have fuel but no spark from the spark plugs. I drove it the day before with no problems and when I went to leave my job it woudnt start.

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As a first course of action, replace the distributor cap. If the cap is worn out it tends not to give current to the plugs. If problem still persist then the problem will be on the distributor coil pack itself. It's the main supply of current to the plugs. Located inside the engine where the distributor cap sits.

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Th engine turns over and will not start. I have fuel but no spark from the spark plugs. I drove it the day before with no problems and when I went to leave my job it woudnt start.

Hello and welcome to FixYa!As a first course of action, replace the distributor cap. If the cap is worn out it tends not to give current to the plugs. If problem still persist then the problem will be on the distributor coil pack itself. ... 2006 Mitsubishi Galant

My 94 jeep grand cherokee drove fine two days ago i got home and the next day went to leave and had Nonie powersteering at all. Its full of fluid and pump is circulatinf. We drive it to town n back and still no powersteering. My husband drove it to town this morning and when he pulled into store and it was still messed up but when he started it up and went to leave and he had powersteering and it drove fine. What is the problem here anyone? Is my rack pinion going out and clogging up my pump or

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2006 taurus my wife came home from work 15 minutes later we went to leave and the car would not start? seemed like no spark car didn't even sputter when it turned over we were running late so we took our other vehicle the next day i went out and it started hard but started thought maybe a fuel pump was the problem but i am leaning toward a ignition switch being that it did it again the next day and i could hear something clicking under the hood and the car started again only this time i noticed

I reckon it could be your starter motor or battery-did the lights come up onto the dashboard when you turned the key-if they did then it is not the battery ... 1996 Ford Taurus

I have a 1999 Saturn SL1. i had a problem with it not stating one day. i went back the next day to look at it and fix it. While i was checking for spark it stared up. I drove it for a week then it had the same problem, it started for a few seconds then shut off. I had a friend look at it and he assured me it was the fuel pump. I replaced the fuel pump on it and it didn't work, it still has the same problem. it cranks but won't start. its not getting fuel to the engine, not even up to the fuel fi

Un plug the fuel pump pigtail from the wire harness and check to see if there is 12 volts of power at the wire harness connector, ( key On ). If there is no power at the connector then you will half to work your way back up the wire towards the relay ... 1999 Saturn SL

I have a 1992 Fleetwood Brougham with a 5.7 L engine. On Sunday I was waiting in line to buy gas and the engine stalled. It didn't want to restart right away. I tried it several times (3 or 4) before it started. I pulled up to the pump, shut it off, filled the tank, started itup and drove home with no further problems. Later that day I went to the store. After leaving the store I was at a stop sign and it stalled again. It took 3 or 4 tries to get it to start again. I drove home and as I turning

2 possible causes:1. you have dirt in the tank that's clogging the sump when the fuel gets agitated - leaving the engine stopped allows the dirt to go back on the bottom, unclogging the sump of the pump. The tank will have to be taken off the c ... Cadillac Fleetwood

Pontiac g6 drive the car a bit went somewhere got out came back 2 hours later all it did was turn over an wouldn't start has plenty gas left it alone for a bit try to start it it fired right up. So I drove it next day same thing drove it stopped left it for a bit an wouldn't start had to leave it sit a day went back next day thing started up. But when it wouldn't start on my radio it flassed less engine power wth !!

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I have a 1998 dodge ram 5.9 liter truck cranks over but wont fire replaced a crank sensor truck fired but acted as it was bogged down with fuel so replaced the map sensor fixed the problem truck ran great drove it a few miles and parked it for the next day went out to start the truck she cranked over but wont fire she has fuel and spark but seems to back fire through intake manifold whts the problem

... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

1997 mpv mini van runs great. While traveling i drove from SC to Atl GA....parked and went into motel for evening...the next morning i had very difficult time getting it re started....Like it was not getting fuel....When it did crank it drove fine with not problems.....Went out a couple of hours later and it cranked right up.....But that night after sitting all night again it was very hard to start next day.....Drove back to sc 250 miles....Parked overnight and had the same problem next morning.

I think you should check your battery and alternator.If they both check good you may have a battery draw,something draining the battery over night.Check your doors make sure they are closing like they should. ... 1997 Mazda MPV

I have a 2001 ford escort I was having some problems with being able to pick up speed and sometime when the car was hot and I came to a complete stop with will die and not start for a while. we started with a tune up replace all spark plugs and spark plug wires. I went to get on the freeway two days after and after getting to about 40 mph it started to hesitate agian and by the time i got to the side of freeway would not start so we replace the coil and the spark plugs just in case they went bad

You are running out of possibilities....check all vacuum lines....then check fuel pressure. Fuel pump efficiency may be low. \012After that, a diagnostics check....maybe computer failure.\012Good luck, Paul ... Ford Escort

Van idled high for several days. I changed out the Water in the radiator and the idle went down. The other day it went back to high idle and now wont start. I have no spark from the coil so I replaced it. The problem remains though. It wont start and no spark. Any possible soloutions will be appreciated. Thanks

Replace the ignition control moduel and possible the pick up coil assembly, sit in distributor. ... 1994 Ford Econoline

My 95 towncar...the other day i drove it around...that night i went to turn it on but it didnt..the engine/fan runs but doesnt fully start...it hesitates...what can be the problem? someone told me there isnt any power going into the spark plugs

My experience is it might need new plugs and wires. iv worked on these cars for bout ten years and have run into that problem lots of times. we use them for taxi cabs ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

93 Chevy S10 Blazer 4wd W vin Vortec CPI. Turns over has fuel, and spark, wont start. New TPS, IAC, Knock sensor, wires, plugs, Cap and Rotor. It did this the other day so I manually checked the flash codes and got code 35. So I replaced the IAC and it started right up and ran fine. Went back out the next day started warmed it up and drove it a few miles then home again. went back out twenty min later to drive it now won't start again. Checked the Code again. Code 35 is back? (was gone after

... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have 1984 volvo 240 with 175000mi. Drove about 10mi. One hour later it wouldn't start. Returned next day and it started with no problem. Next day wouldn't start. Cleaned oxidated rotor, cleaned and checked battery cables- checked spark. Just paid a mobile mechanic? to find the problem and the car started right up. He checked relay for fuel pump-seems fine. Dont have a clue and I dont feel safe driving...HELP

You may want to try replacing the spark plug wires. I had a problem with my car not starting occasionally - eventually I figured out that it happened more when it had just rained or was particularly damp outside. This was because when it was wetter o ... 1984 Volvo 240 Series

Fixed fried head light switch, car died while driving. pulled to curb. Cranked fou.r five times, finaly started. No problem for the next day Drove car 20 miles,shut it off and it woudnt start for twenty minutes.Drove to shop changed distributer moduale, it started 4 or 5 times easily. Drove it home, It wouldnt start for 3 hours New batt,starter, alt vehicle was fine until returned from shop with repaired headlight switch. This shop is at a loss asto the problem, as am I,a automotive engine rebui

Sounds to me like you have a bad crank sensor my friend ... 1984 Chevrolet Corvette

I had my car towed in on July 10,2009 to an auto shop to have the starting problem I mentioned before checked.They told me the starter was "fried" and that it needed replacing. I drove the car from the repair shop with the NEW starter the same day. Car drove fine,no starting problems.Car started fine,on July 11, 2009. Heard that 1 second squeak cound from ignition switch,when I started the car.Went shopping.Drove car about 4 hours.After I came back from shopping,I went home parked car.I went to

The ignition relay is faulty.\015\012Look into that.\015\012Please accept this answer to remove the multiple occurances of this same question from the work queue.\015\012Thanks!!\015\012 ... 2003 Toyota Camry

1997 Ford F250 4.6L. Went to leave for work 2 weeks ago and wouldn't start. It would crank, but not start. Left it for a couple days, about 4 days and then tried it and it started. So I cut it off and let it sit for another day, tried it then and it started the next day also. Drove it home from work and it sat overnight and crunk up next morning. Got to where I was going, cut it off, now it will not start again. I replaced the fuel pump relay. Still nothing. I cannot hear the pump cutting on eit

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I own a 1999 Toyota 4Runner 4 cylinder, SR5. I had my drive shaft replaced and the battery went dead while my truck was in the shop. The repair man put my battery on a charger and i was able to start my truck for a couple days with no problems. I first noticed a problem when my truck woud hesitate to start before the engine would turn over. Then, a couple days after that happening my battery was completely dead. I had to get a jump start by using (jumper cables) and i drove for over 2 hours with

Please visually check your battery. If top of the battery is surrounded with blackish material, or it is used for more than two years, probably it is dead. If not, then get the specific gravity of the battery be checked. It is supposed to be in ... 1994 Toyota 4Runner

The other day I had a problem with the blinkers not working.So checked all the relays & found the right one ,cleaned it & blinkers worked.Now this morning I was out stopped & went stopped again & car wouldnt start. So waited about 5 minutes & started right up. Got home for about 1/2 hour or so went again no problem. Stopped to visit about 45 minutes and when Iwent to leave wouldn't start again. Now severalhours later car is sitting at brothers house. 2002 cabrio. Bought it 2 years ago & only pr

Check the crancksheft position censor or the cumsheft censor if you don't have any of thouse change ur distributor completetly ... 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio

Have a 92 explorer.It over heated and then we realized the "flush T" on the heater hose by the firewall was broken. the wife drove to napa and had it repaired (she shut the truck down) after that she started it back up drove to get fuel (she shut the truck down) she started the truck up drove home, she shut the truck down,when we went to start it the next day it wouldnt start.........turns over well but no spark from plugs and no fuel fumes,,,i changed the coil pack checked all fuses and still n

I was not able to see what the expert before me was refering you to as far as a sensor is concerned, but it should be the CKP (crankshaft position sensor). It is accessable from under the vehicle,front of engine,mounted on the large diameter (harmoni ... Ford Explorer

I woke up one morning and went outside to start my jeep and it would fire but it would not turn over the engine and start my car it worked the day before and i was driving it all over the place with out any problems and now it just won't turn over I fixed the ignition coil and i think the problem may be in the spark plugs how do i repair the spark plugs

You dont you buy new ones, as you should not tamper with the coil either, buy a new one ... 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

I have a 1998 Mercedes e240 classic with a transmission problem. I just serviced the transmission and after a couple of days when I was driving the transmissin seized, it refused to go into gear, I switched of the engine after a couple of minutes I start it and it goes into up the 2nd gear and stall again untill I let the car cool, I took it to a dealer and he changed the transmission filter and the car drove perfectly until about 4 days later and it started the same problem again I went to the

\012Hello\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission in this vehicle are computer\012controlled and in most cases when a fault occurs a fault code is\012stored in the memory of the computer control module. There are\012except ... Cars & Trucks

Started it up and there was a clicking coming from under the dashboard and the dash/radio lights were flickering. After a few seconds, the "Highbeam Out" warning light came on. Came home, called around to see who could replace it. Drove to Sears (about 10 minutes away) with no issue. They checked and lights were fine. Drove home - no problems. Went out the next day start it up and just check - clicking and flickering like crazy. Turned it off. Took it over to shop - no problems. They ch

Flickering lights are a sign of voltage change or a poor connection. There is a TSB #01-06-03-005 referring alternator connections. Give this number to your local dealer and they should be able to fix the problem. \015\012TSB means Technical Servic ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee / Approx. 133,000 miles - Owned since new and very well kept. Only at idle, engine stops working but would start again after 20 min wait, would work fine for a few days and do it again. Brought to shop, all tests run, computer has no engine problem history. After a couple of weeks of that, the problem became so bad that had to leave it at the shop and leave it there. Took them 1.5 days of idling to finally do it in front of them. Showing both spark and fuel pressure.

I would try your pickup coil in your distributor. I would also be checking the o2 sensors. both of these things can cause problems like this and would not set off the check engine light. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1990 chevy suburban fuel problem just put a new fuel pump and filter in this summer last week i put new wires cap and rotar and plugs started up drove it it worked much better parked it on my hill went out to start it and it wouldent start so checked fuel going in (duel port fuel enjection) no fuel ,so pulled #1 cylinder checked for spark no spark so changed distributor , Got spark know still no fuel comeing out of injectors

When you replaced the fuel pump, did you notice if the pick-up line was in good condition or not? I have been told by a mechanic that has over 35 yearsof experience that this was a common problem, and especially now with Ethanol being mixed in with ... 1990 Chevrolet Suburban

91 nissan stanza - car will not start, tried serval times and it just click and the turn the key to start. It will not even turn the starter. Tried the next day and it cranked immediately. It has done this several times, took it to mechanic shop and was told it had to do it when they have it to find out the problem. Left it with them for two days and it cranked every time. I got it back and drove it to work and I had to leave it. It would not start until I tried the next day. can you help?

Your starter solenoid is worn and going bad. Have the starter replaced and it should start every time after that. I had the same car, with the same problem. Change the starter. ... Nissan Stanza
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