Having problems with your 2006 Mercury Milan ?

My car will not start and the anti theft light blinks everything else comes on but the car won't start how do i fix it

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My car will not start and the anti theft light blinks everything else comes on but the car won't start how do i fix it

... 2006 Mercury Milan

The instrument panel waring lights started to blink off and on than today the anti lock light was on the trac light says its off. The air bag light is on. the speedometer needle jumped all over it wont go into gear turn off car wont start. Cleared computer by undoing the ground cable and draing the juice. Turn back on it started . Turn and tried again back to old proble with lights. Turn of and tried to start again it wont start. could it be a body control module or something else?

There should be a ground bar near the drivers seat sometimes located under the lower kick panel pull up the door sill push the carpet back look for corrosion here ... 1998 Buick Regal

I put a hole in my oil pan and my check engine light came on and then the car shut down, i fixed the oil pan and added more oil in the car and went ahead and changed the oil filter. now the car still wont start. when i turn the switch over the check engine light comes on as well as my theft sign for my auto locks. im clueless on what else im suppose to do to fix the problem. the car dealership just keeps giving me different numbers to call and i still dont have a solution to my problem. so what

Turn the ignition on leave it on for 10 minutes,then off,and back on,leave it for 10 minutes,and do it one more time,a total or three times,it will take about 30 minutes to do,this will reset the anti theft system. ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

I have a keyless start the blue acknowledgement light comes on and blinked all night now the car wont start had a battery charger on it for 4 hours and it still wont start the cylonoid just clicks but i have power to everything else no blown fuses

... 2002 Buick Century

Chevy cavalier wont start randomly! makes one click and a humm sound my lights come on the radio comes on but the car just wont start, ive had battery replaced along with the ignition switch, fuel pump, fuel filter, starter and alternator. sometimes it wont start for 5 min sometimes it takes hours to start, or i can go 2 weeks with it working perfectly or it wont start a few times a day! HELP PLEASE!!! ive spent a fortune trying to get it fixed and the mechanics i took it to said they couldnt he

Ok then, from your description and the\015\012make/model/year of the car you have there,\015\012it appears you've reset the VATS.\015\012\015\012The car's security immobilizer\015\012reader at the key switch \015\0 ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

Went to get gas, shut car off and removed keys. filled gas, inserted keys and security light is now blinking and car will not turn over, has full power to all accessories, but wont turn. If I bypass the ignition the starter turns over but car still doesn't start - the fuel pump still has no power. How do I reset the Anti-theft key device? I've cleaned, dried and tried both keys, waited 3 hours now and still wont start! Have cleaned all battery/coil/distributer/starter connections and te

Did you clean in the ing. lock cyl. Maybe pocket lint or something blocking. ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

2003 mercury sable ,anti theft is blinking and car wont start,i bought the car from someone they dont have the code

... 2003 Mercury Sable

Car starts but wont stay running, starts missing and shuts off. Youcan pedal the car and keep it running sometimes but seems to start missing, and dark colored smoke will come from tailpipe. Ran fine yesterday morning then started all of this. Put a new fuel pump and filter on the car today, but not fix the problem.

Sounds like she jumped her timing..might be a mechanic job....sorry ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

I want to disable the anti theft in my 2000 ford expedition The mechanic says I have a problem with my anti theft -it needs to be replaced and the dealership is the only one who can help me. The car will start fine, and then won't - the anti theft is blinking, I can go back 20 min later and it will start, then it won't start and a few hours go by before it will start again. The dealership wont listen or make an appointment, they think I should have the key reprogramed and referred me to so

I have dealt with this before and it was the key and it needed the key reprogrammed as you said you were told and it will require the Ford scan tool do set it up.I know it sucks but disableing it I dont believe is an option. ... 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer EL

Help my 1.6 auto clio 99 wont start.i was mending my car and i dissconected the battery at the earth.i fix it and connected back up and tryed starting the car it would'nt start lots off the lights flash on and ticking comes from the battery area like relay box.everything works it just wont turn over.

I'd re-check the battery connections. Starters usually take lots of current, and if there is a bad connection, the voltage will drop and other electrical accessories will stop working (and things will get hot). ... 2000 Renault 181

My car wont start. it will give me the intial start up but the engine wont stay on. i have enough gas in my car so its not that. and it is not the starter. and my radio comes on so it is not the altenator or the battery. what else could it be?

Get the ignition switch tested!! let me know how you get on. ... 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

The car will not start when key is in the on position the relay starts buzzing. And the anti theft is on. But cant code cause relay wont let it communicate with the brain. help Car will not turn over all lights come on. when car is on the main relay under hood starts buzzing. Tried pulling and replacing with another fuse still buzzes. Help

... 2004 Mazda 3 Sport

My immaculate 2001 BMW 530 diesel occasionally wont start. It has been to a few specialists with money wasted on fruitless attempts to fix. When it wont start (it is now & then, about 5% of the times I start it), and once it won't start it "locks out with the problem, until you leave the car alone for an hour or so) It is not heat dependant, the battery is 100%, the starter motor fine, it is as if during the starter spin cycle there is a "cut-out" that comes in, and it won't then start.

You may need to get a mechanic to cheak the crank angle sensor as if it is faulty if it gets into a certain position it wont let the car start ... 2001 BMW 5 Series

My 2003 Mazda 6s 3.0 v6 is running very badly and then shuts off. it starts up and seems to run OK after about 1 minute it starts idling very weird it raises way up then comes down and keeps doing it, while doing that i try to push down the accelerator to make it stop but the accelerator doesn't react at all it wont even rev the car up its like its not even hooked up, but for the first minute of starting the car it does work.. if anyone could have any clue as to were to start to fix this i would


We just bought a used suburban with a remote ignition system. It does not work, however, when you atempt to use it the car will not start for some time there after, I assume this is an anti theft system gone awry. In general to start the car, you must turn the keyto the first click and wait for all the engine lights to come on and then fully turn the key to make it start. However this morning, it wont start at all. It is not the battery or cables or sparkplugs.

I HATE those things. I had one in a f150 I bought .Had the exact same symptoms you describe. Made by Bulldog. Ended up removing it. No more problems after that. ... GMC Suburban

96 Cavalier won't start. Car wants to start and now the anti theft system light is on solid. Ran perfectly until my dad started screwing with my electrical system today with the key in the on position. I suspect the anti theft has gone off and it's shut off the fuel pump. Is there a fix for this without going to a shop? I have tried leaving the key on for 20 minutes, then shutting it off for 30 seconds, then attempting to start the vehicle... the light stays solid and doesn't blink or shut off.

... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Trouble starting.... i changed my battery and now my car wont start. everything else works (lights, blinkers and the alarm light blinks) but it wont turn over. is there a security device that i need to bypass in order for my camry to start. do i need to re set anything ?

Check battery connection. make sure terminals are clean. and make sure the terminals are not loose when connected ... 1996 Toyota Camry

When car is turned off and started later on the radio stations go to am. then the dash lights come on and the milege light starts blinking. then when the car is shut off it wont start again for a while

Its a Jeep. Sounds like a computer problem. Have you changed the battery lately? Has the vehicle been wrecked lately? Check to see if one or more of your body to chassis ground wires have come off. They should be the same size as the battery ground c ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The security light has come on when starting the car,,,,now today the car wont start eventhough I seem to have all the dashboard lights working and the dome light works too. the battery symbol is lit as well as the security light is blinking.

I have this same problem. Evidently there is some sort of malfunction in the security system. You have to put your key in the ignition and turn it on "on" for approximately 10 minutes. The security light will stop blinking, then go off. Turn the ... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

2006 chevy trailblazer with electrical problems when you start it it goes into security lock down the lock and car symbol comes on the instrument cluster how ever the sycurity system is disabled at the information center on the instrument cluster it loses power and all the lights blink on and off in the cluster brakes abs engine lower engine stabletrack guages shut down steering wheel locks brakes wont work gear shifter wont work every thing electrical shuts off it just started doing this 5 days

This mornnig when i tray to start my trailblazer 2006 LT sudnly eletiric power cuted and there is now light,now engen start ,the key can not poled out please rocomand me ... Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My car won't start. The anti- theft light is on. All the lights come on but it wont turn on. I ran out turned it off and went back in my car 20 minutes later and it would not start

This is caused by the anti-theft system not reading the key proper. as a locksmith I can tell you that there is a cure for this and it does not cost very much.\015\012what you will need to do is call a ' automotive ' locksmith and have them co ... Cadillac SRX

When i first got the car it was running fine 2 days ago we had a ice storm and that morning i went to my car n it would nt start up we put anti freeze in the tank in then jumped it then it started right up then a couple days later snow come then in the morning it stop running what going on i just got a battier so what else could it be????????????

Old batteries don't like cold weather. We used to take ours off the car and take it inside because we couldn't afford a new one. Then car started just fine. Finally were able to buy a new battery. My son has this problem now and his car has probably ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

Car will not start checked starter o.k. it will not cranck over with key and when i start direct from starter it wont fire up there is however a no-bus. display on speedo please advise. car does have a factory alarm, but i dont know if this could be the problem, there is fuel coming up from fuel pump. i also removed computer to have it checked and was told that it was o.k all of the fuses have been checked also they are all good, dont know what else to do.

May be your anti-thief system, you will need to get the car to the dealer ... 2005 Dodge Neon

Saab problems Well when I start the car up, the brake fluid light comes on and the anti lock brake comes on. When this happens my windows don't go up or down and the seat doen't work either. Sometimes the the brake fluid light and the anti lock brake goes off and then all the electrial things work again. Can you help me fix this problem?????

... 1994 Saab 900

ABOUT ONCE OR TWICe A YEAR I PARK AT A STORE GO IN AND COME OUT ABOUT TeN MINuTES LATER AND CAR WONT START, LIKE BATTERY DEAD EXCEPT EVERYTHING ELSE ELeCTRICAL WORKS. I call service station and after they get there about 30 minutes later car starts right up. take to station and battery checks out ok.

If it starts 80% of the time, that pretty much rules out your battery.\015\012Once your battery goes, it's gone. That leaves your starter, Neutral\015\012Safety Switch or the Ignition Switch itself. 94 Cad. isn't as complex\015\012as say a 2001 and u ... 1998 Cadillac Catera
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