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I took my 2006 Mazda 6 in for an oil change yesterday. The mechanic said when he tried to start the car to back it out of the garage, the car would not start. He checked the battery and said it had a bad cell. He jumped the car to start it so we could take it home and I would replace the battery. While driving home, we found the auto down function of the power windows quit working and the drivers door switch for the passenger front power window will not work. The passenger front window will work

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Answers :

Usually the autodown feature needs to be reprogrammed. there are usually 2 ways of doing this. First, roll the window down and hold the switch down for a about 5 seconds and then roll the window up and hold for about 5 seconds. Repeat if it does work just to make sure. The other way is to hold the switch up for 5 seconds and try holding down the switch for 5 seconds.
What most likely happened was they jumped it in the max boost position. For alot of new cars like yours it is recommended that you do not do this. Your car has a BCM. Computer that could of been damaged. I would take it back to the service dept that changed the oil complaining. Even tho you had a bad battery they prabably left the key on during the oil service which is why you never experienced a no start condition. If it wasnt broken before the service, they did something to cause this. If they give you a hard time state you will file a complaint with your state Automobile Industry
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I took my 2006 Mazda 6 in for an oil change yesterday. The mechanic said when he tried to start the car to back it out of the garage, the car would not start. He checked the battery and said it had a bad cell. He jumped the car to start it so we could take it home and I would replace the battery. While driving home, we found the auto down function of the power windows quit working and the drivers door switch for the passenger front power window will not work. The passenger front window will work

Usually the autodown feature needs to be reprogrammed. there are usually 2 ways of doing this. First, roll the window down and hold the switch down for a about 5 seconds and then roll the window up and hold for about 5 seconds. Repeat if it does ... 2006 Mazda 6

2001 lexus ls430. Dead battery at airport. jumoers turned over starter fine but car would not start and no dashboard lights, fan, radio but driver and front passenger windows and doorlocks worked but not rear windows and door locks or brake and rear lights. replaced dead battery but no change. lexus on the phone road side assist said turn driver side lock off and on three times manually but still nothing but cranking of starter. car is 50 miles from nearest lexus dealer. help!

Sounds as though when your battery died the engine imobiIiser locked down.YOU MAY HAVE TO HAVE THE CAR TOWED TO A LEXUS DEALER AND HAVE THE MASTER KEY AND OTHERS REPROGRAMMED TO THE IGNITION...BUT If you have your wallet key as well , try ... Lexus LS 430

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When a car battery gets low, the windows won't necessarily move extremely slow - you may still have functionality, but not enough power to start the vehicle. Charge up the battery or replace it if it is more than 4-5 yrs old. As for the screeching so ... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

My 96 lincoln started having problems with the interior lights staying on all the time, then the drivers side window did not work, then the power steering was operating intermittenly and then stopped working, then the power door locks stop working, then the car stalled and would not turn on. All the power was drained. I believe that the battery was not being recharged by the alternator and when the car used up the battery everything then shutdown. I bought a new battery and moved it but the batt

I had this problem with my 97 continental. Spray WD-40 on the door latches, then open & close a few times. This shoula solve the problem. You may have to repeat this to work. ... 1996 Lincoln Continental

I have a 96 plymonth breeze 5 speed. and my battery light came on yesterday,while i was driving and the car started kinda surging. I go to drive it today and my lights are dim radio wont stay on. While i was driving it died, i jumped it put it in gear car died again. I would go to start it and nothing. lights radio and power windows worked but were very dim and slow. Tried jumping once more and nothing not even lights or windows worked. Question is, is it my battery or alternantor?

Make sure the accessorie belt is still good and the belt is not loose or slipping.\015\012It does sound as though the alternator is not functioning. Once the charging system is working again, have the battery checked, a bad battery will ruin an a ... Plymouth Breeze

Just changed ignition switch in 97 lhs - car won't start now - put old switch back in - car starts - faulty switch? reason for change - heater wasn't working and power windows would not work - abs light on and air bag light - talked to ase cert. mechanic - he said it was the ignition switch after putting in new switch all items that didn't work now work yet car won't start?

... 1997 Chrysler LHS

Several days ago I bought an inverter for my car to power some things in my house, shortly after car was acting up kinda spitting like it was being starved for fuel, yesterday i was driving down the road car started to lose power and then died, I tried to jump start it but that didnt work, towed it to the parts store, check battery they said it was bad, so I bought a new one, car still would not start, I pulled the alt, and started out and had them tested, alt was almost purfect, started they cl

Fuel pump,ignition module,crank sensor,ignition switch and yes the pcm or computer check them in the order i have stated them ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

Electrical Issue After adding r134 to the ac system i shut the car off. About an hour later, I started the car and the compressor would not engage. Also, the door locks, power windows and the defroster fan would not work as well. Changing the ac relay did not work. The local parts guy said the Intrepid has no fuse link, but it seems that power is lost to a large area of the car.

Check to see if you oversprayed on some of the electrical connectors, and also make sure you didn't overfill the system. If you overfill the system, the compressor will not engage. Third, make sure you check both fuse boxes. ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

1996 nissan maxima car won't start unless you push it. I went to autozone to test battery they said it was fine. He said it was the starter. now when I am driving the radio will go off and along with that I lose the tach, speedometer, the tempature gauge,the power windows won't work, the blinkers, the four way flashers,the air conditioner. I lose power to everything in the dash. the car still runs the dash lights and head lights work but thats it. This happens at random. Is this related to the s

Sounds like a bad wire somewhere. I dont know with your particular vehicle, but some vechiles wiring leads into eachother for alot of things. If a wire is being grounded out this could cause the loss of the electrical units connected on the wire. Jus ... Nissan Maxima

2000 Buick Lesabre. I parked the car about 6 months ago because I bought a newer car. When I tried to start again the starter gets no power. There is an odd electrical problem because things like the vent fan, turn signals, head lights, tail lights all work fine, but other things like the electrical locks, electrical trunk release, electric windows, and electric locks do not work. I bought a new battery because the old one when checked would not take a charge, but the new battery still has the s

The immobilizer has come on you need to diss arm it or bypass it.This some times happens when the battery is left flat for long periods of time. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

I replaced the battery and the car would not start not even turn over, but everytime you opened the door the horn would beeps, the battery had power and the lights and everything else would work ok. I ended up jumping the car off, and it work fine for a few days, then the same problem did it again. battery problem or what, even with the old battery the car would try to start. this problem it will not turn over. not sure if the battery is not charging, it's some kind of securtiy or what, but the

Review your recent repair records. Note if your mechanic replaced a battery, battery cable, alternator, starter or anything that would require disconnecting the battery. If so, it could be as simple as a loose connection or a defective part. Check th ... Toyota Camry

No dash lights or odometer reading when you open the door and car cranks but will not start. Alarm is in vallet position. Few weeks ago paaenger window would not work then started working then driver side window did the same. As car was being loaded on tow truck we opened the door and all the dash lights came on as they should. Mechanic had car for two days and said everything was working fine then he said while the car was running lights started flashing and sliding door opened by itself. They

I would start by removing the pesky alarm. My encounter with alarms is they create more problems than they actually help a badly wired alarms systeme can be a true nightmare. My advice the best lock for your vehicle is the lock that locks the gas and ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

1996 oldsmobile eighty eight no start no power windows. Car stalled driving up hill. Fuses are ok, battery voltage is ok. Power windows did work before it stalled. Maybe a main relay could be the cause? Any help would be great.

How did you determine that the voltage is OK? Will it run the headlights, brakelights, and horn at the same time? It could have enough voltage without enough amperage(power). It could be a loose cable - that is what I would check first. ... 1996 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra car would not start replaced battery and cleaned all cables car started.Drove car for 2 days then car would not start after being in store for about 45 minutes after driving around all day.Towed car to house cleaned cables could not get it to start Buick dealership said possible security problem but would not elaborate said approximately $750.00 to fix a BM module or something like that but they could not be positive that would work either.

Hello! When you say it won't start; Do you mean the starter motor does not crank the engine? Do you hear a "click" when you turn the key?I am here!...........Guru..............saailer ... Buick Park Avenue

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable and had to replace the battery a month ago. Today, after driving for 20 min on the highway I stopped at the store and shut car off. It would not start back up, it was completely dead. After letting the car sit for a couple hrs, it started right up, but then my battery light came on, and my dash lights and head lights got really dim and windows would not work, while the car was started. Then it would only go 5 mph. So I shut the car off and now it won't start agian

Has to be tested for the solution ... 1999 Mercury Sable

Car starts up but doesn't want to stay on (powered windows, locks and air conditioner aren't working). Could a bad battery terminal connector be the cause?

... Cars & Trucks

This problem has been going on for a couple of months. If my car sits idle for two or three days it won't start. I have a new battery (second new battery in a year). My mechanic thinks that the radio is draining power from the battery. He said maybe a new radio would work. Have you heard of this problem before ? Do you think it is the radio ? Please help. It's a 2001 Chevy Monty Carlo with 81K miles. It runs great when it doesn't have this problem.

Hi! How are you doing? Actually yes I heard of it and it did happened to me a long time ago. Major wirings of the radio goes to:\015\012\015\012a. battery\015\012b. ignition column\015\012c. ground\015\012d. power antenn ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

My 2008 Ford Mustang started having problems a couple of days ago. The radio would come on and off, and at the same time the power in the car (lights, windshield wipers, power locks, power windows) would come and go. Now my car will not start and the battery appears to be dead. I try to start and hear the clicking sound. I had it jumped twice today. Both times the car turned itself off after running for a couple of minutes. During this time I couldn't shift the automatic out of park. Please advi

Hi\015\012it sounds like a bad earth conection, check the battery leads and ensure the black earth wire has a good tight conatct to the battery and also a good tight connection to the car body, if the wire is loose then when driving will touch ... 2008 Ford Mustang

2000 Dodge Stratus - 2.4 Engine. Battery light been going off and on. Today car stopped and all the electronics died. Unable to hear radio, power locks/windows would not operate and car would not start. Just get a clicking sound. Now getting power and could roll up windows and radio came on. Still a clicking sound when starting. Battery is a year old.

The alternator is u/s and now the battery has gone flat ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

Toyota landcruiser 1995 petrol, won't start. this car had been parked for a couple of weeks, and would not start tried a another battery, it started, but when it was turned off, it would not start again, found a small box, in the engeine that said power box, a wire was disconnected to it, reconnected it, car started, turned car off, would not start, it is trying to start, but won't

... 1991 Toyota Camry

I have a 1996 jaguar xj6 and was driving it and i heard a warning chime and about a mile down the road the car turned off. i could not get the car started and noticed all the dash lights and instruments were off. with the key turned on all of the other elecrical things worked ie power seats windows etc. however the car would not start it was completely dead would not even turn over. after a while i still had the key in the ignition and the dash lights and instruments started working. the ca

Hi,Could you tell me if this problem only happens when you are stationary or while the vehicle is moving?ThanksJason ... Jaguar XJ6

Car starts sometimes & sometimes it don't. Battery good, rotor button new, distributor cap new, battery cables new, fuel injection good when checked. Still won't start half the time! Wipers work, only one out of four power windows work. Dome light works, clock don't work. Speed odometer just recently stopped working after having a gear indicator cable replaced. Coil h as plenty power when high voltage checker used. when you turn on the ignition it cranks but don't seem to be geeting t he fire to

Check fuel pump presure ... 1986 Ford LTD

Power windows i have a 2000 buick century. ive replaced 3 of the 4 regulators drivers door reg twice. also replaced the master switch 3 times. now the drivers window doesnt work again. for awhile the window would roll down left the door open started the car and rolled down the window. then my wife caled me and stated the window went down when she started the car and wont go up. the motor is really hot. tried applying power diect and nothing. help!!!!why!!!!

See the diagram and troubleshooting. and fix it. God bless youtest wires, connector, fuse, loose , dirty, bad contact, corrosion, faulty motor, switchs open or dirty or faulty ... 2000 Buick Century

I had recently had my engin redone VW Jetta 3 CL 1993 model, and when i got it back it was working perfectly, starting fine. 2weeks about after one moring off to work the car started fine but on going home the afternoon the car would not start we had to kick start it. I took it back to the guy and asked what could be wrong as it started perfectly that morning but he immeadtly said it could be the battery. So i had a guy come to test it but im not sure if he was just trying to sell me a battery.

Hi Rozanne, It could be a bad connection on the main cable from the battery to the starter motor. I'll need some more details from you though. 1) When you crank the engine is there a clicking sound comming from under the hood? 2) What do you me ... 1993 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1990 cadillac eldorado and my remote car alarm is not working and has new batterybut alarm was still working then i cahange the car battery and started the car and it ran fine then i turned car off and went to start it upand it would not start and on the dash i got a message that said: "starting disabled anti theft systemon and told me to wait 3 minutes and start cart car so i followed the instructions and it still did not start and message came on again remote number on the inside is

... 1990 Cadillac Eldorado
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