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There is a bar holding my gas gauge down

\015 I just replaced the battery because my car seemed to be shutting off on its own due to the positive terminal cable being loose. Now that is tight it still seems to shut off or not turn on at all after being turned off. the gas gauge dropped below e once it died and wants to come back up now but there is a small black bar from keeping it from going to full. tank is full it just wont go back to full. Also the car will turn itself off while driving as if the battery is dead. all started after i gave someone a jump.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The little black pin is to stop the needle going back dont think a jump start would cause that but if when you jump start and terminals are reversed polarity if could fry the battery cels
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There is a bar holding my gas gauge down

The little black pin is to stop the needle going back dont think a jump start would cause that but if when you jump start and terminals are reversed polarity if could fry the battery cels ... 2006 Infiniti G35

After starting the engine it runs fine for a few minutes until it warms up. After it warms up it starts to idle erratically. I put a vacuum gauge to it. Initially when it starts up it holds steady around 18 until it warms up, then the vacuum fluctuates between 14 and 16. The idle is about 525 rpm after it warms up which is within specs. If I give it a little gas to raise the idle to slightly over 1000 rpm the needle approaches 18 and holds steady until I release the gas pedal then it goes back t

Hithis sounds like an air fault, I would check the air mass sensor, this is the wire going into a sensor on your air box, it basically measures the correct amount of air to mix with the fuel, when they get dirty they can cause this fault. ... 2007 Mazda B2300

Hello I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 inline 6. I drove to work just fine and noticed nothing with it then half a mile down the road it died out, the gas gauge was kind of low at the time by the only way it started back up is if I floored the gas pedal and I couldn't let go of the pedal or else the engine would die out, made it to the gas station put gas in and then made it back to my work by holding gas and breaking while drove. It finally started without pushing gas to floor drove

Your timing chain has jumped a tooth or three. Replace the timing chain. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fill tank will not accept gas into tank,as if it has been blocked with a foreign object. It will hold maybe a quart of gas and slowly drain down.It has been running fine on a regular basis.However after several attempts to do this it will still not start. which leads me to believe it is a fuel pump problem althought the gas gauge reads empty. Is this a malicious attack on a vehicle or is there a reasonable explaination ???

To check for a foriegn object, get a metal coat hanger, straighten it out, and firm a hook on one end about 1" round. Feed slowly into the filler tube, hookend first. If it has been blocked by material, which it sounds like it has, you should be abl ... 1996 Ford Crown Victoria

2000 malibu fuel gauge somehow is now under the black bar that holds it up. the gauge seems to work and the fuel warning light comes on.. it just isnt above the little stopper thing so i cant tell how full my tank is. how do i access the gauge needle

... 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

My 1994 geo tracker gas tank , the bar holding the tank has rusted away , how do i repair it?????

Take the two remaining bolts and run all thread thru trunk ... 1994 Geo Tracker

My temp gauge, gas gauge and dash lights are not working, i have day running lights, and the bright lights only work if i hold down the arm

... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

1990 subaru legacy new fuel pressure regulator, and fuel injectors wont hold pressure checked fuel lines by pinching engine side of pressure gauge holds just fine so i believe it's in engine can't smell or see any gas comming from fuel rails and as i said i just replaced injectors

... 1990 Subaru Legacy

The gas gauge is showing empty (no bars) and the "idiot light" gas pump is lit, but the tank is over half full. How do I fix it?

Most likely its the Fuel Sending Unit. ... 2002 Toyota Celica

Grand am has bad miss. plugs have weak spark.seems to run on 2 cylinders.dont know if related but gas gauge started to read full when problem started.acted as if it were running out of gas before but would restart and run fine .now will barly idle.has2.4

You should have a good blue spark accross plug gap if not pull your coil packs apart and check for carbon tracking or corrosion in tower assembly,you could also have a fautly modual. ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a Saturn SL 1998 Man.Trans. When the car is cold, I walk out to start it and the car cranks right up, I notice the temperature gauge goes straight to half way point and the coolant fan immediately comes on also. I drive the Saturn and as it warms up the temperature gauge goes all the way down to cold and at this point if I turn the car off, it will not crank unless I hold the gas pedal to the floor and just keep turning it over and over finally it will catch fire and start. If the car si

There is a sensor its the ects sensor. Its in between the EGR valve and the upper radiator hose on your car. I just changed mine two days ago. And it fixed my problem. My car was doing the same exact thing yours is. The temp. gauge in your car should ... 1998 Saturn SL

I have a 2004 escalade. When you put gas in it it clicks off like its full after pumping only 25 cents of gas. The fuel gauge seems to be working correctly as it will be almost on empty and hold $60.00 +. We just had it in the shop and they replaced a fuel pump but it still has the same problem. What would be the problem be?

Sometimes its just pumping too fast for your vehicle. When the fuel touches the end of the gas hose, it turns off the pump. Try pumping slower or pulling the hose out of the gas hole on your truck a little bit. Not all the way out, just a little so ... Cadillac Escalade

2002 dodge caravan wth po442 and po455 error codes from the obd system. Did smoke test and replaced small section of leaking hose. Repair lasted a day before i got the error lite again with a new problem, erratic fuel gauge readings; car has 3/4 tank of fuel but fuel gauge drops to zero after 10 minutes of driving? Any ideas? I suspect the gas cap not holding a proper seal but wonder is that also possible cause of the unstable fuel readings?

Gas cap has no bearing on fuel guage. Sounds like float is broken in tank ... 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

Hi, My car is Mitsubishi Lancer GLXI 1994. My fuel gauge is not working. The pointer of the gauge is stuck on its first bar. Even you full the tank with gas or turn off the engine. Please send me a step by step instruction.

Sounds like the fuel guage sending unit or fuel level sender\015\012here's some information I found\015\012\015\012under the back seat. there are 2 little handles\015\012one under the left back seat and the other under the rig ... Mitsubishi Lancer

Engine won't hold boost at 6psi or 20 psi I hear a lot of air noise coming from engine compartment and boost gauge fluxuates when pressng on the gas pedal

More than likely you've got a charge air leak. I would start with the basics. If you can, get the car in the air slightly. Set it on a set of jackstands for safety. If you have a friend, have him depress the accelerator and using your eyes, ears, ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

Im going to need to drop my fuel tank in my 1986 camry. I have never done it before but I am capable. So If anyone knows how to do this please help. I dont want to break anything. First Im going to open the cap under the rear seat that holds the gas gauge Im guessing and going to syphon as much out as I can since of course it had to die on a full tank lol. Then going to climb under and start looking for mounting bolts to drop it. Any more info would be appreciated.

First disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Next left out the back seat. It is spring clipped in with two clips on the\012bottom left and right front of the seat. \012Pull clips forward and lift seat front up. I \012hooks in at the b ... 1986 Toyota Camry

94 GMC Sonoma 2wd 4.3 6 cylinder TBI. Rough idle, slow... then stalls. New iac valve, egr vacuum solenoid, and new gas tank fuel pump and filter. Battery will hold some charge After being jumped, but doesnt seem to charge via alternator (might need to replace it) truck sat for two plus years without being started... three possible problems... bad alternator, engine coolant temp gauge, or bad egr valve (stripped the head on the bolt on passenger most side, so it seems really hard to get off with

Could be alternator if it doesnt charge your battery your sensors and computor dont get the right voltage and runs rough and then stalls ... Cars & Trucks

1990 Lincoln Continental has an incredibly weird problem. These are the features: 1. The alarm sounds almost continuously unless the car is going uphill or at higher speed on the straightaway. 2. Just taking your foot off the gas sounds the alarm immediately. 3. When this happens the dash lights flare brighter and stay that way until you stop or accelerate again 4. The bar gauge shows it is usually OVERCHARGING when the alarm sounds. The rest of the time it shows normal charging when the a

Do a voltage check at the main wire that exits the back of the alternator (large red wire ) while the car is at high rpm and also at low rpm it should not exceed 14 volts if it does the internal diodes for the alternator are failing the alternator sh ... 1990 Lincoln Continental

Unsteady oil pressure.... oil pressure so low and the car will start, my question is, the gauge reads about half between (low) and (Normal) bar, while in neutral revving the gas the needle will gradually rise to normal state, even if i drive the car, again will rise gradually to normal and little more, but stalled on me twice since my brother and i changed the oil with castrol changed the spark plugs, we also noticed that there was some oil in the spark plug sockets, not sure if thats the prob

Hello there:I feel your pain and know what you are going thru A few things that you may want to consider is having the oil pressure sensor changed and than i would drain the oil and drop the oil pan and remove the oil pump and serv ... 1999 Dodge Avenger

Gas gauge don't work, how many gallons does tank hold

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1993 chrysler imperial and the head lights will cut off and i have 2 hold the bright light switch 2 keep the head lights on as well as the digital speed gauge will stop reading and some times it will work also it will some times not start but its getting gas and fire then if i wait 30 mins or so it will start right up. can you please help me with what may be wrong with my car? thank you

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Gas gauge will drop to empty and climb back up when gas is in the tank of my 2004 honda civic

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Stop at gas station after driving 250 miles in my 2000 s10 extreme and pump shuts off like tank is full after 3 gallons of gas go in...should take 11 or so gallons. Also gas gauge stays on full and will drop off to empty and pop back up to full no matter how much gas is in the tank. Gauge usually stays pegged at full for the most part. The gas gauge has been this way for many months without the gas fill up problem which is my main concern just thought it might help with the solution.

Sounds like you have a restriction in the fuel inlet pipe,( maybe air locking) also your tank sender unit neads replacing to fix you gauge fault, or it maybe that it has something that is not alowingf it to move freely inside the tank, have a good lo ... Chevrolet S 10

Gas gauge What would cause the gas gauge to stay on full all the time? I had an oil changed about 2 months ago and every since then my gas gauge is not gauging the gas correctly- I

The sending unit in the fuel tank most likelt went bad. It is probably a coincidence that it happened at the same time as the oil change. ... 2003 Buick Century

2000 windstar wont start with gas gauge at 3/4 full. put gallon of gas in tank and car started right up. Thought vehicle was out of gas. Brought to gas station and the car took only 10 gallons and it was full. Gas gauge reads full but will not start when gauge drops to 3/4. What is causing that? thanks

... 1996 Ford Windstar
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