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Front brakes feel mushy after being replaced

\015 Well my 2006 sonata had a bit of a shake when braking with the original brake pads about 60,000 miles old. So I had the front rotors resurfaced, and replaced the brake pads as you would with any other car. Now the car brake petal feels mushy and sometimes it feels like the the petal sinks to the floor. The brakes work fine except for the fact that the petal does not feel like it did before, it actually got worse in my opinion. Please let me know if there is a trick or if I am going crazy. Thanks : )\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

You have air in your break lines. The two ways you can solve this problem is have the breaks blead to get the air out of the lines, or you can take the top of the break reservoir and pump your breaks to the floor. DONOT DO THIS With the car moving. What this will do is force the air to the reservoir.
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Front brakes feel mushy after being replaced

You have air in your break lines. The two ways you can solve this problem is have the breaks blead to get the air out of the lines, or you can take the top of the break reservoir and pump your breaks to the floor. DONOT DO THIS With the car moving. W ... 2006 Hyundai Sonata

ABS braking My 1999 F150 ext cab 4x4 5.4 with 4 disc brakes has a spongy brake with a clicking feel in the brake pedal--the ABS goes light off and on--I have had all 4 pads replaced--the front rotors turned and replaced the 2 front calipers and bled brakes and still have a really bad spongy brake with that clicking or vibrating feel in the pedal---do you have any ideas? Thank you Dale

Have you check? the master cylinder. sometine when you get the rotors cut they dont come out right because they may be warped or to thin. if you did the job yourself you might have put the calipers in on the wrong side. this happens alot . if ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Brake pedal needs to be depressed very hard to stop,pedal is mushy,pads and shoes have been replaced, rear wheel cylinders have been replaced.calipers have been replaced, front brake lines have been replaced,master cylinder has been replaced,brakes have been bled till they run totally clear. seems like front brakes will lock up on snow and ice and skid this is a 1996 suburban k1500 with 112,000 miles,I'm completely stumped what am i missing?

The pedal goes down a long way(Rear brake shoes out of adjustment) or the pedal is hard to push and you have to about use two feet to stop the truck? (booster problem) ... 1996 Chevrolet Suburban

Brakes grabbing, thudding when brakes are applied. just had brakes checked and work included (front brakes) replacement of one ceramic brake pad, 2 brake rotors, cleaned and lubed sliders; (rear brakes) cleaned and adjusted have returned to the mechanic twice and have gotten a second opinion. both deny they hear or feel anything at all, except that the tie rod on front right had to be replaced. this grabbing and thudding does not occur every time brake is applied, but when it does occur it can b

Sounds like the caliper mounting bolts are tightened all the way down causing movement when the brakes are applied. Simply remove the tires and check the 2 mounting bolts that mount the caliper to the bracket. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

2004 honda crv brakes are locking up, front right hydraulic line collapsed, had both front lines replaced, new front rotors the front right was scorched, new pads, new master cylinder was replaced, when the brakes feel that they are locking up. I stop the car and with my foot i pull up on the break pedal.

Check to see if the rubber bushing is on the master cylinder pushrod where it bolts up to the booster..if its missing and or doubles , it may cause u to lock ur brakes up..i had this problem where the tech didnt put one and or didnt remove one while ... 2007 Honda CR-V

I have a 2002 Passat V6 Wagon and the brakes and rotors were replaced (aftermarket parts) about 3 months ago. The CV boots were replaced 2 weeks ago. When I apply the brakes, about 3/4 of the way down, I hear and feel a "clunk' noise. The CV boots were bad, so they were replaced, but the noise and feeling remain. Also, now I am hearing noises when I back up (squealing) and then just driving normally, I hear a low metal-on-metal type sound from the front passenger side. Mechanic hears noth

Check and see if the Brake Pads were re-installed with all the hardware, ie, Anti-Rattle Clips, shims etc. if your pads are not secure in the Calipers it will cause the pads to rattle when you are driving in effect causing your brakes to make weird ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

Brakes I have a 1993 f250 with a 7.3l non turbo deisel.About two weeks ago the front driverside calliper was stuck,so I replaced it and the front pads.I also bled the brakes.Since doing that the brakes dont work right,when you push on the pedal its hard as a rock and wont stop,but if you let up and wait a minute and do it again the pedal feels normal and it slows down but does notstop all the way.I have also replaced the master cylinder and the check valve and still no change.Could it be the vac

A week ago my brake pedal would not come back up without me useing my foot to pull it back changed both front braqke pads now the brakes grab and pedal is hard when i turn the trk off the brakes releaase is that a colapsed line or vacume pump its a 1 ... 1993 Ford F250

Traction control light comes on off and on. ABS light also comes on. I have replaced both front hub bearing units and brake pads front and back. Every nmow and then the brake pedal feels grinding or jerky feeling then the indicator lights come on. Please help???

Could possibly have a bad connection on a wheel speed sensor. This would cause an erratic reading making the ABS light come on because the system thinks a wheel is either slipping or dragging. ... 2004 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra V8 4 wheel drive. I just replace new rotor,caliper(old and rusted), and brake pads( front left/right wheel). 1) My friend and I bleed the brake line. I pumped the brake pedal 3 to 4 times till hard. We started from the driver side first, rear passenger side, rear passenger side, and than front passenger side. We did this process twice. The brake is still spongy? 2) When we drive the Tundra and press on the brake we feel a little vibration on the driver side brake?

... 2000 Toyota Tundra

Feel vibration in my brake pedal i just got my front rotors and brakes replaced. My car doesn't have ABS so what is the problem?

... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

95 ford f-250 73 disel i replaced the front pads and rotors, compressed the pistons on the calipers with out opening the bleeder and i also replaced the rear brake shoes and resurfaced the drums and bled the air out of the system all the way around, but now the the brake pedal feels spongy, the master cylinder is not leaking, what you guys think i should do or replace next, please help.

Inspect first the repairs that had been done first before proceeding to the next step. Check if the bleeding procedure has been done properly. Spongy breaks is normally caused by air in the hydraulic system. Below is a link to describe the correct ... 1996 Chrysler Cirrus


... 1992 Suzuki Sidekick

I am having some problems with my 1994 Plymouth Voyager. My brakes are not working correctly. When I step on the pedal it feels like the master cylinder is creeping and then all of a sudden I have the pedal pushing back on me. Also when I brake there is a noise from the front initially and then it stops. I just replace the right wheelcylinder and bleed the back brakes not the front. Could this back pressure be a bad master or vacuum booster? I want to fix it back I never experience this kind of

Hi! If the brake master cylinder has no leaks then the problem will be on the vacuum booster. I strongly suggest that you replace the vacuum booster and you'll be good. HOpe this helps and thank you for using FixYa! ... Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a 2000 chevy malibu. I recently replaced the front brake pads. After this when driving down the road when i hit bumps something in the frontend rattles, i can hear and feel it.. when i hit or ride the brakes over the same roads it stops rattling. As soon as i let off the brakes the rattle comes back. I have taken both front wheels back off and checked all bolts. The caliper bolts are all tight. I am using an impact on the wheel. They are placed back on, tightened then retightene

A loose pad could do it.Check the pad anti-rattle clips again. The pads should be snug in the calipers. Its possible the new pads are not the exact same shape as the old ones. ... Cars & Trucks

My clean 1994 le baron 3.0 gets a strong vibration when i am excelerating, it is most noticeable around 28 - 30 mph, i dont really feel it in the wheel but it is a strong shake. any ideas ? the front hubs feek tight with no play, the rear inner and outer bearings were just replaced the car is in excellent shape, however could use the roters turned next brake change(starting to feel a pulse when on the brakes)

... 1994 Chrysler LeBaron

Having same problem. Vehicle had leak on the left front caliper. Replaced both front calipers, and pads. Had no pedal after full system bleed. Removed vacuum line from booster and pedal was good while running. Replaced brake booster. Still having same problem. Have done a manual bleed from each wheel, bled from master, bled from ABS, gravity bled, and attempted an automated bleed. The pedal feels great until we start the car. No evidence of leaks, There is a good pedal and no leaks at the master


93 Chevy Silverado K2500. Wobble in front driver side tire. When braking from 45 mph the whole truck shakes commissionviolently. At highway speeds you can feel a vibration in tire. Replaced front axials rotors brake pads compression shocks balanced tires and had an alignment done. This was over the course of about a year and nothing has fixed the problem.

Did you rotate or change r/frt tire with one of the others to see if it changed ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 toyota tacoma 4x4, the front left wheel is squealing and when you get on a rough road or dirt road you can feel it **** or it feels like something is trying to lock up, just had the brakes replaced and the front wheel bearing, it doesnt do this all the time, any suggestions on what this could be

... 1999 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

How can I diagnose a clunking noise in the front end of my car? It's a 13-year-old Lexus GS400. Sometimes there's a light clunk associated with braking. Other times there's a similar clunk when rolling at low speed but not braking. It could be two different noises from two different sources, but they are similar. The car feels and sounds solid going over bumps and small potholes, and the steering feels secure. The control arms were replaced with new bushings about a year ago. I'm hoping you can

It's most likely the CV joints on one or both sides. Check the CV joints. ... 1998 Lexus Gs 400

I am getting a pulsing feeling from the front wheels when braking on my 2004 Chrysler Sebring. It feels like one or more of the rotors are warped. How do I replace the front rotors with new ones. Thanks.

If they are not worn beyond tollerance they can be machined on the vehicle. \015\012Also make sure its not tyres or wheel bearings.\015\012\015\012remove wheel\015\012remove brake caliper( leave the hose connected)\015\0 ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, new brakes and rotors last summer, vehicle feels like front left tire shakes horribly when brakes applied at moderate speeds, had rotors turned recently and replaced the left front caliper, the problem still exists.

U didnt say anything about a tie rod having any play or could have a broken belt in the tire itself ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have had a pulsation in the rear in my 2002 f150. I had the front and rear rotors and pads replaced and also had a bad passernger side rear bearing and axle replaced. The Pep Boys that did the job scratched their heads and gave me a credit on the brake job and sent me packing without the problem being fixed. They said they looked at the abs sensor but really wasn't trained at that. The abs light has bever came on anyway. It still pulsates and rear ends feels like it is hopping when I brake, Go

You may have loose universal joints check by blocking tires and putting the truck in neutral grab the drive shaft and push and pull with both hands to check for play at the universal joints front and back, the only other thing that comes to mind is a ... Ford F-150

After wearing the brake pads to much, after removing the front driver brake caliper and old brake pads the caliper piston had come all the way out destroying the dust boot. I used the caliper repair kit and replaced the boot and o-ring. After re-assembling the caliper with new pads and bleeding the system of air the brake pedal feels solid then will lose pressure and drop to the floor. While driving pressure builds but will drop to almost nil when applying brakes.

Did you bleed all 4 wheels, and do so with a helper, and the engine running? ... 2001 Dodge Dakota

Hey I have a 98 volvo v90 wagon. I replaced rotors pads calipers and hoses from brake lines to calipers on the front. Now my abs light is on and when I brake only sometimes I can feel the brakes pulsating. The car stops on a dime no whining or wearing on pads/rotors that I can see or hear. I want to say that its the abs system not working but not sure. The dealer told me to bring it in but low on funds. Any ideas would be great. Like I said the braking system is working great except for the abs

... Cars & Trucks

Replaced front calipers,master cylinder,front and rear pads and resurfaced all four rotors.I bled the brakes starting with right rear then left rear, right front then left front and still feels like there is air in the system.the car does have traction control

Did you bench bled master? if yes do you have abs system,if so you must bleed at abs block,if it has bleeders, if not then you must line bleed all 6 lines.2in from master 4 out to wheeles. then rebleed wheel in cylinder.If you have bleeders at abs bl ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis
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