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Dashboard check light

\015 Hello i go the elantra 2006 fx model and there is a orange icon in the left side of the dashboard next to oil one ... icon with some sort of engine and on the botton said check...... in the book manual there si not such an icon .... what do i have to check ........\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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2006 Chevy Aveo 7:21:30 PM Dashboard lights and both tail lights are out. Turned light dimmer to the right on dash and dash lights are still out. Checked bulbs on both tail lights and they are fine. Replaced them anyway but they are still out. Check all fuses and there are no blown fuses. Are the problems with the dashboard lights and taillights connected? What do I do to fix the problem with both?? Please help ASAP!!!!

Yep through the dimmer switch itself. The dimmer switch is either bad or the pigatail to the dimmer switch is bad. ... 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

The engine light and the word check lighted up on the dashboard. Car needed some water but never got hot put water in but light and the word check are still highlighted on the dashboard. What do we do now?

You never mentioned the model,possible that there was an error in the system and you may need to reset your EGM. Please check on your manual if you have one or call up the nearest service centre of the make of your vehicle and consult for free befor ... Cars & Trucks

Help needed on gmc envoy!!!!!!!? hello my friends gmc envoy was not starting i went to diagnose trouble codes i saw the engine check light on when i attached the device i didnt read any codes from the ecu saying there is no trouble code i asked him to unplug the throttle position sensor wire as he unpluged the wire one mor engine check light appeared on the dashboard it was a bit digger in size than the normal engine check light with arrow facing downwards.why is there two engine check light wat

Arrows pointing down is low coolant. If you\012can't read the code because it displays, "communication error", you\012have a blown fuse. Your ALDL may be tied in with the auxiliary plug. Look for a\012blown fuse and replace it.\01 ... Cars & Trucks

Caught a flat tire..front passenger side. Spare time was out on..immediately after hitting 45mph...Trraction control light came on...then Check Breaking Sytem light came on...then Check Engine light came on...then Check Transmission light came on...then engine shut off. Waited 20 mins. Vehicle started back up, no lights on dashboard....got up to speed 45mph again..same thing happen

... 2005 Ford Five Hundred

Dashboard Hum My 2006 Tucson dashboard check engine light came on. Went to Autozone for free diagnosis which showed loose gas cap. Tightened gas cap and light went out. Two days later, light came on again, but gas cap is still tight. Went online. Got suggestion to disconnect battery for a few minutes and did that. Light is out, but now there is a hum coming from the dashboard when the key is turned on, which stops a few seconds after the key is turned off. What's up?

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I have ISUZU AXIOM 2002 4X4, on a dashboard 2 lights are ON, Engine Check and CHECK TRANS blinking every 2 seconds. checked on tech 2 device it gives a DTC NUMBER P 1870. Car itself operates very well, shifts gears etc. when i deleted this error by tech2 device lights went off and didn't appear when i was driving only in city. As soon as i go on highway about 2 hours of driving and first A/T OIL TEMP light goes ON, after i stop car and give a rest, the light goes OFF but then, after highw

Hyjakker , your engine was misfiring, this OP poster is not an engine question at all, .... so....OPno person on earth can answer that. (can this fix it)P1870with all trans DTCsome are real, trans bad.o ... 2002 Isuzu Axiom

Check light Please help, I have a 1999 Daewoo Lanos and have noticed a check light has come on the dashboard. I took the oil cap off and checked the oil. I replaced the cap and the light went away? What is this light?

The engine management light,the computer was just telling you there was a problem. ... 1999 Daewoo Lanos

Transmition problem Hi there, i need help, on my dashboard the check engine light and transmission lights are on periodically Yesterday while there were on i notice that the gear box light on the dashboard would not show right position when i select drive the indicator was on P position and the car had no power! After i turn it of and left it for 2 minutes it was ok but both of the light still on on the dashboard. What could cause the problem? Am i up for a gearbox? Thanks very much

The first step here would be to scan the computer for any stored engine codes and ****** codes, this may be as simple as a bad neutral safty switch also called selector switch, this may be all of your problems but a scanning would be the wise first s ... 1999 Saab 9-5

My saturn L300 dashboard lights keep flicking on and off. And all of the sensor warning lights come on and off. (airbag light, lock/unlock light/ check engine light/ change oil light) Kind of like there is a short of some sort.  It also triggers the a/c off.  And my day lights also flicker in sync with the dashboard lights.  This also triggered my reverse to not engage.  So now my car wont move. No other problems, the car drives perfect.  Is it a fuse that is triggering these problems?

Your Body Control Module is at fault. It is a computer that controls everything that is not the engine.Help and a wealth of knowledge are at:http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/ ... Saturn L300

I have a 2005 Chevy equinox with 73000 miles. My dashboard glow light (speedometer, rpm gage, ect.) suddenly went out, as did both my tail lights (break lights still work) However, when i step on the break, the dashboard glow will light up. ONLY WHEN THE BREAK IS PRESSED. Also, i cant find a "tail light" fuse on either of the fuse panels, to check and see if i just have a blown fuse. Which fuse is for the tail lights? If it is not a fuse, what the heck is going on here?

Hello Anugal kenThe park lamp fuse is in the left side instrument panel fuse box marked as "PARK". There is a relay that is activated by the body control module to turn them on.I suspect that you have a bad bulb in one of the ... Chevrolet Equinox

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The lights in the dashboard and that thing on top of the rodd that says the mpg, direction, etc. dim on and off while I am driving and that is the problem. Things that I know: My battery and alternator are fine. They were checked. The headlights are fine, including fog lights and high beams. They don't dim or do anything. My dashboard light switch looks fine and the lights won't dim if I have it on full (all lights are on in the car). However, I can't dr

... 2001 Jeep Cherokee

My 1992 Honda Accord tail lights, tag lights, and dashboard aren't turning on. I have already checked the fused, the wires, and the relays for the lights and everything is fine. I think that it may be the light dimmer that controls the dashboard but I'm not sure what that part may be called or how to locate it. The head lights still turn on but that is the only thing that does turn on when I switch it on.

... 1991 Honda Accord

How can I figure out why fuse 15A keeps blowing? My dashboard lights don't work nor do the back lights. My breaks and signals work but at night when I turn the car on the regular lights in the back don't turn on nor the dashboard. I tried changing the fuse but once I turn on the lights it blows the fuse right away. I tried to check the only circuit my boyfriend was working on and it still won't work. Please help !

There is a shorted wire somewhere in that circuit. Check to see if any wires are pinched under a bracket or brace where he was working. I have seen it where it was a light bulb the was bad. Need someone familiar with a volt/ohm meter to help trace ... 1996 Honda Accord

Dashboard lights went out. Just the instrument cluster and the center stack lights( Temp controls). The odometer is still lit and it brightens/darkens with the rheostat adjustment, as does the radio. Headlights/Parking lights still work, Interior lights work as well. Additional inf. I checked all fuses under hood on the drivers side and all relays/fuses check out (is there another fuse box?). All the bulbs in the cluster were replaced 6 months ago, a few were out, but I wanted even bright

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My car's check engine light came on and stayed on. The care seemed to run fine. I was going to take it in then i got home and parked it and it was like all of the lights on the dashboard went "nuts" they all stay on and won't go off. The oil-abs-check engin-ect. Also it looks like the fule gauge is broke. It acts like it is ging to work when you start the car but coes to empty. I cant tell if it is in drive or not because all of the lights on the dash stay light (D_R_1_2-3) any ideas.

Hi.Evidently the check engine light came on for some reason.At a glance you may have a problem with the ECU itself (computer) , or a wiring problem, with a contact messing up the car main control module.Also a lose conta ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

On my dashboard for my 2001 nissan pathfinder the check engine oil light is on and the word "Brake" is lit up. (i assume that's my emergency brake light). What is causing these 2 lights to come on. And the check engine oil light flickers on and off.

This is most likely sensor problems. If you brakes are worn, the brake light will come on intermittently. If your "check engine oil" light comes on and you know it's up to the full level, it is probably the low oil sensor. ... 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

My dashboard lights do not work when i start my car. my headlights work, and my interior light overhead works, just not the lights on the dashboard. i checked the fuse, and it was fine, what else could cause this.

The dimmer side of the headlight switch is bad! change the switch ... 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

Dashboard lights and passenger side parking lights (front and rear) do not light. I checked all fuses and bulbs: they were all OK.. Did not check relays or the other modules within the interior fuse box and the under hood fuse boxes...Please help!!!

If the fault would have been in the relays or fuses then all the lights would have been out. Your problem is in the wiring - the wire that powers them is disconnected.\012\012\012You will gonna have to take out the instrument panel to access th ... Chevrolet Aveo

My dashboard lights blink erratically. The check engine light then comes on and stays on while the RPM and oil gauge go crazy. Then all returns to normal with the exception of the check engine light

Check this about the four most common Check Engine Light scenarios and what to do:* The Check Engine Light turns on and off or flickers.If the Check Engine Light comes on in the city but goes off on the freewa ... 2005 Mini Cooper

He brake lights on my 2003 accent stay on, i have found out that it most likely is the brake light switch but now I can t get to the dashboard off! So now I first need help on getting the dashboard off is there little hooks that im missing and then how to check to see whats wrong with the brake light switch, does it need to be replaced or just tightened?

Take a good look you will find only a couple of large screws you need to undo under the steering coulum yes it can be a bit tricky but your aim is to get at the plate above or behind the brake pedal when you get there you will see the small switch if ... 2003 Hyundai Accent

Started it up and there was a clicking coming from under the dashboard and the dash/radio lights were flickering. After a few seconds, the "Highbeam Out" warning light came on. Came home, called around to see who could replace it. Drove to Sears (about 10 minutes away) with no issue. They checked and lights were fine. Drove home - no problems. Went out the next day start it up and just check - clicking and flickering like crazy. Turned it off. Took it over to shop - no problems. They ch

Flickering lights are a sign of voltage change or a poor connection. There is a TSB #01-06-03-005 referring alternator connections. Give this number to your local dealer and they should be able to fix the problem. \015\012TSB means Technical Servic ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

My 98 toyota avalon dashboard light sensor is on. I checked all my lights and they are working. Is there any light that I should check?

Pull the rear bulbs out an inspect them for dark marks on the glass or abnormalities in the filament.A bulb that works but is on the verge of failing will trigger the indicator on the dash as well.Failing that, the lamp failure module is ... 1998 Toyota Avalon

How do i change the dashboard lights in a 1998 ford escort lx? The lights no longer come on. Is there a fuse to check if is burned out or do i need to replace the dashboard light bulbs?

How do i change my dashboard light on 1997 ford escort se ... 1998 Ford Escort

I have a 2002 pt cruiser with a 2.4 L engine. I have a overheating problem. Per the Hanes Manual. I have replaced the water pump, thermostat,low relay switch,Radiator cap, and temperture sensor.and have checked the fan in which is good. the only problem I've found is if I disconnect the wire from the temperture sensor, the light on the dashboard will turn on, otherwise if connected there is no light on the dashboard indicator. this is the light that should go on if the temp gets too hot. but sho

When unplugging the wire from the temp sensor you should have an open circuit. The temp sensor once it detects a high temperature, would create an open circuit and the fan should turn on. I would say that the temp sensor is good, also you mentioned ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I just purchased a 1991 chevy s10 and the dashboard running lights do not work (no light at night on the spedometer. i checked the fuse box and where it has a missing fuse that i am assuming is the dashboard running lights because it's got the letters (drl) right under the missing fuse location the metal pieces inside the fuse holder are missing. Question: can i just goto a shop and purchase these copper clip holders for the fuse to be held in? and cand i just put them in w/o taking the fuse bo

Drl stands for daytime runnig lights and does not have them for those trucks intended for the usa more for canada. missing fuse is not your problem it lies in the reastate (dimmer switch) on the dash it iether burned up or its moved to the all the wa ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10
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