Having problems with your 2006 GMC Envoy ?

Slow idle fault code, sometimes dies when shifted into gear. After clearing the fauld it returns within a few miles with a pending indication after code.

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Answers :

Hello! The low idle code, speaking from experience, is mainly caused by a carbon fouled throttle body air valve that is not opening up at idle. Inspect throttle body for carbon build-up.and clean if necessary. WD40 the throttle shaft and linkage.

Cylinder misfire is a common cause of carbon build-up. Check each coil pack and associated wiring to determine if there is a problem.

Coming out of the rear of the air filter box is a black plastic tube called the mass air flow sensor. One end smaller than the other and a connector plug on it's side. One end connects to air filter outlet box, the other to the throttle body. Remove and clean using a Radio Shack product called DEOXIT($14.99). It is an electrical component spray. It comes with a gold contact circuit board cleaner as well; Set that to one side. Spray the membrane and reinstall. Spray the male/female connector

Start the car and see if your problem is gone...Keep me informed....I am here!


Do you have the code number. check the TPS (throttle Position Sensor) its next to the air intae. believe it or not my dad usally will use throttle cleaner in the air intake to clean it off. just a few squirts will clean it off.
\015\012if you need assistance in locating it let me know.
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Slow idle fault code, sometimes dies when shifted into gear. After clearing the fauld it returns within a few miles with a pending indication after code.

Hello! The low idle code, speaking from experience, is mainly caused by a carbon fouled throttle body air valve that is not opening up at idle. Inspect throttle body for carbon build-up.and clean if necessary. WD40 the throttle shaft and linkag ... 2006 GMC Envoy

Starts/stalls won't run until pedal tapped, 2 miles in town, 6 miles highway, then1000-1500 idle. shut down 9 hours, start/stall tap pedal runs return 6 mi. highway,2miles town same high idle. checked code p0507 high idle, cleared code. checked elect connectors EGR, Mass air,throttle position sensor connectors then started to work. same thing next day no codes, til return. code was p1404, replaced EGR valve, same start stall. no problem starting after full opertatng temp. what next?

Check your IAC motor (Idle Air Control) It could be sticking open.Ps. Might be called Idle Speed Control motor it depends on the make and i forget what chevy calls theres. ... 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

My 2005 Nissan Pathfinder Service Engine Light came on at 80,495 miles.I took it to the dealer and after $403.78 worth of repairs code PO455 was replaced an cleared. One month later at 81,159 miles the Service Engine light returned and after $524.73 later, codes U1000 & P0403 were cleared and I was told that my vehicle will need BANK 2 CAT CONVERTER at a cost of $1200.00. The Service Engine Soon Light is on again at 81,700 miles. Is this a realistic cost for these repairs? How long do I have to

Are you the original buyer? If so I would have contacted nissan because most states have what is referred to as a lemon law. According to Statelawyers.com, Lemon Law refers to the statement from the government that was created to protect consu ... 2005 Nissan Titan

2000 Isuzu Rodeo, 3.2, 112,000 miles, Service Engine Soon light is on, won't pass inspection till I get it cleared off. Hooked up a scan tool the only code is P1340 and it scan tool says it's a Manufacturer Specific Powertrain Trouble Code. Not listed in Haynes manual. Cleared the code with the scan tool and it came back within the same day about an hour later. Anyone have a reference to what code P1340 is? Something I can look into myself? What repairs need to happen? Estimated Costs? Johnny --

Well clear code and drive it about 50 to 100 miles to try reset the monters and see if light stay out if so go get it smog so the system that could couse this is a bad wireing harness this may be hard for you to diagnosis this system put if you want ... 2000 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 2002 Mazda B-3000 Dual Sport with a check engine lite on...the determinator read code as a misfire on cylinder 6, installed new plugs,wires, coil pack, cleared code & returned to driving vehicle about 2 weeks passed turned on a/c while driving check engine reappeared checked all of the above again as well as compression and vacuum test were all within specs, cleared code again and about a week passed and lite came on again. this is the only DTC that keeps coming up on the OBD 2 , would

... 2007 Mazda B3000

2004 Ford Freestar 3.9 liter with 130,000 miles on it. After many failed attempts I simply cannot get this van to run right. Currently reading P2196 and P2198 O2 codes, even though I replaced them yesterday. Codes cleared right after installing all four new O2 sensors, but came back within 10 minutes of driving. I also had just replaced the EGR valve (less than 50 miles ago) as it was throwing codes as well (but not since I replaced it). Found a missing bushing on the front bank intake runner co

How about a fuel sample and new fuel filter? When the Service Engine light comes on this time, have you checked the final codes?\015\012\015\012The throttle position sensor, TPS, could be bad with all the work done on the Butterfly flaps ... 2004 Ford Freestar

Engine stalls driving down the road or on take off. Had code 42. electronic spark tining. E S T circiut fault. Cleared codes and installed a fuel pressure gauge. On test drive the motor, (3.1 EFI) still stalls and dies. Fuel pressure is 38 to 42. No logged codes. Dead headed fuel return and it's 62. Tried another Ign. module with coil pack's, Same problem. Ohm checked the crank sensor and it's 1041 ohms. Act's like it's running out of fuel. 185000 miles. Need a G M diagnostic tree for code 42 to

Trouble Code 42 indicates that there may be a malfunction in the \015\012Electronic Spark Timing (EST) system. During cranking, the timing is \015\012controlled by the ignition module and the ECM grounds the EST line. It \015\012expects to see no act ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina

Engine light on code for the temp sensor, cant remember the code. Freeze frame was at -40 degrees, the fans run constant, top hose is hot bottom hose is cold, but the gauge always reads in the middle. Only the temp sensor has been replaced. Light was cleared but came back on within 5 miles. Have not rechecked code yet.

Top hose hot and bottom clod??? Change your thermostat ASAP. ... 1999 Hyundai Sonata

1998 Dodge 1500 Extended cab 4wd 5.9 Magnum motor Approx 115k miles. Mostly highway driving Check engine light, was coming on and then clearing by itself after a week or so. Started a few months ago. Was one most of last week, cleared on it own Saturday night, then came back on Sunday after a few trips. I can clear by disconnecting battery, generally returns after a few days of driving. Last code pulled a few weeks ago was 301 ? Cylinder 1 misfire ? Prior to replacing stuff mentioned below. I ha

Go here and follow the instructions, it worked for me.Dodge 1995-1999 V8 sparkplug wiring.http://dodgeram.info/tsb/1998/18-48-98/18-48-98-v8.htm ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

2004 grand caravan 3.8L. CEL on, code P0032. Resistance across heater leads on heated sensor measured 1.2M ohms. New Bosch sensor measures 3.1 ohms. Installed it and cleared codes and drove 4 miles. Now the pending code is P0135. I read that the range for 2004 is 2.1 - 2.7 ohms. In 2005 it is 3 - 4 ohms and a firmware update is needed for 2004 that sets the acceptable range to now be 2 - 4 ohms. Recommendation was to search for a lower impedance heated sensor. Not sure if simply buying a Senso

... Dodge Grand Caravan

1997 6 cylinder P0305 code keeps coming back. New plugs, wires, coil pack. Runs rough when started in morning and when backing up. Sometimes the CEL starts blinking while I'm driving. I have cleared the code myself several times and have driven it 2-3 thousand miles before the code returned. Also, the #1 plug seems to be fouling, not the #5.

The cam sensor is most likely the problem,the cam sensor keeps the cylinder on time fire.Remove the cam sensor,located on the front of the engine where the pulleys are,and clean it to see if it has metal particles on it from the timing gears.They do ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 2006 Sentra with a 1.8.My car has 89K miles.The check engine light came on and I used a Innova code reader and it showed a pending P0138 code.I cleared it to see if it would come back.The light returned the next day.I hooked up the reader again and the code P2A00 come on immediately.I have ordered a new O2 #1 sensor but is there something I did that would cause this code?

No you did not do any thing wrong P0 are generic codes P2 is the enhance code, by the way P0138 is bank 1 sensor 2 oxygen sensor circuit high, what causing this code its either internally disconnected or externally disconnected, remeber this is t ... Nissan Sentra

Code P0481 Check engine light came on, code P0481. I changed both radiator fan relays and cleared the codes but it came back within the hour. Car is not overheating but since it's winter in the northeast that's no indication that the fans are working correctly. If I turn on the A/C, both fans come on.... What should I check next??

... 1999 Buick Century

2004 intrepid replaced MAP sensor and cleared codes. about 100 miles later drove to work, 8hrs later started it and engine started intermittently revving at idle and in gear. had to keep heavy on throttle to get it home.shut off. half hr later started up and ran fine. few days later did same thing. got code poo68 and po123. tps voltage falls within parameters of my repair manual...i am stumped

... 2004 Dodge Intrepid

I am at my wits end with this check engine po401 exhaust-gas recirculation and differential pressure. I have replaced the EGR valve and within a couple of miles it came back on. I have a OB2 reader and cleared it but failed the smog test in Ca because it didnt drive through a full cycle. I went to my mechanic and he suggested I replace the EGR selonoid which I did and then cleared the code. Again it came back on. I then read that the culprit could be the DPFE sensor that is part of the EGR famil

Okay...Ready? Remove the EGR valve and clean the throttle passages. They have to be relatively spotless. It's still reliable, just dirty. You're probably not going to believe how much carbon it can hold. All this carbon is restricting the passage ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Just recently got a 2000 Cadillac Seville SLS with 58,000 miles. It was my late aunts. It pretty much sat in her driveway for a couple of years. Very limited use. I started to drive it and it ran great. Just recently the service engine light came on and my mechanic got a code related to the transmission. The car runs great and shifts smoothly. He cleared it but it came back on again within 15 miles of driving. I just had the transmission oil changed today and my mechanic said the filter was sitt

Findout the code. You Said It's Realated To The Transmission I Just Pick Mine Up For What I Belive Is The Samething The Tcc & The Code Is P1860 Thats The Tourque Converter Circuit! You Should Getit Changed Because It'll Save You Gas Pluse Less Tr ... 2000 Cadillac Seville

Sat, sometime in January cel appeared Sun Engine steaming, upper hose clamp on engin was loose at engine connection cyl 1,3 side tightened clamp, washed away antifreze Mon read codes, engine misfire cyl 1,3 assumed something to do with antifreeze leak, cleared codes. 60 miles cel, same codes, replaced sparkplugs, swapped cyl 1,2 wires, cleared codes. 60 miles cel, replaced coil pack, air filter, ysed can of injector cleaner, cleared codes, 160 miles cel, used another can of injector cleaner. 160

I am sorry to tell you this but sure sounds like a head gasket getting weak. By year a model I am figuring you have a EJ-25 2.5 boxer motor. Not easy to really do plug test but are your plugs coming out with moisture on them? Check oil for water also ... 1998 Subaru Forester

My 2000 Maxima keeps showing the iacv and the egr valve. They have both been replaced and the see comes on within 10 to 15 miles after the codes have been cleared.

... 2000 Nissan Maxima

Getting a lean burn error code on banks 1 & 2. reset it and drove 250 miles before it came back on. Reset it again but the code came back within 10 miles. Checked for vacuum leaks, none found, replaced the MAF sensor but code came back within 10 miles.

Check for vacuum leaks.Air tube between air filter and intake manifold.If the motor has over 80,000 miles then the intake manifold gasket can **** in air and leaning out the air/fuel mixture.Give each air / vacuum ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

2001 Dodge Grand Caravan ES 3.8L AWD; 152K miles; Had leaking solenoid pack replaced with brand new (Bosch?) unit in March (along with new trans fluid--proper type as always--and filter). A couple of weeks ago CEL came on checking codes with my $35 handheld ODB scanner showed various TCM codes. Was not able to clear with scanner, so I disconnected battery for 1 hour. CEL cleared for about 5 miles, then light cam back on. Rescanned and got P0740; cleared CEL w/scanner fine but code persist

P0740 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction\015\012Driving the vehicle with this problem and not attending to it asap may cause further damage. When you feel a problem and or see the engine light on, use your head wisely and have a reputa ... Dodge Grand Caravan

Have error code p1407, on a 95 mustang V6, replaced the DPFE, cleared code. Code returned, replaced the EGR and the EGR Vac. Reg., cleared code and code has returned. Need Help to get a permament fix for this?

Hello! There are only two other reasons for this code...The vacuum line to the EGR is open, split or kinked...I would suggest changing the line...Lastly, the EGR system is plugged...Buy a can of Sea-Foam ($9)...And follow directions...It's an excelle ... Ford Mustang

Hi , I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am Se 2.4 and my svc engine soon light came on so i did a diag test and it had code P0440 Evap Emission sys . i was told that was a vacuum leak somewhere?? so first i bought a new gas cap for that yr and model vehicle then i cleared the code and drove it and some miles later light was back on , then i was looking for cracked or ripped vac lines , found one and replaced it cleared code and drove it again and some miles later light was back on ????? my CAN OBD2 sc

Your scanner probably said I/M rediness tests not complete. It takes most OBD II systems about 50 miles to complete all the self tests. Best way to find a vacum leak is to start the car and then using a spray can of carb cleaner, spray around any hos ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

Code po171 had code po174 and po171 cleaned mass air control sensor,replaced egr valve put tank full of 93 octane gas in car plus attitive drove 150 miles cleared codes out first car did not come up with code po171 for about 110 miles drove at 60+ miles an hr. code po174 never came back what should i do next?

... 2001 Ford Windstar

I heard a pop as I was driving and the engine light came on and subsequently started to flash. I changed the plugs and cleared the codes. Two days later, the light come on and started to flash again, and I changed the coils and cleared the codes. The next day, the light came on flashing again, and I performed a compression test, recording 150 in each cylinder, and cleared the codes again. Two days later, the same codes returned. I am now considering a timing belt job, but I need another opinion.

First before going into it that deep, what year and model? Get the codes instead of just clearing them and let me know. I can advise you on how to proceed without throwing parts at it. ... Chrysler PT Cruiser

Just clear the code and see whether it returns. Well my problems returned 2006 chevy trailblazer with stalling and engine light came on after 10mile drive after i clear the code..still...what to do now?

Have the code checked at a garage.Just clearing code wont solve problem,the code is to help you find the problem. Good luck ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer
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