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Broken spark plug coil bolt

\015 While I was changing the spark plugs in my 2006 GMC Canyon, one of the spark plug coil bolts broke while I was tightning. Replacing the coil bolt is no problem but how to remove the broken end looks complicated. Any suggestions?\015
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Answers :

If it is broken off below the surface you will have to try to drill it and use an easy out tool. And it may be frozen in the threads which is why it broke with you.
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Broken spark plug coil bolt

If it is broken off below the surface you will have to try to drill it and use an easy out tool. And it may be frozen in the threads which is why it broke with you. ... 2006 GMC Canyon

Code p2305 ignition coil b secondary circuit. no spark from coil on 2 cyl. replace coil and spark plug wires found and fixed broken wires for remote start

The wire for the secondary on that particular circuit has to be tested If you have a ICM that secondary has to be tested there, If it is controlled from ECM it has to be tested at the ECM, because its a secondary wire it is capable of shorting the IC ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2002 Saturn Vue 2.2L. I thought I needed to replace the timing chain. When we took it apart, we realized that the bolt on the timing chain tensior had snapped off and went into the head. So, we replaced the timing chain tensior, timing chain, the head, all the gaskets. New spark plugs, and a coil pack modular. Now, when we put everything back together, it wont start. When we take the piece that the spark plugs go into, out and turn it upside down, i have spark, but when I put it back in

It sounds like the timing chain was not position correctly. That will cause no ignition spark if the timing is off. Was it positioned correctly upon assembly? ... Saturn Vue

Just changed spark plugs, around 150 miles later noticed a sputter or mis-fire between 45-60 mph. pulled the plugs when i got home, no obvious issues with the plugs. problem continues to persist and the truck is progressively running worse. the check engine light just now came on. runs rough at idle and all the way through highway speeds. removed all the 10mm bolts to the coil packs and pulled each out one by one. even swapping the packs that were thought to be bad. getting an intermittent spark

Hi, I recommend you get a free scan at your local parts chain and write down the trouble code. I suspect you have a bad crankshaft sensor, but the scan will confirm. Send us the trouble code if you would like further assistance, and thanks for usin ... 2003 Toyota Tundra

When i try to start my motor it fires and dies like it backfires but want run, I just rebuilt the motor and it was running OK, but it was not charging battery so i checked the stator it had a broken wire i replaced it and when i started it up again i had this problem plus i here what sound like spark from coil and coil lead, i disconnected the rectifier and stator from the main (RED WIRE) to see if that made any change ''but no'' my plugs seem to spark OK but not continuously they seem to go, st

Are you still using points and condenser? If so try and replace as if they are not new and set correct gap it wont complete the circut. Cracks in the cap and a bad rotor can be causes also. ... Mercury Mariner

2003 nissan altima 2.5S will not start. I have replaced the fuel pump, spark plugs, coils, crank-shaft position sensor. Fuel pump turns ON when ignition is turned. Engine turns over. Have checked for spark, OK for spark. Has 89000 miles. Vacuum hoses OK, all connected none broken.

Check the battery in the key and the engine immobiliser for operation ... 2002 Nissan Altima

92 Honda accord no spark to the plugs I've changed the plugs, distributor cap,rotor bug,ignition coil and still no spark.I've done the test with the threads to a bolt and a space between the plug and engine no spark.I even held the wire in my hand while cranking no jolt either.Can you plz help me could it be my Ignition Control Module?

Check all of your grounds: There is one in front of the transmission leading from the negative wiring from your battery. Another goes from your battery wiring to the inside of your fender area. 10mm bolt. There is another on your driver's side motor ... 1992 Honda Accord

I changed my front 3 spark plugs and a broken wire now and i have very bad rough idle and i could hear clicks? whats going on? should I put the old ones back on? the new ones were bought from part-source. what are the order of the plugs just want to make sure i didn't put wrong plug in wrong socket on coil. Car is Hyundai sonata 2000 gls. now check engine light is on too.

The spark plugs should be matched up with the old ones to be sure that are the same as the new spark plugs and that the threads are not too long or too short and if the spark plugs were pre-gapped or if they nee ... Hyundai Sonata

Any ideas My car has broken down, the problem seems to be that the car isn't creating any spark. I've checked all the spark plugs, changed the ignition coil, removed the imobiliser and still there i no spark. I think that it coulod be a problem with the distributer do you have any ideas. Thanks Scott

HI did your car is Hyundai scoupe 1992 ?????if that...... check the CKP sensor in the distributer ....or there is a flute in the ECU (engine control unit ) inside the car..tell me more to .....to help you w ... Hyundai Motor 1992 Scoupe

Please Help!!! My 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse has been having some sort of misfiring issue for over 2 months now. Started with squeaky belt sound when starting out in 1st gear, worse when air conditioner on. After couple months, got worse when electrical load put on it, then, ran choppy one day, and died. 2 months, 6-7 trips to shop, and 5 tows later, I've changed battery, alternator, broken alternator (bracket) bolt, timing belt, broken balancer belt, water pump, and spark plug wires. Now it ha

Make sure the fuel is good, make sure the map sensor is good, check all fuse and raley for proper operation. check the o2 sensor ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Wont start my truck wont start. no spark and the plugs are dry. i have replaced the coil, crank sensor , cap, rotor, cam sensor, ignition module, and plugs. i found that the crank sensor wires were broken. i fixed those and nothing. it stopped running one other time before when i went through the car wash. but it started after i let it sit for the day. this time there was no water or rain or anything like that involved. it hasnt ran in about a month now. i need help.

Alternator wires ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 91 ford mustang 2.3L 4 cyl that started running like **** today. It sounds like it's on 3 cylinders. I checked the spark from the plugs to the ignition coils. Of the 8 only 3 were sparking on the rear coil. I switched the power plugs on the coils and managed to get spark on 2 plugs from each coil. Is this more likely a computer issue than a coil issue? Do I need to replace both coils?

... 1991 Ford Mustang

No spark at any spark plugs. replaced condensor leading off coil 2 days and it worked but now as before i am getting no spark. coil is getting negative power as normal (tested with test light). i've cleaned pickup coil in distributor along with pickup points. I've also cleaned all points in the distributor cap and tested the plug wire leading from the coil to the distributor cap. its working fine but still no spark...???

Test the pickup with test meter. ... 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Car hesitating 2004 Chev. Cav. when i start my car, the engine light blinks and the car putters. When I drive, i smell gas and the car sucks gas bad!! I have changed the ALL the parts that have to do with the spark plugs, includ. the coil pack and boots, spark plugs, the silver ignition piece on top of the coil pack. That silver ignition piece on top of the coil pack screws into the top of the piece that goes over where the cap to the spark plugs go- I changed that and the car worked fine for ab

It might be a long shot, but i have a 04 cavalier and i once smelled gas and had a putter issue. Turns out the fuel pressure regulator basically sits on the fuel rail with one screw on the side. Over time, the regulator either goes bad or becomes u ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2004 BMW 545i. I'm currently working to remove all of the 8 spark plugs to check their condition. I'm unable to remove the ignition coils up and out of the spark plug holes on the two far rear spark plugs(#4 right side and #8 left side) because the clearance between the tops of those coils and the body of the engine compartment is too narrow; that is, the total clearance is shorter than the total length of the ignition coils. Could I possibly be overlooking a certain step/procedure or i

Sorry, don't know that one, but google BMW 545i coil removal and see what you get. Also, be careful getting the plugs out as some are often corroded in place due to aluminum/steel chemical reaction. Sometimes it takes an impact wrench to jar them b ... 2004 BMW 5 Series

1987 ranger 2.9 V6 turns over fine, but no spark at coil or plug. It is getting fuel, so far new coil, cap ,rotor, plugs, wires, relays,cked coil plug and am getting 12V to coil, but no spark, how do I ck TFI module? What else might be problem? This started 2 mos ago as an intermittent problem, last week it quit in the road and hasnt started since, before then, it wouldnt start unless it sat for a few hrs and then would usually start right up. The last time it happened, truck was only drven a bl

Check the ignition module its usually a silver box bolted onto the Firewall or fender on the right side. Replace it. ... 1987 Ford Ranger

I have a 1984 mazda rx-7 it has a new distributer cap,a new rotor button, new plug wires ,new spark plugs and 2 new coils, the coils are firing through to the rotor button inside the distibuter cap,the engine block does have a perfect ground,but i cannot get fire to go through the spark plug wires to the spark plugs.

Bad cap ???? ... 1984 Mazda RX-7

Have a 92 explorer.It over heated and then we realized the "flush T" on the heater hose by the firewall was broken. the wife drove to napa and had it repaired (she shut the truck down) after that she started it back up drove to get fuel (she shut the truck down) she started the truck up drove home, she shut the truck down,when we went to start it the next day it wouldnt start.........turns over well but no spark from plugs and no fuel fumes,,,i changed the coil pack checked all fuses and still n

I was not able to see what the expert before me was refering you to as far as a sensor is concerned, but it should be the CKP (crankshaft position sensor). It is accessable from under the vehicle,front of engine,mounted on the large diameter (harmoni ... Ford Explorer

I have 1998 mazda capella with an idle problem. i replace broken spark plug wire and one bad coil. still have problem with idle.

Replace the spark plugs and all wires ... 1998 Mazda 626

Broken bolt on spark plug hold down on 2004 trailblazer 6 cylinder motor

... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Distributor the dizzy in my 94 mpv isnt providing spark 2 the plugs iv cleaned the cap and checked the leads and coil pack do u think the sensor is buggered ? if so is it possible for a 93 dizzy to bolt onto a 94??

Yes ... 1994 Mazda MPV

ECU My car 90 olds. put it check engine soon light and rougth, etc special in idle time , Mecanic chanche spark plugs , then coils , etc sensors and divices finally he said me is the ECu actual the cars don't start the last time started god ans rans about 5 min. and stop .What it could be? can I change only the eprom? i understand for my car is the ANLP 3645 .if I change it only could it to being out? The ECU looks like new.I mean no broken pars no smell caratherictic on short etc... pllease hel

I would do injector test and you shouldnt pay more than $100 for this at a dealer but for 8 bucks try some chevron injector cleanor see if that helps ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Conv

Just had remanufactured engine installed in my 04 lincoln Aviator - due to a broken timing chain by Pro-Teck auto in lakeville, MN. Egine light went on. Told by Pro tech auto that I needed to replace my #7 and #8 cylinder spark plug coils - so I had them replaced. Engine light came on again. Now I am getting codes for cam and crank sensor and #8 cylinder. Car runs good when cold. runs a little rough when warmed up and under load? Doug Brown

Hey Doug. I would change the cam sensor and see it that takes your light on. The misfire may errase with a new cam sensor. I would hold off on the crank, until I changed the cam sensor. If it still runs rough, then maybe try the crank sensor. It is p ... 2004 Lincoln Navigator

Po354 dtc occurs immediately even after clearing codes with scanner the scanner says coil pack "d" pri/sec circuit fault my question is i just cleared a ton of water out of spark plug hole # 4 this is a ford f150 4x4 with a 5.4 litre engine the secondary coil wire that goes through the spark plug boot was all rusty i cleaned it but could this still be my problem no misfire codes present and does "d" stand for coil over plug cyl 4?

It sounds like you need to replace that coil and yes the coils are on top of the plugs also make sure you replace the boot and plug wire on that one ... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have s 1983 Ford Ranger 4x4 2.3L. It was running down the road snd acted as if it ran out of gas. The spark plugs aren't getting spark. We have changed plugs,plug wires,distributor, there's more but all wires we've tested we ok. I was having trouble with the coil arcing off the frame, but was told the coil had been changed. Actually, I can tell it's the same coil so my question is, what would the main things we nref to test or check to fix the problem?

Is coil getting power,and sending power to the distributor? you can run a jumper from the positive battery post to the coil and check for spark, need to see if coil is good, you said it was arching off frame so it could be damaged. ... Ford Ranger
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