Having problems with your 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty ?

Battery is loosing a charge. Had alternator and

\015 Battery is loosing a charge. Had alternator and battery checked and both are good. Said its drawing 35 amp from somewhere. Unhooked all accessories and still loosing charge.\015
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Answers :

Do you have air con if so disconnect belt and retest/also try disconnecting heated window switch,paul
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2001 Mirage 1.8. Battery and brake light goes on very dim when i press the brakes. Once driving it goes away. Went to three different places to get battery and alternator check both are good with exception that alternator belt was a bit loose. Had that tighten, All lights inside are bright, dash, clock and radio so it can't be the alternator (i hope). Just replaced the battery yesterday (in case) and i still see the lights start to come on when i press the brake. I notice this more at night

Sounds like you have a bad ground for your brakes lights. I would start by checking the light terminals in the back for damage, corrosion, or even burn marks. If you do find some they those terminals need to be replaced. There will also be a ground w ... 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage

My 1984 ford f250 keeps loosing a charge. I recharge battery and drive the truck. When I park it the battery goes low and will not crank the engine. I checked all but the alternator. Is there a way to check this without taking out. Is it true if the vehicle is running and you disconnect the positive battery terminal, if the truck dies it is the alternator? If it keeps running it's not the alternator? Thanks

That is the quickest way to check the alternator leave it iddling and disconect the earth cable if it stays running its ok or my own way would be to use a volt meter and if it has about 13 volts or there abouts its ok and that would suggest a faulty ... 1984 Ford F 250

My van looses battery charge. Just put a new alternator, and a new battery in, and now the alternator is not charging the battery . What could the problem be?

Before the alternator was replaced it was important that the charging current was measured with an ammeter to confirm charging.It is possible that the rectifier/regulator to the alternator is faulty.This electronic control unit determines the chargin ... 2003 Chevrolet Astro

Wiring problem i turn a corner and everything shuts down dash lights, motor,and will not start up. it has 12.5volts at battery. the only thing that works is the head lights &horn. when i look under the hood i found nut on back of alternator loose so i tightend it well the crimp on ends of wire that goes directly to battery grounds out on alternator i yanked it red hot & smoking, the battery is good had it checked. ihave replaced all wires even close to this area checked fuses &links any ideas

Check the fusible links at the starter. One of them may be burned. You mentioned that it shuts down when you turn a corner. Check the wiring going to the ignition switch under the steering column, you may have a loose wire there as well. ... 1986 Chevrolet Chevy

Hi there, I do have Toyota corolla engine model ee90 engine, the problem is loosing electrical power during drive, which mean my cooling fan stop working and temperature start rising. At the same there are no lighting, my fuel gauge show empty and my aircond stop working. I try to troubleshoot by checking the alternator output and battery condition, it's all normal since I bought new alternator few months back. I did check those by alternator and battery checker. can you help or any sugges

... Toyota Corolla

My battery went dead when i just bought it. i have replaced the alternator , the starter, the starter relay, the alternator plugs and the battery. i still keep loosing my battery. i have an 86 f-150 4.9l supercab. this problem is driving me nuts...any help would be nice. thank you.

Assuming all your parts are new I would be looking closely in your wiring for issues. Examine the first couple of inches of both your positive and negative cables, at the battery , at the frame, the alternator and at the starter, etc. I would be bet ... Ford F-150

I have a 2003 Honda accord, lx,v6. Many of the warning lights came on starting with the battery light. I was able to drive the car several times after turning it off and it re=started. It would not start after sitting overnight. the mechanic thinks it's the alternator, and he says the battery is overcharging. we had both the battery and alternator changed about a year ago because the lights were doing the same thing. It ended up being a pinched or loose wire. what do you think it c

... Cars & Trucks

Jus t put a new motor in and new alternator and starts fine but after driving,looses power to battery and I checked to see if there is charging to battery but nothing what should i look for ,I have checked wiring from alternator to fuse box for continuity is good but when car is running there is no charge to battery

Ck the back side of alt,,for power wire ,,ck voltage,,,bad part or broken wire or connector plug is goog no bent pins in plug ,,or green cheese,,rotted out,,, ... 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

Battery keeps draining but tests good and is only 2 yrs. old. alternator and starter also test good.i charge battery and will run for the day then dies overnight.someone mentioned a loose belt? would there be other problems associated with a loose belt? i do sometimes get a squealing sound when first starts up but only for a few seconds. which belt would it be and how can it drain a battery? RONI

Hello, This type of problem is usually easy to solve with a little investigation. First with the loose belt, usually there is only one belt, a Serpetine belt, which drives the Alternator. If your vehicle has this single belt system it has a part ca ... 1992 Subaru Legacy

First my ac fan was not blowing as hard as normal still cooling just not blowing, then two days later my battery warning light came on,10 minutes later while running the electrical system just shut down. The lights were on and the power windows worked but the car wont restart . The Serpentine belt appears tight. Battery was replaced 6 months ago. I sprayed out the engine compartment a day ago also. Could the alternator be shot?,or the belt too loose? How much should an alternator replacement cos

Sounds like the alternator has gone bad. Jump start the car and check the voltage at the battery. You should see around 14 volts if the alternator is working. If you see around 12 the alternator is not charging. Labor rates and parts pricing ... 2005 Honda Accord

95 protege battery looses power dies new battery could be the cables or the alternator have new belts on alternator and fan belt jumps then has trouble going

Simple thing to do pop to your local kwik fit i think they do free battery checks that will determin if the batterys at fault. ... 1996 Mazda Protege

Peugeot 106 N reg. Battery lost charge. Replaced battery. looses charge, New alternator, runs but looses charge. Replaced engine to body eath strap. Still losses charge. Runs for about halfe hour after charging.

If altenator/voltage regulator and battery are new, ground strap is ok, then there is of course another short or open circuit. Many times an aftermarket cd player/stereo could do this, or other things. You will have to trace some wiring with test lig ... Peugeot 405

Alternator and battery replaced.. battery light comes on after about 1 min... now car wont start.. neihbor told wife something was loose on back of alternator. what am i looking for?

Red hot wire to battery make sure the black connector is in socket properly let me know how it goes Lee ... 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

My 93 ranger is not holding a charge i replaced the battery the alternator the plug that goes into the alternator but still just drains the battery my ignition where the key goes is loose but i wouldnt think that would impact the charging system do u have any ideas ???

If the ignition switch is effected by the loose\015\012key cylinder ,it may play a role\015\012\015\012You need to check out the switch\015\012and look at a wiring diagram to see\015\012what role the ign sw plays, with g ... 1993 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I have a brand new battery in the vehicle and it went dead in less than 2 weeks. Would the computer located in the fender well have anything to do with the battery being dead? I have had the alternator checked, and there is nothing wrong with it. I replaced the battery terminals. There are no loose connections, no bad grounds, and sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the van. Other times, like now, it won't even crank because the voltage is so low on the battery.

You need to check for something that is a constant drain on the battery.\015\012 Is the underhood light staying on?\015\012Are the interior lights left on?\015\012Is the glove box light staying on?\015\012Has anything been add ... 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

I tow a 2004 GMC Envoy behind my RV. Key must be in ACC position to unlock steering wheel. At the end of the day my battery is run down from dash lighting usually needing to be jump started. I installed a battery disconect. When I disconect the battery I loose memory in PCM. When I reconect, PCM takes several days to reset. Engine runs bad until PCM resets. What alternatives do I have other than battery disconect?

If your plug to towed vehicle has an empty prong/terminal, add a charge wire from RV to positive on battery connection to towed vehicle. A lot of travel trailers have a charge line in the 7 prong plug to charge battery on tongue while driving. Be sur ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

My car is loosing power as if it were the battery. The alternator is OK the battery keeps its charge. The car just wont start sometimes. The power just dies. what could be the problem 2004 kia optima

... 2006 Kia Optima

Battery is loosing a charge. Had alternator and

Do you have air con if so disconnect belt and retest/also try disconnecting heated window switch,paul ... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

1997 Pontiac Transport van: Battery light came on while driving. Came on intermittently for 2 days, then while driving home yesterday, dashboard lights all went crazy, van died out while idling. My first thought would be the alternator, however my boyfriend took the van to someone and they tested the alternator and said it was ok. My question is maybe is something loose in the alternator that is making it work intermittently? This vehicle is not worth spending a fortune on at over 226,000 miles.

No just fit a replacement alternator ,the brushes/commutator worn ,causing intermitant charging ... 1997 Pontiac Trans Sport

Hi, me and my girl friend was on the way home one day sitting at a stop light as we pulled off the car suddenly start loosing power. We was lucky enough to drift to a local kfc parking lot and tried starting the car but it wouldn't stay running. Finally we got the car towed from the kfc parking lot to our house. Had a few different mechanics look at it. Some say its the battery , some say its the alternator, well we took the battery to advance auto parts to let them charge the battery , but the

When you see the starter,it looks like two round things,one big and small one ontop.tap tree times whit small hamer on the small,round thing and see if it starts.if it does change starter.coils are worn out ... Cars & Trucks

If batterry light on but voltage is about 14.2, battery cables clean & tight, alternator wire (or whatever it is) is not broken or loose, can I drive the car until next week when I guess I should buy an alternator. I assume that is what I should do, huh? I know the alternator is about $105.00 with old one traded in AND LIFETIME WARRANTY at Autozone. BTW I am a single 43 year old fem ale and being a mechanic is obviously not my strongest area. lol :)

YES, you can drive the car as long as that failing alternator continues to somewhat charge the battery and even if it does completely fail by next week you can always use a set of jumper cables to start the car if your battery dies out. ... 1995 Saturn Sl

I have a 1999 it looses power ive change the alternator and got a new battery and its still not charging the battery it still dies the battery lite is on the dash what going on please help

Go to an Autozone or Oreillys for a free scan. They have the gauges to diagnose the problem.\015\012\015\012Sometimes it is a simple ignition switch that fails to connect the circuits. You should have a large orange or red wire bolted o ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

Red battery light came on and keeps flashing, gradually loosing all power in the battery. is it a bad battery or alternator?

When the battery light comes on, the alternator is not charging the battery.Cause may be: bad alternator, loose or broken belt, connection problems (loose or broken wires). ... 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

02 camaro keeps dying when coming to a stop. Then it won't restart. The battery looses its juice. Check the battery. Its fine. Checked the alternator. It passed three time- (different autozone tested). changed tensioner. changed belts. only will run for a few minutes after recharging battery . please advice other options on why it keeps turning off at a stop. Thanks. Bonnie

Hi,\015\012\015\012I don't know who told you to disconnect the battery while your engine is running but this is a big No-NO you will cause damage to the regulator in the alternator as it will max out the charging voltage to try and charge the b ... Chevrolet Camaro

What could be wrong with my 99 Mazda Protege now? 5 months ago it overheated, replace alternator and belt, now battery wont hold charge and is overheating again, and loosing water coolant.

... 1999 Mazda Protege
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