Having problems with your 2006 Ford Explorer ?

Need a replacement part for the serpentine belt tensioner (AC Tensioner?) but the parts I see on http://www.autopartsdeal.com/Parts_List/a-fs-c_belt_tensioner/ford/explorer/ doesn't look like the right part. Also need a TPMS to replace one that broke in the back right tire...just want to make sure that I'm ordering the right parts.

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Answers :

I would say check several sites on the Web. Sometimes the photos are representative of the part and are not the actual piece. Be sure you entered the correct engine and year in the parts search.
\015\012Check out Ebay for the parts (you will be surprised) and I use several major parts stores like Autozone, Oreillys, Advance, and so forth.
\015\012You can order on the Web and get store pickup on some sites, saving shipping costs. Some of the sites will actually show you which stores have the part in inventory. Being able to pick up the part allows you to go out in the parking lot and pop the hood and hold the part, like the new tensioner, up to the motor to eyeball it.
\015\012If the vehicle is not on the road, I take digital photos of the part and print them out so when I get to the Autoparts store I do not have to rely on memory and I can show the Autoparts clerk the correct part that I need. It gives him the opportunity to help me better. It also gives me a before picture for reassembly, making some difficult jobs easier.
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Need a replacement part for the serpentine belt tensioner (AC Tensioner?) but the parts I see on http://www.autopartsdeal.com/Parts_List/a-fs-c_belt_tensioner/ford/explorer/ doesn't look like the right part. Also need a TPMS to replace one that broke in the back right tire...just want to make sure that I'm ordering the right parts.

I would say check several sites on the Web. Sometimes the photos are representative of the part and are not the actual piece. Be sure you entered the correct engine and year in the parts search.\015\012 \015\01 ... 2006 Ford Explorer

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I have a 2007 ford explorer and the codes came back as solenoid a b and c. We had someone look at it yesterday an they said it probably is the shift intake solenoid. It doesn't accelerate like it should to 25mph but after you hit 25 and after it drives fine. Does this sound right the shift intake solenoid or could it be something else? I want to be sure before I order the part needed to replace it. Thanks!

Your not making that repair yourselfYou need a shop to properly diagnose thetrans codesThey need reference material to look them up & followtrouble chartsI doubt 3 solenoids would fail unless they are all inone ... Cars & Trucks

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Purchase a haynes service manual and it will give you everything you need to know about your vehicle. ... 1997 Ford Aerostar Extended

I have a 2001 hyundai sonata and the belt broke. i tried to replace the belt but i cannot seems to get it on i removed the top alternator bit and loosend up the bottom one i got about a inch or so but still short. i double checked to make sure i got the correct belt. i also tried to unsrew the pully gust to the right of the alternator. i am guessing that is the tension pully but how do i release it

I do not have the specific data on this car but look at the tensioner carefully to see if there is a square cutout where you can insert a ratchet or it might be a spanner. Apply pressure as if tightening or loosening it, it should move quite a bit s ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

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No, the timing belt connects the engine to the cam-shaft (these lift and lower the valves). This belt normally has teeth on one side and is covered so you don't see it. This belt also drives the water pump.\015\012\015\012The power stee ... 2002 Dodge Neon

Brake need to know if my 1993 Toyota Camry 4dr 2.2 engine, have anti-brake because if I need to order parts I would like to make sure I get the right parts and having the right info helps...

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To find cylinder #1 position on the distributor cap you will need to remove the spak plug from cylinder #1 and turn the engine by hand and with your finger in the spark plug hole,feel the compression(air pressure wanting to push your finger out) of ... Jaguar XJ6

O2 sesnor I need to replace the lower rail O2 sensor on a Suzuki X90,1997 and I want to order it on line but am not sure which one it is I think this is the one that is after the Catalytic converter and is the four wire one. The upper one has been replaced and they say that the lower one is working but is lazy.

The one after the cat is not an O2 sensor, I know it looks the same but it's function is to measure the efficiency of the cat converter at cleaning the pollutants out of the exhaust, what code do u have and I will try and he ... 1997 Suzuki X-90

1999 buick lesabre my right signal doesnt blink it stays solid , my left turn signal blinks fine i have to manually blink the right side every turn , i put the hazard lights on and the front left and right blinks but in the back the left blinks and the right doesnt even light up??? iiiiiii neeeed help im broke im doing the repair myself one person told me fix the bulbs , one said replace the wire harness im not taking out the steering column if its not needed

Replace all the bulbs on the right side. You must have a bad one. ... 1999 Buick LeSabre Custom

Yes I still need help. I have a mobile mechanic coming over at one oclock. I will tell him your solution. I had the alternator and starter checked last week. Do I need to replace the wires to the battery. If so is there any special part or tool the mechanic needs or is there any thing in particular he needs to know in order to replace it?

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Hey Daddykins!\015\012\015\012Take a look at the following link: http://www.technologylk.com/catalog/1458/CRL-Weatherstrips-Gask ... 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster

My 300 E2.6 i replace the belt but i dont know how to tensioned(cause the old one its broke for a problem in ac compresor,need replace the tensioner pulleytoo, but i dontknow how to tensioned,thx.

Ok Its long and drawn out so ill send you to a couple of sites you can search for pictures and write ups. Benzworld.org and peachparts.com. ... 1992 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 300 Class

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I have seen this happen when the radiator colling fan was hot weird otherwise the key switch is not the same as the ignition switch which is further down the steering column ... 1996 Ford Taurus

My alternator went out saturday, so I bought another on Sunday and put it on without replacing the battery, and that one burned up. So I had another one ordered and I replaced the battery, and I got that one on it seemed to be working fine. I drove it to the parts store to let them check it out to make sure everything was working fine. The battery checked good, starter checked good, but the alternator said the diode had failed. So I was driving home and you could smell the alternator burning up

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Transmission Problems My care recently starting making this really loud noise. It wouldnt pull the hill to my house and now it wont go faster than 5 to 10 miles per hour..It will crank and when I put it in drive..it seems like it slams back into park and then cuts off. This is a rebuilt tranmission. Im not sure if I need to replace it or if there is a part that can simply be rebuilt again. I was told it was pin that needed to be replace. Does anyone one have any suggestions for me.

You will need to replace the transmission before you damage your motor ... 1996 Plymouth Voyager

I am working on a 1995 Ford F250, 351, manual locking hubs. I started by replacing the wheel bearings, then decided to replace the axle bearing, then found out the ball joints are bad too. Now I got everything dismantled, ordered all the parts I need, and I have a HUGE problem. The lower ball joints- I cannot find a set that are big enough to fit this steering knuckle. I've tried every size from Moog, and even gave ford the vin# to try and get the correct ones, which failed. Every one I get fall

Napa----4600 GVW---MRC 10383 $29.99\015\012 ---4600 GVW---NCP 2601273 $64.99 ... 1995 Ford F250
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