Having problems with your 2006 Ford Explorer ?

I've got a 2006 Ford Explorer that's leaking small amounts of a reddish liquid directly behind the front passenger tire. Could this be power steering fluid and what could cause this. It has 65,000 miles on it.

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Answers :

Considering the location, this is most likely a transmission cooling line that it leaking. You should have it checked soon before you need to call a towtruck. Thank you, Dana
First check the level of power steering fluid, if its down then that's your problem. If it is low then get it on a ramp while someone turns the wheel and watch for drips.(Like a leaky house pipe liquid can run a long way from where the actual leak is so you need a good eye and a lamp).The pipes tend to rub against engine wearing it over time. You may have to turn the engine on a couple of times to build the pressure up, but i don't recommend running while your under there.
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I've got a 2006 Ford Explorer that's leaking small amounts of a reddish liquid directly behind the front passenger tire. Could this be power steering fluid and what could cause this. It has 65,000 miles on it.

Considering the location, this is most likely a transmission cooling line that it leaking. You should have it checked soon before you need to call a towtruck. Thank you, Dana ... 2006 Ford Explorer


Might just be a loose connection on the power steering hoses. You'll need to get under (BE CAREFUL) your car or get it up on a car hoist. You or a mechanic, should be able to trace where the leak is and either tighten the connections or replace the h ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Im junior and I drive a 97 chevy 1500. Two wheel drive. 6cy. 4.3. I need to know what the name of or where I can find the exploited view of my problem. Ok coming from the driver side front tire there's a rod that goes all the way to the passenger side front tire. Well where the steering column is going into that rod. I leak power steering fluid bad. The pump is good but I don't know what gaskets and seals to get or where can u help me thanks

Pitman shaft seal kit is what you need. the large nut is removed then a puller to remove the pitman arm off. \012then the seal can be serviced ... Chevrolet 1500

I have a 1993 Olds Cutlass Ciera S. A few weeks ago, the steering wheel became incredibly difficult to turn. I check the power steering fluid level and it was empty so I filled it. Now when I turn to the right it makes a whirring, whistling type noise and is difficult to turn, but only to the right. I recently replaced the front, passenger side tire and was told I need an alignment. Is there some other problem that I'm missing?

If it was empty, you must have a leak in the steering system. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

Power steering pump and rack and pinion replaced. when turning hard right or left the wheel locks up plus squirts large amounts of fluid. I have no idea where it could be coming from? puddles are located on drivers side near front tire. please help!

Something not right there\015\012\015\012Take it back where the work was done\015\012\015\012Not usable like that ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

I have an 89 chevy corsica and i have power steering fluid dripping from onder the front passenger seat. Could it be an add on kit and how do I fix it?

It is most likely the rack and pinion leaking and running back,it will have to be replaced to repair the problem. ... Chevrolet Corsica

No power steering . ran car through car wash. now no power steering. fluid norm level,no noise,belt not slipping, checked filter in resivor, is dextron III correct fluid? jacked up front of car turned wheel full left/full right many times no air. will incorect fluid cause this prob ? if so is the pump toast , or could you flush system with correct fluid and get lucky ? 2003 525i help asap wife wants her car back

I would try flushing it out, but if it still doesnt work look and see if hose is kinked , if not it is most likely the pump. i would get the pump checked out before paying for another one. ... 2003 BMW 5 Series

I have a 2001 VW jetta 1.T Wolfsburg edition with 116,000 miles. It has been a great car. I just has the oil & fuel filter changed 4,000 miles ago. Aty that time the drain pug for the oil ?was eas replaced as there was a slight leak. But, suddenly I could not steer my car without difficulty and found I had to add power steering fluid all the time. Today, I took my car to a shop who looked at my car and said my power steering hoses and "oil" hoses were corroded and I was losing oild and transmi

$600.00 ... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Leaking power steering or transmission fluid vehicle was fine until hard freeze last night could it be weather related. I'm not sure which one it is due to colors of fluid being so close. But steering is now making squealing noise.Power steering is on the right side of vehicle fluid is leaking in front on the left side. So I'm not sure which fluid is leaking.

... 1994 Toyota Camry

1999 Ford F150 V8, 95000 miles. I have noticed, when I move slowly and either approach parking or get out of parking positon, I can hear a sound like maybe my power steering is not working properly. Truck runs perfectly except for this instance. Could my power steering fluid need changing? Could something else be wrong?

If you are turning sharply the wheels are hitting the stops making a loud whirring almost squealing because the system will try to turn further but cannot due to the stops it is normal but a power steering flush would help prevent issues ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

We have a 2002 motorhome on a P32 Workhorse Chassis. I'm not sure if this is a power steering problem but when turning the wheel at parking speed there is a horrible screeching noise emanating from the front of the unit. I have noticed a slight leak in the power steering fluid and have topped it up with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leaks (approx. 12 oz container). When levels go down I will add another container. I will be leaving on a lengthy trip shortly and would like to know if this could b

... GMC G3500

A volvo dealer is charging $525+for the followingcheck front and rear brakes, balance and ratate tires, checkpcv system,power steering fluid, transmission fluid,, check for leaks, and to of all fluids as necessary, check exterior lighting, exhoust, steering and suspension components, check hoses, battery, lubricatesteering stops, trunk and hood hinges and latches. Remove and clean throttle body and replace gasket, replace engine air filter and fuel filter. Replace brake fluids. replace spark plu

Hello. Yes, that is expensive and rather illusive also. i.e. replacing spark plugs and serpentine belt "if necessary". First of all join AAA, the auto club, which is cheap and great insurance should u ever have a break down. Then, find a nondeale ... Volvo S80

When I start the car and start to drive I hear a loud whining noise from under the hood. (Really annoying) The problem seems worse when the steering wheel is turned. I suspect the power steering pump but fear it could be trany problems. I am getting pretty dramatic oil pressure fluctuations (oil sending unit?) but fluids are good, no warning lights, no loss of power and no apparent steering issues. 125k miles, runs great, well maintained but I am stumped on this. any help appreciated. thanks

Might be a louse belt, air in the steering rocker arm system, a bad CW joint, or anything else. Try to locate the source of the noise first. ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I've just bought an Alfa romeo 156 1.8, when I start the car from cold the steering makes a noise like it's low on power steering fluid but there is plenty there. After a couple of miles the noise stops. The car steers and handles fine. I'm told there is 2 different types of fluid, could mine have the wrong 1 in it.

... Cars & Trucks

1998 Dodge Caravan is leaking pink fluid and we think it has something to do with the front axle as its jerking while steering? Power Steering fluid is full, but the transmission fluid is empty. Could it be the axle or transmission seal?

Your definetly on the right track /pan gasket or axle housing seal. ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

My 2001 ford taurus will run fine fora week or so ,then sometimes it does not want to stay started unless i dont let of the gas,until it finally dies ,and power steering fluid flows out of the power steering cap, i took it to a mechanic who couldnt diagnos the problem, it happenened yesterday ,but snapped out of whatever the problem was and i drove 30 miles home,whenever this happens,it starts just fine in an hour or so or the next day. someone has told me it could be the drivebelt slipping amon

You have to leave your car with the mechanic shop,to make a gasoline pressure test and ignition system test,these cars have problems with fuel pump and crankshaft position sensor ... 2001 Ford Taurus

Ijust got my transmission rebuilt and i was told that i need new baljoints and a new tire rod for my 1995 lincoln continental. now ever since i got it back from the shop the power steering is gone and everytime i accelerate the car pulls to one side. i checked the power steering fluid and its full. what could the problem be? help me plz

The wheels pivot around the ball joints when you steer. The tie rod links the front wheels across the car to ensure the correct steering geometry. If the car wanders and wayward in the corners this is because the ball joints and the cross linking t ... 1995 Lincoln Continental

2002 escalade ext. With only 60,000 miles. My problem comes after a long trip only when it is fully warmed up,the front left & front tires make a rubbing noise when making a sharp turn. No dmg to tires & had the transvere fluid changed with no results. Nothing could be found by my mechanics. Thank you John Farrell

This could be the rubber boot making the noise just when you turn. As long as their is no clunking, no ripped boots, and no tire wear, your fine. ... 2002 Cadillac Escalade Ext

Both belts snapped off while driving my 2000 nissan maxima gle- 80,000 miles on both belts - now I have to replace them - I have taken off the right front tire and have gained access to pulleys'. In order to put Power Steering belt on do I have to manipulate belt behind crank shaft pulley? and if so HOW? Basically how do I put on the Power steering Belt and for the serpentine belt how do I loosen the idler pulley?

Lol mine did the same thing tonight. 128k miles. ... Nissan Maxima

I have a 2007 Silverado Classic 2500HD 4x4 Extended Cab 6.0 V8 I have 33" AT tires and Rancho RS5000 shocks (both are 18 months old) I recently replaced the front wheel hub assemblies, and religiously grease all front end components. Over the past few weeks, whenever I go over sizeable bumps at low speeds, both front wheels squeak or chirp. The wheel that hits the bump chirps or squeaks, and vice versa. I have never changed the steering stabilizer (79k miles currently) Could this be a failed st

Noises are a pig to diagnose from afar but i would get a can of spray silicon and spray one component at a time to find the noise...do it when dry and when you dont hear it guess what?..... ... 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Steering problem when turning steering wheel hard right or left as if backing out of a driveway or turning right or left at a corner the car slows down and feels as if the front wheels are going to buckle. never driven hard or hit any jarring potholes that could come to mind that would have damage steering or suspension. tires have about 15000 miles on them and properly inflated. wheels have no play side to side when vehicle is jacked up

If it is 4wd you may have a problem with your front differential. GMCs are known for having front differential axle seals leaking. If all the fluid is out metal parts may be binding. ... 2003 GMC Envoy Xl

In my Chevy Equinox LT AWD 2007 i have good power steering but the traction control and stabily trak warning light is coming on every time i start the ignition and drive my car, saying to service this system, and the tire pressure sensor of the right front tire is broken not working and its replaced by another one not reading the tire pressure. so could this sensor be the reason of traction control and stabily trak warning light.

The tire pressure sensor has nothing to do with traction control. need to have system scanned and see what codes are in it and we can go from there ... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS New Cars

My 2007 AWD Premier Milan has a whirring noise that is seemingly coming from the right front. The sound varies with speed. I thought it might be tire noise, but could it be the speedometer cable? There is no play in the steering wheel and an examination of the tires shows no uneven wear. Tires are original Michelins, 25,000 miles total. The car shifts smoothly and there are no other issues.

Wheel bearing !. jack up car , spin the wheel -should be no noise coming from the bearing. good luck. ... 2007 Mercury Milan V6 AWD Sedan

How many miles until I need to change my coolant, brakes, engine belts, rotating/pressure for my tires, alignment, windshield wiper blades and fluid, transmission, air filter, power steering fluid, shock absorbers, lights, mechanical systems, and routine maintenance on my 2005 Scion TC?

Depends on how you drive, the car will tell you when you need to change the oil, tire pressure, most tire shops will tell you 5000 miles then rotate tires, remember front to back same side do not change right sides for left sides, as far as trans oil ... 2005 Scion tC

My 2002 Buick LeSabre has issues when I turn left.It actually seems to lift off the ground!! There seems to be issues with having to refill the power steering fluid when its cold too.When the steering wheel is straight the passenger side front wheel is turned towards the driver side.Any suggestions or similar issues? Thanks..Darius

When its cold fluid will be lower than when its hot. sounds like you may have a suspension component broken, and for sure need alignment for those wheels ... 2002 Buick LeSabre
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