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Timing marks on engine

\015 I need the position of all the pulley marks on a fiat strada when replacing the timing belt please\015\012\015\012TX Dave - email. [email protected]\015
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I have replaced the engine top of my toyota hilux KZTE 2003 model, due to cracks in the engine top. I did not align all the timing marks on the engine before removing the timing belt. I did not adjust or remove any part of the timing gear on the engine block. I tried to set the cam and crank position to TDC but if go according to the workshop manual, the timing mark on the camshaft is 180deg shifted from the timing mark on the engine.SEE page 2D-6 of workshop manual for hilux models Oct1997 thro

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Engine starts,reaches high rpm,then slowly returns to a rough idle, misses badly,no backfire,surges as if searching/adjusting air/ fuel/est,timing light shows mark constantly changing/erratic,engine then races to high rpm,only at that time(high rpm)does timing mark maintain correct 10 deg consistently,then returns to rough poor idle- engine cycles like this and wont maintain proper timing mark alignment until high rpm... anyone care to reply about this??? and what would be probable cause / possi

Vacuum leaks. Check all hoses and intake bolts. Leaking EGR or plugged PCV valve. Air filter plugged. Leaking head gasket. Worn timing chain. Camshaft lobes worn. Valves burned or leaking. Fuel idle control system or sensor. Good luck! ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

Timing Marks Looking for diagram for timing marks for Hyundai excel 3/98 SOHC have timed engine before dismantle engine on TDC No1 marks do not match just making sure if timing has not jumped or previous installation was wrong any help is appreciated thanking you.

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Replaced head on 1990 740 wagon, volvo, 4 cyl, single OHC, non turbo, interference engine. Need help with timing belt adjustments prior to firing up engine. Have #1 and #4 cyl at TDC with both sets of valves closed. OHC gear timing mark lines up with mark on timing belt cover, belt goes over tensioner and goes around another gear located further down on the engine. My question concerns the lower gear. Are there timing considerations for this gear in addition to the OHC gear? Do I need to tim

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I have the distributor out of a 2000 Blazer with 4.3L engine. Manual says to line up 2 marks on harmonic balancer with timing marks on front of engine with cylinder 1 at tdc on compression stroke. Can you email me some pictures so that I might find these timing marks on engine and balancer correctly. thank you.

Its real simple on the harmonic balancer the outer ring has a line in it on the front of engine there is a timing tab that hangs over the harmonic balancer line up the line with the correct timing degree 4 6 or 8 but to check for compression stroke n ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

In replacing engine timeing belt, water pump,and belt pistion tenisonar I had to remove the engine damper wheel. the car will not start and the timeing marks on ehr dual overheade cam gears are not alinging to top dead center. Can the cam gears be roated to top dead center marks in a clockwise direction from the front of the engine and the crank shaft turned to the top dead center mark with the damper wheel off,

No you will bend valves if not carefull. you can only turn over from crankshaft if timing marks were in correct position in first place. ... Chrysler LHS

Ignition Timing Following Top End rebuild, engine started. Went to check timing, engine runs well, timing mark on harmonic balancer not visible, turned distributor all the way to get mark in view, extrapolated to approx 14'BTDC, checked service manual, shut down, pulled four prong plug from distributer (per service manual) car would not start in order to time

How to check and adjust the timing\015\012 Disconnect the tan/black wire EST (electronic spark timing) by-pass connector located near the heater housing in the engine compartment on the S/T series, or near the distributor on all other V-6 model ... 1991 Chevrolet Corvette

1971 Datsun Pickup 1600 engine timing marks. Please read all of this before responding! I ask for someone who has actually seen this to reply, no guesses please. Ok so I grew up with these pickups, rebuilt 2 but that's been some time ago. I wish to time this one correctly, books show 1 timing mark on damper, and multiple marks on block or timing chain cover which I'm familiar with, problem is this one has multiple marks on the damper and only one on the timing chain cover??? Opposite of whi

You are correct with it being backwards. That is a strange set up. Later models I am used to 1 mark on both as I have owned many Datsun's myself from a pickup, a B210 and a 710. The best course to take is pulling number 1 plug out and setting to T ... Datsun 720

Put a new timing belt on my 2003 Mazda Protege and I lined up the timing marks on the overhead cams and the crankshaft timing marks. When I started it the engine made a horrible tinging sound so I shutdown immediately. I removed the valve cover to discover that the timing marks were now off by 4 teeth...how can this be...the belt is secure and snug and it shows no sign of jumping teeth...so I re-aligned the timing marks a second time and the same thing happened...am I doing something wrong???

When you align the timing marks up take a wrench and rotate the crankshaft pully twice so the timing mark is lined up in the notch and then check your camshafts and see if you are still aligned. This may take a few times to get it right. Good luck! ... 2003 Mazda Protege

I have a 1989 dodge colt with a 4g15 engine this is a 1.5 litre, i just repair the engine because the timing belt fails, but i need to know the timing marks to sinchronize the crankshaft with the camshaft, the cam pulley has a mark but i dont know the aligning mark that sinchronizes with the cam pulley i need a diagram or something please help me

... 1991 Dodge Colt

Engine timing i have an 1989 audi 80, set engine on timing marks then replaced timing belt, then repositioned on marks. the distributor may have moved. now it wont start. theres good crank, spark and fuel, but no combustion. how can i start it?

Put car at top dead center then put the rotor on distributor to the first piston firing ... 1989 Audi 80

2002 2.4l santa fe accelerating uphill and check engine light came on. Instant loss of power with loud knocking sound. Engine idles smooth with no knocking but when increasing rpm's the knocking also increases with a decrease in power. Check engine code was PO300 multi-cyclinder mis-fire. Have replaced both coils, wires and plugs. Still knocks very hard and still no power. Checked timing marks, two top marks lined up. Performed leak down test, seemed fine. Timing Belt and tensioner installed D

You should do a compression check to make sure the cylinder walls are good then check the crank position sensor. If the Timing is good and the timing belt is good but your getting misfires on coil packs it's time the check the crank position sensor. ... Hyundai Santa Fe

95 V6. Changed the timing belt with the cams lined up on the TDC notches. After rotating the engine two revolutions with a wrench, it ran, but the timing is obviously off. The notch on the crankshaft pulley is easily visible, but the mark on the cast that it lines up with is not to be found. I've seen many images online and in the manual of engines having the mark, but not mine. Not sure what to do but guess a tooth off and see where it gets me. It's an interference engine so i'm kinda nerv

Click on the following free direct Link. It has the Timing: Belt and Mark Diagrams for your 1995 Nissan Pickup. Plus additional Instructional and Directional Diagrams.\015\012You need to be very careful: Rotati ... 1995 Nissan Pickup

Well,Im very leary in taking off the belt at this time because my camgears are not lining UP. I put it on TDC from crankshaft o #1 piston up and I installed the rotors so I could see if it was pointing to #1 cylinder and it wasnt the were both pointing to the camshaft timing marks on engine the rotor wasnt pointing to the #1 cylinder. Do you think that the rotor should point to the number #1 cylinder instead of the timing mark on the engine for the camshaft?

Set the crankshaft pulley mark to the "0"...make sure the marks on your camshaft pulley line up..click on this link and it shows you exactly how to do this with detailed pictures:\015\012\015\012 ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

Hi i am trying to set the timing on a renault megan engine 1.9 diesel but can only find the timing marks on the pulleys but i cant find the marks on the timing belt cover or on the engine block or head. Can anyone help me out? Thanks paul

... 2006 Renault R18

Can anyone please help me with pics or detailed desription on were the timing marks should be on a toyota d4 3s-fse engine, i need to know how to place the two cams and also the timing mark on the cam timing belt gear and crank mark. The cam gear has a mark through a hole on the spoke and also has a mark on the gear that could be lined up on the cam back plate, also the two cam shafts have marks on them gears two dots and at 180 degrees has a single dot which dots does one use, and which cam mar

Welcome to FIxYa.com\015\012\015\012 \015\012Need the year and model and size as in liter engine in order to look this up for you to send pic and info. Engine number does not work in Alldata, Lee ... Toyota RAV4

Have a 1997 Dodge Neon DOHC that had a broken Timing Belt, which has been replaced. Engine runs ruff at an idal however when I speed engine up it seems to be running good. Once the engine gets to a normal operating temp the service engine soon light comes on and the error code reeds P1390. telling me the belt is one or more links out of time, however when I check the timing marks they are right where the books says they should be. I have dones this a number of times even with different timin

Dear,\015\012\015\012\015\012Try this,\015\012 disconnect the negative battery terminal and then hold the ignition key in the start position for atleast 20 seconds, this will wipe out all stored codes in the PCM. Reconnect the ... Dodge Neon

Need to verify the timing marks on my honda civic engine i've lined them up like it shows but the engine still turns over like it has no compression after timing the belt the cam gear has the 3 lines on it to line up the middle line with the pointer and the outside 2 line with the valve cover surface of the head. i suspect possible valve damage but was told this engine would not suffer that fate if the engine jumped timing?

This engine is an interference will bent valve's, if the timing belt broke you have bent valve's as far as how you set the camshaft gear you did it right, the cylinder head will have to be remove to repair and replace bent valve's. ... 1996 Honda Civic

Timing a 2001 saab se 95 v6 turbo.do not have timing tool, and new belt only has 5 white lines.one for each cam cover mark and one for tdc. crank mark...problum is the cam gears have 2 markes each, which mark do i use on each cam to align with cam cover. 8 to chose from only need 4.i know a change was made on the timing on these engines in 1999.????

... Saab 9 5

Timing car has recon engine, since fitting it,s had trouble starting, it will only start with foot on accelerater. i can,t find any timing marks to adjust timing how can i adjust the timing without them? also engine lop sided gearbox is lower than before the recon engine was fitted

Hi.\015\012Regarding the timing, I would advise you to get the fault codes read using the on-board diagnostic system. This will point you in the right direction. It might not be the timing at all but one of the sensors either not working, or no ... 1998 Volkswagen Golf

My Toyota Corolla 1995, getting off on running. While turning off the engine at running, it shows 'Check Engine' alarm and also at that time the RPM meter indicator was moving abnormaly (very quickly moving to and fro). After some times the check engine alarm goes out and every thing gets normal, seems like nothing happened. but this happens very frequently. I also marked some times the rpm meter indicator moving abnornally while I turned my key one step. at that time it doesnt start. after som

Take it to a mechanic have them run a diagnostic on the comp it will tell most if not all your problems ... 1995 Toyota Corolla

I changed my 88 engine to a 93 engine, 22RE, having timing issues, have replaced timing gear set, engine runs lazy, when timing light marks correct. Feels like timing is retarted runs better turned ahead?

Hi, did you swap out the computer and wiring harness as well? New engine uses crank sensor for timing. Do you have sensor installed and connected to computer? Which engine did you have originally? ... 1988 Toyota Pickup

Okay. I got the old timing belt out and found that all the teeth were gone where it goes around the crankshaft gear. I put a new timing belt on and lined up the marks, but when I rotate the engine several times the timing marks on the belt move over a few teeth off the camshaft gear marks and no longer line up. I'm using a Haynes manual for this, but am I missing something that they don't say in the book?

The marks on the belt itself will not line up with gear marks after rotating engine as long as engine marks line up you are fine however these are know to bend valves ... 1991 Nissan Pathfinder

Timing belt was very loose so i changed the timing belt tensioner pulley.I tried to make sure and not move the timing belts position on the cam and crank but now im not sure if it may have moved.I located the crank tdc mark but i don't know if the cam tdc mark faces up or down.And once i get these marks lined up how do i get the belt back on without moving the gears. The engine is shutting down almost immediately after start so I want to make sure timings not the problem.

Sorry for the severe delay. I am personally going back to answer your unanswered question. I do not know if you still need the answer, but I am going to answer it in case you still do.\015\012 \015\012Click ... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Had the head redone, new Carb fitted, new distributor cover and leads new spark plugs, crank timing set to mark (0)and cam timing (2e)set to mark on head. the engine swings, fires from the carb, spark on leads. engine wont start, backfires but not running

Sounds like you have your timing off. If it is backfiring, that means that 2 of your wires are crossed, causing the plugs to fire on the exhaust stroke versus the compression stroke. Recheck your timing. ... 1984 Toyota Corolla
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