Having problems with your 2006 Eagle Talon ?

The part that holds the throttle cable at the carburetor end has broken-where do I get a replacement and how do I remove the broken part?

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The part that holds the throttle cable at the carburetor end has broken-where do I get a replacement and how do I remove the broken part?

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2005 Mini cooper convertible: cables for sunroof broken and can't get the sunroof part of the convertible top to slide back. Disconnected and Removed the drive motor, but the top seems stuck and won't slide back to access the screws for top removal/ gaining access to replace the cable mecanisms and cables.

... 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible

2005 model. replacing driver side headlight. trying to get hold down wire released from tab on sub-zero day. I busted off then end of the black hook tab that the hold down wire clips onto. so now, no way to fasten bulb. can you replace just the black tab, does that part of the headlight assembly disconnect? must the entire assembly be removed? are there any after market work arounds? any thoughts or insights appreciated.

... 2005 Honda CR-V

Jaguar xj8. 1999. front passenger door will not open from inside. I have removed the paneling and have removed the flashing enabling me to see the cable that runs into the door lock unit. When i pull the cord, it will not pull the lever all the way in order to open the door. A piece has broken off that looks like it should go on the wire cord end, inside the latch. What is this piece called and where can i get parts diagram to order this part.

... 1998 Jaguar XJ8L

Interior door handle broken. pulled the panel and where the cable connects to the handle the plasitic broke. I noticed the handle is melted plastic holding it in not screws. If I get a replacement handle how do I remove and replace?

Try something like this : http://www.devcon.com/products/products.cfm?brand=Permatex&family=Fast%20Cure%20Epoxy ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

I have a power window on driver's side that has been laboring to close for awile. Today the window would not go up all the way with a crunching noise. I could push it down with manual assistance. Upon removal of door panel a cable with a barrel end cap was loose on latch end of window track. I found the cable to motor had frayed and broken. Can I just replace cable or the whole assembly with motor and cables need to be replaced?

Hi!!\012\012That assembly is call the window regulator or elevator. An you can get a replacement without the motor, they run about $100 and is sold at most autoparts stores.\012\012Good Luck!! Don't forget to rate this post! ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I need to replace the starter solenoid contacts on my 1993 Toyota pickup. The starter is located above the front differential on the right side and the space is very tight and I don't see how I can get my hands into the available space or even see the end of the starter motor to remove the end cap to get at the plunger. The parts man at the Toyota dealership gave me a diagram which showed how to get into the starter motor to replace the contacts. Does the vehicle need to be raised on jack stan

Starter removal is not fun the first time, or the second time, but the third time it's a cinch. \015\012\015\012When you pull the start out you really ought to change the fuel filter while you're in there. There's one bolt holding on the ... 1993 Toyota Pickup

My wiper linkage has siezed i have removed the linkage and motor and found that the driver side spindle end is completely siezed and icant move it,the passenger side spindle end moves/seems fine also the ball joints look fine.how can i free the siezed end and get it to move freely? also the motor will work if i stert to turn it with a pair of pliers and goes through the three speeds so i suspect that the brushes need replacing it is a bosch motor,is it easy to get replacement parts for this moto

It might be the motor has siezed. disconnect the linkage from the motor and turn wipers on if works then linkage at fault, if not then motor needs replacing. ... 2005 Ford Mustang

I have a 1997 F-250 HD. Driver door latch cable is broken at the handle end. I have a replacement cable, but need help figuring out how to remove the broken cable without breaking the plastic rod connectors. Several sources say "remove the rods" with no additional explanation. Thanks for any help

Door Handle/Latch Assembly \012\012NOTE: Due to the conversion from single 90-degree rod end shape to double 90-degree rod end shape, it may be necessary to remove more parts than the instructions indicate. This action will allow more maneuverabil ... Ford F-250

How do I replace the hood strut? I unscrewed both ends and removed the gas charged lift strut. I cannot get the one end of the strut off of the connecting piece from that I unscrewed from the car body. I have a replacement part from the store which looks similar. However, the removal instructions are different from the actual car. Supposedly there is a retaining clip, but I don't see it or I am not sure how to remove it.

If you dont see the clip then it justs pulls off. grab the mount with a pair of pliers and pull them apart ... 1994 Toyota Camry

I was going to replace a wheel brake cylinder on my rear axel. I thought I could just pull off the hub to get to the brake assembly but there is a bolted on cap and screwed on plate on the end of the axel. It looks like I have to unscrew the plate &/or then remove the nuts on the end of the axel. ??Will I need to remove the axel to get the hub off, or does this just hold the wheel hub onto the axel and brake assembly??

Some cars/trucks have the hub mounted with screws/bolts. You will have to remove them to get the hub off. You may need a rubber mallet to beat on the hub a little to get it to come off past the groove the brake pads may have made in the hub. After yo ... Dodge Ram 2500

My speed ometer stopped working. I traced the cable from the dash to the transfer case and the speed sensor was loose. I was able to remove it by hand. it turns out thatthe threads were striped and I am not sure what I am getting into when I remove the retainer clip that holds the bolt like peice that I believe holds the gear in the transfer case. can I simply remove the retainer clip and replace the gear? If so my thought was to remove it and use lock tight and catch some threads when re mounti

Best bet would be to replace the sensor if its threads are stripped. ... 1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport

Shifter cable continues to fray on my 1996 Saturn SL1 The last one was shipped 6/2010 after a parts quality control notification. Replaced at $420 The plastic guide in the shifter tower was broken and looks only to be there to keep thing out of the area behind the tower where the platstic gromet connects the cable to the shifter. Mine has never broken. Is this piece necessary for funtion? The cable moves within its' sheathing and is held in place at both ends and supported at the fir

Something appears to be out of line, but if it's still working...that is good, but keep in mind that if it isn't in-line as needed that sooner or later it will create a problem. ... 1996 Saturn SL

One bolt attaching the tail gate cable at the tail gate end fell out. I found the rectangular nut that threads onto the bolt but cannot figure out how to get the nut back inside the inner surface of the tailgate so that I can secure the cable. There's no access to get the nut in there. I tried a magnet to hold it thru the side latch mechanism but it just does not work. Any ideas?.....there's got to be a way because Chevy replaced the cables for recall a few years ago.

I have this problem but I lost the nut, and the dealership doesnt sell it. What do I do? ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I have a '96 Dodge Dakota 5.2 V6 4x4 that will not run again the first time we bypassed replacing the neutral safety switch, By connecting a starter switch from the starter wire to the positive cable. It run a about a week then it just wouldn't start. At first I wasn't even getting a spark but I has getting power to my lights and radio. I replaced my ignition switch as well as the part that holds the switch in place. Then it was trying to start, but seemed like it wasn't getting the gas to the t

The car did not start because of electrical problem, could hav been a wiring shorting , or a bad ignition.When you bypassed replacing the neutral safety switch, you kept using the car with the problem on, and now something else has blown. ... 1996 Dodge Dakota

How do you change the throttle cable on a 1994 Grand Prix? The throttle cable that increases the engine speed has broken and I need to know how to remove and replace it. 3.1 v6.

Remove the cable at the accellarator pedal it is held in place with a pin. Follow the cable to the firewall from inside and make sure it is not attached to any brackets sometimes gm uses a bracket to keep in line.If it does there is a plastic clip th ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

07 Ford Focus Arm Rest replace..... has been broken for a while from leaning on it....Did not know the round caps were actually "removeable" even tho there pretty fragile......My problem is the "swivel bar" that would make the arm rest move up and down properly......On each end should be two knobs, like nuts, to hold it in. One side broke. So now I'm trying to remove the whole armrest piece, but the knob is holding it.....Do the knons twist off like nuts or something.....This is making no sense

... Ford Focus

93 Ford F150 drivers side inside door handle cable broke. I have the inside door panel off and removed the 3 screws holding the latch to side of the door and removed the window channel anchor but I can't get the latch assembly out so that I can unhook the broken cable. I stopped where I am at before I do more harm than good

Remove the inside door handle trim.Remove the inside door handle. Remove the 2 phillips screws holding the handle. Slide the handle back slightly. There is a notch in the sheet metal to allow removal of the handle. Find the notch, ... 1993 Ford F150 SuperCab

I'm needing to replace the positive cable that runs from the fuse box that sits on top of the battery to the positive post on the battery. However, after many removed nuts, the cable cannot be removed without opening the plastic panel of the fuse box to slide the eyelet off the post. Does anyone know the trick to getting it to pop open? I've already broken one piece of it. I'm hoping to avoid breaking it more. Thanks

I have this same problem... Did you ever figure out how to do it? ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Hello, I have a 2003 Ford focus . The left rear window regulator cable is broken. I need to replace the whole regulator. I have taken the door cover off and I can see the problem but I do not know how to get the old regular out. How do you take the window from the plastic assembly holding the window. I got everything loose, I just can't seem to get it out. Duct tape is holding the window in place. Any suggestions?

... 2003 Ford Focus

The power window on my truck will come down, but won't go back up. The motor seems to be working fine. I need a diagram of all the parts so I can determine which parts need to be repaired or replaced. thanks The cable that holds the power window just seemed to fall off it's track. The motor runs fine, it just is not grabbing the cable ends

Please dont replace the window motor as afformentioned. If you can hear it working properly, you need to replace the little piece that holds it to the arm that pushes the window up. If your window is tilting towards the front/nacl of the door, then y ... 2005 Ford F-150

Driver's side window (electric) has come out of guides to roll window up and down, after research..found one of the guides has broken, and the other is missing the adhesive to hold the window... where can i get replacement parts without having to take to dealership.. i have replaced this issue before on a chevy lumina, so not an issue me doing it. i just cant find the parts anywhere.. any help?

I don't know the year of your car but you should be able to get parts from a hyundai dealer. If not older than 10 years your in luck.Just be shure to give parts department at dealer your vin. number.You could try a junk yard,bring your tools and take ... Hyundai Sonata

How do you remove a broken antenna power assembly in a honda accord 95?I have a Honda Accord EX wagon. The antenna motor is broken. I'd like to replace with a fixed antenna. I have removed the old antenna, but I can't get the old parts off.

Check this out. Should be very similar to 1995 model.\015\012\015\012http://autorepair.about.com/library/faqs/bl441h.htm ... 1995 Honda Accord

How do I get more info? I need to know if there's somewhere I can get a picture of this area? What tools do I need to get into the area? do I remove the star shaped thingies on the metal plate near the latch? What size spring do I need? Where would I get it-- hardware store? dealer? If dealer, what's the part number?? thanks. Gale This is about a Jeep Grand cherokee, 1998 with a broken latch for the lift gate. I already got the answer that I need to replace the spring, but no info on what siz

Hi gale\015\012im joel\015\012\015\012let me just jump into this one really quick.\015\012\015\012the best thing to do is to not get any parts for your car from the hardware store.\015\012to replace the handle. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I was replacing the right rear trailing arm. The upper bolt (goes through the bushing in the trailing arm) came off ok, but I sheared the head off the bolt that attaches the "fork" end of the trailing arm to the...spindle? Not sure what that part's called (it's the end right behind the wheel). I ended up cutting the nut off so I could remove the old trailing arm, but now I've got the shaft of the old bolt in the bushing and I can't get it out. Can I purchase a new bushing if I have to destro

You are on the right track, you can buy those bushings. Just go in and ask for the rear control arm bushings and they should be able to look it up and get the right ones for you. I have a 91 Camry, great cars. ... 1995 Toyota Camry
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