Having problems with your 2006 Dodge Charger ?

To change all four wheels breaks what do I need 2006 dodge charger

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Answers :

I am going to assume since you have a late model car that you have 4 wheel disc brakes. You will need to take all four wheels off to get to the caliper. The caliper is usually held on with two bolts or pins. Sometimes there are retaining springs on the back of the bolt or pin, so double check for these. There is one pin/bolt in the front and one in back of the caliper. These are called floating calipers. You will need to take both bolts out and then give the caliper a smack with you hand or a small hammer and it will pop loose. The caliper needs to to be moved up over the rotor.
\015\012Take the caliper off the rotor. At this point it will be hanging from the brake line. Be careful with it, if you let it hang it could damage the brake line. You can lay the caliper on top of the rotor and pull the pads out of the caliper. If you do not have a caliper piston compression tool get a very large pair of channel locks and wrap a rag around the jaws. Use the channel locks to compress the pistons in the cliper as far as they will go. The new pads will be a lot thicker and if you do not compress the caliper you will never get them back on with the news pads. The point of the rag is so you do not score the pistons in your caliper.
\015\012The pads may or may not come with anti-squeal jel/grease. I would get some if they dont. You apply this to the back of the pad before installation. The new pads have spring clips on the back that just slip over slots in the calipers. Before careful not to confuse the front pad with the back pad upon removal, they can look really similiar in size and shape and sometimes you can install the wrong one in the wrong location and it will not function correctly.
\015\012Place your pads into you caliper then put the caliper back on the rotor. Put the bolts back into the caliper and tighten them down. I am unsure of the torque specs for your caliber bolts, but tight and a quarter of a turn more is a good rule of thumb.
\015\012Follow the above procedure for all 4 wheels.
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To change all four wheels breaks what do I need 2006 dodge charger

I am going to assume since you have a late model car that you have 4 wheel disc brakes. You will need to take all four wheels off to get to the caliper. The caliper is usually held on with two bolts or pins. Sometimes there are retaining springs on t ... 2006 Dodge Charger

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