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How to alternator replacement 2006 Chrysler 300

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84 CK TRK, 2500, 5.7L 55,000 miles have replaced alternator twice - battery still reads 12 volts. Trickle charge on battery OK and engine starts up OK - terminal 1 on alternator wire (brown) reads 2.4volts and wire is good to firewall - I replaced the ignition switch same condition occurs - 2.4 volts at terminal 1 (brown) wire. If I jumper 12volts to the Terminal 1 wire - the alternator puts out 14.4 volts. Take the 12 volts away from terminal 1 battery reads 12.5 volts and starts dropping prett

On some of the older style GM's you can take that brown wire and cut it and take the end leading from the alternator and hook it directly to the hot terminal on the alternator and just leave it hooked up and it will work. But I have ran into the occa ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Have a 2006 Ford F350 6.0L Truck would not stay running, bought a meter, replaced batteries, replaced alternator, found alternator plug was shorting, got new plug at dealer, brought old alternator into dealer to ensure new plug fit, however my truck harness has two wires, #'s 1 and 3, while new plug has 3, #'s 1,2,3, can I use this plug?, if so, what do I do with the third9left over) or middle wire left over.? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

1 & 3 should be all you need. The middle one may be an extra ground or signal for PCM in another model. Colors on the harness are light green/red for pin 1 and orange/light blue for pin 3. OK?\015\012 ... Ford F-350

Car came in no start-doa. replaced distributor pick up assembly. car ran but hesitated between 50-60 mph. replaced wires plugs,cap,rotor button, air filter. car runs, after about 4-5 min. driving car shuts down no throttle. let sit a few seconds, car starts and repeats problem. before tune-up pcm threw a mis-fire cyl#1,cleared code. no mis-fire code no hesitation just shut down problem with no engine lite. datastream shows cyl#1 0 misfire,cyl#2 0, cyl#4,5 &6 show high misfire rate. not famil

Have you replaced the fuel filter? what is the fuel pressure?, this sounds like a loss of fuel pressure issue, that would account for the miss fire codes, to check fuel pressure look at the top of the engine, in the fuel supply pipe that plugs to the ... Chrysler Cirrus

Hello, I have a 1995 Buick Riviera w/3.8 ltr supercharged VIN 1. I replaced the old alternator for being noisy-bearing worn. I went to Autozone and got a replacement alternator. the alternator is not charging, 11.9-12.0 volts running. took alternator back to Autozone they checked and they tested the alternator and said it passed. Put it back on and still not charging. Checked Voltage to Battery terminal on alternator-o.k. has battery voltage. Checked voltage at regulator S terminal (Lt Blue-Ckt

Use a jumper to connect the positive terminal of the battery to the terminal L input of the alternator. That will give 12V to the exciter circuit of the voltage regulator and turn on the alternator so that it can begin charging. If that makes a dif ... 1997 Buick Riviera

Hello, I have a 1995 Buick Riviera w/3.8 ltr supercharged VIN 1. I replaced the old alternator for being noisy-bearing worn. I went to Autozone and got a replacement alternator. the alternator is not charging, 11.9-12.0 volts running. took alternator back to Autozone they checked and they tested the alternator and said it passed. Put it back on and still not charging. Checked Voltage to Battery terminal on alternator-o.k. has battery voltage. Checked voltage at regulator S terminal (Lt Blue-Ckt

... 1997 Buick Riviera

Dear Expert, I have two very difficult problems with my 1997 Chrysler Van Town & Country and I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone can help: Problem#1 : The Leak detection pump (LDP) keeps failing ? The LDP has been replaced 4 times by a Chrysler dealer in my city ? Petaluma in California. Each time a LDP failed about a week after a new one was replaced ( the dealer keep replacing the LDP pump switch because they already run various tests with the emission system but couldn?t find

Hello, I saw your problem and want to suggest several things which other car makers have on their A/C systems and to comment on the Emission problem.\015\012\015\012First, the Climate controls on some A/C units have their own self-diagnos ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

The alternator on my girlfriends 91 Chrysler Lebaron isnt producing enough power to recharge or keep my battery charged. its giving me the codes DTC41, DTC 35, AND DTC 31, now i know that one of those codes is for a bad relay for the fan and that has been replaced. the other two are something along the lines that there is a short or bad terminal in the wiring causing a bad connection. i replaced the alternator and pulley in the last week because they needed to be replaced. this problem started

There are 2 types of alternators for this vehicle .code 41 is a field circuit code for the alternator The SBEC controlls the charging rate of the alternator . It could be wiring connections or the SBEC ( computer) to be the problem .You may have to b ... 1991 Chrysler LeBaron

We recently bought a used 1997 Cadillac Seville and were told it "only" needed a new battery. The new battery started the car and it ran- for about 20 miles 1 day. We got a replacement for new battery and were told to replace the alternator (by Auto Zone). We replaced the battery and alternator. We also found the car overheating and found a antifreeze overflow container leak; puchased a new one to install but the car wouldn't start. Now, we have a [buick] dealer and asked them for a diagnos

Hello Connie, my name is Ben. I think that dealer is charging a bit too much. If you really need a new starter, the part should only cost around $200.00, and labor should be around $300 max. If I were you I would go to another shop. ... Cadillac Seville

Cylinder coil 1 burnt out. Replaced with new coil pack cylinder 1. Also detected was a load fault from alternator on the DF wires. All four spark plugs were replaced and the wires were then ok. Also the fuse for the injector duration was replaced. After all this was done a few days later I drove the car (185 miles) 2 cylinder burnt out. Would be obliged if you could give me the reason for this reoccurrance over a short period of time. Kind Regards Dale Doherty

... Volkswagen Polo

I have a 1998 chrysler concorde and the battery light came on. replaced the alternator and the battery and light still came on. replaced the alternator again with a pre tested good on and light is still on. What else do I need to check. tension and ground is good and clean

... Chrysler Concorde

Battery light comes on, replaced battery 1 week ago because of supposed dead cell(had replaced it a year ago as well) had them test alternator at the time said it was holding charge last night van died no power even after a jump assume it is the alternator

YES This Sounds Indicitive of a FAILING ALTERNATOR ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

3 weeks ago I replaced a 2.5 year old battery. the advance auot tech said the alternator was sufficient. 1 week later December 23, the vehicle just stopped. I had it towed to a repair shop. They explaoined it was the alternator. They replaced it with what the vehicle VIN required? The check engine sensor that was on was the camshaft sensor. the repair shop cleatred it as the thought it may have been dur to the eletrical problems. they suggested I drive it and make sure the batteyr charged fully.

Find a different repair shop, you [ and they ] would be able to find out which spec. alernator the car came with from any Ford dealer by VIN number. ... 2004 Ford Freestar

Auto problem I have an Oldsmobile Ninety Eight model that has 118,000 miles on it. My problem is a jerking at acceleration. It does it more lately than it has before and I noticed that the RPM is dropping down below 1 and then rising above 1 even when stopped. I just replaced the alternator because the care starting stalling at stop lights, however, it started right back up. When I took it to the shop they told me that it was only getting 11amps of juice from the alternator. My battery was only

I had that problem with my 91 Bonneville turned out to be the map sensor. Not sure if an 85 has that sensor or not... ... 1985 Oldsmobile 98

My 2001 Town and Country Van CHRYSLER generates a deep, rumbling, vibration noise under the hood (seems to be more in the center or passenger side) when in gear and does become more pronoucned when the air is running and it cycles in. I have had the alternator replaced and it seemed to help for a wk and now is back again. I have also had some belts replaced with no good results. It is a front wheel drive car. I took it back to the place wher alternator was relaced by and they said the 'clutch' i

... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2002 Kia optima makes a screeching sound when u start it up. Lasts for 30 seconds then stops. Now its doing it when I start moving. Had a new alternator and belt replaced a few months ago. Replaced the power steering hose 1 month ago for a leak tried belt dressing but nothing has worked. What could be the problem. My mechanic said maybe a bearing in the alternator. Any ideas.

... Cars & Trucks

I have an '87 Taurus with a 3.0. Alternator went out on a cold day, car died, and after recharging battery and replacing the alternator, car will not start, due to 1) no fuel pressure (and no hum of pump) and also 2) no spark. Is there anything besides the EEC module that could be causing both to be absent, as I replaced the EEC with a used unit to no avail.

Sounds like a blown fuse look at the connections at the starter relay that the battery cable connects to these wires the connect to the bolt on the relay that the battery cable conects to are fuseable links and you describe one of them as blown. You ... 1987 Ford Taurus

1998 chrysler town & country 3.8l- how do i get the alternator mounting bracket off so i can replace the alternator? the current alternator's bearing froze, broke belt, can't drive to a repair shop, alternator is unbolted from the bracket but not enough clearance to remove without removing the mounting bracket. all visible bolts (3) have been removed from the bracket and still will not separate from the block. tensioner appears to be "pinching" the plate to the block. gentle use of crow bar flex

You dont have to take it off. remove the 2 15mm bolts and pry the bracket sideways w/ a prybar. This shortens your time. You most likely have a 90amp alternator so it should be small enough to slide through. ... 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

1996 Chrysler Sebring LXi Coupe V6 -- Check engine light came on and had Auto Zone put the tester on the car. Report shows Oxygen Sensor at Bank 1, Sensor 1 was inoperable, fuel mixture is too lean/rich, misfire code, and a code for the fuel pressure relay. Replaced battery, battery terminals, distributor cap, rotor button, and Oxygen Sensor at Bank 1 Sensor 1. The engine spins over but will not crank. Verified there is spark by pulling one of the plugs. Is there anything specific I should

... 1996 Chrysler Sebring

2002 Chrysler Town & Country Alternator Replacement


Iam replacing the o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 on my 2002 chrysler sebring and the replacement wire splice chart does not have the colors that are in the factory harness so how do i find out what color wires to splice with the replacement sensor?

If you have to splice wires you have the wrong part and will likely create more problems than you will fix.The right part will have the correct connector on it and will be "plug and play" no splicing needed. ... Chrysler Sebring

Engine will not start on a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Limited 3.8, after I cleaned up the Cylinder Heads and replaced all the Fuel Injectors and put everything back together. Now it is throwing off 3 error codes. 1) P0032: Ho2S Heater Control Circuit High, Bank 1, Sensor 1. 2) P0129: Barometric Pressure Too Low. 3) P0700: Transmission control System (MIL Request). Prior to taking the top half of the engine down I had a tapping sound which I thought was do to a bad lifter. After checkin

I guess I will start with the basic statement - as with any no start issue, you have to figure out if it is a spark or fuel problem to proceed.As soon as you crank the engine, the computer runs tests and looks for signals from sensors. So it ... Chrysler Town & Country

Mx5 MK 1 I have had problems with the car starting in the morning after it has run the day before. The battery has been checked and is holding cahrge but when going to start the car the charge sign comes up on the dash. I have had the alternator replaced and I am now wondering wether the immoboliser is running the battery down. The replacement battery is £120 I dont want to replace it for the problem to persist... has anyone encountered a similar problem

First have the alternator and battery load tested. The charge indicator is supposed to come on with the key on, but go off when the car is running. A shop will need to check for a draw if the battery load tests good. ... 1991 Mazda MX-5

I have an 1993 Olds Cutlass Ciera that has a few problems that we cannot solve. 1. Stalls when driving. 2. Headlights flicker and dim. 3. Speedometer sometimes goes crazy flicking back and forth. I don't know if these problems are related to one another or not. Replaced the alternator last year. Replaced the battery last week. Replaced the fuel filter tonight. When we changed the transmission fluid it seems that the previous owner had overfilled it by quite a lot.

Stalling is from MAP SENSOR or Throttle Posiotion Sensor. and the dash and lite issue is b/c ur head light switch is going bad. ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a '88' Chrysler LeBaron. I have replace 3 alternators. Something keeps killing the alternators. I want to check if the voltage regulator is working. Could it kill the alternators? And where is it located?

The voltage regulator on that old of a chrysler should still be internal (inside the alternator). it could be just bad alternators, i've ran into many endless amounts of defective alternators. the most was 7 in a row on one vehicle from two different ... Chrysler LeBaron

Low voltage Just purchased a 1993 ford e 350 shuttle bus. It has 2 batteries 1 alternator. Had to replace both batteries twice due to low voltage 10-11 volts after running a week or so .,so i upgraded the alternator to a 250 amp alternator but still killing batteries.Voltage starts out at 13 .5 14 volts,but after using a/c for awile it starts dropping to12,11,10 volts. bad ground maybe?

What is the condition of the battery cables you are probably onto something about a ground but i dont think your ground issue is going to be at the batteries you may not have a good ground on the alternator. The next thing I would check is ... the a ... 2002 Ford E350
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