Having problems with your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2WD ?

My 2005 Silverado a/c starts blowing hot after about 2-3 mins. If I shut the ignation off it strats to blow cold again, is there an inherent problem with this truck?

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My 2005 Silverado a/c starts blowing hot after about 2-3 mins. If I shut the ignation off it strats to blow cold again, is there an inherent problem with this truck?

... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2WD

Heater motor I have a 2001 F250 Superduty 7.3l diesel truck. In the mornings lately, it has been cold and i let the truck run to warm up but the motor doesn't blow and air out. Once the truck reaches a certain temperature, the heater motor starts working. Is that normal, do you have any suggestions if it is a problem. Blows air fine on hot days for A/C.

Test the circuit cold. (when the motor is not working) If power and grounds are good, replace the motor. When you have the blower motor out,check for any debri that has accumulated in the case. ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab


Need more information. The most important thing would be to watch the heater water valve move when someone turns the control from hot to cold, back and forth?Heater valve controls tend to be operated by vacuum, and switched by a heater compute ... 1999 GMC Sierra

My Air Conditioner in my 1994 GMC Sierra V6 Truck is blowing air that is not cold and on hot days it will blow hot. I was going to recharge the freon and i bought a can with a guage on it and the low pressure hose was reading 75 psi, which is too high of pressure to be putting in freon, so i took it to a service shop and they said one of the hoses was not connecting so it was not blowing cold air, they corrected it and now two days later my air conditioner is back to the same problem as before.


My heat has been working fine for the past 3 months but all of a sudden in the middle of driving it would only blow out cold air and now only blows out cold air the truck is not over heating and has plenty of antifreeze,What could be the problem?

Most likely the thermostat goodluck ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

On hot days, ac will run cold for while, then blow warm. Turn off for few minutes and will run cold again for while. If outside temp below 80, usually no problems. If truck (2001 F150) parked, usually no problems. Charge checks OK. Can see/hear compressor cycle when parked.

... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

I have a 99 gmc yukon i killed the battary i got a boost but started the car on aux power to put up the windows the A/C blower was on and i killed the battary agen. The next i jumped the the truck and had problems with the driver side window not going down and all so the A/C blower would not blow cold air sinc that day the window stared to work but the ac still dose not blow cold Air i checked the fuses in and under the hood and all looks well whats the next step i should take

Find the small air conditioner relay and replace it. They are available at any auto store and may cost perhaps $15. The switches on the dash could also be not making contact but I doubt it. You may have to get a manual to locate where the relay is ... 1999 GMC Yukon

My 1990 Chev K2500 truck heater only blows cold air. The heater core was replaced 2 years ago. The heater hoses are hot. The cab stays cold during cold weather. I am thinking the blend door is not changing positions and is wie open. I have no idea where the blend door motor even is. Could you please help me idenify the heater parts and what the problem could be? Thanks,Randy [email protected]

There is usually a heater control valve that lets hot water into the core. usually located out on the firewall in the supply hose ... Chevrolet K2500

I have a 1989 diahatsu hijet truck that has 14000 miles on it. it runs like a new one after you get it started. the problem is getting it to start. I have already had to replace the starter it was worn out from use. if I want to start it I have to set a heater beside the truck and blow it on the moter to warm it(about 15 min.) then it starts fine till it sets for 3 or 4 hr. and gets cold. I have changed , plugs, coil, wires, points,condesor,coil restor . I'm lost what is wrong? lost charlie

... 1988 Daihatsu Charade

Heater problems the heat in my 2004 chevy s-10 blows out some what warm when driving,but when i stop or slow down it blows cold until i speed back up also i smell coolant on the engine when i get out of the truck,but i see no leaks on the ground. the radiator is full,also the overflow.

I am having a temperature problem. My car has only luke warm air. I have also noticed that the temp of the car normally runs at around 200 degrees and it is now only running at 150 degrees it does not fluc ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

What's your problem?I have a 1996 Chevrolet Suburban. The AC is blowing out hot air. I have had the truck for 6 years, every Summer its the same thing. The ac does not get cold, I take it to the m

If it blows hot days later they did not fix the leak. hopefully they put dye tracer in the system. ... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

The v belt, surpentine belt, is getting shredded, my problem started off with the truck squealing as your driving.. then tthe a/c stopped blowing cold air and the noise got loader and constant, i was ckecking fuilds and spilled a little brake fluid on the tensioner pullie the the noise sstopped just for a while, because the belt looked worn i replaced it , only to drive 3 blocks and i popped the hood this new belt was toast. i did notice that the belt loked as if it was riding mostly on yhe ten

Seem you need to relace the tension pulley its froozen up ... Mazda B3000

2005 Chevy Silverado, AC works for awhile then switches to warm air. If i turn the key off then on agian it corrects the problem some of the time. That usually lasts for about 5 min. then back to warm air. If you get in the truck and start it but leave it in park it blows cold air the whole time. All 5 settings work.

... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

1997 ford expediton two problems 1. is when coasting to a stop or just rolling slow a clicking noise coming from rearend area I first thought u-joint but checked that then wheel bearing checked that it seems worse when towing.. 2. when truck is warmed up turn heat on and it starts hot and then blows cold at a loss help thx

If you use the Emergency brake more when you park a trailer, then both the clicking and the wheel bearing noise is due to the Emergency brake. The linings in the E brake are drum type and are inside the rear rotor. They will accumulate rust and mak ... Ford Expedition

My 2003 Isuzu Rodeo fan switch is stuck between fan speed 2 and 3. It only blows cold air when the truck is moving. I ordered a new fan switch and I hope this will solve the problem. Everything else works on the a/c control module and the parts guy said all I needed was a new fan switch. Does this sound correct?

... 2003 Isuzu Rodeo

Heater isn't working (blowing cold air)....and it's overheating as well. Tried flushing heater core but that didn't help. Truck is running rough too. Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

Check for a thermostat that is stuck open and will not let the block warm up when running,if it can't warm up to operational temperatures,it will tell the computer to keep the fuel/air mixture rich and this will will make it run rough, like having th ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

Recently charged, ac clutch appears ok, ac line going into truck super cold, blows warm. whats my problem?

Temperature control door, usually electronic. ... 1994 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

Air conditioner stopstopped blowing cold air. I recharged the coolant, but it still doesn't get cool. what could be the problem? Also the truck release on the driverside door won't work.

... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

1997 Nissan 4 cylinder truck AC works excellent throwing snowballs cold air, then it will blow hot air. Relay switch and clutch has been replaced....Did not fix problem!

Sounds like compressor isn't working properly or heater vacuum is opening vent to heater core.try turning on ac and if it cuts on and off repeatedly every few seconds the freon level is not correct or high pressure switch may not be working make sure ... 2005 Nissan Altima

Electrical short fuse for guages on my 89 gmc sierra s15 truck keeps burning out..when it burns out the air conditioning does not blow cold..when I turn on the lights with the blown fuse or with the fuse taken out my temp gauges pegs out at 260 ...and now my warning buzzer that tells me my lights are on when I pull the key out stays on when I am driving with the lights on at night..cruise control stops working out of the blue as well... only problem noted is that steering colum bolts are loos at

Tighten those four bolts making sure no wires are in the way or damaged where they come out of the cokumn right around the area of the column clap ... 1989 GMC Sierra

I have a 1986 Toyota Celica GT. I have two problems. The first problem is I don't have any heat. I have plenty of coolant, my thermostat is good and my engine is running halfway between cold and hot so it is getting warm enough. What it will do is it will blow cold air no matter how hot the engine is but if I shut it off and then back on sometimes it will blow hot air for about 10 seconds then it will go cold again. Second problem is I have no backup lights. The bulbs are good and I look f

The heat problem is more than likely the HEATER CONTROL VALVE, it is located in the small hose (1/2" to 3/4") that leads from the engine to the firewall & on into the heater core. You're getting heat because when you turn it off, the heat is tr ... 2006 Toyota Celica

I own a 89 toyota toyopet truck. The EFI fuse keeps blowing every time I replace it and turn the key on. Tracked and tested all wiring related to this problem. All test good and look good. replaced all modules and sensors related to this problem. replaced altenator twice because voltage regulator is on inside, each time replaced truck would start and run for 20-30 seconds before the EFI fuse blows and truck dies. please help me fix my truck. my name is Tami.

I had the same problem with my 1990 P/u. It turned out to be the O2 sensor touching the underside of my box shorting and blowing the EFI Fuse ... 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5

Very bad cold start problem. when i start the truck the choke does kick on and works properly. but when i do not let the truck sit for about fifteen minutes to warm up it is very sluggish, like it may be starving for gas. but then the problem goes away after the truck warms up. the truck also sometimes stalls when driving cold

Have carb rebuilt.\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012\012tim ... 1981 Ford F 100

2005 Colorado RPM's flucuate from normal RPM down to 500 rpm usually after I first start the truck. Then after running for 10-15 minutes this issue goes away. The truck starts fine. This problem only occurs on a cold start up and after I drive to a point I have to stop and push in on the clutch, the problem appears. It will flucuate about 3x and then goes to the normal RPM setting and will not do it again, until the truck is started again from a cold start.

Could be the IAC(Idle air control valve). It could also be related to the IAT(Intake Air Temperature) sensor. The IAC should be in the throttle body and the IAT in the intake manifold. ... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

2002 Mercury Sable, Heating Problem The problem I am having is I am getting almost no heat. It is not the blower motor, just had this replaced. Right after last winter it started blowing cold air, so I went and had a flush done on the heating system and that seemed to cure the problem. Now a few months later I am noticing now that I have very little heat coming out at all..the air is not cold like the last time but it's not blowing hot or warm like it should. Any ideas? Please tell me if there i

Hello. You are in luck. I just had this same issue in my shop this week. We changed the thermostat, and replaced the coolant. Fixed it right up. Since you did not mention a new thermostat, that would be my next move, if I were you. ... 2001 Mercury Sable
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