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Tc light stays on and transmission shifts rough 2006 hhr

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Tc light stays on and transmission shifts rough 2006 hhr

... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

Transmission Problem? I Have an automatic 2001 Pontiac Sunfire with more than 150,000 miles. Last year going to a party I forced the engine driving uphill. In my way back star doing the shift between gears really rough, I stop the car and few minutes later the car was driving just fine. Since then, and some times not always, when I star driving it takes longer than usual the shift from first to second gear, and the arrow in the miles it dosen't move at all, it stays on 0 until the RPM goes up to

The cheapest and best way to approach this problem is 1st to have the transmission fluid and filter replaced, trans fluid wears out an filters plug with debris from norman trans clutch wear, this service could cure your problem, also mak ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

I've owned our 99 Grand Caravan for 3 years and for 3 years occasionally all instruments would quit and I would pound on the dash and it would come back. About 2 years ago the abs quit and the abs light stayed on constantly. About 2 months ago the abs light went out but the abs still doesnt work. I have noticed that the transmission does up and down shift at lower speeds incorrectly. A year ago the check engine light came on and the transmission shifted extremely hard and I replaced the tra

The most common is a bad cluster \012you have to remove it \012that could be a pain but it can be done \012after removing the cluster remove the cardboard cover in the back remove\012 circuit panel board and check in the middle for ... Dodge Grand Caravan

1997 Toyota Tacoma Automatic Transmission Shifting is messed up, sometimes it stays in 1st gear too long ( shifts due to pressure, rather than electronically.....4500-5000rpms) other times it will shift from 1st to 3rd too soon causing too slow acceleration when pulling out into traffic. once truck is warm (either by ambient temp or by eng./trans up to "normal" operating temp the shifting problem pretty much goes away.The "check engine" light stays on,when diagnosed with handheld unit, it says "

... 1997 Toyota Tacoma

My 6 cyl automatic transmission stays in 2nd gear at all speeds. The car starts off slowly in 2nd gear and never gets into 3rd which use to drop the rpms down to the normal range. Also the overdrive indicator light stays on and will not go off when pushed. When I put the car in drive 1 the rpms go up and when I shift to drive 2 they don't drop down. The rpms do drop down when I move the lever to D (Drive). The rpms stay up and never shift down when I hit 50 t0 60 mph.

... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Engine light stays on, every mechanic consulted say that transmission must be overhauled before light can be reset. Car runs great and no shifting problems at all. The car will not pass inspection with engine light on. This car has a lot of miles almost 200,000 but still runs and drives great. Do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a transmission overhaul that really is not needed.

Easy to cure this one without spending a fortune ,take the dash out and disconnect the engine light bulb ,then where it sits in the support holder join a wire to each connection ,then put some insulating tape around the holder and jam bulb back into ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

I have an 88 Cavalier Z24 with 5sp man. transmission and a 2.8 V6 with cruise control. The car will not start. I parked it the previous night and went to start in the morning it cranks, I checked for spark and has none. I noticed during cruise speeds like 60 mph shift light comes on and stays on until accelerating or decelerating. Also, I noticed the tach not working while driving, the shift light does not come on any other time like when up shifting. I was wondering if this could be the crank

Yes, the crank sensor is used both for spark timing and tach/shift switch. Check the connector and wiring first. The sensor is centered on the back of the engine. If that looks OK, put a new sensor in. They only cost $14 at autozone. \015\ ... 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

Check engine light comes on and the transmission shifts rough.

There is a tsb on this and the fix is to change the engine contrl\015\012ol modul if the code is p2716. There is nothing wrong with the solenoid....the problem is the sender to the solenoid. ... 2006 Toyota Matrix

I have a 2003 eclipse gts spyder with the automatic transmission. when i shift into drive the nuetral light flashes on and off, and i only have 3rd gear. when i slide the shifter to the right for manual shift, it stays in 3rd. Also the engine light is on.

Hello. Begin by having your spyder's computer scanned. You can now get a free scan at any AAMCO shop, and at many auto parts stores. Dealerships usually charge significant change to do the scan so I would go to AAMCO if there is one nearby. The n ... Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

My father-in-law checked and topped off all of our fluids. As my wife was leaving, an "exclamation point" popped up on the dash and now the vehicle is shifting rough. My father thinks that he may have put too much transmission fluid, which is causing the sensor to act up (which is causing the computer to think there's a problem, hence making it shift rough). Can you shed some light what might be going on??? Please help!!

If the transmission fluid was over filled, it will definitely cause the problem you are experiencing. You need to get the vehicle up to operating temperature and recheck the fluid. If it is over filled, drain some out. Then unhook the battery and let ... Mercury Sable


The computer does not know what gear it is in. You need to replace the transmission position switch 8-96017-511-0 ... Isuzu Rodeo

Transmission hi my four wheel lights on dash shifts or blinks sometimes the car wonn t move. it shifts to 2 hi 2 lo or just stay at 2wheel drive whenever it feels like toservice light also on it says service four wheel drive.

I had that problem in my 1998 Blazer. There is a module on the passenger side of the truck, next to where the passenger right foot be. Remove the side kick panel to get to module. Disconnect battery before unpluging and pluging new mudule in. This un ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Transmission just will not shift, levels are full, started to slip just once and then when i started it one more time heard a crackling sound but the engine light has been on for a while tried all the gimicks to get it to stay off but to no evail. Thought a light or something would have come on to let me know something was wrong..towed it home just dont know where to start. 2001 dodge ram slt 1500 5.9 liter engine automatic transmission..

You say fluids are full, however, Dodge automatics will read full on the dipstick if you check it in park. In your owner's manual it should tell you to start truck on level surface, run your shifter through all the gears and then check fluid in NEUT ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

My traction control light comes on and Power Steering is shown in the digital display. Immediately afterward the car a 2006 Chevy Cobalt (Automatic) shifts roughly like a car would when it was low on fluid. Turn the car off and restart it the T/C light goes off and it shifts fine, so I assume it isn't a problem with the transmission itself. Has happened twice 4 days apart.

Sounds like you have a loose sensor on the traction control system i would check all the sensors see if they are properly connected ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

1998 Chevrolet Cavalier, automatic transmission. Engine light comes on and then when car shifts gears, it shifts very rough. Took it to a mechanic and it wasn't reading any codes. Had car serviced and transmission oil changed. 107,000 miles. What could cause this problem? It is also intermittent.

TCC(Torque Convertor Control(lockup)) sensor.Or another transmission control sensor. Bad sensor will cause erratic shifting. If your Check Engine light is on a code should show. Don't hesitate in getting a 2nd opinion. Try having Autoz... or another ... 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 2000 Chrysler Concorde LXi. The check engine light came on while accelerating and at that point the transmission would not shift to the next higher gear. Eventually it did shift and ran normal until stopping and restarting. Same problem and the check engine light stays on. Any idea what the problem could be and could driving it do damage?

That's\015\012 telling you that something is wrong and needs to be checked and/or \015\012repaired. If you stop at one of the bigger autoparts stores, they will \015\012scan it for you for FREE, and let you know what code is coming up. That \01 ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

I have a 2001 grand caravan 78,000 miles. engine light went on and then didnt shift out of 1st gear. turned car off waited 2 min started car drove and car shifted but light stayed on. mechanic did scan says may need new computer and/or transmission. how much are computers for 2001? p.s. i am female and feel so vulnerable for a good reason. thank you for info and help!

Always i stress always get 3 quotes and opinions from 3 different garages. So often they overcharge and/or do work that was not asked for on vulnerable people and then charge them for the work. Its sad that a few of them give all machanical shops a b ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

Chevrolet hd 2500 4wd with 4l80E transmission will shift hard and sometimes on cold start it will not move . Also one time on start up the brake light and abs light stayed on and after shutting off the key every thing in the instrument cluster stayed on

Has the fluid and trans filter been changed? this is due every 60,000 miles or sooner if used for towing, many times worn out friction modifiers in the fluid can cause this harsh shift problem. ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

2006 honda civic ex gauge cluster has tachometer out, check engine light on, abs light on, brake light on, speedometer reads 0, transmission shift positions light blinking on/off. If I stop the car and turn it off , then restart everything is ok for a couple of miles then it starts doing this thing all over again. Before this happened battery went dead do to me leaving the trunk light on all night. I hooked up my battery charger and charged the battery all day.

... Honda Civic

1992 Honda Accord LX D4 light stays on. When starting out in D4 transmission doesn't shift through from 1st through 4th but starts out in 3rd or 4th. I have to start out manually in 1st gear and t

... 1992 Honda Accord

My transmission wont shift out of low gear and my power steering light stays on

Just remove whatever you did to cause the problem... it probably messed with the electrical system and is interfering with the other things ... 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

I have a 2002 f150 and the code P1121 comes up on the code reader. Will this have any effect on the Transmission? When I started driving the truck, I shifted it in Drive as per normal but this time it stayed in first gear even though I had it in drive. While driving, I could manually shift it into second and it will go into second but it will not shift into 3rd gear when I shift it into Drive, what could be the problem? The OBD2 reader indicates a P1121 is causing the Service Engine light to co

Yes the problem is the throttle position sensor. you need a new one. it isn't shifting because the transmission isn't getting a signal from the tps. so it thinks your foot is all the way to the floor so it wont change into 3rd until it redlines. chan ... Ford E-150

I have a 1998 Chevrolet C1500. 305 ci V8 with 4-speed automatic transmission. Aside from minor wear and tear, the truck has been great to me. Odometer reads almost 329,500 Km, and the block and transmission are original to the vehicle. The transmission was having very rough shifting (1st into 2nd mostly), and would 'bang' when accelerating from a slow speed like approaching a red light. It now whines whenever the engine runs. The transmission is slightly overdue for a service, but otherwise n

I'm suspecting mechanical considering mileage. You should be able to pick up another trans pretty easily, there's millions of them out there. With that kind of mileage, you deserve an award! ... Chevrolet C1500

I have a 1996 Taurus. The problem is the transmission will shift from overdrive to 3rd gear when cruising down the highway. It seems that when this occurs I have dash lights come on like the battery light, door ajar light and sometimes the dome light will stay on while driving and won't go out for a long time. Any suggestions??

I would have the battery and alternator tested first. Voltage issues can cause some strange behavior. ... 1996 Ford Taurus

My 2002 4 runner check engine light trac off light and vsc trac light are on. i took it to a mechanic and he said it was throwing off transmission codes. i know there is something wrong with my trans but i dont know what? it shifts very rough but only above 50 mph. i was told it was my overdrive shudder but what can i do to fix it? the mechanic gave me this lube guard stuff. i put it in yesterday and now my truck is running worse and now my check engine light is blinking. can some one help?

If the check engine light is flashing then you have a misfire in the engine. Only worry about the CE light. On toyota, the TRAC off light and VSC light will both come on anytime the CE light is on. So once you fix the reason the CE light is on, th ... 2002 Toyota 4Runner
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