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Began failing to start, would not turn over. Battery is good and connections clean. It would finally turn and start if kept trying. But, now, will not turn at all, and have tried resetting gearshift lever, tried wiggling key in switch, nothing. Lights on dash working. What now?

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Answers :

Assuming you have a solid ground connection from the battery to the engine, try shorting the hot red terminal on the solenoid to the smaller terminal (not the ground terminal!)--the motor should crank. If not, you know the starter/solenoid is bad. If it cranks better than from the ignition switch, back up and check for bad starter relay, etc. Let us know what you find out, and we can continue troubleshooting.
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Began failing to start, would not turn over. Battery is good and connections clean. It would finally turn and start if kept trying. But, now, will not turn at all, and have tried resetting gearshift lever, tried wiggling key in switch, nothing. Lights on dash working. What now?

Assuming you have a solid ground connection from the battery to the engine, try shorting the hot red terminal on the solenoid to the smaller terminal (not the ground terminal!)--the motor should crank. If not, you know the starter/solenoid is bad. ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

Hello, my steering wheel is locked! I tried wiggling the wheel and turning the key and that didnt solve the problem. Let me mention the ignition would not turn over in the first place, even when my car wheel was not locked, actually when the wheel was unlocked , I know eventually the car would have started with more wiggling of the steering wheel. I decided to lock the steering wheel and try to start the "starting of the car process" over. When I locked the car, the wheel would not unlock

All you need to do is turn your steering wheel to the left all the way till it stops then put your key in while still holding the steering wheel to the left, turn the key to the on position this should release your steering wheel! ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have 2001 cadillac deville. i pulled in to parkin spot got out looked doors, turned around saw tires were turned to far to right so i unclocked and turned weels quickly without allowing time for dash to get started by displaying info. i got out looked came out of store unlooked popped trunk reached in while standing to turn car on and did wiggle key around and it would still not start. i waited a few minutes and still nothing. i havent tried but one said try wd 40 and onother said try turning

You need to turn steering wheel the same direction as the wheels are turned. When you turned the wheel quickly you were holding the wheel when you turned key to lock position and when you let go of the steering wheel it wants to go back the other dir ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

My 1993 honda accord lx turns over but sometimes won't start for 5-15 min. When it does crank after i have driven for a while then turn the car off. When i try to start again hte "D" on the gearshift blinks. The car will not start. Sometimes it will start when the "D" on the gearshift is blinking but i would have to push the gas pedal to the floor then the car will take off very slowly.

Change the speed sensor relay located on the gearbox it fixed my problem of not starting and d4 light flashing ... 1995 Honda Accord

I have a 2007 toyota Sequoia, this morning I had a flat and got it changed without a problem. As we started to lock up and engage the alarm system we noticed that it would not lock. We then tried to start the car and it would not start. The lights come on but the engine won't even try to turn over. Coincidence or is there something I should be looking for to reset?

I don't know if your car as one, but some cars have the anti theft device rigged to a mercury switch and when it gets jacked up, it shuts down. Also, you have a switch on the fuel pump that shuts down when the car hits something. But if it doesn't c ... 2007 Toyota Sequoia

2006 duramax 6.6 litre won't turn over even with boost . when ignition key is turned to start position the info lights flash and there is a clicking sound . I just finished changing the fuel filter , had started the truck to be sure it would start , then shut it off . This is when I tried to reset fuel filter light by turning key to on position and pressing the throttle 3 times , since then it won't turn over . I hope you can help as I am in the countryside , far from help !!!! THANK YOU VERY MU

I had to use two charges when my battery died, replaced both batteries, all is good. On the fuel filter end you need to fill the filter first and then start it, but as you have already run the fuel out of the lines you will need to loosen the air inl ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

I have a 2004 RX 330 just purchased from Lexus went to sart it the engine would not turn over but all the lights came on, dashboard lights etc. took it to Lexus they replace the battery broght it home, tried to start it would not start same issue all the lights came on but engine would not turn over. Tried starting is again in the morning it started drove it around the block turned it off tried to start it would not start. I've gone out and tried to start it thoughtout the day still own'

... 2004 Lexus RX 330

My Audi A5 2008 is temperamental starting often taking a few tries before it will turn over despite depressing the clutch pedal as instructedthen last night it would not accept the(advanced) key after I had tried to start unsuccessfully and then removed the key. a few moments later it decided to wind down the windows. We have tried to reset the system by disconnecting the battery and leaving for 15mins before reconnecting- no success We managed to get the windows up by using the key-without fob

... 2008 Audi A5 Coupe

My car wont start! When I took my car yesterday, i noticed that the ligtht for the electrical system on the dash board was on.it never hapened before! Once the car was started, the light would turn off. after 45 min. drive, once I got home, I turn the car off, and by curiosity tryed to turn it on. Nothing! the radio, the lights, the wipers would start working, but when I would it the break the lights would go dim. The motor wont even try working, its not catching, not idling. I tryed again seve

Check your battery connections make sure they are tight. If they are tight, then you have a bad battery or alternator. ... Mazda Protege

Start but wont turn over tried pushing fuel reset button already no change it all started when ran out of gas then refuling up to half tank of premium and i put full bottle fuel injection cleaner in also fired right up for afew days parked truck in garage it would not turn over did i do something wrong

Fuel pump in fuel tank is not working burned out gas keeps the fuel pump cool should always keep at least a quarter of tank of gas in vehicle at all times ... 2001 Ford Excursion

Got a 1997 Ford Ranger 3.0 V-6 with automatic. The transmission would not shift well,the nuts on cable holder under dash were loose,the tried to adjust cable,but it would not loosen up-when I put the trans in drive and held lever in drive I could not line them up. Just put in park underneath,but now the key turns easily,but will not come out or start truck? It is tough to move the auto trans lever from park to drive,the pointer seams to be off. Any help?Thanks

Take it to a tranny place they should not even charge you for a little fix up ... Ford Ranger

2000 mitsubishi Diamante,one week after a new axle was installed,the first thing to happen was...When the car was started and after warm-up,once put into Drive,gear indicator light on the dashboard would flash(like a sequential turn signal)fron neutral to drive,and the vehicle would barely move.After disconnecting the battery to Reset the computer.the car went into gear and ran normally..This morning i started the car,Pushed the button down on the gearshift knob,and the vehicle will not even com

By the sound of your problem your vehicle has an electronic automatic gear box but correct me if I am wrong..Now this can be caused due to a faulty electronic part but I cannot guarantee this.It may need a diagnostic tool hook up to the car to read t ... 2000 Mitsubishi Diamante

My wipers on a 98 suburban work intermitantly starting and stopping on there own while in a wipe cycle. Now they will not wipe at all. I can hear the motor trying to run, but no wipe cycle at all. At one time I could wiggle the wiper connection on the motor and it would work until I turned the truck off and than I would have to repeat the same wiggle to make it work.

I disagree with both of these two about replacing the PC board...the 4 main contacts are cold soldiered and are know for this problem...simply touch them up with a hot gun and you are good to go.It took me no time to do it and they work l ... 1998 Chevrolet Suburban

My 2008 Ford Escape would not start this morning. The Escape is driven everyday including just last night. The battery is charged, the car will not turn over. There is an icon on the dashboard of a red lock. I tried the turning on and off for ten minute intervals to reset the the key to the car, this did not work either. Is there anything I can try other than having it towed to a dealership?

Try removing neg cable for about an 1/2 hour ... 2008 Ford Escape

When I turn the key in my Lexus ES 300 the dashboard lights up, but it won't start. For the past month, I would turn the key and the dash would light up and do nothing, but if I tried turning the key again, it would then start. Now it won't start at all. Three weeks ago, I tried turning the key and none of the lights were on, so I had the battery charged at Autozone. They completely charged the battery and the car was fine. Now two weeks later, it won't start at all?

... 1999 Lexus ES 300

Car would not start for wife she had it towed home I tried next morning it started first try and sounded fine, check engine light has been coming on when fueling it has gone out added injector cleaner stopped engine during fueling would not start, engine turns over acted like it was going to start idle was sluggish as though not enough gas after several attempts to start engine would not turn over as though the battery was drained also during starting it would act like the timeing was jumping I

My first thought is that you may have a fuel filter issue or a fuel pump starting to go south. The part about the battery could be a dirty terminal, loose cable or the battery is giving up. Clean the cables and check fuel pressure. I would try to ... 2003 Kia Sedona

Two nights ago my 96 seville sts would not start. I was low on gas and had about 40 miles to empty. The car would try to turn over, but wouldnt. I got some gas, put it in, tried to start it while pumping the gas and in a couple tries it started right up. This morning I went out to start it and once again it did the same thing. I filled the gas last night, so I know that isnt the issue. After a couple of tries, It wouldnt even try to turn over anymore and I got a message on the display that said

Hi, if you have the resistor in your key blade, that is the VATS system acting up. Fortunately there is a cheap bypass that you can do on this particular system. First though, I would try the other key, if you have one. If no other key or neither ... Cadillac STS

Toyota landcruiser 1995 petrol, won't start. this car had been parked for a couple of weeks, and would not start tried a another battery, it started, but when it was turned off, it would not start again, found a small box, in the engeine that said power box, a wire was disconnected to it, reconnected it, car started, turned car off, would not start, it is trying to start, but won't

... 1991 Toyota Camry

This morning when I turned on my Durango, the radio volume would not increase when the volume knob is turned manually or with the steering wheel controls. The radio is on, I can change stations and to the CD player, but the volume dos not work. IT goes from 1 to 0 and back and that's it. I've tried turning the truck off, thinking the computer might need to reset and starting it back up, but nothing seems to work. What could it be?

Try disconnecting the vehicles battery for about 5 minutes. ... 2004 Dodge Durango

2007 jeep patriot turns over but wont start. no fuel to fuel rail. Would start then did ran fine for a day . shut off at work and wouldnt start again. Checked all fuses put more fuel in tank. tried battery disconnect reset. hellp

Need a fuel system chec-the gas pump and the regulator-also the injector pulses may be failin--find an honest mech that can testum with instruments ... 2008 Jeep Liberty

I have a 2001 Mercury Mountaineer that won't start,i park my car on that street (is a hill, my front end is up about 10" to 12")and now won't start i try that reset bottom (is good) i have gas about (1/2 tank)When I turn the key, it makes the sound of the truck about to start but quickly goes to a clicking noise. i just got a new battery for it & nothing .Any suggestions would be appreciated..Thanks!!!!!

As you describe your problem .it sounds like a classic low battery/bad connection problem. since you have replaced the battery ,did you clean the battery terminals?follow your positive cable to the starter solenoid check that all connections are tig ... 2001 Mercury Mountaineer

I was putting gas into my 2004 Toyota Tundra and afterwards the truck would not start. I could turn the key to accessories and the dash would light up but when I tried to start the engine it would not even turn over. I tried to jump it and the engine made no effort to start. I pushed it away from the pump and then it started fine and the volt meter showed the battery at full charge. It has started fine ever since. Was this the result of the gas cap being removed while the engine was still r


Wont start car died twice today both time the dash light stayed on was able to put in park and start but the third time i was pulling into drive way it died but this time lights on dash whent off would not try to turn over radio stoped working but windows would work fan on ac worked head light worked then dash lights would blink on and off engine would try to turn over but would not start

Could be a fuel filter ... 2005 Buick Century

I drive a 2004 Pontiac Grand am GT. Today after I had to accelerator really quickly, my car started to mess up. I would hit the gas and my RPMS would go up an then fall right back down like the car was shuttering back and forth. I parked my car after that, a few minutes later I left and turned onto a street. At that point, my whole car turns off. I have no power steering or anything. I try to start my car and nothing happened. The more I try to start it the more it starts to turn over and in les

It sounds like your fuel filter is getting clogged. There is enough flow to allow the engine to run at low load, but as soon as you try to dump lots of fuel into the engine, there is not enough flow, and the engine dies. Replace the fuel filter. ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Wont start passenger tried to pull keys out of ignition while car was still running and while in drive . driver reset shift lever to park and pulled keys out again . This time made a "Starter Engaged sound " now car wont start. When key is turned it makes a clicking noise.

The clicking noise is usually 2 things, step on try jump starting car and if starts have battery tested as it is probably bad (free testing at most chain auto stores), the other usual problem is that the starter has gone bad, when whoever tried turni ... 1998 Ford Taurus
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