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Passenger hid headlight out bulb is fine, no electrical current to plug at back of bulb can b found, but have current at h/l assy main plug

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Passenger hid headlight out bulb is fine, no electrical current to plug at back of bulb can b found, but have current at h/l assy main plug

... 2006 Cadillac DTS

I have 1997 sts cadillac with right hand signal lite flashing fast. I check rear right tail lite bulbs, and they test good. I did meter test on that bulbs wire leads & found current on one lead to bulb element,but no current on lead to other lead to larger element of that bulb, It appears to be in wire harness back to signal arm on steering colume, 4 way flashers on , but that one element will not lite.Its intermitten,somtimes it works just fine.Where can I find a wiring schmatic to locat harnes

You descibed problem pretty well. I would turn right signal on and follow the wiring and gently wiggle the wires.and notice when it starts blinking normal speed. really check the bulb socket really close. ck the the wires for voltage a few i ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

I need to know what the box is attached to the back of the bulb on the exeon lights on the mini cooper s 56 plate and can this box be replaced as the main beam isn't working.there is some wires that plug into this box but when i got to it the wire plug was out and won't plug back in.

This is the control unit for the xeon headlamp. If the wiring is broken then you need another control unit. Do not attempt to repair these as they store very high voltages . ... 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible

My battery light came on so i was inspecting my wiring harness for signs of ware.i found that my crank sensor harness was soaked in oil, leaking from the front main seal. i fixed the leak and cleaned the oil of the wires. i unplugged the quick disconnect crank sensor to clean it,but forgot to disconnect the neg. battery terminal.after rerouting the wire harness through the motor to the crank sensor and plugged the sensor back into the other end of the quick disconnect. now the car wont start

Unplugging or disconnecting battery will rest the computer every time. Here's a simple solution that should work for you. If the battery is in good shape and holding charge, then disconnect the ground to the battery. Allow 15 minutes to pass, ... Mitsubishi Mirage

Alarm Problem Toyota Ed, on Nov 5, 2008 you posted a solution to a problem with the alarm on a 1993 Camry. I have a 1992 Camry and the alarm is engaging for no apparent reason. I do not have the remote. I tried following your solution (your note is below). My black box was not under the seat, but strapped to an air duct below and left of the steering column. I found where the main wiring harness had been interrupted and plugged those two connectors back together. I did not find a red and g

The green wire with the crimp needs to go away. This is the wire that allows the alarm computer to beep the horn when the system is activated.\015\012\015\012The wires that go past the hood release is probably a power and a g ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

Citreon zx 1.9 td P reg.good runner but will not start in cold weather,i have changed glow plugs and battery with no joy. have checked cable to glow plugs for power with a bulb and it's working and have examined hoses for any air leaks but they're all tight but i found the heater indication light on dash stays on for approx 4 secs but when i checked with a bulb wired to the heater plug the bulb stayed lit for a lot longer after the indicator on dash went out roughly about ten secs. is this whe

Maybe moisture in fuel freezes fuel line ... 1991 Peugeot 405

1989 isuzu trooper jeep 2600 cc 4ze1 gas engine just had head gasket replaced. when engine but back there was current in to coil but not out other end. tested coil in other car and it worked. The electrician got current to spark plugs but intermittent. more current out of plugs when ignition key returning to off than when turning on. This is in jamaica in the country so equipment for testing not available.

1989 Isuzu Trooper 2.6 5 speed. 4x4 jumps in gear by itself. 4x4 shifter is pulled hard back and held there but on highways it will jump back into gear. Have to stop and back up to unlock automatic hubs. Any suggestions? ... 1989 Isuzu Trooper

96hevy K1500 z71. Left blinker/brake bulb not workin. I pulled assembly apart there are 3 bulbs on the panel. Top two light up but bottom doesnt. I put the top bulb whick is thea same bulb in the bottom socket to check if it was just the bulb but it still didnt work. I put the bulb back in the top socketin now im at a loss for solutions. Please help me out. Is there a fuse i should check? Is the socket bad? Do i need a mew 3 bulb panel? I check plug on wiring harness all pins look good...

Probably need a new 3 bulb panel on that side they go out quite frequently ... Cars & Trucks

First it was filing out plugs but found out i can only use motorcraft, but today i put motorcraft platnums in it and its still back firing and shaking. wat is my problem? wat would make it back fire now that i have good plugs?

Sounds like you might need a complete tune-up, coil, wires, rotor and cap, it appears to be a good idea to go to the shop for a complete fuel system cleanout, they'll remove all of the carbon buildup in your system and your fuel economy will increase ... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

Ok so help me out. my 03 mpv is over heating my girlfriend ran it without oil till it stopped on her. i put oil and coolant back in it and also found the reservoir had a huge crack in it. it started after i fixed all that but i saw steam coming from the tailpipe. tells me i most likely have a blown head gasket. i checked the plugs and found the ones in the back were wet with coolant. but i didnt see any oil in the water or water in the oil. only steam and alot of missing due to the water in the

Call the scrapyard its cooked the engine and will cost more to repair than a 10 yr old vehicle is worth unless your capable of doing it yourself . ... 2003 Mazda MPV

Have a 1999 Toyota Tacoma with a 3.4. Vehiclw was brought in 4 pinging under acceleration. Check engine light was on with a TPS code. Upon diag we found the plugs very worn. 140K on vehicle so we did a complete tune-up. Plugs wires coil boots, fuel filter. Upon start up itbegann misfiring on cylinders 4 & 6. Put old wires back on and fine. Put new set on and same misfire. Upgraded to a premium set of wires, still misfires. Put originals back on, still misfires. switched coils, did not move. Put

Most likely I a would suspect the fuel rail had moisture in it. If you checked emissions it would most likely show no HC and alot of 02 and no CO. If it does show alot of HC then I would suspect sticking valves intermittantly . The pinging really poi ... Toyota Tacoma

Brake Lights My brake lights don't illuminate when I step on the brakes. I have both turn signals, driving tail lights, back-up lights, hazard flashers... Everything but brake lights. I checked and replaced the fuse ~ no good, Checked the plug on the firewall, it's plugged in, The bulbs are good, and the brake display in the back window doesn't light up either. I give up!

MY 1999 Saturn L100 Has a brake light problem. The brake light in the rear window works. The brake lights net to the tail lights do not. ... 2004 Saturn ION

Overheating 1995 s420 overheating while in trafic. Owner said it started 2 weeks ago. Took a compression test of the cylinders and found 2 each very low (opposing banks). Checked the dou valve and found both plungers corroded in the closed position, with one broken off from the soleniod stem. Removed the plungers and placed the dou valve back into position. Removed and replaced the thermostat. Spark plugs were worn with gaps exceeding .070 and plug wires were heat brittle. Replaced all wit

Fairly common problem so i would say it is definitely your head gasket. Sorry. ... 1995 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

I have to replace the low beam bulb (H7) in my 2008 VW EOS. I can grt the back of the assembly open, but cannot disconnect the bulb from the round, plastic plug holder. I have looked at the high beam - it does not have this plug holder, so no help there. Thanks

Their is a cip that holds it in ,one prong to push down and outwards ,if you cannot do take the headlight out its easier ... 2007 Volkswagen EOS Convertible

Can not start 2000 Kia Sportage with 161 K Miles. Engine overheated due to head gasket failure. Replaced Head Gasket, new Timing Belt, Spark Plugs (Gapped to 1 mm). Only thing I can not fix easily is Ignition coil wiring plugs (white plastic - cracked badly), which I may try to hard wire & insulate directly as best as possible. Found 12V power on fwd coil wires during prelim voltage check ? Engine trys to fire, but won't catch, and has back fired twice? Found differences in Kia manua

Its bed time here in this time zone so as i think you have checked everything ,plugs i would set to 25th ,timing mark is on the flywheel i think ,take no1 plug out and bring it round to TDC so the piston is at the top,remove the rocker cover and chec ... 2000 Kia Sportage

I just tried to change my plugs but found i need a smaller socket. When I put the coil back on and started the truck my check engine light came on. I realized I forgot to plug one of the coil's back in so I did so, and the light stayed on. The truck is running fine but the light is still on, any idea why?

The light is on because the computer "saw" a fault (the coil) The light should go out after a few drive cycles as the computer re-reads the system. ... 2007 Toyota Tacoma

One headlight stopped working. I installed a HID kit. I turned on the headlight witch to see if the light would work I heard a clicking noise, not shore were the noise was coming from. Turned off the headlights witch and plug in the HID bulb to the ballast kit. The HID kit came on and witched to high beam and it worked. Switched back to low beam and the HID kit didn?t come on, plug in the factory Headlight bulb and it still didn?t work. All the other light work but this one. Using a multi meter

... 2005 Dodge Durango

Removed dash to replace heater core, plugged all wiring harness back in, now have no headlights, turn signal, wipers, no power to half of main power distribution. possible missing plug on back of headlight switch

No, there is a control module that plugged in or its plugged in at the wrong module ... Mitsubishi Diamante

Dodge 3.3 engine began running rough. Poor idle. Stumble's on accelloration and backfires. New O2 sensor, new coil, plugs and wires recent. Dissimbles upper engine checked injectors, egr and found vaccum leak at intake plenum, also found fouled #5 plug. I put the engine back to together, started engine - no codes, still running as poorly as before. If it was an old distributor engine I was say that the timing was off.

Had a similar hard-running problem with a 96 ES 3.8 V6; pulled the front valve cover and rocker-arm tube over #5 had split and no longer controlled the i/o valves. had to replace and re-machine #5 valves in the head. ... 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

1990 Isuzu 2.3L pickup. This truck has been sitting a little bit i put new fuel filter, distributor and rotor and plugs. Tried to start it and found it back firing out of carb so i removed front cover to check timing found rotor was 180 degrees off and put a new timing belt on adjusted valves and timed everything. put all back together started runs great for 1 min or so then shuts off. Trying to figure out why it is shutting off

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1997 Dodge Stratus 2.4 4 door that i just bought about 2 months ago. When i bought it the car ran fine but needed a bit of fixing mainly the manifold, I had this replaced and when i got the car back it started to spit and sputter up a hill and black smoke came from the back end. I then took it back and fond out my car needed a new converter so i had it fixed, but yet i am having the same problem. I then took it back and had the spark plugs redone and the car ran a little better but stil

I hate to be a **** and say this, but it's a Dodge. I had this same exact car, same year that you had for give years, and I hated it more than any vehicle I have ever owned. I don't know how any of them still exist. I'm sorry you're having these i ... 1997 Dodge Stratus

Ford Taurus 1998 3.0 engine v6 How do I check the wiring that plugs into the alternator? The plug has 3 wires. I do not know what they do so not sure if when checking if engine needs to be running or off or what is ground and what is power. I do know the main red wire going to alternator has power. #1(orange & gray stripe? This wire is a little heavier gage than the other 2) #2(White with black stripe this wire loops back into the alternator with a plug) #3(green with black stri

Testing the amperage output of the alternator is good for measuring the amount (not the level) of voltage the alternator can produce. This test can be tricky because if the alternator is weak it can still show it as producing amperage. Which is good, ... Ford Taurus

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L 6L Auto Trans. Turns over but wont start No spark on plugs, good compression. Just put new ignition coil, rotor cap plugs plug wires. but, checked power supply to coil and found that I'm not getting a full 12volts. traced wires back to PCM with no burns, tears, breaks, or other problems with wires.. What could it be? bad PCM?

... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Right front turn signal keeps burning bulbs. When I replace the bulb the end in the plug is fried and cracked and the receptacle is actually charred. I am currently deployed away from my home and tools. So, what could be causing this problem? I have applied connector gel and also replaced the receptacle. The new receptacle was ruined after 4 weeks. And I have gone thru about 4 bulbs in 4 weeks.

... 1999 Buick Century

Terrible miss and loss of power at high speeds after driving for 15 minutes orr so. found to have a error code p301 306, misfire codes, replaced plugs and coil rail. driving action continued and same codes came up. tested fuel pump found it to be weak and shakey so I replaced. ran great, codes returned and repeat of driving action. found an answer (at a differ site) that carbon build up in injectors would send misfire code. replaced injectors. codes came back any idea. Thanks Ralph

The dancing needle is caused by a bad contact at the battery clamps - the battery is left out and the voltage at the alternator varies wildly.\012\012\012That voltage variation is definitely capable of causing all the other problems so clean th ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee
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