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Whining noise on my 2006 cadillac cts.Had the power steering pump replaced yesterday. Noise is back again today. What is it?

\015 Had a whining noise for about a month. had my local garage check it out & they flushed the power steering liquid & replaced. Did not work, next day whining again. Took the car to a cadillac dealer, they said the pump had a crack in it, needs to be replaced. Had it replaced & the day after it was replaced the whining started again. Help!\015
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Whining noise on my 2006 cadillac cts.Had the power steering pump replaced yesterday. Noise is back again today. What is it?

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I have a 2007 2-door hatchback Focus. Since about September 08 the power steering pump has been making noises. I know is the power steering pump because the noise gets louder when I turn the wheel. I keep taking the car to the dealer and they keep replacing different parts: o-ring seal or power steering pump, but the noise keeps coming back. There are bubbles in the power steering fluid that appear when the noise appears. Finally, this February 2010, the noises came back with a vengeance. They g

If air is being produced in the fluid (cavitation) there is a leak.There is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)...\015\012\015\012\011\011\011 \011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\015\012\011\011\011 \011\01 ... 2005 Ford Focus

I have a olds alero. I just replaced the pulley and power steering pump. after I replaced it and put back the hoses and belt. I turned my car on and got a loud grinding noise and some smoking out from the power steering pump. The pulley is put on the right way and the belt is fine. And I still don't have any power steering in my car. I've bled the pump properly. I don't have any resolutions yet. Please some one help me..

Seems like the pressure line to the rack&pinion is plugged.open the line at the rack see if fluid flows if not replace line if fluid flows then replace the rack. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

I purchased a 2005 Santa Fe..had it a day and noticed a loud squeeling noise..does it when slowing down for a stop sign ...when you pull out it keeps squeeling for a short distanse...sometimes right after you start it up...mechanic changed the serpentine belt...at that time noticed power steering fluid leaking and said i would have to replace power steering pump...which they haven't done yet..and the squeeling noise is back ..could that be from the power steering pump?

The pump runs off a belt as well, if there is a pump problem it might make the belt squeel ... 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

Whining Noise I have a whining noise, especially upon acceleration up a hill, in my Santa Fe. The noise is coming from underneath the hood, on passenger side. The dealership has already replaced the fuel pump once, and the power steering pump twice and last time they realized the line was clogged (I think to the fuel pump) and they flushed it out. Each time the problem is fixed for about one month. Now it is back and I am frustrated!

Sure sounds like a power steering pump, if they did not flush the grim out of the system from the old pump before they replaced the pump the new pump will fail in short order. ... 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited

Brought my audi a4 in to have the timing belt and water pump replaced and my car is now leaking power steering fluid and making loud noise, i was told when i took it back that the the powersteering fluid was low, they topped it off, it was fine until i drove it for a couple hours and the problem returned and my check engine light came on. had the fluid topped off again. can changing the timing belt and water pump damage the power steering pump/rack?

They may have loosened the power steering pump to take off the belt and not put it back right.\015\012They may have overtightened the belt which has worn the bearings out on the steering pump and made it start leaking from the bearings... ... 2004 Audi A4

Need to replace Drive Belt Pulley for 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe is this common problem? It is making the same noise when I was told it was my Power steering pump. I replaced the pump and now the nosie is back and was told about the Drive belt pulley.

Your senario revolves aroud the milage on your vehicle.should it be a high milage we can call it common.if you did replace the belts then the next step will be is to see hou deep the belt inbeds in to the pulleys.if to deep then it will slip and make ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

Power steering makes noise while turning left & right even after replacing ball joints, CV joints & entire steering box without power pump. what could be the remidial measures? though I have replaced the steering box for making the suspension more stable. Before replacing the steering box the power pump sound was there but not so prominent.after replacing steering box, ball joints & CV joints & after driving for several days the steering become easier & power pum noise became less hearing. But n

... 1997 Toyota Corolla

1991 licoln continental i got the water pump out and replaced it and the serpentine belt but when i got it all back together, the power steering pump is making a terrible noise. could this happen if the belt tension is not right and does anyone know what it should be and how to adjust it?

I might just be air in the system try turning the wheel lock to lock a few times then let it sit and try it again make sure fluid is full ... 1991 Lincoln Continental

Mazda 2002 MPV Mini Van: Drive pulley fell off the shaft of the power steering pump. Threaded shaft lost its nut and pulley slid from shaft. A local garage returned the pulley to the shaft, installed a new nut but then could not put the serpentine belt back. They said the belt was too tight and was impossible to install. They replaced it with one a bit longer. Result was much rumbling noise sounding like a loose or defective or dry bearing. Towed it back to the shop. Is there a r

Hi!!\015\012I could not find any recalls for this type of problem on your vehicle. What I found, is that there is the following notice on the installation instructions of the power steering pulley.\015\012\015\012 ... 2002 Mazda Tribute

I have a 2004 Accord with 65k miles. It begun a few months with a noise when the car was cold and I turned the stering wheel, but now, when I turn the wheel, it makes the noise, and the wheel shifts from hard to soft. I went to the dealer who told me I had to replace the power steering pump, and charged me over $1.5k for parts and labor. Can I get a replacement steering pump for less? How can I make sure the replacement is fully compatible with my car?

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome to the site. That was a lot of money for parts and labor. If I were you, I would check at your local junk yards. You can get the part for cheap here. You have to look at it like this, cars don't hit the junkyard ... 2005 Honda Accord

Help please, I have replaced the power steering (p/s), pump pulley and now I am unable to mount the pump back because the pump has a bolt on the back and I am unable to squeeze it back on, it looks like I can take the bolt out with a wrench but I am not sure, could someone let me know if that bolt can come off? and I would also like to know if the p/s pump pully has to go in all the way I have replaced it wile it is still in the van because I didin't want to take it off all the way and was able

If it is the same pump you removed,and the bolt did not have to be removed,then it ought to be able to be reinstalled with the bolt in it.I an not sure what you mean exactley,but if it is a bolt,it will come out.They will be super tight.Yes the pulle ... Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a 95 cadillac and its making a whinny noise and smoking... i replaced the power steering pump and now its still leaking fluids and smoking what could be the problem

Hello and welcome to FixYa!You can start on the O2 sensor. If it's faulty, this issues occur.Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa! Have a good one! ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

When backing up and turning the wheel to the left feels like the front end drops there is no noise it feels almost like a hard staright wind blowing across the front end. I have had the front right wheel hub assembly replaced the rack pinion catalytic convertor fuel pump and lastly a new engine 11000 miles ago. The car has 76000 miles. My sister said when she drove it hears a high pitched whine coming from teh steering column

... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

A whinning noise coming from front of '03 santa fe when stepping on gas or turnig. Had power steering pump replaced four times in two years. Problem keeps coming back.

... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

1995 Grand am power steering pump was ran without fluid for a day or two. Refilled with fluid. It now has a lot of air bubbles in the fluid and makes a fairly loud wine or growling noise when you turn the steering wheel. Does that mean the pump is bad. I was told to keep turning the steering wheel back and forth and the air bubbles and noise would leave.

You can try it, but these pumps dont last long when run dry ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a honda accord 1993. I had a leaking power steering pressure line and a bad rack and pinion that I just replaced, but now I have a howling sound when i'm driving the vehicle. it makes the sound when turning the steering wheel and the noise increases when you increase the vehicle's speed or when you are in park and accelerate the motor. Before replacing the psp line and rack i had changed the power steering pump and it was not making that noise. Can someone tell me what is causing this?

Is the fluid low?Did you replace it with an aftermarket pump?Aftermarket pumps are notorious for making noise. Your nest bet is to get a good used part or get one from the dealer. If there is a lot of foam in the f ... 1993 Honda Accord

Power Steering needs topping up daily & there's oil dripping to the floor, also the rack boot needs replacing. As we don't have $2'000 for a garage to "fix" the power steering problem, How hard is it to remove the power steering pump, hoses, rack & steering? & replace with a manual steering rack & steering? Do we need any extra special tools, or can a couple of back-yarders do this replacement?

If you are up to it, you can remove the Rack and Pinion and have it rebuilt. Most of the time the rebuild kits can be purchased locally, but I recommend you have it rebuilt by a professional. I usually just buy new Rack and Pinions and get the old on ... 1984 Subaru Brat

1993 mercury villager with growling power steering. it started after a power steering flush. mechanic has replaced power steering pump. can the pump output be looped back to itself without damaging the pump to isolate the problem to either the pump or the steering mechanism?


2003 dodge grand caravan problems with whining noise. Had power steering Pump replaced. Still whining noise . Louder when turning the steering wheel.

There is a relatively simple solution to the problem you and many others are having. The power steering reservoir contains a mesh screen filter. Over time it will start to plug up and cause the symptom you and many others are having. Replacing the re ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

Hi Dennis did put in new steering rack then the pump starting making noise and replaced the pump as well now i nedd to find out why the steering is still stiff

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Growling/straining noise upon acceleration so replaced power steering pump - didn't solve noise

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2002 Mercury Sable 6 Cyl. 3.0 - Another question about the power steering pump. When I start up the car, the power steering fluid drains down and when I turn the car off the power steering fluid comes back to its prior level. The rack was leaking so I replaced the rack so that was part of the earlier problem I had with fluid leaking out the top of the pump. My question is now: I'd like to know how to check the power steering pump itself and also I looked for a filter in the return line

You will need to bleed the system. With the vehicle running, turn the wheel fully left then fully right several times. When the fluid level is low, turn off the car, add fluid and repeat the process until it no longer drops fluid level ... Mercury Sable

We just replaces the power steering pump and the belt after the power steering pump went out and it still makes noises when you turn the wheel just as it was before we replaced the parts

Could be air trapped in the system and needs bleeding low fluid steering rack fluid feed pipes vibrating ... Ford Taurus

I am working on a 95 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L SOHC. Replaced a leaking power steering pump. Afterwards, vehicle has no power steering at idle. But when you tap the throttle around 1,500-2000 rpm, power comes back. I've replaced the pump 5 times now, and the gear box once.

... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo
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