Having problems with your 2006 Cadillac CTS ?

Battery went dead put new one in now windows will not work

\015 We put new battery in everything else is working ,but the windows. can you help?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My battery went dead and I exchanged it with a new one, but after installing the new one the radio and drivers side window stopped working, I took the drivers door panel off and found a front door module but the motor worked when we put a battery pack on the wires? This module has a label that says it is programmable. Is this a computer related problem/s?

The radio has a code that you can find in the owners manual and the window just may have a blown fuse. Check to see if any of the fuses are blown.Very common. just may have had a power surge. ... 2000 Jaguar XJ

Battery went dead put new one in now windows will not work

... 2006 Cadillac CTS

Just put a new battery in my Cadilla STS because I thought the old one was dead, but after putting the new one in everything seemed fine and trunk, doors, radio, lights all worked. I turned the key and everything went dead. Can anyone tell me what the problem can be?

Sounds like a loose connection on the battery. Clean and tighten them, and check the battery ground. Is the starter cable on tight? If still nothing, a shop needs to check the ignition switch for a defect. ... 1995 Cadillac Seville STS

I have a 2001 cadillac deville that is completly dead.. we put a new alternator and a new battery but would still die over night. So we took it to a mechanic and ge said the car went into a system lock and completly died and wouldnt work... can any one please help me??? At one point in time it said system lock and also showed ABS... PLEASE HELP THANKS!!!

... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT. The other day my battery went dead (tried charging it, no luck) so I bought a new one. We put the new battery in and it started right away. The next morning when I tried to go to work, it wouldn't start. It wanted to but wouldn't. Is there any other reason I could be having this problem?

Get your alternator tested.If it is good check the vehicle for a battery drain,power draw when everything is turned off. ... Pontiac Grand Am

Windows I have a vw polo saloon 1.6 2001 model. last night i opened the doors using the key and the window on the drivers side went down and wouldnt come back up i looked at the fuses and thought one of the ones for the window had blown so i swapped them over so i could get the window back up. I went and bought some new fuses today and put a new fuse in but the window went down again and got stuck again. I can only have one window working at a time. what could be the problem?

Maybe the window isn't mounted properly so it makes motor hard to move window up and because of motor overload it blow fuce. Thry to adjuste window better... ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 2004 GMC Yukon. Yesterday my battery went dead. After replacing with a new one, I turned on the air conditioner and now air only comes out of the dash window defroster vents and not the front,side or floor vents. It is very strange that it worked fine before replacing the battery and now the AC just seems to be stuck on that mode and the button to switch to other vents doesn't respond. What could be the problem?

Look to see if there's a broken vacuum line going to the front, side or floor vent. Listen if there's a hissing noise to indicate that there's a vacuum leak. This system should be using vacuum from the engine to open and close the air div ... 2004 GMC Yukon

I went to start my car and the engines would not turn over. I assumed my battery was dead because my remote would not unlock my door my radio doesnt work windows ect. Put in a new battery and still will not start.

Check both ends of the battery cables to be sure there is no corrosion causing them not to make good contact. Also check the full length of the cables as sometimes a cable insulation will crack and corrosion can build up ins ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

About 6 months ago my battery went dead. One minute it started and then the engine was shut down and it wouldn't start again without a boost. We got a new battery and in 3 months it did the same thing. had the battery checked and they said it wasn't any good. I bought another one and this one lasted 2 weeks. The difference is that the engine was totally dead. Nothing worked The door locks nothing. I got another boost and got the car home. After that it worked well with no problems until

You will need to test for a short in the car. \015\012Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5925550-dead_battery_troubleshooting ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

My partner brought a diesel ford escort van 2002 but he had to put a new battery in it and a new starting motor ..when the battery went dead that's when they realised the van had a immobilser (the previous owner didn't even know he had one on it ) they manage to get the van to start after new battery and starting motor and it started ok we drove it back home now when he went to turn it over the lights comes but its dead is this the immobilser kicking in please help many thanks sarah x

... 1999 Ford Escort

Well first thing to start is it is a 1990 stanza xe with 160000 original milage and it started fine on sunday then went to go to work on monday went to start it and it tried to start bogged down and the battery went dead so i bought a new battery put it in went to hook up the battery put the black cable on first and when i went to put the red cable on with no keys in the ingnition it tried to start so tried that a couple of times and it kept trying to start with no keys so than someone told me t

Your car probably has an aftermarker remote car starter module installed that you reset, by changing the battery. It has nothing to do with your actual car starter. You will need to shut down(valet) or uninstall that aftermarket remote car starter mo ... 1990 Nissan Stanza

I purchased a new battery for my 1997 hyundi sonta but everything is dead. when time to come home from work hopped in my car everthing was dead jump lead no problems went straight away drove home about 17 ks turned key of turned it on dead. on the way home the light lit up check engine. Brought new battery put in still dead. The only thing working is the break lights hazzard lights but these were not blinking and the inside light in car.

Sounds like the ground wire for the battery is not making clean contact. Trace that wire and clean both ends and the area it connects to the engine block. Good luck! ... 1997 Hyundai Sonata

Battery went dead put a new one everything works but it won't start

If you have an alarm system with an under the dash Valet switch.... with the car door OPEN press and hold the valet switch until the alarm system resets then start your vehicle. If this does not work have someone lift off the battery terminal first ... Volkswagen Beetle

My a/c went out on my 99 mercury cougar but that was because my a/c compressor went out. My heat was working after that and then it went out too. I thought it was my blower motor so i bought a new one. When i put it in and turned it on, it worked for about 10 seconds and quit working. Then i straight wired my old blower motor to the battery and it came on, so i know it wasn't the problem. I thought maybe it was a relay but i took another relay that was for my windshield wiper and put it where th

You have two other components that control the blower, the control switch and the blower resistor block. The switch is the knob you turn to select the speed and will cause you loose power to the next component that is the resistor block. This part ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

I have a 91 f-150 and the it has problems with solenoids .its a brand new solenoid jus put on last week and a brand new one was on it jus before this one and it went bad to kept draining the battery. the new one i have on now once in a while wont let my starter stop spinning even with the key out of the ignition it continuously trys to turn over i have to unhook the positve on the battery and tap on the solenoid to get it all to work right.

I suspect you have a bad ignition switch that's not releasing current to solenoid taking your solenoids out. Solenoid has to be activated by switch to work, if it stays on that tells me current is still being fed to solenoid. Double check your wiring ... 1991 Ford F150

Bought new battery at autozone changed battery and put cables on and realized later that we put cables on wrong poles. horn and lights sounded automatically as waring. was given wrong battery and the poles were different than original. went back changed battery and the sales rep missed one number on model. installed correct one and now have no power, no lights no dash inside no radio no, minimal power,nothing works...what do i do now?

You blow several fuses the blade fuse 140 amp dealer iteam only its 25 just for that fuse then go through the fuse box under the hood and the compartment by the steering wheel there like a holder just pops out then replace the blowen fuse and get the ... 2003 Lexus RX 300

I bought a new battery for my 2000 sonata, and then after putting in the battery, the car would not turn on. So we checked the clamps and everything to make sure they were connected. And after switching back to my old battery and back to the new one we got the car back working. So when I went to leave the store, the car would sputter badly, and now i cannot go over 20 mph. any ideas? I watched the guy put the battery in and even helped in and he did nothing wrong, so this whole problem is weird

The alarm system may have to relearn,and the body control module may have to relearn,I would drive it a long distance to see if this stands true.Also,most of the time you have to get the e c m re flashed at the dealer,it is a wonder it stated at all. ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

Vauxhall astra 03 1.6 engine management light been on for ages but had driven fine some one has earthed the Ecu before I got the car. went out to out yesterday morning battery was dead. put new battery on went in to limp mode, turned engine of and on again was fine, temp got above 90 in traffic went back in to limp mode , turned engine of and on again it was fine. Tends to be when it gets warm it does have various fault codes its sending about five in total do I need a new ecu.

NO, you need not a new ecu, but a diagnostic tool for your diy work. i recommend you this one ... Cars & Trucks

2000 lincoln navigator headlights wont turn on. the battery indicator went to h then l, the lights started flashing and turned off. i replaced the battery with a new one. now the headlights will not turn on but everything else works. i should add that when the indicator went to l my windows,heater,radio,interior incl., dash,headlamps all turned off but vehicle still worked.

... 2000 Lincoln Navigator

Just put a new battery in my Cadilla STS because I thought the old one was dead, but after putting the new one in evrything seemed fine and trunk, doors, radio, lights all worked. I turned the key and

... Cars & Trucks

Chrysler pacifica The power door locks and power windows dont work only on the drivers side. The battery went dead I put it on charge over night the now starts, but window and door locks don't work only on drivers side I don't have a amp meter to check with at home. Is battery, fuses,electrical,or all of them

... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

P1682 P0743 PO753 P1765 was seeing some flucation in the battery volts, then it would go back to normal, then it did it more then the check gauge lit up. then battery went all the way dead, took out the alternator had kragen check it, and the battery they said it was the battery. got a new one then it drove really good for a day then it did the same thing, had a pretty big stero hooked up, got another alternator ( not sure if its the right one) put it in and someone did some checking of wires n

... Dodge Durango

New starter i own a 1998 sunfire gt 5speed i went out 1 day to start it it wouldn't start all i got was a clicking noise i thought the starter went on it so i put a new starter on it and it does the same thing the old one did then it also sounds as if it is binding up and just hitting the fly wheel and not going in to it what happen before this happen is that i drove it it was raining and the battery light came onit went out after about 10 miles driving it the next day i went to go to work and t

Was there any shimms between starter and engine block, where it bolts up? If there was they need to be put back in. Sounds to me that the starter is to close to the block, and the teeth on the starter drive are not engaging the flywheel. If there was ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Last night the battery went dead I put a new battery in and drove the car home. Today I put a different battery in now and now the car won't start. I have checked for sparkand gas and neither one are there.Where do I start looking for the problem?

Hi, this are the causes of "no spark and gas" in a car. It will help you in isolating and identifying the cause of the problem.\015\012\015\012No Gas\015\012\015\012\015\012Bad fuel ... 1999 Volkswagen New Cabrio

2001 dodge ram 1500 set up over winter charged battery, didnt work i then put in new battery drove around block then it set for a week. went too use it completely dead. trickle charge 2 amp overnite next morning it started ok. the next day i got in it to drive battery dead. no lights on ignition was off.

It takes three days when it is below freezing to discharge a battery if not use at all. It will totally destroy a new one also\015\012Was this the case with yours? If not you have a draw on your electrical system. A wet fuse will also drain the ... Dodge Pickup
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